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Sweet R winning 2nd out of over 400 in Midland today! I just love this crazy old guy❤️ thanks Hannah McCain for all your help, best groom in town😝 &Granny for videoing!


Raygan❤️ 3 yo DTF x Flick Can Disco



Thanking the good Lord for 2 clean, SAFE, & fast runs at The Pendleton Roundup!!! 28.93 in the short go to win 3rd in the round & split 3rd in the average! Cartel deserves all the glory, I just sat up there & kicked & whipped😁🤠🏇🏻🥉


Life is tough on a rodeo dog💗#Derby


Want to hear what I hear? Grab your headphones and hit the link in my bio from @redbull to climb on my horse with me through @DTS surround sound technology #soundofsport


Been working on something big with @redbull - make sure you know where your headphones are...you’re gonna need ‘em #soundofsport


My rollercoaster of a year continues🎢 Cartel laid one down in Pendleton today, I'm so proud of him with everything he's been through the last month. Sitting 3rd in the round right now! I thank the Lord & what little strength I possess for keeping me on at the 2nd, I thought I was gone😂 #PendletonRoundup #LeterBuck #TheGreenMile (same run, 2 videos😊)


Mitchell😍💗I can't wait to see him & R tomorrow! This was him winning 2nd in the SLC qualifier.


The good Lord & my Daddy rode with us tonight.... Baby J & I were last out in the short go in Kennewick tonight & had to watch so many girls slip/slide around, I knew Baby J could handle it but the nerves were a little pressing! Won the round and split 2nd/3rd in the average! What a horse, he came through right when I needed him, love ya buddy❤️


It's National Dog Day!!!! Derb, you get all the McDonalds $1 hamburgers you want😋glad we got to facetime, I'll see ya next week😍(not kidding, if you haven't met Derby I'm sorry)


Baby J @ Kennewick, WA! Hope we can survive the last perf tonight to make the short go tomorrow night! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼


Baby J looked so pretty after his bath he wanted to play model😍 #hemakesmesmile #orpullmyhairout lol


Omak Stampede


Baby J making the same run he's made every year at Hermiston😂you could put them all side by side&they're pretty darn similar. Hope we get a good check like we have in the past!😍




"Live for the moments you can't put into words"
Thank you mom and Bo for this opportunity is all I can really say right now. This is "Raygan", 3 yo 3/4th brother to Bobbie Gene. My chance at another Bob❤️ I pray I can steadily keep him progressing as Bo has done an incredible job with him, I don't care how long it takes but I know he's going to be great. Happy 21st birthday to me, Raygan you are already so loved big guy😘


Baby J sitting good at Idaho Falls❤️ few perfs left... & Jim Breck is winning 4th in the CR! Hope we hold for checks!


Overload of Calgary pictures because it's my favorite rodeo & Mike Copeman is an awesome photographer❤️❤️❤️❤️


I've always wanted to make the short go here at Cheyenne! What an exciting day!! Also was walking to go check on Cartel and mom recognized these 2 mules, they were my dad's that he gave to HSU!👼🏼Wrangler Network will be broadcasting the short go live, barrels will run a little before 3 pm MST! 😊🏇🏻🏆


Baby J loves Medicine Hat❤️ thank you to my friends, family, & sponsors that have made the last couple weeks possible & supporting me no matter what😘


Was going to edit out our wild start but if you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at🤷🏼‍♀️😂 little wild today but thankful for a clean run🙌🏼🙏🏼 sitting 2nd in the average at Cheyenne right now!! Hoping to come back to the finals Sunday! 😁 #GotALilWesternAtTheDaddy #HoldOnJackie


Had such a blast shooting this video with the @redbull team! Had to use the whole barn to make this many runs... we had fun🏇🏻❤️


"The beauty of this life is to appreciate the journey and not be too focused on the destination." 😊😍 #prettyboys #my2wildchilds


Mitch!!!!!!!!! What a rockstar! 2nd place in the Days of 47 Cowboy Games & Rodeo Qualifier!!! We get the chance to compete in the rodeo now with a possibility of running for $50k!! 🤠🏇🏻❤️


Mitch splitting 3rd in Nampa after slack! Top 12 come back to the short go so not sure if we'll survive the perfs or not but proud of our first indoor run together in a super scary building for a kiddo! He's so fun!


Awesome pics from today taken by Jackie Jensen!!!! 💚💚💚😍😍😍


Cartel just won 3rd in the first go of Cheyenne!!! I've always thought he would shine here but we've always struggled with the ground, 2nd on the drag at the end of slack he finally got his chance!!! So dang proud of him!!! Mom & Tango made it back too! 🏇🏻🤠❤️ #TheDaddyofEmAll #CheyenneFrontierDays


Jetman placing at Leduc & Sundre this year... I love my studly❤️


Baby J winning 2nd in the WildCard of the Calgary Stampede!!! To run in the finals of my favorite rodeo is such a blessing. Congrats to my buddy Amber on taking the win today. Thank you to everyone that has supported me this year & this week. It has been a tough year and it makes this victory so so sweet. I absolutely can't wait to run in the finals tomorrow no matter the outcome! Thank you to the Calgary Stampede for going above and beyond to put on the best production in the world with some of the best rodeo ground I've ever ran on this week. Good luck to everyone tomorrow, it is going to be one heck of a barrel race!!!!! 🏇🏻🤠🤑❤️💃🏼