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just casually standing on the table.
i am not allowed though, but mommy wasn't watching 😎


Been to the vet today, and he removed my sutures πŸŽ‰ everything looked great he said! In 3 weeks the last vet appointment for my leg! ❀️


Thanks for all the love furryfriends❀️❀️
i am Back home, Save with my mommy! Everything went very well! Now 6 weeks of rest and no playing πŸ˜”πŸ˜’


tomorrow I have to go to the orthopedic vet πŸ˜” I have a serious case of patella luxation, And most likely will be operated the same day πŸ˜”


Sorry my puggiefriends, seems like mom has some trouble with the instagram app 😀 we cant see the newsfeed and this makes us unable to LOVE all your puggieposts πŸ˜”πŸ˜” hope it will get fixed soon πŸ˜” #ivypug #brokeninstagram #wemissyoufriends #hopetoshareinstalovesoon


One year at my forever home ❀️I cant believe time is going So fast, it's like you where here my whole life! Thank you for making me smile everyday and brighten up my life❀️ -with love mommy


My dear friends! Sorry for the few posts and love's lately.
Mom and I have been very busy and we hope there will be some more rest for us, so that we are able to give you guys a lot more love's and likes that you all deserve ❀️🐾#ivypug #furryfriend #sorryfriends #pug #pugs #bal