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1-6ft today.
Clip on @parallelsea


So stoked for one of my best friends @koarothman to win Wave of the Winter ! πŸŽ₯ @alexkilauano




Sitting on the job


If you can't beat em join em. @filipetoledo @parallelsea









Some fun waves this afternoon! @parallelsea


I could not be more grateful for all of the talented people who helped me with this series, and especially my @hurley family. They have supported me through so many of my dreams and goals, from the World Title, to filmmaking, to being able to live exactly how I want. It goes without saying, but I am looking forward to the future! The final episode of Twelve is now live on






We are the aliens and we are here for the honey @nathan_florence @konaj_


What a great day today was getting to win an event at a wave where I competed for the first time in my life, with all my family and friends there with me. I couldnt be happier and I couldn't have done it without all of the support from everyone here. Thank you @alexandra_florence @nathan_florence @i_van_florence_ @kiron_jabour @brandonwasserman @eli_olson @koarothman @koatree @kidpeligro @konaj_ @erik_knutson_ @peteyjohnson_ @pyzelsurfboards @spencerklein_83 @whoisjob this is a lot of tags but honestly not nearly all of them. πŸ“Έ @badboyryry_ Thank you again everyone


Another one my highlights this year getting to go sailing with @oracleteamusa and being able to drive for a few laps was crazy! I really admire the work and training these guys put into what they do, I can't wait to watch them win the Americas cup. Thanks for showing us great time down in Bermuda πŸ“Έ @_samgreenfield_


Coming home to surprise of all of my family and friends blocking Kam highway was one of the best moments of my life. Winning the world title was my goal but this is what really made it feel real more than anything else. Thank you everyone who has been a part of this year and for all of the support!


We share this earth together and it is our job to protect it together. It's sad to see what is happening with the Sioux tribe at Standing Rock. Lets help take a stand!


Look mom I did it !! Haha @alexandra_florence What a crazy day today was for me, this has been my dream since I was a little kid growing up in Hawaii watching Kelly and Andy battle for world titles and to win one today is crazy I'm still in shock! I couldn't have accomplished it with out all of the support I've had through out my surfing career @alexandra_florence @nathan_florence @ivflorence3 @brandonwasserman @erik_knutson_ @pyzelsurfboards @lauryncribb @eli_olson @kiron_jabour @koarothman @koatree @peteyjohnson_ @spencerklein_83 @patchy_o @peterkingphoto @bededurbo @blakevincentkueny I could carry this list on for along time but this is a start to everyone I'd like to thank. Most of all this has been one of the most fun years of my life and stoked to get to enjoy it with my friends and family!



Ahhh the French beach breaks, here we come! πŸ“Έ @badboyryry_


"A gentleman never sails to weather" πŸ™„


Super stoked for episode 3 of Twelve to come out! Thanks to everyone who has helped with it! We've had a lot of fun on the road this year hope you enjoy! #bodysurfwiththedolphins


That was the best 2 weeks ever , so stoked on the waves we got and all the good times. Huge thank you to every one that was there with us keeping every day positive and fun .


Wild places in the South Pacific.



I always get so excited to see new surf films coming out ever since I was a little kid, they inspire me in so many ways! Especially when they are my good friends creating them. Can't wait to see this @franksolomon #whoisfrank @letsbefrankfilm


My all time favorite place in the world ! Here's what we get to enjoy at our home. Hawaii.


Looking forward to this place in a couple weeks


We're on a road to nowhere⛡️ @nathan_florence @ivan_florence @erik_knutson_ @konaj_


That was a very fun couple of weeks here in Africa !I had such good time in the contest, @mfanno your a legend and inspiration, great surfing hope you enjoy your time off! Thanks to my family and my friends you guys made it one of the best trips ! @alexandra_florence @ivan_florence @carrie_basson @erik_knutson_ @brandonwasserman @franksolomon πŸ“· @corey_wilson