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Wishing a very special Happy Birthday to @wendypeffercorn24 today! Thank you for being you! Especially these past couple months!!


Lets go Devils!!! #guardU


It was right about here where things started to go wrong! Happy their schedule gave me a small window to see the @nhlblackhawks play twice before starting back up! @vegasgoldenknights got something good goin tho! That place has some great energy for a hockey crowd! #backtoaz #24hrtrip



@nhlblackhawks must’ve been nervous I was there watching I guess! 🙈 Thank you to the @arizonacoyotes for the hospitality! Have almost seen as many games here as back home over the years! On to @vegasgoldenknights tonight!


Finally got to try @theescapegamechicago I’ve been hearing about! We just came up short of the Prison Break one as first timers! #bushylooksconfusedstill #holdme


Knew it back then when I got to be your teammate, but finally happy we can all say it’s official now! Congratulations!! Hall of Famer on and off the field! #jimthome #mrincredible



Still trying to make connections all over the world! 🦎 #animalsoverpeople


When your offseason traveling is mapped out by weddings of your close friends, it helps they picked Denver, Maui and Puerto Vallarta! Such a fun couple days here celebrating @swallball and @gossmana!! #gossnomas


Some light reading on the way to Puerto Vallarta! Last wedding vacay 😎🌴#gossnomas #newperspective



Throwing away bad habits like....


Such a fun time seeing @hamiltonmusical with the family! #kinggeorgestoletheshow


So I was out on my patio today overlooking this street corner.. I saw this girl walk across the street with no regards to traffic. After almost getting hit by one car I thought, man she got lucky and needs to pay more attention! Then she turned around and started walking back across trying to time the cars coming! I’m posting this because I want to give props to this guy standing on the corner who stopped her then. I don’t think he knew her but she was clearly having a breakdown and needed some help. He took it upon himself and didn’t just shrug it off. He didn’t think someone else will help her later. He stepped up as a fellow human and followed her around blocking her from trying to go in traffic! I ran down to help but this dude was a stud. She eventually caved and they stood there hugging it out for over 20+ minutes! I finished my coffee, that I got just to watch and keep eye, before they were even done hugging! You never know what someone might be going through and I loved seeing this random stranger save this girl. I hope more people are like this guy. Be nice to people, never pass up an opportunity to make someone’s day! It just might make your own day! Either way again, just want to post this crazy afternoon and give props to this guy! If he somehow ever sees this post, I want him to know he’s got a fan! #spreadlovepeople #bethegood - For those of you asking why I pulled my phone out, you’re not wrong. That seems to be everybody’s first reaction these days. Once I saw that I had time and the chance to impact the situation, I went down. That’s why I said the other guy deserves the props. I’d like to think that’s where the focus should be.



🥁🥁🥁 Let’s Go Hawks!


Fish* bump 👊🏼



Happy Turkey Day from the boys! #closetoenoughmashedpotatoes #foodcomas


Couple solid workouts in with @colton.pick before heading to the islands! Cayman -> Maui


Awesome time in Denver celebrating Sean and Courtney. Following that up with finally seeing Tom Brady play live, only icing on the cake!





Another successful Shoe Toss! Thank you to all the fans who come out for it and show love! Just tryin to give a little love back!


Proved again why he’s one of my favorite comedians with his Mike Napoli looks. @seguratom was awesome tonight!


First thing you gotta do is believe! CLE, I already know you’re about to come with it tomorrow night! Lets do this! #Believeland #Windians


Multitasking to get the most out of my days right now! Completing a signing while in the hyperbaric chamber! #whateverittakesiguess


Hey @Indians Fans! I’ll be at the @TMobile store at 3255 Steelyard Dr. Mon. 9/25 from 5pm-6:30pm. LIVE Q+A & more! Don’t miss it!


This is getting just silly what these guys have done!! #22ofthemthings #doubledueces #streaking - ps. Fans have been unreal of late! Coming with it and we feed off it! #TheLand


@merechisenhall I think Lonnie is getting homesick again... just a hunch. #fishaintbitingtoday🤣


Sweeping the #playersweekend is the way to do it! Best of luck to the guys as they head to NY! #Windians


Finishing the home stand and #playersweekend the right way! #Windians


Can't forget the sneakers to go with the uni!! #saxytime #JK22uncorked #playersweekend


Some fresh new tops for the #playersweekend
What do you guys think?!
- Couldn't decide if I wanted to put "Dirtbag"
- Wish I was able to wear it while playing too