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stiggoxsaggo❤️ @benstitgen is the audio messed up for anyone else lmao🤦‍♂️



obj🕊️®️️ last sports edit for a while i can finally flip again😅 @obj


Patty kane v2🕊️®️️ gonna keep making these until the weather gets better and I can film my usual videos again. Comment who should be next⬇️⬇️❤️ @penwille



Is lonzo worth the hype?⚡️ @zo®️️Comment who I should do next⬇️ #basketball #lakers #ball #lavar @mari_coleman13 #ripveiws


Patty kane😍®️️ first sports edit so lmk if I should make more.



🛴®️ @drewj__ 💞
Who scooters⬇️ gonna try and get back into it so hopefully more videos soon


Still can’t hit big jumps but filmed these clips on the small ones with little pain 💞 just happy to be back bc I’m not supposed to ski for over a year🤦‍♂️shity iPhone edit I made in 5 minutes just to stay active😕should I keep posting everyday??


Little line today w @drewj__ 💞
iPhone edit out tm sorry not sorry😕😂 stoked to be back on skis®️ #notclean @lukeflipz @jacobandler



Word to the🦉•@ben.melvin•@brocklueschow• •@bwarren1•@champagnepapi•
#skiing #fullsend #®️



so in the next month i will be creating a brand called Escape The Ordinary®️ The goal of it is just to expand the movement, and help support the group of filmmakers that will be on the team follow their dream. to start i will be selecting 15 members for the team by march 1st. the steps to enter are below
1. follow @shop.escape and @team.escapee
2. submit a video entry and tag me in it @jacksagen18
as it grows i will be expanding it into a clothing brand. But for now i will be making 15 sweatshirts for the members of the movement 
good luck everyone 🐬 #teamescape #flippingfeed


🐬1️⃣5️⃣®️ •••••••••••••••••••••••••• 💞@elenaajensen @natasharizall @brynn.faust @kaytlinnpillsbury @hxppert #fullsend #birthday #ily


Goodbye for now... I’ll be back and stronger than ever🤕💞#flippingfeed



|Nowadays shit's not the same®️|
@lilskies ⛈️
I will be back 🔜 -----------------------------------
trash edit i made in 5 minutes sorry ✌️🗺️ #flippingfeed @jakeskillington @benjamin.tn @flips.by.levio @danieljmrk 💞


I can't edit like a flipper to save my life😕 @dansheikh_ 😂😂😂just miss being able to film and edit my own style but have nothing to film but flips🤦‍♂️do u guys like these or should I just stop lmk
@lukas.whitte @nick.hildal @hxppert @danieljmrk #flippingfeed


Missed this kid so much💞 @lukas.whitte should I start using more effects like these?😍 @hxppert @nick.hildal @rapnation @gordon_kevon #flippingfeed


|You hit me on my DM like a fan girl🔄®️ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••@jacobandler @ben.strasser
Some new effects cuz I was bored at like 1 am💞 @tyrolbasinparks @jack.rogan @unaffiliatedproductions #skiing #sendit #senditforkevin #flippingfeed


Full send🦋 ••••••••••••••••••
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#100 It’s finally winter💞 first time bringing the gh4 to tyrol and it was super sick🦋a lot more ski videos on the way @ben.strasser @dylanv002 @joey.lavicky @gastongardey @unaffiliatedproductions @ben_a_ski @beckhamretzlaff @tyrolbasin @tyrolbasinparks


This photo was taken over a year ago📸around the time when I decided I wanted to pursue my passion of filmmaking. I wasn’t happy doing what everyone else was doing, I quit my sports to pursue it more. A year later I’ve gone through 3 cameras countless adventures and gained over 6000 people who support my work everyday💞I also started to do flips and joined the flipping cummunity we’re I met some of my best friends. recently I’ve took another step and dropped out of my high school to online so I can have more time to film and adventure🐬 this is just the start.
When I sat under this tree I had no idea of what was going to happen but I’m thankful for what has and everyone who has helped me on the way(tags)🦋