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Nice to have this guy home with us all day ❤️ #offseason #weallgroceryshoptogether 😂


If you haven’t yet go download #SouthernGirlCityLights on iTunes!! Comment below and let me know your favorite song on the album


My video for #flipmyhair is still NUMBER 1 on iTunes video chart!! link in bio! I would love to see you all do your own dance video and hashtag #FlipMyHairDance on Instagram. I will choose some of my favorites to make a 1 minute music video to post on Instagram!! Can’t wait to see y’all shakin it! #flipmyhair



Target is rocking my music video on the big screen for “Flip my hair” in stores! The song is a Target exclusive. You can go grab my album “southern girl city lights” or you can buy on iTunes or The music video on iTunes now which is still number one omg!!!!! Comment below what you think the message of the song is??! #flipmyhair


My sweet girl came with me to the #flipmyhair shoot and had the time of her life! She got her hair and make up done and got to dance in the video for a couple takes. I love being able to bring her with me and for her to see what her mama does and to be a part of it! She asked me everyday for a week after that when we could do another dance video 😂 #flipmyhair #linkinbio


It's game day y’all!! Getting ready by making a #GameTimeTreats sundae bar with @snickers and @skittles! Easy, delicious, and convenient with the help of Walmart. What’s y’all a game plan today? #ad (hair is a bit darker, I haven’t highlighted in awhile because I wanted to give my hair a break and rest)



OMG I have the number one music video on ITunes!!!! Love y’all!!!!! #flipmyhair


Video available on iTunes link in bio/ song available on album “southern girl city lights” at @Target exclusively ❤️. I knew I wanted to make a music video for this song as soon as I wrote it. When the question of “when” I wanted to shoot it came about, I thought to myself do I wait after I have the baby and get my body in perfect shape like I’m supposed to? Or do I just embrace where I am at my life, pregnant with my third baby? The answer came easily after sleeping on it. I said “we are shooting a music video even though I am six months pregnant and we will rock this shit!”
I’ve already read some of your comments stating that it’s weird or it makes you uncomfortable or that other successful country female artists would never do this. Well if it makes you uncomfortable then that’s your own issue. As far as other successful country artists not doing this? You’re damn right... I am my own artist and I will continue to express myself in my own way. I’ve never felt sexier or more confident than I did during this music video shoot. I wanted to showcase that no matter where you are at in your life, shape, or size you can exude that confidence and sexuality in your womanhood!
I wont dive deep into the meaning of the lyrics except that I’m sure you can figure out for yourself how I was feeling when I wrote this song! Now girls take any of that negativity or any of the haters and #flipyourhair (directed by @dallaswilson8) (written by me, @alyssabonagura and @micahwilshire) (produced by @danlordagee) (choreographed by @lifewiththewalkers)


Tomorrow.... #flipmyhair video premier!!!!!!! #vevo #itunes 😂



Check me out on the cover of @bellanycmag this month 😊


My lunch date was very deep in thought 😂 aka ready for nap


January 12th... #flipmyhair #getready (video will be available on iTunes and vevo)



Every night he reads the babies a book. Proud to call him the father of our children.


Starting week 28! Can someone please tell me why I look 38 weeks pregnant??
Side note (can’t believe my baby sister @sydneyraeface had baby Brookie at this point in her pregnancy. Makes me so proud and even more amazed at what a strong woman my sister is and how brave she was for her sweet preemie baby girl. God chose her to be Brookies mama for a reason. God bless those mamas who had their babies this early 🙏🏼 I have a soft spot in my heart for those families even more now.


Go Titans! Amazing TD babe!!!



Here we go! 🛩️ ✌🏼🏈


Me when it turns midnight 😂 #myfavmovie


My favorite is the Cuban ☕️



Lemony Cacio E Pepe for my babies


Oops... we ate it again!


Starting to put some Christmas decorations away! Decided to take a preggo selfie! #26wks ( that random red box on top of the back shelf is the kids candy from Santa 😂) (pjs are Christmas present from syd from the gap and slippers are target)


Sometimes it’s ok to have a mommy day to yourself! Got a pedicure, hair blown out, having a quiet lunch alone and popped into a boutique and got a cute hat and heels. Of course I stopped in to grab groceries for dinner for the fam lol but this preggo mommy decided to throw all guilt out the window and hire a sitter for the day so I could take care of me!


Caption below! Go!


#SouthernGirlCityLights is on sale for only $7.99 on iTunes!! Limited time only. Go get it now!!! Link in my bio


Merry Christmas y’all!


Merry Christmas Eve🎄 (Ps this Santa seems thrilled 😂)


Fun Christmas activity! Making a macaroni necklace for someone special 🎄


I have been stalking this lobster truck I saw on shark tank and had in AZ 😂 I saw it was gonna be near us. So in the rain we go for this preggo mama craving of lobster


Coming soon...#flipmyhair


My weakness every pregnancy