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I've been traveling since Friday and last night I couldn't shake the need to talk to my girl. I called my brother who's watching the animals and asked him to put Juniper on the phone. I didn't know I was being recorded, but I can't say I'm mad about it. Listen to her. How cute. ☺️


Relatable 🙃


I look like a toe, but some things are too sweet not to share 😩💕


Because who doesn't need a blanket with a giant picture of their best friend on it. This is one of the best gifts I've ever received.💕
(Blanket is from @mypetcanva. Link to order you own is in their bio)


The face you make when you survive Hurricane Irma. 😅
We're all safe, sound, and snuggling here guys. I hope the same for every one else that's been affected!


Update: Our new pup and Hurricane Irma.
In our last YouTube video I introduced you to our newest member. If you missed that video, this beautiful pile of Pyrenees was left behind at the house we just moved into. His previous owners had quite a few dogs they were attempting to rehome before they moved. To my knowledge they all found homes, but this gentle guy wasn't able to.
I told the prior owners that they could leave him on the farm if they wanted and I would care for him when I moved in. When we arrived a few weeks later, he met us at the gate, with bright eyes and a wagging tail. (He was being fed until we moved in).
I learned that his name is Beñat, but we just call him Benny. You may have noticed that he has been absent in many of our recent videos. This is because he's terrified to come into the house. I've tried quite a few times and he will make it as far as the porch before becoming anxious and turning away. He doesn't seem to have ever had a bath, or been walked on a leash. He's very much a roughed up farm dog. Currently I'm taking my time with him and letting him learn that I'm trust worthy. I will keep you guys updated on his progress.
For those of you asking we did evacuate for the hurricane. We weren't in a high impact area, but I personally do not like to take chances when it comes to the animal's safety. They've all been transported back to my family's home which is much more inland. We are still in Irma's path, but finger's crossed it doesn't get too gnarly here. Be safe out there guys. You're all in our thoughts 🌪


Translation: "I would like to enjoy my breakfast without looking at that freckled face thing. Away Beast." #FoxSpeak


Juniper has never been a fan of my brother's pup, Chewy. When we first introduced them in April we were hopeful that she would love him the way she loves Moose and our family's dog Oliver.
After introducing Chewy as a puppy we realized that was not the case. She greeted him excitedly, but the excitement soon turned to aggression/wanting to assert her dominance in the house. Since their initial few introductions they have had to be kept separate because of Juniper's unpredictable nature when he's around.
That was until recently! Since we've moved, my brother has been visiting rather frequently to help with building the foxes new enclosure. It hasn't been feasible to keep Juniper and Chewy separated for such long durations so I began working on "positivity training" with her!
I started slowly by allowing her to come sniff Chewy while I held him in my lap for his safety. (Chewy can be rather playful and I didn't want him to run up to her causing her to see him as a threat and attack). After this she would only stand him being in her presence for brief durations of time, but in those time frames I began to heavily reward her with treats and positive reinforcement whenever she would show calm body language around Chewy. While foxes and dogs don't exactly have the same body language or vocal queues, Chewy seems to understand that her squeaks mean to stay away. Which has also helped tremendously during this process.
This has been working wonders and while she still screams at him if he looks at her too long, she doesn't charge or feel threatened in any way by him. In fact, they've actually began being able to both sleep in the same room unsupervised!


Every once in a while life will throw you a gift. My gifts just happen to have fur and fang-toothed grins.



If only there were an award for world's cutest couple 🥇


"And we'll always be friends,
Forever. Won't we?"


I have some exciting news! Fig's casting kit for his custom prosthetic has finally arrived!
The process will be fairly simple, we cast his leg. Cut the cast. Send it off and @animalorthocare creates a custom prosthetic just for him. Which we should receive in just a few weeks!
I see so many of you asking if a prosthetic is even necessary since Fig seemingly gets around so well. Fig actually needs the prosthetic to protect his bone and wrist, and not necessarily to help his mobility.
Because Fig doesn't have a foot or protective paw pad, he places a lot of strain on his wrist and femur. This also causes him to tire very easily and because of that he's much less active than he should be at this age. Fig's new foot will not only allow him to be active for longer periods, but also protect his sensitive skin around his wrist while he's outdoors! 💪🏼


Every family has that one person who stares into the fridge waiting for a meal to magically appear. 🍔




Peas and Thank You 🌱


Fox vs Doggo 💪🏼
Ultimate Smackdown


I wish I looked this majestic when I wake up. She looks like she's out of a fairly tale while Iook like a thumb 😂


I want to show you guys this handy free iPhone app called #FetchMyPet. I've been using it for Moose, but since we've moved I've started using it for Juniper and Fig too. It does a variety of things, including keeping up with their medical records (which with Fig that's very important), but my favorite is that if anything ever happens I can report her as missing and other people in the area will be notified. 💕


I thought this Insta story video was too cute not to post on the main feed.
Volume up people 😂
#WhyYouSo #ObsessedWithMe


Okay guys, so I need to get something off of my chest. Remember my post about the @stainmaster carpet pet stain remover? Well, many of you requested a before and after photo of the "affected" area. Our carpet is as white as Juniper's snaggletooth, and it did eliminate the smell.
I feel I've always been transparent with you guys and It's not often that I do #sponsored posts, I don't want anyone to think I just see you guys as mindless consumers. Sponsorships are actually a great thing for us and allow us to inch closer to our goal of starting an exotic animal sanctuary. I was delighted when Stainmaster mentioned wanting to partner with us for their new #carPETables campaign! It means that they're helping us, help animals, and with that help we're able to take in more rescues (Like the pup that was left at our new house). I would also never promote something that I didn't use or like myself and this stuff has been a life saver (or carpet saver). #CleanandProtect


Fig just wants to be one of the boys.
Ft. Fig's best friend Chewy


Update: Fig is adjusting to the new house stupendously! The calm and quiet atmosphere has really brought out the best in him.
Two weeks before we moved I took a video on Snapchat and was elated that he was allowing me to pet him (on his own terms) without being afraid or running away. He only allowed this if I was laying down in bed and he was almost a whole arms length away. I could just graze him with my finger tips, but if I made a sudden move he would dart away. Granted he's always been very sweet when being held and would allow plenty of cuddles and pats if I went to pick him up, but this was never something he actively sought out.
Since moving not only does he run up for pets and ear rubs, he also doesn't dart away if I approach him. In fact, he squints his little eyes and falls into my hands openly welcoming being touched.
I'm constantly overwhelmed by his gentle nature. I couldn't imagine him not being a part of our family. P.S his casting kit for his prosthetic is arriving any day now! Once it arrives I'll be uploading a video of the process and then we just have a few weeks wait before we have his custom prosthetic! 💕


The sounds of contentment.
If you haven't figured it out yet, this is a love story. It's said that we're all given one true and pure connection while we're on this earth, Juniper is mine.
She can be sassy, loud, and sometimes even mean. But when I wake up every morning, there she is laying peacefully beside me. Calm and content. And all is right with the world.


Today at 1:45 EST, we experienced a total Juniper eclipse.


It's time to be honest, we hunt foxes too. Then kill them with tickles and nose nudges
#thehappiestfox 💕
(Moose is vocal when playing. These aren't upset growls)


I caught Moose cuddling with Juniper. Went to take a photo and he immediately played it off like like nothing had happened. Look at Juniper's happy face though. She's so satisfied 😂


Juniper has been hiding her treats in the bathtub drain. She just found out that I moved her stash and she's perplexed that any could have possibly found them there. 🛁


I'm so excited to finally tell all of you our big news! We moved! Not only did we move, but I FINALLY got around to making a YouTube video for you guys. (Link is in our bio). In the video you will also meet the newest member of the family!
This has been a crazy transition for everyone, but it's going to allow us so many more opportunities to help animals.
I plan to make our YouTube channel an educational platform for animal care and a way to show all of you our day to day with Juniper, Fig, and the rest of the gang a little more in depth. Once we reach 10,000 subscribers on the channel I will upload our next video. Be sure to comment and let me know what you'd like to see in one of our upcoming videos 💕
#BetterLate #ThanNever


Afternoon naps are very important for successful 4:30am gallops through the living room.


"Dear Diary, it has been 1.5 hours since my last treat. I feel that this may be the human's attempt at torture. I have communicated to them that I will not break so easily and to also bring me another treat as soon as possible to avoid complete annihilation of their kind. They do not seem worried. They are foolish." #DiaryEntry17