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Some of my favorite times while traveling is seeing the reactions the local people have when they witness something they have not seen before. There is nothing quite like watching someone take flight for the first time and seeing the amazement on their faces as they witness something that seems impossible is indescribable. The excitement of exploration and wonder is universal and being able to instill that feeling in others is priceless. @natgeocreative @niviukparagliders #africa #paragliding


The simple beauty of this landscape is mesmerizing. Crop fields during a snow storm while road tripping in northern Idaho today. @toyotausa #idaho


Things often appear completely different when seen from a new perspective. A view of the Bazaruto archipelago that only revealed itself when I was able to paraglide above it. Revisiting this magical wondering in the archive this Monday morning while dreaming of distant lands. @natgeocreative #mozambique #africa #bazarutoarchipelago



Days like this are forever seared into my mind. You never know how much time you have to spend with them but your grateful for every second you get. @sea_legacy #whales #humpbacks


We can survive long periods of deprivation when fueled by the memory of our last adventure and encouraged by the promise of the next. @leica_camera @leicacamerausa


Flying into 2018. Wishing you all a Happy New Year. Hope it will be a year filled with love, laughter, good health and fulfillment. #happy2018🎉🥂🍾 #happynewyear #alaska



Whenever I need to feel better, I look at images of Rajan the elephant. My time with him was so special that any photo of him makes me smile. Going into the holiday season I hope all of you are surrounded by those you love. Happy Holidays! @natgeocreative


For some reason it always feels good to head into the unknown. Train hopping in the #Sahara. @leica_camera @leicacamerausa #africa



Often times in paragliding when you get to the top of the mountain you never know if the conditions are going to be favorable to fly. Sometimes you wait for hours or days but it’s always worth it when you get views like this. Here athlete @gavinmcclurg flies below me while we explore the remote valleys of #morocco by air. #africa


Looking for holiday giving that gives back to the oceans at the same time? I’m excited to be offering a poster of my “Moorea Stingray” in collaboration with @sea_legacy founders @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier & Collective members @andy_mann @daisygilardini for $30. There is less than 24 hours left to guarantee international shipping time for Christmas. Be sure to order by midnight tonight PST! Clink the link in my bio to see more options of this image as well as the rest of the amazing poster options from the @sea_legacy team. #turningthetide @maptia


Trying to sneak in my annual Print Sale before the end of the year. Now until 11pm PST Friday December 9 any print on my Instagram account is available. Prints will be 8 x 10" printed on museum quality paper and signed by yours truly for $100 + $10 for domestic shipping (US) and $30 for international. If you want something bigger than an 8 x 10, I’ll be offering 25% off my larger photographs as well! I'm trying to make my work easier to gift as a big Thanks to all of you who support my crazy career. This image is one of my favorites. Photographed in the early morning along the riverbanks of the Ganges in India, I stopped when this ferryman caught my eye. The light and colors complimented the rare calm and stillness of the early morning. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few frames before he paddled away not knowing if I captured the moment. This image takes me back to that morning. Reminding me not only of a place I love but that often times the best photographs are the ones that aren’t planned at all but happen serendipitously and often in my case when you think you might have screwed it up;) If your interested in any print, please email or DM me and thanks again for all the support! #printsale



The north eastern islands of Papua New Guinea are filled with beaches and lagoons of surpassing beauty but what will really sweep you off your feet are the people that live here. The coast is sprinkled with communities where locals retain subsistence traditions and they are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. In this photo some village kids hang out on what I like to call “the giving tree.” It always has a number of people hanging, standing, sitting, fishing or jumping from it’s branches. @natgeocreative @leica_camera @leicacamerausa #papuanewguinea #shelsilverstein


The new @sea_legacy initiative called The Tide is now live! I am honored and beyond excited to be apart of such a passionate organization trying to protect and promote the health of our oceans and we wanted to give all of you the same opportunity. By joining The Tide (LINK IN BIO) you too can become part of a community invested in ocean health and sustainability. This is something everyone can do to help create a world where our oceans are full of life and I hope you will join us! #sealegacy #turningthetide #protectouroceans


Sometimes when you’re lost you don’t want to be found. Searching for surf in Papua New Guinea. @natgeocreative #papuanewguinea



Papua New Guinea has a reputation for being very rough and feeling a bit dodgy but my experiences here have been anything but that. The people here are some of the most kind and generous that I have ever experienced...anywhere. This is Rachel and she went considerably out of here way to take me where I needed to go despite the fact that having me in her dugout nearly sank us. It is the kindness of the wonderful people here that will stay with me long after I’m gone. Check my Instagram stories to see some videos of the island life here in PNG. @natgeocreative #papuanewguinea #actsofkindness


Taking it all in today in Papua New Guinea. A small boy takes in the view of the ocean from his lookout. @natgeocreative @leica_camera @leicacamerausa #papuanewguinea


Running into the weekend. @natgeocreative #madagascar #africa #tgif



Incredibly honored to join this amazing group of people to help fight the good fight! I’m looking forward to sharing stories from the deep blue in hopes of inspiring change and action. Thanks @sea_legacy!! .
#Repost @sea_legacy Photo by @jodymacdonaldphoto // We are proud to announce the second member of The Collective—a trusted group of @Sea_Legacy’s esteemed friends who have pledged to use their talents and voices to amplify the message of ocean conservation. Canadian photographer @jodymacdonaldphoto will be helping us in #TurningTheTide for our oceans with her incredible imagery. She’s headed to Papua New Guinea on Monday for a @sea_legacy assignment, and she’ll be taking us along on the ride. Thank you, Jody.


One of those moments when you look up and the photograph just reveals itself to you. @leica_camera @leicacamerausa @natgeocreative #sahara #africa #leicaxu


The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is now facing it’s biggest threat. The Senate and the House of Representatives have taken steps to authorize drilling in this magical, pristine landscape. Help protect this last great wilderness by texting DONTDRILL to 52886 to take action or call your Republican Senators and let your voice be heard. We have to fight the good fight! This land is too precious not to! @keepalaskawild
#Repost from my good friend @florianschulzvisuals
“This is not the Serengeti - this is the Arctic National Wildilfe Refuge in Northern Alaska. I have been filming there over the last 4 year and with every year I have fallen more in love with the place. Hundreds of thousands of caribou move across the landscape, polar bears come to shore, it is home to muskox, wolves and grizzly bears and the nesting ground for myriads of birds. Now, with a single senate vote this area could be opened up to oil drilling. Please speak up! #ProtectTheArctic now. We must act NOW to protect the Arctic Refuge!” #Arctic #ArcticNationalWildlifeRefuge #Alaska #TheLastWilderness #Wilderness #Defend #keepitwild


Here’s a teaser from a recent project I did with @redbull @vans and @tylerfernengel. Check out the whole behind the scenes video via the link in my bio. Thanks to the crew for all the hard work and endless laughs! #ProjectBTL


Patterns in nature are mesmerizing. #perfection @natgeocreative


We all have places that speak to us. This one speaks to me. Western Papua. Remote, few people and pure magic. Having sailed through here many years ago I vowed I would return. Excited to explore this area again in the next few months. @natgeocreative


Because #Friday is about dreaming of being in places like this. @jamie_mitcho coming down the line, off the beaten track in the #Maldives Islands. @natgeocreative


Happy International Whale Shark day to these amazing sharks. Scientists know surprisingly little about these harmless gentle giants but we do know their numbers are decreasing rapidly. Please do what you can to protect sharks while we still can. @natgeocreative #internationalwhalesharkday #whaleshark #protect #sharks


One of the many things I love about photography is experimenting with different cameras. A portrait of @redbull athlete @tylerfernengel taken with an old #Polaroid camera while on set in #Kauai a couple weeks ago.


Whoa. Well that exceeded all my expectations. #socool #eclipse2017 #notmyphoto #thegreatgiginthesky


World Elephant Day. Elephants are simply extraordinary. The times I have spent with them have always been life changing experiences. Scientists are unsure of how intelligent they are but research suggests that they have their own language and grammar, understand human body language, show empathy, mourn and grieve the dead, learn new facts and behaviors, mimic sounds that they hear, self-medicate, play with a sense of humor, perform artistic activities, use tools and display compassion and self-awareness. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to imagine a world where these animals no longer exist. If you would like to foster an orphaned elephant, please visit @dswt for more info (they have been rescuing and rehabilitating elephants for over 40 years) or please consider finding an organization that helps protect this amazing species from extinction. @natgeocreative #worldelephantday #savetheelephant


Finding silhouettes in Java. @leica_camera @leicacamerausa #indonesia