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Quick video of our galloping horse Sonny starting to roar.. our boy is growing ❤️❤️ i love him so much. So many amazing days spent with him. So crazy to see him growing up. What a great foundation my brother @blackjaguarwhitetiger has created 👍🏻👍🏻. This is just awesome. #blackjaguarwhitetiger #savelions #behuman #notpets



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Eddie and his uncle Paulie walnuts 😂😂😂 #sopranos #ohhhhhhhhhh #twins #twinning #hisotherfamily



Rambo, Arnold and @blackjaguarwhitetiger . There is nothing stronger than a brothers bond. I was so happy that Eddie brought Arnold home while Rambo was recovering i swear guys this man is a genius and not only that but this is why he has the success that he has with the kids. Rambo’s recovery was incredible especially when he realized his brother was there protecting him. These animals are the smartest beings on the planet. The minute Arnold saw Rambo he immediately rubbed his head reaffirming their bonds for like 5 minutes. He then laid next to him and put his arm completely over Rambo to protect him. Throughout the next two days Love would periodically walk up to their habitat looking to start something as lions do and to see Arnold protect his brother knowing he wasn’t 100% made me so happy. It just goes to show you nobody knows the kids better than papa bear 💪🏻 check out them both sharpening their claws on the poor tree lol . #blackjaguarwhitetiger @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savelions


Guys can you believe this is Ghost !!!!! Look at the size of him. Watch until the very end. #notpets #savelions #blackjaguarwhitetiger @blackjaguarwhitetiger



How gorgeous is the blue warrior guys ?? Look at those eyes they light up the entire universe with hope. Love this boy. Our boy had 11 fractures when he was first rescued by Eddie couldn’t even move, other big cat “experts” from other sanctuaries said we should kill him because of his injuries. Now our boy is swimming at stage 2B with his family and not to mention 100% healthy. #kisshismexicanbutt #andkissmygringobutt #blackjaguarwhitetiger @blackjaguarwhitetiger #behuman #savetigers #saveourplanet


The #1 team in the world !! A special thanks to you all. Uncle Johnny loves you. I know why Eddie has each and everyone of these people here. They are all amazing humans except for pinche pancho ahahaha just kidding i love him.. I also would like to thank google translate you are the real mvp.. i need Rosetta Stone asap. Eddie is in a meeting i know 100 people will say where is he. Maybe we will have a mugshot together when he comes out. No smiles of course #pauliewalnutsstyle #sopranos #blackjaguarwhitetiger #family



This one man has saved so many lives. This planet is a better place because of him!! Now let’s all join him, let’s all do our part to help make this world a better place. If you can’t do anything on your own help us change the world. Of course money is super important to help us rescue more kids, if you can’t help through donations help us in other ways. Repost our videos, talk to people about us. Spread love. Introduce people to the magic of the @blackjaguarwhitetiger foundation. I am begging you guys these kids are magical each and everyone of them from the babies to the full grown kids.. what keeps me up at night is there are still more angels on the dark side of the universe and if we all do our part we can save hundreds and thousands more. We are just getting started. I love all of our true family around the world.. sorry for the rant #blackjaguarwhitetiger



The kids are massive !! Pure muscle. It’s honestly the most incredible thing i have ever seen. Luke, Han and @blackjaguarwhitetiger #blackjaguarwhitetiger #SaveOurPlanet #savelions #behuman #thebigpridebjwt


Special message for the idiots that believe my brother @blackjaguarwhitetiger drugs his kids. Do these lions looked altered in any way shape or form. I don’t think so !!! Wish the video could of been longer but you can see why i had to cut it short haha @blackjaguarwhitetiger #blackjaguarwhitetiger #savelions #saveourplanet


Ahahahaha I️ swear I don’t stop laughing when I’m here. Look at his face 😂😂😂 this picture cracks me up @blackjaguarwhitetiger #blackjaguarwhitetiger



I think someone was happy to see her father @blackjaguarwhitetiger what do you think ?? Wait until Alvi comes out of the night room. Since a lot of people don’t use their heads on instagram and I am sure i will see one or two people ask why are they all in that one area here is the reason. so the guys can set up the chicken.. if you watch the video closely you will see they try and let one by one out so they don’t fight over the food like they do at other places. Everything Eddie does is a strategy for his kids safety and his employees imagine 10-15 lions and tigers staying in the big habitat while 2-4 guys come in with chicken, unfortunately there is no chicken fairy that comes and magically drops chicken from the sky. #blackjaguarwhitetiger #behuman #savelions #behuman #saveourplanet


It’s all for the love...To the haters.. stick around we are just getting started.. my brother @blackjaguarwhitetiger with his son Han. I think it’s videos like this that really make the haters sick. They must not know how to act after seeing something so magical. A man giving hugs and kisses to a 500 plus Pound male lion. But one thing I promise those people I will be the one keep you up at night with these amazing moments. #blackjaguarwhitetiger @blackjaguarwhitetiger #behuman #savelions #saveourplanet #thebigpridebjwt


Surprise surprise the king is back !! Sorry I've been watching way too many Conor McGregor videos.. last minute trip to @blackjaguarwhitetiger headed to see the family tomorrow. Don't even think I will have enough time to pack but who cares. Whatever clothes I bring will be destroyed anyway 😂😂 stay tuned for the next episodes of keeping up with a gringo and a Mexican. Just to let everyone know I will be going live while Eddie walks around the house in his banana hammocks aka European ass clampers aka broke back mountain underwear aka assless chaps.. haha stay tuned


A little throwback of Tierra in her pool as the whole pride look on. This was such a great day!! She did this for hours she was having so much fun. #blackjaguarwhitetiger @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savelions #savetigers #behuman #saveourplanet #saveleopards


What you girls really look like when you take selfies 😂😂


My boy Limubai ❤️❤️ when he was younger and much smaller. He is massive and super gorgeous now. To me there is no better feeling than helping the kids. I know the universe will prevail and make it so I have a more permanent place with these angels.. I can work 10,000 hours at my job and it means nothing .. I didn't help anyone I didn't save anyone. spending one hour with the kids and helping them in anyway shape or form Is honestly the most fulfilling feeling in the world it feels like I got more work done in that hour than the the 10,000 hours I work at my job.. They are so special and I find myself just thinking about the kids and how they are doing all day long.. when I speak to people about them I have an energy that I honestly can't explain. It's like something comes over me and I have to try and make people understand my brothers and my vision like my life, or my nieces and nephews life depends on it.. sorry for the rant. #blackjaguarwhitetiger @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savelions


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Damn tigers lol.. who remembers when Khloe got ahold of @blackjaguarwhitetiger hat. Guys tigers are so crazy I swear. From when they are babies they just cry all day and night super loud non stop. Even after they eat they just don't stop crying. Then as they grow their craziness grows with them I swear lol. Whenever I go out with a pride of the kids I just look for the stripes and do not take my eyes off of them I swear lol . They are super annoying trying to jump on you and bite you all day long .Not to mention they just never get tired ever . I will never forget this first time I met one of the kids it of course was a tiger and of course it had to be Luna and she was super tiny and she was laying down looking super cute and loving in a bunch of hay so I went over to her and thought I could approach her like any other animal (dog or cat) I have before in my life.. yea ok she absolutely destroyed me In like 10 seconds my arms were bleeding , my hands had about 50 scratches on it and bleeding too and it was at that very moment of me meeting my first big cat that I said to myself "holy sh*t this guy isn't kidding when he says they are not pets" they are the absolute furthest thing from pets. What Eddie does is something you will never see again in your lifetime. So enjoy the greatness and love. #blackjaguarwhitetiger #behuman #savetigers @blackjaguarwhitetiger


Dear haters, #Repost @blackjaguarwhitetiger
I just laugh when I read comments saying that I drug my kids. They see them playing or biting me and they say they’re drugged. I just laugh. Trust me, I don’t care one bit about what stupid people say, but how big of an idiot one has to be to look at these kids and say that they’re drugged? I just don’t get it. I’m inside with 4 adult male Lions patrolling 3 girls in heat. You know how much I Love Lions and you know how annoying Tigers are. Do you think that I enjoy having my closet full of Tigers when I could very well have it full of Lions if I wanted to? The reality is that there are thousands of Tigers in Mexico reproducing LEGALLY and I try to rescue as many cubs as possible to prevent them from going to houses as pets. I have more than 100 Lions alone, if I let them reproduce, I’d have 2000 of them. Why I don’t sterilize them? Because if in 5 or 10 years things change in Africa, I’d have at least 300 Lions ready to reproduce in order to introduce into the wild. It is not my fault that I live in #PlanetStupid where a lot of people are blind and can’t see past their nose. This is what I do. This is my mission. Whomever is on the other side of my vision can kiss my Mexican Butt because they represent The Dark Side of Humanity...
#PapaBearChronicles #TheBigPrideBJWT #SaveLions #BeHuman #SaveOurPlanet #FromMexicoWithLove