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Look at how incredible Gorakh is. But also look at Achilles in the back stalking me 😂😂 I love that kid so much. Same personality since he was a kid. Once he was healthy enough to run and play that’s all he would want to do all day long. Im forever grateful to Eddie and his expertise and intuition for completely healing this boy. It took time but he is thriving now. He never gives up on his kids. Kiss our Mexican and gringo butts to the people that said to have him killed. It’s the same people that make fake Instagram profiles with one follower and try and write negative on my posts. You guys don’t get sick of making these accounts 😼 You are going to have to do much better than that sh*t. Do some research idiots. We always win, remember that. #winning @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savelions #savetigers


Uncle Johnny is coming home to his girl ❤️❤️ see you soon my beauty #Nala @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savetigers #behuman #saveourplanet



The most beautiful girl in the world 😍😍 @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savetigers #behuman #notpets #saveourplanet



Part 2. Achilles less than a month ago 💙💙💙 @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savetigers #behuman


An old video of Achilles taking some of his first steps after being rehabilitated by @blackjaguarwhitetiger after coming to the foundation with 11 fractures all over his body from an awful diet which caused severe calcium deficiencies. The name blue warrior is perfect for him because every single day millions of people watched as he battled to get better. I am forever thankful for what Eddie has done for this king. Many supposed “big cat experts” around the world said Eddie should kill Achilles and put him out of his misery. To them I will say what I always have said for the last few years. Fu*k you !!!!!!!!! It’s all about love. #winning @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savetigers



Is there chicken under this slab ?? No I guess not 😂😂 look at how strong jade is💪🏻 how perfect is she. @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savejaguars


Some pictures of Sonny and the blue warrior. @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savetigers #savelions #behuman #saveourplanet



One of our very first leopard rescues from the circus Mukta. Look at the fangs. These animals are so incredible man. @blackjaguarwhitetiger #behuman #saveourplanet #saveleopards



Look at how amazing Galileo looks guys. Look at how massive he is. Pure muscle. So happy to see him all healed up and healthy as ever. You can still see the scar from the previous owners. They kept him chained in a pool and just threw meat inside. He ended up developing a skin disease that @blackjaguarwhitetiger was able to cure. 💙 #savelions #behuman


Sonny, Achilles and Gorakh. Can you believe how incredible these guys are !!! To think sonny is roaring and scent marking now. I remember when these guys were babies. I felt like It was just yesterday that I was with all 3 of them running in the garden. So happy for them and forever thankful to @blackjaguarwhitetiger for the love and care he gives them every single day of their lives. P.s. how amazing does It sound at stage 2b 😬😬😬😬#savelions #savetigers #behuman



Lovey dovey supervising us cleaning his habitat. @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savelions #behuman #saveourplanet


@blackjaguarwhitetiger and Lovey Dovey spending some time together just now ❤️ #savelions #behuman #saveourplanet


To think our boy came to us with 11 fractures. Now he’s stalking me and running all over his habitat having fun with his brothers and sister. To think some idiots said to kill him and keeping him alive is just cruel. Well to them we say kiss our Mexican and American butts 😂😂 @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savetigers #achillesbjwt #savelions #behuman


When Ilanga comes from all the way on the other side of his habitat just to pee on someone 😂😂 poor girl got covered from head to toe ahahaha @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savelions #behuman #thebigpridebjwt


Taking a nap with my girl Nala ❤️❤️ I’m so In love with this girl. @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savetigers #behuman #saveourplanet video by pinche pancho


King Leo enjoying a beautiful afternoon in the sun. Guys when we first rescued Leo from a very long life in the circus he was super mean. You couldn’t even come close to his habitat. But I never pushed the issue because who knows what was done to him over there and his trust in humans was probably destroyed from the idiots that worked there. He is such a different lion from those days to now I swear to god. Just look at this video. He is at peace. Not to mention he came up to me with a very welcoming greeting and I ended up sitting with him for about an hour scratching his beautiful mane. Guys it’s all about the love it’s simple. These animals are the smartest. Just love them unconditionally and the rest comes easy. @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savelions #circusrescue #behuman


To think that this is our galloping horse baby Sonny !!!!! Now look at him roaring the loudest out of all the kids at stage 2b of the @blackjaguarwhitetiger foundation!! Listen to this king 👑 #babysonnybjwt #savelions #saveourplanet #behuman