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The differences in Fig and Juniper's personalities are astounding.
Since a young age Juniper has always been easy to train. She rarely looses focus when I'm asking for her attention (or if food rewards are involved). Fig on the other hand can be distracted by something as slight as the wind blowing. His curious nature always gets the best of him. They are exact opposites in nearly every way.
What differences have you seen in them?


"I don't always smile, but when I do it's because I just ate your furniture"


Domestic disputes in our house are always over who ate the last few bites of food. πŸ˜‚



And proud 😏


Juniper is part of a highly trained meal supervision team. She was voted top of her class. We should all strive for this level of success.


Little scratches are just as important as big scratches





Fig, the floof faced fox


...just to live this here lifestyle 😏



Every night she crawls into my bed.
She sets her head on my arm and as I run my fingers through her dense fur, she slowly shuts her eyes and we both fall asleep. And every morning when I wake up, there she is, still by my side.


Update: If you've been following this little girls story I'm happy to say she finally found her way back home!
She had been with us since Christmas Eve and after a few days of not getting any phone calls about her I was beginning to worry that she may have been dropped off. (Not uncommon in rural areas). A few days ago I finally got a message from her owner who had seen her photo on a lost dog page for our county! They had been traveling and had a friend watching the pup, when they found out she was missing her owner was devastated that she wasn't able to go look for her. She had been so worried so I offered to drive her back home that night.
Turns out that her name is Callie and her owners adopted her when her first home couldn't care for her after she had been hit by a car. They also don't live very far away and said they'll be sure to bring her over for play dates with her new best friend, Fig.


...Sincerely, Juniper πŸŽ‰



Highlights of 2017? Adding these two to our family... my heart is so full.
Music: "Old Pine" by Ben Howard


SNEAK PEEK: As many of you may know this year was amazing for our little family in so many ways, but publishing our book "Juniper The Happiest Fox" has been one of the best things to happen to us in 2017.
The publishing process took about a year and a half to complete. We went back and forth with our editors picking the best photos (many of which were exclusive to the book) and revising what was written so that all of our readers had the best experience while flipping through the pages.
I've wanted to share this with you guys for so long and I'm honestly elated and honored that so many of you are as excited as I am. Thank you for going on this journey with me. The book will be released March 27th, but you're able to preorder your copy at any time prior to then at our website Juniperfoxx.com or by clicking the link in our bio. ❀️
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Don't tell Moose 😘



Every Morning At Our House πŸ’ͺ🏼


Our newest YouTube video is up! "What do you give a fox for Christmas?!" Click the link in our bio to watch. πŸŽ₯



Just a fox opening up her Christmas presents


Merry Christmas to this little lost pup. Yet another dog made their way to our house this month. This time I didn't find her wandering in the garden though, this time someone brought her to us.
Our neighbors aren't the best. When I saw two of them walking down our driveway I immediately thought something was wrong. When I greeted them they asked "hey is this your dog?" I responded no, and that I hadn't seen her around before. I thought they were going to continue their search when I saw the boy in the group pick her up, but instead of carrying her he threw her down the road. Before I could even say anything the boy (about 14) yelled "if you don't stop running from me you f-ing dog I'm going to get my shot gun and blow your head off". I immediately took her inside and told them not to come back.
I'm so thankful they came to my house. I'd hate to imagine what may have happened to her if they hadn't. She's an incredibly sweet pup and obviously someone's baby. She's super clean, like she just had a bath yesterday. Knows come and sit. We'll be putting up posters tomorrow and if we don't hear anything by Tuesday she'll be checked for a microchip and we'll call out to the shelter to see if anyone has called looking for her.


Jingle bells? I think you mean tinkle bells πŸ’¦πŸŽ„


Gucci Gang


When dust bunnies attack


Let's take a moment of silence, to remember all the good ornaments that didn't make it through the holidays this year.
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Rockin' around the Christmas tree


Update: our new little friend was finally reunited with his family. It was hard to let him go. He's been an extremely well mannered pup, and obviously he's pretty adorable.
I saw a lot of you concerned that his family might not be the best choice for him since he was covered in fleas when I found him. When I finally met his owner she said that they said they'd been looking everywhere for him and she was clearly elated to have him back, but I felt the same way many of you did. I asked about the fleas and If they had any treatments. She said she knew about them and was ashamed he was in that condition. That they had tried to get rid of them, but after her husband recently lost his job money was tight and that they could no longer afford flea medication for their pets. Living in a rural area fleas and ticks are a big problem and can easily get out of control if left untreated.
So after handing him back to her I sent them home with flea treatment and a big bag of puppy food. I let her know if they needed any thing else for their two other dogs to come and see me. I think the moral was not to be hasty to judge and remember to help each other when you can. ❀️


Trying to hide from my responsibilities like..


Update on BeΓ±at:
For those who are new BeΓ±at or Benny is a dog that 'came' with our house when we moved here in August. For more on this backstory click here πŸ‘‰πŸΌ #BenatTheBonus
Benny had had a terrible time adjusting since we moved in. He was previously a working dog. He was used to guard the livestock that lived here before his family moved. He's a Great Pyrenees and it's in his DNA to want to guard his herd and a family. He had never been indoors, so being inside made him incredibly nervous. Because of that, I thought letting him continue to live outside would be more familiar for him. His previous owners said that he knew how to leave the property, but never went further than the driveway.
I had been spending time working with him, he loved the attention. He loved having someone outside with him to run around with, but at the end of the day Benny missed his family. He missed his job. Without any livestock for him to watch over he was bored and lonely, and grew a tendency to wander a mile down the road to the nearest farm. There he would sit with the horses and goats.
My neighbors were sweet to him, but it wasn't safe for him to keep wandering back and forth between our houses. So, we spoke to his previous owners about finding him a new home and found the perfect one in Tampa. Now he lives on a ranch with children to play with and loads of sheep and goats. Even a few horses. He has a family again, and a job. He's been there a few weeks now and all has been well. He's no longer looking for his old family and is content and happy. ❀️


Fig is obsessed with his new little friend. Check out the interesting body language in the second video. You see that curly tail?! Curled tails for foxes mean, "I'm not sure" kind of like they're making a question mark with their tails.
Fig has been extremely sweet and treating the puppy as if it were a baby fox, the same way Juniper treated him when he was a baby! It's been an adorable few days. We still don't have an update on the owners, but one of our neighbors believes he knows who it belongs to. I will keep you guys posted!


How The Fox Stole Christmas