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Another successful Shoe Toss! Thank you to all the fans who come out for it and show love! Just tryin to give a little love back!


Proved again why he’s one of my favorite comedians with his Mike Napoli looks. @seguratom was awesome tonight!


First thing you gotta do is believe! CLE, I already know you’re about to come with it tomorrow night! Lets do this! #Believeland #Windians


Multitasking to get the most out of my days right now! Completing a signing while in the hyperbaric chamber! #whateverittakesiguess


Hey @Indians Fans! I’ll be at the @TMobile store at 3255 Steelyard Dr. Mon. 9/25 from 5pm-6:30pm. LIVE Q+A & more! Don’t miss it!


This is getting just silly what these guys have done!! #22ofthemthings #doubledueces #streaking - ps. Fans have been unreal of late! Coming with it and we feed off it! #TheLand


@merechisenhall I think Lonnie is getting homesick again... just a hunch. #fishaintbitingtoday🤣


Sweeping the #playersweekend is the way to do it! Best of luck to the guys as they head to NY! #Windians


Finishing the home stand and #playersweekend the right way! #Windians


Can't forget the sneakers to go with the uni!! #saxytime #JK22uncorked #playersweekend


Some fresh new tops for the #playersweekend
What do you guys think?!
- Couldn't decide if I wanted to put "Dirtbag"
- Wish I was able to wear it while playing too


Everyone check out my new @108Stitches shirt benefitting Carlos Carrasco Foundation Venezuela! #LetsDoThisCleveland 🍪🍪🍪 http://bit.ly/2uA23y5


Back in Akron tonight! Things have changed a little bit but excited to get back out there and back to doing what I do! #gettingclosertothegoal


@cookie_carrasco and Bauer are getting kinda good at these!! Gonna be awesome when the whole teams done #minitribe


Happy Father's Day to the man who has always been looking out for me and watching since Day 1! Love you pops.


I love golf......... I hate golf. #markyourball #playlefty #puttrighty


....What do you mean I'm not under par with this outfit? #castlepinescolorado #realmenwearpink #andneonblueshoes #19thhole


Days like today can hopefully get this group goin in the right direction! Everyone contributed to the win making it a happy Sunday night to relax! See you tomorrow Cle! #Windians


Happy Mother's Day to the beautiful woman who reminds me she loves me whether I'm hitting .150 or .350 (preferably the latter!) Hoping all of the mamas out there have a great day and feel the love!


Back in action! Thank you to everyone who reached out to help! #askandyoushallreceive


Resorting to some last options here... but have worn this model shin guard since college and it's gone missing! @eastonbaseball doesn't even make the white one anymore so I'm wondering if there's anybody out there that has one of these hanging around and wants to send it to me in return for some tickets or memorabilia! I can get you some @lindor12bc signed gear!!! 🤣. If you have one, DM a pic of proof and we'll talk!! It's gotta be the white one!!


Celebrating my birthday at the National Championship game!..... but watching my guys on the @mlb app! #EE just tied it up!!!


My guys at BHSC always up for a great time and lookin out for me! #FinalFour


Final Four time! #wouldratherbeinTX #maybe


Can finally show you what Public Rec Apparel and I have been working on!! 🔥🔥🔥 All Day Every Day clothing! #ManInTheArena www.publicrecapparel.com @publicrec


Happy Anniversary to my life's two bumper lanes that always keep me on the right track!! #38years #dynasty


Grind Now, Shine Later #22


Looks gross but feels pretty great! First time cupping! #justeasingthetensionbaby #yesthatsmyskin