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“There is peaceful. There is wild.
I am both at the same time.”
-Nayyirah Waheed


Never leave home without the essentials
It’s been a while since I’ve done an educational post on the sugars, if you’d like to see one let me know below. 👇🏼


I don’t like to feed into negativity. I love for our page to be happy, educational, and kind, but for some reason I always receive a lot of flack whenever I post videos of Juniper in the woods. Much more than when she’s in the house. I find this incredibly strange.
So to clarify, Juniper nor Fig can ever live in the wild. They were born in captivity and because they’re descended from ranched foxes they are several generations removed from a wild fox. They lack many of their natural instincts (and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Juniper is somewhat needy. Sometimes she refuses to eat unless I hand feed her. She’s not going to catch mice in the wild). Fig on the other has his physical disabilities. They would likely die in the wild. Furthermore, because they are descended from ranched foxes it is actually also illegal to release them into the wild and legally they must be leashed when on walks.
In order to give her the most freedom I can she’s always on a 20 foot lead. This allows her to explore almost as if she’s not restrained at all.
So, to everyone concerned about her being on a leash, here’s a video of her completely relaxed on her lead. Just a happy fox in the wood.



Behind every strong, independent fox is a stronger, gentle dog. ❤️


Snack rating: 10/10 (🔉)
Fun fact: A sugar glider’s esophagus is only about the size of a pin head. Because of this they will mash up food in their mount and swallow only the juices to get their nutrients. They’ll then discard the rest by spitting it out.
To learn more about Peach and Petunia the sugar gliders click here 👉🏼#PeachyandPetunia


Look at this goofball. Notice how she grabs my hand when I try to stop playing.
Just a side note, some of you have noticed how patchy her coat has become. It’s shedding season! She’s shedding that thick winter coat and putting on her coarse summer coat. Fig shed his a few months ago and is already wearing his sleek new suit.



Everyone has their own love language... 😂
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Who’s excited about Juni’s book?!
Only a few weeks left to preorder!
Also if you click the link in our bio you can enter to win a few prizes. One grand prize winner will get an 18x24 inch paw painting while 50 second place winners will receive an (paw)tographed picture.


Love Of Mine



🌿Why my carnivorous pets won’t be fed a vegan diet🌿
For the last week or so I’ve been asked to address the Youtuber who is feeding her fennec fox a vegan diet. She has been messaged countless times by now as her story has become somewhat viral. So rather than lay words on deaf ears, this is why we don’t share the same opinion.
Foxes are carnivores by nature. They are not obligate carnivores meaning they will occasionally eat fruits and vegetables in the wild, but they cannot survive on this alone. Foxes need taurine and calcium to survive. This is found mainly in animal tissues and bones in their natural diet. Without this they can go blind, suffer from seizures, and ultimately die. While, yes, there are taurine and calcium supplements that are given in vegan diets these are often synthetic and difficult to digest.
Speaking of digestion, feeding heavy amounts of plant matter burdens the digestion system of carnivores. This is because unlike in true omnivores or herbivores their pancreas does not secrete the correct enzymes to utilize the nutrients in plant material. On top of that even with supplemented enzymes plant matter takes longer for carnivores to break down and digest which can cause it to become a breeding ground for bacteria in the small intestine.
Lack of natural proteins can cause multiple problems including: Weight loss, difficultly breathing, food allergies, congestive heart failure, and intestinal cancer.
While I realize there are incredible horrors in the meat industry and I understand not wanting to support that, there are other options. There are hunters who have meats from game animals who lived a completely natural life, local farmers who would be happy to show you how their animals are cared for, or even raising your own animals. I completely understand not wanting animals to suffer, or die, to feed another animal. However, I think it’s important to remember that the food chain was around long before our human morals and if feeding a species appropriate diet to an animal in your care is not doable, then opt for someone else to care for the animal.


Happy #internationalwomensday from the sassiest, most outspoken, unapologetic woman I know ❤️


It’s a dark and rainy day here today. All the animals just finished rough housing and now everyone is laying down getting ready to sleep through the storm.
It’s been a good day for reflection and I just want to tell you all that even though I may not be able to respond to all of the DM’s or emails we receive, I do read most of them as often as I can. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to wake up each day and be able to read such sweet and inspiring words. Many of you come to me and say that our little animal family helps you get through your bad days, helps calm you down when you’re anxious or when the world is just too much. They do the same for me everyday, and it’s amazing that they can touch you in the same way.
I just want to say that I’m elated that together we’ve created this community of real animal lovers and gentle souls. I see you guys in the comments helping others learn and answering questions about each other’s pets. It’s really astonishing and heart-warming, you guys. I could keep babbling on, but to sum it up... I’m just thankful. ❤️



Surprise, it me


Fig loves a good tug of war challenge, especially when it involves a carrot 🥕





It’s all fun and games until you choke on your tongue


Update: I’ve narrowed it down to three names! Trico (like The Last Guardian), August, or Plato like the philosopher as well as a play on his Latin name, Uroplatus.
Which do you guys like best? Whichever is most popular is the one I’ll stick with.
Have you noticed how different his coloring has been in each video? This is because he is able to translocate the pigment inside his chromatophores or pigment cells, resulting in an apparent change in body color! A common occurrence for most lizards and geckos.


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If you were wondering if Fig ever vocalizes here’s your proof! Every sound he makes is so soft and quiet compared to Queen Juniper, who needs a loud voice to express all of her opinions.. constantly.


Fetty Wap the Barn Fox


Footloose and cone free


My favorite thing about animals? Their faces never lie about how they really feel 🙄💕
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I took Fig’s cone off to see if he still had issues with chewing his foot. His response, “GOFAST”.
So far no chewing!


Another black bear was spotted in the front yard! Luckily Juniper is here to guard the house. She’s taking her job very seriously by looking out the window and yelling at any movement. 🙄🐻


I was going to make a cute caption about how Juniper constantly wants to cuddle with Chewy, but I think I’ll just let Chewy’s face tell you everything you need to know about this relationship.


Chewy is such a great dog, but he’s not the brightest crayon in the box. We’ll often see him running full speed and just stop in his tracks, completely forgetting what he was doing. We can throw a ball in one direction and he’ll look the opposite direction, after watching us point in the right direction. He’s hilarious and goofy, which makes it all the funnier that he’s best friends with the smartest animal in the house.
After our last video with Fig I got a lot of feedback about how Fig’s cone shouldn’t be so big. We had initially tried a smaller cone but because he’s more limber than a dog he could still reach his foot. This is the same reason we can’t use soft cones. Vets often recommend that the cone be two inches past the muzzle to prevent them from being able to reach an injured area. It looks uncomfortable, but it’s not inhibiting him and it’s keeping him safe. Fingers crossed it can come off after our next visit on the 26th.


“When nobody else was around, she always held me down” 💕


Meet Chimera from @carefoundationflorida
Today we had the amazing opportunity to visit and volunteer at the C.A.R.E Foundation in Apopka, Florida. As many of you know our ultimate goal is to become a sanctuary for exotic animals in need. That’s exactly what Christin, the founder of C.A.R.E has been doing since 1992 and it was a huge privilege to be able to learn from someone so knowledgeable.
Christin was incredibly kind and took us through her facility giving great detail on how to work with the USDA and Fish and Wildlife when building a foundation to house exotics. We met multiple animals, who were all very well loved and cared for while she told us the background of each animal. Many being surrendered from owners who were no longer able to care for them or keep them in their homes.
I get a lot of messages and many of you ask about the process and permits that go into this type of work. Would you be interested in me documenting and adding that side of exotic animal husbandry to our Instagram? If so please let me know!
For more information on @carefoundationflorida visit their website thecarefoundation.org


Wait for it... 😂


“How do you spend time with all of your animals?”