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I don't know why, but I like blue hour so much. Especially when it has some clouds with this smooth touch of this red!


I like how individual every sunrise is!


There are so so many waterfalls in Iceland. Behind every mountain a new waterfall. I was really impressed about the blue water!


The moment when I stood on the mountain peak was absolutely emotional. A breathtaking 360° panorama with riverbeds, glaciers, mountains, meadows, endless black beaches and so much more, made one of the highlights of my stay in Iceland.
Thank you @samo.nv and @_lucameier for being part of those two amazing weeks.
Btw. I took this shot with my phone. Now I have to edit the photos I shoot with my camera. There are so so many! 🇮🇸


I'm back from Iceland since yesterday. From now on I post again every day. Make sure to check the first post from Iceland tomorrow evening! 🇮🇸
Today's post is from a weekend in the Swiss Alps with @ntheiler, @aninaselina, @yaenepaul and @nicolewehrli.arw. Can you spot our tents?


Sunrise at 2222 metres.


Autumn mood in the mountains


At the next morning, we saddled our horses and rode through this little mountain village.
Thank you Rafael from for this weekend. Was a great experience!
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At 5 a.m. I hiked from my hotel to this spot. I had to wait really long for sunrise, thought the sun would rise earlier. Anyway, the moment the first sunrays touched my skin was unforgettable. Later this day I met up with @aninaselina , @ntheiler , @yaenepaul and @nicolewehrli.arw. Happy for all the new friends I met through @instagram. Thanks for everyone who's supporting me!

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