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The exact moment the thug life chose me.


I could literally set aside 2 hours to get ready in the morning, but somehow only have enough time to brush half a tooth and barely moisturize the exposed, ashy parts of my body. 🗑️ I NEED TO KNOW HOW PEOPLE HAVE TIME TO MAKE THOSE CUTE BREAKFAST BOWLS AND APPEAR PUT TOGETHER IN THE MORNING! 😂 Tag a friend who would rather hit the snooze button than shower like me and you already know da link’s in my bio fam ⏰ ⏰ ⏰


Yes baby, you can have all my fingers. And socks. And shoes. And hangers. 😍😩How is @scarbrothedawg so cute. HOW. LORDT.



Mean muggin’ with my baby @scarbrothedawg 🔥


*Receives @23andme DNA test results* *Starts training for the 2020 Olympics* No wonder my arm quads and neck abs have been feeling so ripped lately. And no I’m not bragging…it’s in my DNA! You wouldn’t understand. 😂 Tag someone who might be interested in finding out that they’re a world class athlete like me! 💪🏽 And click the link in my bio because…SCIENCE! #23andMePartner


When I was a little girl, if you told me I would grow up and have the chance to walk on to a WWE stage at Smackdown and be involved in the show, I would have screamed until I passed out. Thank you @wwe for giving me the honour of introducing @jindermahal with @gurvsihra_wwe. And thank you even more for ensuring diverse characters like these exist. Chakdeyyyy veera ❤️💪🏽



Make it unforgettable.


S-C-A-R-BRO. It’s a family thing ❤️ #IVIVI


I'm so grateful this is my job. I get to take you beautiful people on a journey through my mind and daily life. Thanks for being here! I'm happy to announce that the winner of my @canoncanada contest is... *drum roll, please*... Chelsea Henderson-Bachand! So excited to have Chelsea coming to LA to go behind the scenes of my daily vlog. What kind of adventure should we plan?! #CanonPartner



A few days ago, I hosted a dinner for International Women’s Day and my heart is still full from the experience. I asked my big sister Charlize if she would be kind enough to say a few words and introduce me before I spoke and she humbly agreed. I honestly expected her to make it short and sweet, run off some #GirlLove stats and crack a few jokes. Instead, I received an overwhelming speech that literally shook me to my core. Never before have someone’s words about me impacted my emotions to such an extent. I really mean that. I am beyond grateful for this amazing woman and being her friend feels like I won the lottery. Love you to pieces my queen ❤️💋


Eff it up and then leave, come back, eff it up and leave again.


When you meet a new dog owner and now all of a sudden they've uploaded 52 Facebook albums, created an IG profile for their dog (*cough cough* @scarbrothedawg), and sending you videos of their dog blinking like you're supposed to be impressed. Yeah...I've had Scarbro for about a week now and I've already written him into my will. 🐶❤️ Tag a friend who is as obsessed as me, and watch Scarbro be the cutest, most adorable, fluffy, angel by clicking the link in my bio! 😂



her·o·ine: a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Still feeling beyond inspired by #IWD yesterday. Grateful doesn’t begin to describe it. Thank you to @katespadeny for their work to empower Rwandan women through their #On_Purpose campaign. And thank you sincerely for helping me celebrate the milestones, impact and successes of my closest friends last night.
We are stronger together. #GirlLove #ad


Last night was a magical evening filled with love, authenticity, good vibes and sisterhood. I’m so honoured that these queens joined me in celebrating the beauties of womanhood. We’re in this together 💪🏽❤️ #GirlLove


Out here looking like the female version of James Bond & celebrating #IWD with @katespadeny tonight. Go peep the launch of their new documentary on empowering women to transform their communities through their #On_Purpose line 👀🖤 #ad



Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all my sisters around the world. I’m honoured to be here with you 🙏🏽❤️💪🏽 #GirlLove


Mama got you @scarbrothedawg 💋❤️


When picking what movie to watch becomes more difficult than picking a college major…ISSA PROBLEM. Oh and don’t even get me started on the “I’m cool with whatever” homies. LIES! Tag a friend below who you always have this issue with, and then click the link in bio to watch the full video! Or don’t. Honestly, whatever you wanna watch is cool with me..



When your sister is not only a bomb shell sweeter ting but she also has a heart of gold and can start a conversation with literally anyone. Standing next to #goals. #VanityFair #WomenInHollywood


Hide yo girlfriends. Introducing my new handsome lil guy Scarbro ❤️ @scarbrothedawg


Let me bat these lashes real quick. Swipe through to see the real me during a photo shoot lol. OUT HERE DOING THE MOST!! #superfanmascara #smashboxambassador. Get these fanned-out lashes online @Sephora and @SmashboxCosmetics


I can't be the only one who has to consult with imaginary people in my brain before responding to a hot person, right?? Like let 'em know you're available, but like not TOO available, but that you're definitely interested. Also, I know nothing and why are you still reading this instead of watching my new vid with my girls @brooklynandbailey?! 😂 Tag a friend who can relate and you already know where to find the link ⤴️⤴️⤴️


Who’s your Shero? I’ve partnered with @BrawnyBrand to share mine. Share yours with #StrengthHasNoGender
I know what you're thinking. Lilly's sister is so cute BUT that's actually my beautiful, radiant mom. Sometimes I fear that it's cliche to say your mom is your inspiration but any other answer would simply be dishonest. My mother was born and raised in Punjab, India. At a young age she got married and moved to Canada where she had to learn an entirely new reality. New job, new language, new societal norms. All the things I take for granted every single day, my mom had to work immensely hard for. On top of all of that, she has been an example of strength, independence and resilience for as long as I can remember. I am the confident woman I am today because my mom taught me to be no less. I am thankful every day that God gave me my own personal superwoman in my mother. My drive is fueled by the desire to make you so proud. Thanks for believing in the power of a daughter. Love you always.
Brawny has committed to donate $100,000 to @GirlsInc to inspire the next generation of girls to be strong and resilient too. #BrawnyPartner


Completely and utterly honoured to have @voguemagazine ask me 73 questions! How do I respond to haters? What’s the most controversial thing I’ve ever said? Something my fans might not know? Find out now! Link in bio. Gratitude in heart. 🙏🏽❤️


She bad.


When the only work experience you have is a 6-month internship, but your resume be lookin’ like you just left the board of a Fortune 500 company. I’m just here because I need to pay my rent fam!🙄 Tag a friend who is struggling through the job interview process now and hit that cute lil link in my bio for the full video. ;)


Self love y’all ❤️


When all your friends have an opinion on how you should deal with your acne. But tbh, Indian families are even worse! Tag a person who knows the struggle and click the link in my bio for full video! Also, shout outs to @rupikaur_ for the cameo haha


Vibes director.


Get you a friend that’s got your back for life. WAIT ’TIL THE END! Tag a friend you’d cover no matter what 😂 Full video link in bio!