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Woodmarks and gifts inspired by the best things on earth. Shop online now! Woodmark shipping FREE in AU or $3 international! Email for wholesale 💌

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I'm hoping to have some key chains (and maybe a small amount of Night Court pins!) Ready for a mini restock at 9am Monday morning Brisbane time!!! ❤️ Stay tuned cuz I'll announce if I'll be able to list some 😁thanks to @faeriecave for this beautiful pic 😍😍😍


Have you seen that the To The Stars woodmarks are back in stock?! These always sell fast, so head to the link in bio 👆👆 if you wanna snag one! Thanks to the magical @bookbookowl for this absolutely gorgeous photo 😍😍


Woodmark restock is ready! You can now grab designs that had been sold out, such as Loyal, Wit, Adventures End, To The Stars, As Old As Time, and more!!! ❤️❤️ thanks to @fistpumppirate for the beautiful pic 😍😍😍



The voters have spoken!!! It was pretty close but there were more votes for the woodmark restock to be at 9am Brisbane time (as opposed to the usual 9pm)! It feels good to mix it up a bit 😀 this means that there is a restock coming in 12.5 hours!! Tonnes of sold out woodmarks being restocked! Beautiful pic of the Wednesday tote by @riannereads 😍😍😍


WOODMARK RESTOCK COMING SOON!!! I will have a poll in my stories to see what time I should activate this restock!! If the usual time (9pm Brisbane time) is bad for you, let me know! I could switch this restock to be 9am Brisbane time which flops it by twelve hours to give other time zones a solid chance!! It will be happening tomorrow, So the options are in 23 hours or in 35 hours 😁 thanks to @jenthebookishbakernz for the beautiful photo 😍😍


It's timmmeeeee!!!!! WONDER CRATES ARE LIVE!! link in bio 👆👆 then the banner on the Homepage to score one 🤓🤓



30 MINS LEFT TIL WONDER CRATE!! the new page is ready to go on the site, and there is a big link to it right on the Homepage!! Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime 🤓 I am literally just sitting here staring at my phone for the next half hour 😂 this pastel perfection photo is by the amazing @libraryoflexi 😍😍


1.5 HOURS LEFT TIL WONDER CRATE!! I've Been planning and working on designs for this crate for MONTHS so I am so excited it's finally time to list them on the site!! 🤓 Thanks to @bookish.mum for this stunning photo of the Now You're Mine Woodmark 😍😍😍


LESS THAN THREE HOURS TIL WONDER CRATE!! I'm currently setting up the website so it will link to the Crate directly from the Homepage! 💌 gonna streamline this experience! 😎 Thanks to @everreads for this stunning photo 😍 so cosy and relaxing!!



LESS THAN 4 HOURS TIL WONDER CRATE RELEASE!! 💌 The countdown begins!! There are about 3 and a half hours until the first ever Wonder Crate listing will go live on my site!! There's the link in bio ☝️☝️ if you want to have it open in your browser ready to go! Thanks to one of my favs @witcherybooks for this stunning pic 😍😍😍


Congrats @bethsbookshelf bookshelf!!! You have won your very own Wonder Crate 😁 please send me a dm to confirm and arrange your prize!! Thanks to everyone who entered ❤️❤️❤️ remember Wonder Crates go on sale in 12 hours!!!! There are very limited numbers so be quick! 💌💌🐨


GIVEAWAY CLOSED!!! Thanks to the millions of people that entered the giveaway for my Wonder Crate!! I have been keeping the list of entries up to date and will announce the winner in a post and my stories asap!! 💌💌 thanks to one of my lovely reps @frenchiefiction for the beautiful photo 😍😍😍 love her frenchies!!



Today while I was working I watched Everything Sucks on Netflix, has anyone seen it yet? It was very cute and reminded me of Stranger Things in a lot of ways (without monsters 😂)! Thanks to @mythoughtsareabook for the beautiful pic 😍😍😍


So when tidying up my tote stash I found ten Hogwarts Crest bags that I had put away with what was supposed to be Solemnly Swear 😂 oops! This design was discontinued, so if you missed out on one now is your chance!!


Restock coming soon!! ❤️❤️ In the next week or so I will restock some sold out designs 😁😁 Adventures End will be one of them!! Thanks to @aweasleyinmiddleearth for this stunning snowy photo 😍😍



Anyone want the Prythian Map on a poster? I just listed three A2 size posters in the online store! There's really only three as I needed to see how they printed, and they look beautiful!! Head to the link in bio ☝️ if you want one!!


COMPETITION TIME!! 💌🎉🎉 to celebrate the release of the new Wonder Crate, I will be sending one away to a lucky winner for FREE! This giveaway is open internationally and anyone can enter 🤓 entries close 6am Brisbane time on Monday morning- then winner will be announced shortly after- before sales open that night!! To WIN, share this post in your feed OR in your stories (or both and this counts as two chances to win!) and tag #winwonder to be in the draw!


WHO WANTS A FREE WONDER CRATE?? to celebrate the release of my new Wonder Crate, I am going to run a competition to WIN a Wonder Crate for FREE!! 🤓🤓 it will be open worldwide 💌 keep an eye out for the giveaway post in a few hours!! 🐨❤️ it will be running until monday morning ready for Wonder Crate sales to open on Monday at 9pm Brisbane time 🙃 thanks to one of my amazing reps @kitkatreads for this stunning photo of the Lost in the Post Pin 😍😍😍



Good morning!! I woke up to a million questions about shipping on my Wonder Crate (announced in my previous post) 💌 within Australia shipping will be $8. For international shipping, to most places (Including NZ, USA, UK, Europe, South East Asia and Canada) it will be $10 (untracked) or $15 (tracked). Usually untracked is fine, just takes longer, but in this case I 100% recommend adding tracking onto your shipping. Adding tracking means it ships via a different service and will generally arrive in 2 weeks instead of 4, and also means it is almost impossible for it to get lost in transit. 💜💜 untracked is still a good affordable option, but it has been known to have delays- and in this case it would mean risking seeing box spoilers before it arrives!! There area some countries/regions where shipping will be $15 (untracked) and $20 (tracked). These include but are not limited to South Africa, UAE, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Mexico. I just want to note that generally the untracked option is absolutely an affordable and reliable service, just in this case I recommend tracking 🤓 thanks to @just_keep_chasing_pages for this stunning pic 😍😍😍😍


Introducing the Ink & Wonder Crate!
This colourful box will contain over $100 worth of themed merchandise for only $49.99! 💌
Wonder Crates feature 12 BRAND NEW never before seen designs on various products all packaged in an Ink & Wonder themed box, making for an exciting unboxing experience!
This Crate's theme is Light & Dark 🌞 🌚 and features designs inspired by many fandoms, and is perfect for fans of Wizardry, LOTR, classic literature and YA Fantasy!

They are a one off purchase (not a subscription box) and only a VERY limited number is available! I am undecided on whether I will put together another Wonder Crate in the future, we'll see how this one goes first!! Please note that if you include a Wonder Crate in the same order as any other items, this will mean that your shipment will be delayed and not ship on release day. If you want your crate to dispatch asap, order it in it's own purchase :) 💜 there will be tracked and untracked shipping options- untracked can take up to twice as long as tracked to arrive, so keep this in mind if you want to receive your box before you see spoilers!! Let me know if you have any questions!! 🙋‍♀️


Just finished packing today's orders and discovered I have a spare NINE Adventures End woodmarks!! They'll disappear quickly, but if you want one head to the link in bio ☝️☝️ thanks to @thebookmongers for the beautiful photo 😍😍


Did you miss out on a Rainbow Night Court Pin? Let me know in the comments or vote in my Story Poll If you want to get one!! 💜💜 I'm trying to decide how many I need to have made, the first batch sold out in 24hrs so I want these ones to stay in stock a bit longer 😂


The Wild and Savage woodmark was restocked last week! It was out of stock for a while so if you want one, now is your chance! Thanks to @riannereads for this beautiful picture 😍😍😍


How beautiful is this pic of the Read Them Outside woodmark taken by @bookbookowl 😍😍😍 where's your favourite place to read? Mine is the beach 🐡🐳🐬 I'm lucky enough to live in a coastal area with absolutely stunning beaches, so I try to go whenever I can ❤️🌞🌊


#today! I just finished up packaging all current orders 😁 they'll be collected by the courier on Monday and if you chose tracking, you should get an email come through with your link ❤️❤️ there's still a few key chains left in stock but they probably won't last long, be quick if you don't wanna wait while they're restocked!! 💌💌


Only TWELVE Prythian Maps left at the moment!!! They Will be restocked but I'm not sure how long it will take!! ❤️❤️ thanks to @xenatine for the beautiful colourful photo 😍😍😍😍


It's order packing time!! 🤓 Who is expecting an order this week?? 💌💌 Thanks to @scorpiobookdreams for this stunning pic 😍😍


RAINBOW NIGHT COURT PINS AVAILABLE NOW!! Also the Luna and Nemo Key Chains!! 🤓❤️ link in bio ☝️ to get ordering 💌


Down to 8 Adventure's End Woodmarks at the moment!! Head to the link in bio ☝️ if you want one from this batch 🤓 thanks to @read_by_a.cave for the stunning photo 😍😍😍


SIX HOURS LEFT til key chains and the Rainbow Night Court Pin!! The countdown is on!!