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"Lovely day isn't it?" Said poor bear. "I wish I could say yes, but I can't." Said Eeyore.

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Everyone deserves positivity in their lives. Going thru life is hard enough but going thru life without it is even harder. Everyone deserves to be called out on the beautiful and amazing people that they are. When people ask me what I want to be when I grow up I don't even care what I'm gonna be, as long as I have a job where I can spread positivity to the people around me and the people on earth are treated how they're supposed to be treated then I'm fine with whatever job I have. I'm glad that i can have all these wonderful people in my life everyday to help keep me going. Even if you're not tagged in this or on this post I still appreciate you because you at some point have helped someone who has been going thru a rough time and I love that about you💕 This probably sounds so cheesy but that's okay cuz it's what I want people to love about me. That I'm cheesy and weird but behind all of that is just a girl who wants to inspire the world. Thank you to all the people that see that in me and just thank you to everyone. And even if no ones reading this I'm still glad I got it out there so maybe I could even make one persons day better.


My best friends are beautiful💕


Mouth Breather.