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"Love isn't just I want to spend forever with you, it's I want to spend this moment with you"


Mama Juniper, Papa Moose, and Baby Fig 💕☁️


"Marvel at my masterpiece human" 😏

A friendly reminder to all of those who have messaged me that there are only a handful of slots left to order black and gold paintings at 👉🏼 juniperfoxx.com. 👈🏼
Pictured is an 18x24 stretched canvas (and a cheeky artist who's always ready to show off her work)


Update: Juniper has completely taken on the roll of being Fig's mother. She has gone so far, in fact, that she stole my dinner off of my plate and took it to Fig for him to eat. Which he immediately did and I was left with my mouth hanging open.. dinnerless.
If you turn your volume up you can hear the calls that she makes to him. They're very soft and sweet. She's been extremely gentle, constantly watching over him and grooming him. In this video she continually tries to bring him her Banana to play with.
I couldn't have asked for a better situation for either fox. Some of you may recall Juniper's instincts compelling her to care for her two Toy balls as if they were babies. Fig satisfies her need to mother a kit and in turn he is going to live a more natural life by having a fox companion to grow up with.
If you have a question you want answered comment below 👇🏼 for all of our informational posts click here 👉🏼 #livingwithjuni . (P.S. Fig will not be getting his own Instagram. He will be a part of this one with Juniper 💕)


"Ah yes, this will look quite stunning hanging over my 2inch by 2inch fire place" -Petunia
Portrait by: @sarahdandelioncray


Tag Team Tickle Attack


Guess what's finally back?! I know a lot of you have been waiting forever for the black and gold paintings to be back in the shop and after 7 months of waiting they're available! I was finally able to find a decent supply of black canvas for you guys and I'm so happy to be able to offer these beauties again (they're my personal favorite). I only have a small number of canvases so once they're gone I'm not sure if they will be relisted. You can find them at Juniperfoxx.com and as always thank you all for your continued support in our endeavors! 🤗


Two little foxes jumping on the bed 🤗


It looks like almost everyone decided on the name Fig, so Fig it is!
Fig finally got to spend a little quality time with @boyfriendmoose today. Moose is confused as to why there's a tiny Juniper running around the house. We're still taking introductions to Juniper slowly, she's pretty unpredictable at times so we're taking it delicately. More videos of Juniper and Fig coming soon. I'm also working on editing a vlog type video showing the trip to Minnesota to pick Fig up from @mikdolittles_animals. Im not super proficient at editing videos in Premier pro yet, so we'll see how it turns out 🤷🏼‍♀️


This must be the fox equivalent of grabbing the biggest bowl you have for your morning cereal.
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Fig or Fumble? Help me pick his name!
•This baby is considered a "fire and ice fox" he will not get darker or turn orange. In fact, he'll actually get lighter the older he gets. He will be mostly a cream color with blue/grey stockings. He will look similar to the second picture on this post (Image from google).
•He is from a fur farm. For those of you who don't know a fur farm is a place where foxes are bred to become pelts for things like coats, hats, and jacket trim.
•He is six weeks old and his missing eye, foot and toes are due to a bacterial infection that took place while he was living on the fur farm.
•He will be getting a prosthetic foot in just a few months. While animals can adapt to live fine with missing limbs, he will need a prosthetic because of the fact that he's only missing his foot. This causes him to put pressure on his wrist when he walks. This can be stressful to the bone and the prosthetic will act as a cushion.
•If you have a question you want answered comment below! #livingwithjuni


In honor of our newest addition I'd like to finally announce that we have a new shirt in the shop! It's only because of all of you that this little guy is able to have a home with us and that we're able to provide all of his upcoming medical treatment as well as continue to rescue in the future. I'd like to take a moment to thank you all so much for your continued support!
You can find these shirts at Juniperfoxx.com.
(Be mindful of sizes as they run a little slim)


Introducing Juniper to the new baby
To be completely honest I've been very nervous about introducing our new addition to Juniper. She generally doesn't like animals that are similar or smaller in size to her and only prefers the company of large dogs. For that reason I thought she may reject the baby.
After speaking with others who housed multiple foxes they reassured me and explained that foxes generally love babies and out of everyone I spoke with no one had ever had a problem with introductions. They let me know it may be an especially good introduction since Juniper "mothers" her toys (two blue squeezer balls we call the Wilson sisters).
If you listen closely at the beginning of the video you can hear Juniper make a gurgling sound. This is a noise that foxes use toward babies! She immediately knew it was a baby fox and even though she was unsure of how she felt about their first introduction, it's a great sign that she made this sound!
Juniper has never seen another fox before so everything about him is very new to her. We're taking introductions slowly, but it looks like it's going to be smooth sailing very soon.


Baby Fox Meets A Puppy 💕


It happened. I finally picked up our new little rescue fox from @mikdolittles_animals! He's been a little nervous about all of the sounds at the hotel this morning, so I built him a pillow fort and he's starting to feel much better. I'm still not sure what we'll call him, but I couldn't be happier to finally hold him. He's going to have an amazing life. I know you guys have tons of questions. I'm going to be posting him a lot this week so I'll try to answer as many as I can!


*Do Not Disturb*




We were sent a sweet video update of our newest little addition yesterday! His disabilities don't slow him down one bit.


Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for my own personal ray of sunshine 🌞


The fox is out of the bag. We're adopting this special baby fox next week from @mikdolittles_animals. This guy is a fur farm rescue. He was born on a fur farm and due to a bacterial infection he's lost his right foot, a few of his back toes, and his left eye. In a few months, once he's old enough, I'm hoping that we will be able to get a prosthetic foot for him. His fosters have lovingly named him TrainWreck or TW for short, but his name may change once we finally meet.
If it weren't for @mikdolittles_animals This little fox and her other rescues would have been euthanized. Some of you have been following her story, but her city is not allowing her to continue her rescue organization. They are currently raising money to move to a permanent location to continue this amazing work.
A huge thank you to everyone who has purchased one of our items, whether it was a painting, a teeshirt, or anything else. You've made it possible for us to take in animals like this little guy and provide him with all of the proper care he deserves!


I think it's time we properly introduced this guy. Meet Chewy. Chewy is a 12 week old Great Pyrenees/Australian shepherd mix. He and his 11 siblings were born in a tent and lived there with their homeless owner until they were six weeks old. Can you imagine 12 dogs in a tent? He is basically a tiny version of Moose when it comes to his character. He's very mellow, a cuddler extraordinaire, and kind of a dope. Don't get too excited! He's not quite our puppy, but he does belong to my younger brother and you will be seeing quite a bit of him in the next few weeks because he's going to have a playmate that's close to his age after the beginning next week! Some of you already know our big news does anyone want to tell the others? 🙊🦊


Reading sweet comments like.. 💕


"Whats it like living with a fox?"they said. Well...


🎨Last chance to place your order! Only 24 hours left to grab one of Juniper's Paintings or Polaroids. Slots are filling up super quickly and I hope everyone that's messaged me gets a chance to snag one. Our next batch will not be available for shipment until August. So if you're looking for one before then, this is your chance!
You can visit the link in our bio or go to Juniperfoxx.com.🎨
*Every purchase is brining us closer to being able to take in more mistreated or unwanted exotics. As always a huge thank you to everyone for making #snagglenation possible*
(Please remember to be mindful of shipping times as we never force Juniper to paint) 💕


We have another visitor at the Wildlife B&B! This time it's a little milk snake. He was found by my best friend in our pool hanging on to the edge with his little tail like a sea horse. He's still pretty weak so we think he may have been stuck for a little while. We'll be keeping him in a terrarium we have set up until he's a little stronger and able to hide from birds. Then he'll be going back to the woods!
#RedonBlack #FriendofJack


"She's a lady and ladies shouldn't be messed with" 🎶


I don't think anyone has ever loved anything as much as this fox loves this dog.