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38 weeks and trying to stay comfy! #swollen #excited #lotsofcontractions #babyboy #jsthewarmup


Head over to @kittenish or the link in bio! We are having a massive blow out sale on all swim from last season to make room for new! Everything must go! All suits are 50% off!!


Happy birthday to my fav girl in the whole world. My life changed when she was born. I never knew what unconditional love was until her. I thank God everyday he chose me to be her mommy. She lights my life up everyday and keeps us constantly entertained with her vivacious sassy sweet personality and her kind heart. Happy 4th my sweet Vivi girl❤️❤️❤️



Kisses with my birthday girl who turns 4 on Sunday 🎉


Happy birthday to the love of my life. This was the first birthday of yours we spent together. A candid shot taken by my mom that I treasure because of the way we are looking at each other with so much love. We still look at each other like this today after 7 years together and 3 babies. I love you more every day Eric Thomas Decker and am so grateful to call you my best friend, lover, husband, and the most incredible father to our babies. Happy 31st big daddy! ❤️


Enjoying life



36 weeks and some change... and beyond uncomfortable! This baby feels so low and my bladder has about had enough! Ha! Sleeping is just not even a thing anymore lol It is bittersweet though since this is my last pregnancy and it is a beautiful thing. I know I will miss this feeling one day and miss my baby roll around and kick and the sweet little hiccups. I love a lot of things I do in this life but nothing compares to how much I love being a mommy ❤️ #babynumber3 #36weeks #almostthere


Love being her mommy❤️


Good thing we didn’t go to high school together... may have been even more little Deckers running around



This boy 😻


Someone’s having a good time 😂 Chocolate chip cookie date with my girl ❤️


Not really much to say



Testing out my new shades design with diff... thoughts? Def bringing back our others but wanted to get yalls thoughts on a new design we’ve been working on too and what other styles you want to see! #35weeks


On the cover this month for @pnmag ❤️❤️


First time I’ve worn makeup in weeks lol #straighthairtoday #mylipkit #comingbacksoon



My biggest sold out headling show I’ve ever played and the last one of my last tour! #anaheim !! I miss touring and seeing yalls faces! Thanks for your patience while i add one more to our wolf pack! I told Eric I wanted to have all our babies by the time I turned 30 and wish was granted! I’ve got a lot up my sleeve for this year with my businesses and can’t wait to share something I’ve had to keep a secret. Will share as soon as I’m told I can! This summer while I’m breastfeeding my sweet new baby my team will be putting together a bad ass spring 19 headlining tour so I can come see all of your beautiful faces!!! Comment below the city you would like to see me in.


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Little throwback singing one of my favorite covers Who’s Lovin You by The Jackson 5!! What song would you like to see me cover on tour in spring 2019?! Link in bio to get this song and some of my other fav covers on my Blackbird Sessions EP



Smoochin my girl


Last vacation before our little boy arrives ❤️


Comment below on what recipes you must have from me in my upcoming project I will announce soon!


When you tryin to look good, then that cold wind blows through 😂 #kittenish #kittenishshoot


Head over to @kittenish to stay updated on what we have coming soon! We have a shoot this week for new pieces! Will be doing an insta live on the @kittenish insta from the photoshoot this Wed! #iSpyOurNewHat


When the gumbo was that good


Vivis face taking in @disneylive 😊 Bub was in awe the whole time


Finally did a quick tutorial for my “Jessie” eyeshadow palette! I’m obsessed with this palette and how versatile it is. I tested these colors for months and months before releasing and finally decided on the colors that I loved the most and named em myself! #Linkinbio to purchase. Full tutorial on my YouTube (I had a little cold so sorry for the annoying sniffles in the YouTube video lol)


Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!!! So grateful for this man❤️ I fall more in love with you everyday and still pinch myself that it’s real ❤️❤️❤️ (yes that’s another orb around my lower tummy, so wild!)


My @billboard awards look! Jess used my “Jessie” eyeshadow palette on me to create this look! Link in bio. Not many left


Working on week 33! Sleeping is now not possible. Can’t get comfortable at all. He feels so low that I spend all night getting up to pee or to move from side to side. He also hiccups the strongest out of my 3 and all night long. But even though it’s been tough have to stop and realize this is my last baby and how special it’s been. We are SO excited to meet him. Got baby boys clothes all washed now and put away (all Bubbys old baby clothes) and got some new cool sleeper cribs etc. the stuff they keep coming out with blows my mind! Got my pumps out and bottles too! In a few weeks will get my hospital bag ready. Because I grow such big babies after I hit 36 weeks i know it can be any day since I’ve gone 2 weeks early with both! (Excuse the mess in background, moving into my office this week and not in dining anymore) #33weeks


My collection w/ #diffxjjd is officially sold out! After bringing it back multiple times this past year because y’all loved it so much!! Can’t wait to share what’s next. What style would you like to see this time around??