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something i tried to finish day by day. Sorry for not showing up guys TuT I cant sleep somehow, and tomorrow (basically today) i'm having a presentation. Dunno if i will have the energy to do it #drawing #sketch #doodle #girl #haesoo #moonlovers


I'm so sorry for another repost TuT the picture looked so bad for me. At the end i had to take another picture. finally finished cleaning my room, and now time to pay my drawing debts TuT (Caption before) This was what i drew when i was in the plane huhu. Finally back to the boarding house, and have some time to finally finish all the drawing debts I have atm TuT so sorry guys for all of the delays. Tbh idk what i drew. #drawing #sketch #doodle #girl #anime #manga #sketchbook #pencil


commission that takes forever ;') because i tried to figure out how to draw him. huhu #commission #drawing #doodle #sketch



I wanted to add her blush to make her look cuter >< i'm very sorry for the repost. drawing in a break :( (ps. reference from a picture in pinterest) #drawing #sketch #doodle


improvement meme >■</ used this drawing i drew a few weeks ago vs the drawing i made in 2012 when i was in the middle of physics exam. Drawing is still such a fun thing for me. But lately my drawing is changing into something i dont like 😩 Also i'm so sorry if some of you guys have seen this post again. #repost #drawing #sketch #doodle #drawthisagain #anime #manga




I'm so sorry for the repost because i wasnt really liking how the post look like before ;-; (Swipe to see more of the drawing.) Finally finished the last commission of mini batch♡ Please ask the consent of commissoner's of using her OC or this drawing as a reference. This commission helped me learn to shade more, because I'm in the semester break (stress free of homework) makes me focus more on the drawings ></ Thank you so much for the supports from all commissioners.
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a lot of things need to be changed in the drawing 😥 whats the hardest part to do for you guys? for me its hair :( I'm so weak. #drawing #sketch #doodle #commission #anime #deletelater #wip #workinprogress


because i'm still weak in drawings. I made these like a week ago i guess? Was practicing had positions, but as you can see i couldnt do much :') #drawing #sketch #doodle #practice #sketchbook #mangaartist #manga #anime #wip #workinprogress #girl #beforeafter #insta #instaartist



(secret gift for the commissioners.)
The finished version. Hope you guys like it :D/ sorry for the spam i make in one day. #drawing #sketch #doodle #anime #manga #illust #illustration #animegirl #tutorial #howtodraw #redraw #beforeafter #art #artwork #drawingoftheday #ink #lineart #wip #mangaartist #workinprogress #deletelater


secret gifts will be placed >■</ I used to love inking so much, but somehow suddenly i tried shading and been doing it for alnost half a year now? Hmm now i really miss doing inkart so much. Which one do you guys prefer more? Inking or shading? Please let me know in the comment sections
#drawing #sketch #doodle #inkart #lineart #illustration #illust #animedrawing #manga #anime


Another commission is finished♡ God bless the lighting. One of the good opportunity i have when i'm back to my home. Boarding house has the worse lighting of all =_= #drawing #sketch #doodle #girl #anime #manga #illustration #illust #commission #sketchbook #pencilsketch



(also ps i forgot to mute the volume. I'm very sorry about the noise in the BG)
giving some fixes and the final detail for the commissioner >■</ Yesterday I went outside the whole day to help my sister on her bridal makeup (I literally held the eyeshadow palette and the brush like i'm going to paint orsmth 😂). She taught me a lot of things too. So sorry if i'm not active too much. When i have time, i gave myself some practices so i can do more than just potraits. Hopefully sooner i can bring more poses into my page :3 #drawing #sketch #doodle #commission


forgot to save the original picture from the story ^^" feels like i'm not maso enough in drawing eyes. This was just a stress reliever drawing.
#drawing #sketch #doodle #anime #manga #wip


(Anime eye drawing tutorial step by step.) The steps thats going to be explained, goes in order like the numbers in the pictures.
1. Create a base shape of the eye, according to the cross i drew with orange pencil. It starts with a curve on the upper eye line that ends with an edge that has the same position with the first edge.
Later lets create a round shape thats not fully rounded. And the bottom eye lash line.
2. Adding some details as eyelashes on the upper and the down part of the eye. The other thing is to draw another round shape, this time only the upper part thats not drawn well (this second round shape which located inside the pupil) and more importantly to add more sparkle of the eye, we need to draw at least a couple of some oval shape bubble inside the eye pupil.
3. (This step is not necessarily done now, you can do it later or now.) You can add some base line for the eyelid and the eye brow. I usually draw like a split at the first edge of the eyelid, and create another line on the bottom eye line (in the right corner) to make it look a bit swollen.
4. After that lets shade some base shade (lighter shade with a lighter push) around the split end of eyelid and under the waterline of the eye (shade this part until around half of the eye pupil).
5. Later on, we need to create some lines thats looking like a brush hair around the pupil line. But remember to make it a little bit in order, which has short and long length. And then, erase some part of the pupil base lines.
6. Next, you need to shade the part of the second round shape and the half of the pupil ^^ (With a lighter shade).
7. This last step is to shade some part of the pupil with dark shade. Like the upper part of the pupil, this part needs to be extra dark since its going to define the pupil shape. But then you need to make a gradiant shade dark to light from this part to half of the pupil shape. Later, darken the second round shape.
8. (Is just an extra step) I added some orange shade.
I wanted to make the tutorial video through story highlights, but sadly i'm not fast enough to keep up with the limited time of the video. (Tbh i wanted to talk more but this caption seems to be limited)



Eye compilation part II :D/ Choose which one is your favorite ;) and tell me what you think. .
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(Art raffle eventooo) hello hello, guys~♡ I'm so glad that recently i just reached 50k \😶/ thank you so much guys♡ In order to celebrate this, I will do an art raffle for you guys, the last time i did it was 2 years ago when i got 500 followers and now i'm doing it again. ◇ There will be 2 winners only for this event.
◇ First winner will get A5 bust up + pencil shading + lineart + metallic ink.
◇ Second winner will get A5 headshot + pencil shading + cute stickers.
The rules to join this art raffle is simply share this picture on your account and mention me~♡ Also dont forget the hashtag #ivy_artraffle and last but not least, you need to follow in order to join this. (Optional) You can mention your friends in this post to also join the raffle.
I will close the raffle on 4th february (00.00 AM West Indonesia Time) and announce all the winners on 6th february (10.00 AM West Indonesia Time). Good luck guys >■</ and thank you♡ #drawing #sketch #doodle #art #anime



trying instagram aesthethics xD so sorry guys that i had to post this again, just wanted to fix my feed. Hopefully it wont bother you too much >□</ Also have a good guys♡ (dont really know how to do those kind of aesthetics tho, kinda failed.)
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(Warning: A very long post, chit chatting about stuffs.) Happy new year everyone :D/ I know it is very late, but i wish you guys a blast and wonderful year~♡
Also I just got a very wonderful gift early this year, I just reached 50k thank you for your support guys♡ .
I stayed up all night, was planning to draw this today but while I was watching BTS summer package, a girl was humming in the hall. I was like nope nope canno5 sleep. And instead i tried to draw this so i can get distracted, but in result i know i'll be sleeping in morning again ;-;/ well i know this is not a decent drawing but I will try my best more~♡ Also guys so sorry for a long post.
New years resolution: Better internet :v more poses.
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altho this seems to be different than others, but somehow i got into the 9 app through android xD huehue. I know its not much guys ;-;/ hopefully next year i can do better♡ Thank you so much for your support guys 😶😶


Open commission next batch. Mini headshot only this time, and 3 slots available ($15 per commission with additional $6 for the shipping cost. Outside indonesia)
It would include ink combination with pencil shading, simple background pattern with glitter ink (example like the first drawing in the upper left) paper size would be smaller than A5. Please let me know if you are interested♡ #drawing #sketch #doodle #commission


finally finished with the second commission~♡ will head toward the last commission \😶/ thank you so much for every commissioners for being so sweet and kind to me. I will try my best more in this ;-;/ Hope you guys like this drawing too♡ Please let me know what do you think about the drawing♡ #drawing #sketch #doodle #commission


(edit, will delete this later and prob there will be more and a lot of changes.) almost finished 😗 Thank you for joining the small livestream, guys. So sorry if it seems boring and such because i was into the drawing too much 😋😋 This is the second commission~♡ Her name is Sangu Aoi, i hope i did her right. (PS i will fix the flowers dont worry ;-; its lookin ugly i know huehue.)


(1/3 commission) DONE :D/ This is Saotome Mary from Kakegurui for @raniatalitha .Thank you for joining the stream, guys♡ Much love and supports, everything, thank you 🙈🙈 Will do another one now♡ Please let me know what you guys think about the drawing 😶 (also swipe to see more closure to the drawing)

#drawing #sketch #doodle #commission #lineart #kakegurui #illustration #instapost


(PS. this is not my character design. This is a drawing of character from atgames. People in the stream thought this is my character ;; so sorry guys but no this is not.)
done with the drawing >□</ hopefully you guys like it! Also thank you for everyone who joined my live stream, i did not respond much since my throat hurts and i was only talking because my sister was there asking about my health 😅 thank you for all of the good wishes♡ #drawing #sketch #doodle #lineart #inkart #anime #chibi


😣/ decembers has always been a holiday full of papers and floor plans. (ps. not my character but a character from atgames)


Do you guys like it if i post more video process of the drawing? 😁😁 i'm so sorry the lighting in here is so bad that sometimes i need to force some filters on the pictures. huhu and most of the time it messes up with my shading (or is it just my shitty shading) anyways this is going to be a small break for some sleep and then back again to homeworks~~~ ~;□~; hue hue.
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Hello~ New oc coming through.
Name : Kaya
Age : Unknown
Race : Dark fairy (currently possesing a 15 years old teenager).
Household : None.
Likes : Black rose (as for food), her favorite is wolfsbane and winter.
Dislikes : Warmth, humidity (like me huehuehue).
Others : Kaya has a pair of dark blue and black wings and dark raven hair. Her flower tattoo will always shines on her forehead, whenever she is around the wolfsbane. When the time comes for her to use her powers, one other eye changes color according to the power she used.
Skills : ▪️Archery (Bright brown)
▪️Swift (Bright red)
▪️Reverse fairy magic. (Dark blue)
▪️Possess (Orange)
I will update more about her when exam is over 😜 I know that her biography seems half-assed because i just thought of it after i drew her (I'm very sorry) but I will definetly try to complete her bio. For now i hope you guys like her 😁/ #oc #doodle #sketch #originalcharacter