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100% Filipina. 🇵🇭✨🌺 Always proud to be representing my culture! 🙏🏽
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Fall seven times, stand up eight.
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Thank you so much to everyone at @laclippers @nba & @bumble for having me sing! It was such an honor to be part of this special moment celebrating all of the strong, inspiring, and amazing women out there ❤️🙏🏽
We are all #StrongerWithHer ✨
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{full video on YouTube}



Sooo excited to perform for the @laclippers tonight! Tune in to @nbaontnt now 🏀🔥


Q&A time! ✨ Making a new video for you guys where I’ll be answering your questions - so ask me anything...go! 💕☺️


All smiles because my new @lullbed just came in the mail today! Soo excited to try out my new mattress ☺️✨☁️💫
get $50 off yours using my link: lull.com/aurora #getyourlullon #ad #sponsored



all i hear is raindrops ☔️ {actually tho lol}
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sang one of my favorite throwbacks with @jasondchen!
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Thankful for them. ❤️ #mynumber1s #fambam


wasn’t looking for love till i found you..
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You guysssss I just noticed my youtube channel passed the 1M view mark! Ahh hehe gotta celebrate the little victories 🎉☺️ Thank you guys so much for watching 🙏🏽 Much more in the works for this year stay tuned... ✨
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It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting... 🌙
What is one of your dreams in life?? 💭
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Cheesin’ bc I just uploaded a new vlog on my youtube channel for you guys! 🌻 What is one thing that you’re smiling about today??




#BackToUs 🌹
{available on iTunes, Spotify, & Amazon}
Poured my whole heart into this song. Thank you for streaming and watching these past few weeks! So glad to see that you guys could connect to it...Music is magic 🙏🏽
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💘 tag your valentine 💘
& if u don’t have one I’m singing this to you!! ☺️🎶


Be fearless.
Have a vision.
Believe in yourself.
Always hustle.
Stay focused.
Get out there.
Get motivated.
Get inspired.
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My heart is so full!! 💓 Thank you guys so much for the thoughtful birthday wishes 🙏🏽 About to perform tonight at UC Davis and I’m nothin’ but smiles! ☺️😋 Feeling very blessed & grateful ✨🎶



“Little girls with dreams become women with vision.” ✨ Here’s to another year!! ☺️🎊🎂💕🙏🏽 #birthdayvibes #aquariusseason


what if we rewrite the stars? ✨💫
always so much fun singing with @josephvincent ☺️🎶 check out the full cover on our youtube channels!


Gratitude. It’s a powerful thing! 🙏🏽 On a regular basis I make it a point to pause for minute and write down some things I am grateful for. It always helps me to realign my way of thinking to be more positive ✨ What are you grateful for today??
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you’re my favorite. ❤️
ended this week with 3 shoots and a new cover! lots of fun projects coming soon 🎶✨ alsooo im thinking about broadening my range of content - would you guys like to see any vlogs, beauty/makeup tutorials, or fashion posts in addition to the music?? lmk! 🙈☺️


My newest single & music video #BackToUs is out now 🌹 {link in bio + stories} 🎶
This is the most personal song off of my upcoming EP and I really hope you guys can connect to it ❤️ Hold on to the ones you love. Cherish the moments you spend together. And when you have something special, don’t ever let it go. A reminder to always say what you feel when you have the time, because time isn’t always promised…
produced by: @jessebarrera
piano by: @kkaalan
video directed by: @jd2pictures


Find the beauty in every single moment ✨ Music is my release... 🎶 What inspires you???
So excited to share more of my stories with you...starting with my next single #BackToUs which will be out in just 2 days ❤️ 1.30
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my next single #BackToUs comes out in 3 dayssss ☺️ 1.30 ✨ comment “💖” if you’re excited too!


waiting on my birthday month like.. 👀 hehe i’m an #aquarius babyyy ♒️✨ what’s your sign??


Feelin’ the good vibes today ☺️👉🏽 what are some things that make you happy??
Lately I’ve been making a conscious effort each day to cultivate positive energy and create an environment where I can thrive. I think it’s so important to surround yourself with like minded individuals who believe in you, share your vision, and challenge you to think bigger. You’ll see that it makes a huge difference! Protect your energy and protect your peace. 🙏🏽✨ I’ve also been writing down all of my goals and intentions for 2018 - how I want to feel, the goals I want to achieve, and the steps I need to take to get there. Remember that YOU have the power to create a life you’re proud of! Each day isn’t always going to be easy, but when you put in the effort, the small steps will eventually add up & you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. 💜 Just trying to spread a little love & light this evening.. I believe in YOU! 💫


What was your favorite part of the video??
{link in bio} ✨
🌹 #HeLovesMeNot
directed by: @rawmixpro
featuring: @tylerhampong


eyes forward. mind focused. heart ready. ✨


Ever run into your ex & all the feelings come rushing back? 💭 The official music video for #HeLovesMeNot 🌹 is out now!! {link in bio}
So thankful to have such a talented and amazing team who helped to make my vision for this video come alive!! ✨❤️ Could not have done it without all of you. Thank you 🙏🏽
directed by: @rawmixpro @rawmixrom
director of photography: @homerdulu
executive producer: @julesaurora
producer: @angelarosefilms
featuring the talented: @tylerhampong