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Wanna drive your boyfriend wild? You should definitely listen to the advice in magazines. Guaranteed to work WAY better than just being yourself. Ask @charlizeafrica 😂 Link in the bio.


I feel lucky to live alongside Gina Rodriguez as a sister in arms and friend. Not only is she incredibly talented as you’ve seen in her hit show Jane the Virgin, but she’s also compassionate and dedicated to being a light in this world. The way she is able to put herself in the shoes of others is a unique skill to have and Gina does it with intelligence and heart. Her production company “I Can, I Will” is dedicated to telling stories that otherwise may not be told featuring characters who may not have a voice. When I had the honour of collaborating with her for my YouTube channel, she was one of the few people, if not only person, who stayed longer than she had to in order to complete all the shots. She’s a breath of fresh air and her energy is one that should be on everyone’s bucket list. For these reasons and many, many more @hereisgina is my #WCW. Thank you for inspiring me to spread the love. Thank you for caring about other people because that is a choice and you make it every day. I love you sis and I’m cheering you on always ❤️ #GirlLove #StrongerTogether @spreadgirllove


What vision boards used to look like back in the day! 🤓🌈We’re still dealing with climate change but at least our bras fit... kind of. Check out the full video ft. @jennadewan ✨Link in bio.



Very honoured that #GirlLove has a room/experience at @29rooms. Thank you so much for the opportunity @refinery29. I’m incredibly proud of the empowering space we created together, alongside other inspirational artists. Grateful 🙏🏽❤️ @spreadgirllove


That awkward moment when you miss all the signals that your crush plays for the other team 😂 you ain’t even barking up the wrong tree, you in a whole different forest rn. Check out the full video ft @rudymancuso by clicking the link in my bio.


When your boyfriend becomes a different person around his friends. Like I thought I was your ANGEL MUFFIN BOY?! 😂 Thank you @therock for being my BF in this video (and my dreams). Tag all your friends who have experienced this and check out the full video! Link in bio obvsssss #12CollabsOfXmas 🎄❤️



When you believe something, believe it with every part of your body and soul. Spoiler alert: it won’t be easy. #OneLove


When you get REAL about how people talk about celebrities. Tag a friend you know who is guilty of this... 👀 Shoutout to @alisha for being in my latest #12CollabsofXmas video. FULL LINK IN BIO ✨


We got in formation.



Yesterday I had the honour of honouring a true inspiration, my friend @hereisgina. In an industry where it is so easy and often encouraged to lose yourself and genuine human compassion, Gina is such a breath of fresh air. She is an example of someone who believes strongly in the power of love and exercises that power everyday. Not to mention, she’s talented as hell and drop dead gorgeous. I brag about you all the time, but thank you for letting me do it on a stage this time. You are so deserving of the @aclu_socal Bill of Rights award. Love you baby girl 🙏🏽❤️ #GirlLove




When you chilling with bae but your mic pack makes it look like you’re on house arrest. CUTE. Also, link in bio. OBVS.



A woman with her ducks in a row.


When you’re dating someone who you thought was faithful but then you catch them... watching an episode of your favourite show without you!! THE BETRAYAL!! 😂😂 Shout out to @nickjonas for helping out with this one!  #12CollabsOfXmas


If people were actually honest during talk show interviews. Shout out to @chelseahandler for helping me expose the TRUTH! 😅💯Check out the full video by clicking the link in my bio!





Had an absolute blast at #MyCalvins X #GirlLove event. Thank you for coming to meet me. You give the best hugs ever. Also, debating putting this cutout on my roof to act as a landmark. That’s humble right? 🙏🏽❤️ @calvinklein @amazonfashion #calvinkleinambassador


When you awkwardly meet your ex’s new girlfriend and she’s bomb as hell but you have to act like she’s not because you PETTY AF. LOL!! 😂😂 can we just be best friends and spread that #GirlLove?! Check out the full video ft. @karliekloss by clicking the link in my bio. Spoiler alert: she’s amazing in it! ❤️❤️❤️ #12CollabsOfXmas



I am in awe of this woman. Whenever I spend time with @karliekloss, I leave feeling inspired and energized. She is such a breathe of fresh air. Of course I can comment on how beautiful she is (duh), but rather I think it’s more important to comment on how smart she is. I’m better because of your energy. Thank you for being my first Collab of Christmas! Check out the video by clicking the link in my bio!! It turns out... she’s my ex’s new girlfriend. 😭😭😂😂 #ImStandingOnAChair




STOP SCROLLING! This is vital information that will improve the quality of your life! It’s that time of year again!! Time for #12CollabsOfXmas. My wonderful team and I have been working hard to give you that hot fiyahhhh. First Collab drops on Thursday so be sure to catch it. Get it? Drop? Catch? BOOM!! Comment your guesses below!! And get ready to be sleighed. Okay. I’ll leave now ❄️🎅🏽🤶🏽


When you work out once and become the world's top fitness blogger. Tag all your fake #fitfam friends and watch my journey by clicking the link in the bio! 💪🏽


Had a blast yesterday at the #AMAs. They delivered cupcakes and margaritas to my seat. That’s what music is all about. 💪🏽
Dress: @iris_serban
Shoes: @pedrogarciashoes
Jewels: @jasonofbeverlyhills
Clutch: @bykilian
Styling: @waymanandmicah
Make up: @ashleyjoybeck
Hair: @hairbyrenecortez
Smile: I met @asahdkhaled


Sometimes world issues can seem daunting because they feel large and out of our control. It’s true, there are a lot of issues children face that need solutions involving culture, policy changes, education and resources. And we should work towards those solutions. However every single day, we can also do our part by setting an example for what it means to be a kind human being. Spread #GirlLove and teach young girls (and older ones!) that true power lies in sisterhood and togetherness. True power lies in making new friends and not judging a random girl you don’t know across the room. True power is accepting people as they are, instead of judging what they wear. True power is teaching your daughters they are without limits and teaching your sons that they shouldn’t be intimidated by that. Today on #WorldChildrensDay and as a proud @unicef Global Goodwill Ambassador, let’s help create a better world for our children. Because the world can be a scary place but we don’t have to be scary too. Comment below with one way YOU can make a positive difference! We’re in this together ❤️🙏🏽 @spreadgirllove


So excited to meet y’all at #MyCalvins X #GirlLove pop up shop in LA tomorrow at 11am! The meet and greet is first come, first serve... so be there bbs!! We got some cool activations planned for ya! Gimme hugs!! Location: 1444 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401 🙏🏽❤️ @calvinklein @amazonfashion #calvinkleinambassador


When you put so much effort into writing someone fine a card and they send you mass text in return😂😂😭 DO NOT PAY ME THAT HOLIDAY DUST!! Watch the full video by clicking the link in my bio! #ad


Experienced magic last night courtesy of my soulmate @rachelplatten. Some of the best damn lyrics and vocals I’ve heard in a while. Please support this queen and get her new album #Waves immediately. I promise it’s a VIBE ❤️🙏🏽 #GirlLove #TeamSoundCheck #TeamSettingUpChairs #96hourfriendship


Surprise! I’m now officially a #mycalvins model! SAY WHAT?! I am so thrilled to be a part of the awesome @calvinklein and @amazonfashion experience! You can find everything they have (and I wear on the regs) at or by stopping by one of their LA or NYC pop-ups thru Dec 31st.  Come find me at the Third Street Promenade space in LA this Sunday from 11am-2pm. Let’s hug and stuff! See ya there x #calvinkleinambassador


One take.


When you’re being the most basic and having a full fledge photo shoot to get an Instagram picture...and someone walks by so you act all innocent. 😂😂😂 Tag all your basic af friends who know about this! And click the link in my bio to watch the full video!