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I had a shoot at Shaver Lake on Monday, and like a dummy, I didn’t check the weather before heading out. Due to California’s “un-wintery” Winter, I figured it would be warm and sunny like it has been the past few months. To my surprise, I showed up to a snow flurry... and it was awesome. I wish I had worn my waterproof boots and I wish I didn’t slide my truck off the road into a pole, but aside from that, it was an awesome day. So happy to have finally gotten a glimpse of what Winter is supposed to look like!


Today is Ansel Adam’s birthday. It felt only necessary to post a Tunnel View photo in honor of this photography legend.


So excited to announce the launch of my website (link in bio). Standard photo prints and wall art are available for purchase in many different sizes!

This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, so to see it come to life is really awesome. I want it to be equally as awesome for you all, so please don’t hesitate to let me know any way I can make your experience better. Thank you all for the constant encouragement and support. Wouldn’t have been possible without you.



Have a great weekend, friends. Thankful for you all!


There’s something so rewarding with wildlife photography. I don’t consider myself a wildlife photographer by any means, but when the opportunity arises and you’re staring an animal face to face with a camera in hand, there’s no other feeling like it. I love the rush of adrenaline, in addition to the fact that it’s a totally uncontrollable outcome. It could be a once in a lifetime shot that you screw up, or a career defining photo. It brings a different sense of satisfaction when compared to other shooting environments. I’m not saying one type of photography is better than another. I just appreciate that each and every style brings out different feelings for the artist and the viewer.


I was looking for a good Valentine photo, and found some good ones. But, in an effort to give you guys an authentic look into our marriage, this is the most genuine photo I could find. This girl puts up with a lot, and is such a good sport with my, at times, childish ways. I know to say this is pretty cliche, but I’m so thankful that my wife is my best friend. It makes every day so much more fun.



Yesterday, I had a completely failed attempt at the Yosemite #Firefall. I knew it wouldn’t pan out due to the lack of water, but still wanted the experience anyway. While I was there, I was able to meet some cool people and connect with them due to our shared appreciation for the outdoors. I met an older guy named Don, who shared with me some crazy stories of his adventures to secret spots in the National Parks.
Even when conditions aren’t ideal, I rarely feel that these sort of trips are ever a waste. So, here’s to you Don, and to this year’s nonexistent Firefall.


My favorite person in the world. So thankful for my wife and her never ending encouragement, her excitement for adventure, and her patience with my sometimes-childish ways.
I’m on my way home from a pretty demanding day, and was just thinking how thankful I am to have her to come home to. Totally gets me through days like these.


King of the forest.



After an exhausting last few days, all I can do is dream of a weekend with no reception. Unfortunately, that won’t be this weekend.


Caught this little Downy Woodpecker bouncing around the trees in Yosemite.


I feel like I say this every time I post a Tunnel View photo, but I genuinely never get tired of this spot. You could go there every day for a month and have a different experience each time. This really goes for the entire park.
Speaking of which, I’d love to hear who’s planning on being in @yosemitenps for the Firefall! I found out that they are requiring reservations this year, which I’m not thrilled about, but I do get it. I was late to the draw, so the day I reserved will probably be the least visible, but we’ll see!



Went back to this awesome abandoned cabin in Shaver Lake, CA. This thing is extremely weathered, which just adds to the eeriness. I couldn’t help but imagine what it was like when it was functional and in its prime. Naturally, @timothyblackwell, @kendalaki, and I had to go back at night and explore the inside. The sound of creaking floorboards and settling wood continuously spiked our adrenaline. But if I remember right, it was Theodore Roosevelt who once said, “You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.”


Yet another snow-less image, here in California.


Love these dramatic sunsets.



Love this spot in Yosemite. Katy isn’t so fond of it.


Peeking through the thicket.


This was an interesting shot for me. I grew up on two acres in the country and always perceived coyotes as a pest of sorts. They would kill neighbors’ chickens, attack dogs, etc... When I was taking this shot, I was close enough for this guy to hear the sound of my shutter. He stood on this log, and tilted his head back and forth with curiosity for a minute or two. He made the same movements as my dogs and looked at me in the same way they do when I make a weird noise. Obviously, I know they are from the same family, but it sort of bridged the gap between a wild animal and domestic family pet. This experience allowed me to develop more of an appreciation for coyotes. Maybe next time I’ll capture one and give my dogs a new friend ;)



Not the first time I’ve shared this view. Won’t be the last either. Hope you all are having a great week!


I keep trying to plan out Yosemite trips that put me in the middle of a snow storm. Every time it has been forecasted, I have arrived to a snow-less landscape. Don’t get me wrong, I love it all the same. But, I’ve been on the pursuit of a specific photo that I want to capture in the Valley. All I can do is continue to appreciate an otherwise weird Winter in California.


Spent some time with this stoic buck in Yosemite last week. I hung around him and his group for about a half an hour taking photos and just mingling with the herd. It was amazing to see how unaffected they were by my presence. Although the fawns were not so fearless.


Happy Friday, friends. Because I haven’t had a chance to go through my Yosemite image set from yesterday, I figured I would do a quick little bio for those that I may not know personally.
First of all, I have an amazing wife, Katy. Together, we share an unending love for our pups, the outdoors, and our faith. I am a full-time real estate photographer for @reesrealestatephotos. I love my job because it takes me to a ton of awesome places while meeting tons of awesome people. More than anything, I’m just very thankful to work everyday with a camera in my hand.
I got my degree in Communication while competing in pole vault and high jump in college. A track-related injury prompted a series of events that eventually led me to meet my wife and fall into photography. Best thing that has ever happened to me, although it was tough to realize at the time.
Anyway, that’s just a little look into my life. I would love to get to know you all more, so feel free to reach out and tell me something cool about yourself!


Always enjoy adventuring with this dude. Looking forward to some more explorations with @jordanpulmano once he gets a break from touring with Galantis. In the meantime, go check out this legend.


Taking a personal day on Thursday to head up to Yosemite and explore the Valley, lone ranger. I’ve felt a little “off” the last week, so heading to an amazing location with no cell service seemed like the appropriate thing to do. No better place to recalibrate.


Cozy A-Frame vibes.


The under appreciated Yosemite Raven.


Heading up to Shaver Lake tomorrow to photograph some more cabin listings. Hardly feels like work when I get to shoot something I get so excited about. I’ll update my story to show you guys some behind the scenes stuff!


On our way out of Yosemite Valley a few weeks ago, we came across this silhouetted tree line with an amazing sunset backdrop and had to pull off. It’s these unplanned moments that I love the most. It pushes me to always be attentive to my environment and appreciate what I could easily overlook.


Enjoyed an awesome, rainy weekend in Shaver with some of my favorite people on earth. In the last couple months, I’ve only taken day trips over here, so being able to fall asleep to the sound of rain hitting the window and waking up to the smell of wet pine trees was pretty amazing.


Found an awesome view of some snow-dusted pines in Yosemite. The icy ledge was not at all intimidating.