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So it recently snowed in Canada. A really early start to the season. I'm excited to get back to the Rockies tomorrow and see how Fall and Winter combine into one.


Some trails lead you to unexpected places.


From here, the troubles of the world seem lightyears away.


I'm pretty sure this is where Looney Toons got its inspiration. @fordcanada


Woke up and had the lake all to ourselves. Shared this special moment with my mom. She's over in Spain hiking the Camino Trail for a month and a half. Happy to have inherited just a sliver of her adventurous spirit.


The journey is often as exciting as the destination. Just returned from an epic 3500 mile road trip with some of my closest friends. Already itching to get back out on the open road. Thanks @fordcanada for helping us put the trip together.


Most hikes have trails. Some are just a little more spectacular than others.


Here's to new friends, wild destinations, and memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks @fordcanada for helping us get around in style and making this trip possible.


We've been on a whirlwind tour of National Parks for my good friend @scottcbakken's birthday. Lots of great moments and epic scenery. Love having good friend to share these memories with. Thanks a lot @anvilhotel for hosting us while we toured the Grand Tetons.


Thank you all for your questions on my last post and for all of the support. If you didn't get a chance to ask a question I would love to answer anything you're curious about. Also, if reflections had a rating scale I would rate this one about an 8.6. What about you?


Hey everyone! Q&A time. It's been a while since I've opened up the comments for you to ask questions about photography, life, or what have you? If you don't have a question I would love to know where you're from or a fun fact about you. Cheers friends.


Small cabin, wild flower lawn, turquoise lake, and big mountain. All boxes checked ✔️ Where do I sign the lease?


When the hills are alive with the sound of music.


Sometimes you hike up to an alpine lake and there's a communal canoe just waiting to take out for a paddle. Feels like winning the lottery.


On this particular night I stayed up watching the full moon rise from behind the mountains and couldn’t believe I was the only one witnessing it at that time from this spot.  This edit was inspired by my good friend @bryanadamc and his behind the scenes videos.  If you’re looking for some new inspiration, go check out his work. Hope you like it.


One of those places that keep you coming back to. What is your favorite place that you've visited this summer? I need some new recommendations.
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When you're off adventuring and you stumble into a Lord of the Rings novel.


Beautiful place for an evening stroll


Mirrored reflections on Eniarom Lake.


Walked up to this Alpine lake and stumbled upon this camp. Was slightly jealous I didn't bring my own gear.


I’m excited to be working with Canon Canada as part of their #One2Watch program and showcasing more about how I take my photos and the gear that I use.
This photo was taken using a Canon 5d Mark III and 16-35mm F2.8 II lens at Maligne Lake in Alberta. @CanonCanada #ShotOnCanon. If you have any questions about camera gear, fire away in the comments below.


When you're enjoying summer in Canada, but Hawaii slips into your daydreams 💭


Hard to believe places like this even exist.


May each path you take open a world of adventure.


On a day like this, I wouldn't mind being warm in one of those cabins 👆🏼


Nature's perfect framing.


Evening calm on the lake. Time to hit the water

Quick apology if I wasn't able to get back to your comments on the last post. I usually try to respond to each person individually, but I was literally blocked from replying because you guys blew that photo up with so many comments. Appreciate you all.


Summer storms over Peyto Lake. As a kid I used to watch the summer storms from inside my uncle's cabin on the lake. I remember the flashes of lightening and boom of thunder while I was wrapped up in a warm blanket inside. Better than any 80s television show at the time. What are your summer storm memories?


I've been fortunate enough to stand next to many different lakes. Maligne Lake is definitely one of my favorites, especially in the rare occasion when it turns to glass.


As much as this looks like I'm jumping for joy, I think I was running away from the hoards of mosquitos. Well worth a few bites to take in this view though.