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When Monday rolls around, I like to think of weekend mornings in a place like this.


Those days when you wish you could slow down time.


Views from above a dormant volcano. 🌋



A walk through the clouds.


Love having friends that are willing to hang off an edge for a shot, no questions asked. Go tag that one friend that is always game to get the shot.


I think I could get used to island life.



Hard to find words to describe views like this.


Been waking up hours before sunrise to catch these morning views. Sometimes sleep is overrated.


Quiet beaches, good friends, and tropical sunsets. Hawaii has stolen my heart yet again.



It was nice to be exploring the island of Maui again. Such a diverse place.
I didn't get out shooting as much I had hoped, but I did surf a lot more and got to watch my son lose his mind playing in the ocean and on the beach. Not a bad trade off.


Currently cruising around Hawaii, but haven't had time to edit any photos. So here is a photo of the opposite of a sunny warm island. A paradise in its own right.


One last highlight from my 2017 hikes for you all.
This photo was taken while hiking the Mt Nimbus Via Ferrata in BC. Via Ferrata is simply a hike where you clip into cables along the route, essentially making more difficulty hikes like this one safer and more approachable. To access this hike you need to book a helicopter trip with CMH Heli tours. Definitely a bucket list spot for me.



Next up on my list of favorite hikes from this year was Tunnel Bluffs above Howe Sound. The trailhead is only 40 minutes from Vancouver, but it feels like you're a long way from anything. I recommend camping in the spring or later into the fall and midweek if you can, to avoid crowds.
As always, please respect these beautiful places and pack out what you pack in.


For the last few days before New Years I want to share with you a few of my favorite hikes from 2017. So if you're making plans for next year around Canada you should add them to your list.
The first is East End of Rundle right outside of Canmore. A shorter day hike, this scramble offers some pretty unique views of Ha Ling peak and 360 degree views of the peaks and valleys below. Bring a friend or two and a headlamp and stay until sunset. You won't regret seeing last light from the top.


Little late to the party, but still wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Thank you for all of your support over 2017. I appreciate you all!!



What's your favorite Christmas Carol? I'm making a playlist for the big day. Hope you all have an incredible holiday and a huge thanks to all of you for joining in on my adventures.


Winter solstice tomorrow. I'm definitely looking forward to longer days ahead. Who's finished their Christmas shopping?


Early mornings. Before the rest of the world wakes up.



Leaving the craziness of the city and finding quiet places is pretty key to my sanity. This time of year it’s important to have the right gear to protect from the elements as well. I’ve appreciated the Simcoe Parka from Woods for those cold city nights or when I’m out in nature. Check the link in my bio to see more about Woods clothing @sportchek #WoodsExplorer #MyBetter #ad


Sometimes finding your own piece of paradise just requires a little more research. When I found this waterfall a local told me afterwards that nobody had hiked here in almost a month. Needless to say I spent the afternoon here and didn't see a soul.


Quiet afternoons on the lake.


Can you spot the little cabin in the valley? Whoever built it sure had his priorities straight.


Winter wonderland found


Never get tired of those North West vibes


Some people make you a better person just by knowing them. @mrdanielhan is one of those people. Today is his birthday. Go spam a recent photo of his with birthday love. 🎁😉


Standing in front of a thundering waterfall is one of my favourite experiences. The importance of quality outerwear, like this Woods parka from @sportchek, becomes pretty clear the longer you stand there too. Kept me crazy warm and totally dry. Find a link in my bio to check it out. #WoodsExplorer #MyBetter #ad


Sometimes nature makes the best frames.


Crackling wood stove, tea in the kettle, and a heavy book on my lap. Pretty much what I would be experiencing on the regular if I lived here. One of my favorite books is Grapes of Wrath. What about you? Would love to hear one of your recommendations.


Congrats to @reredrews! You are the winner of my giveaway with @sackclothxashes. They will DM you shortly. Thank you to everyone who entered.


Hard to comprehend the size of this waterfall. Tim got completely drenched from head to toe standing there to get the photo. Being a bit of a perfectionist, I didn’t get the exact shot I wanted the first time and he went back and got soaked a second time. Now that’s a true friend. It’s a good thing he loves waterfalls.