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Wait for it...


Juniper looks like she just finished telling a hilarious joke and is waiting for everyone else to start laughing


"Yeah I missed you, now scratch a little to the left" (🔊)


Bed head and the fetal position... looks like it's Saturday morning 🕶🍺


Nurse Juniper decided to come to my aid, feeling better already ❤



Happy #nationalpuppyday from a very sneaky baby juni 😎


Rare footage of @boyfriendmoose smiling. Ft. Daisy the beagle


"If you close one eye and kind of squint you can definitely see the ocean in this rock" @the.crystal.fairy


Looks like I have the flu again, luckily I have my loves to keep me company in bed. 💕
#PeachyandPetunia #sugarglider


The first day or spring is a perfect excuse to reshare one of my favorite pictures of Juniper 💕🤷🏼‍♀️


First they're naughty, then they're sweet



"I want a pet fox"
*Mildly graphic*

Any animal with teeth can bite. That's the golden rule of working with animals. Juniper does bite occasionally. Rarely to the point where she breaks the skin like this, but it has/does happen.

Foxes are extremely moody animals, and anyone who has worked with a fox can tell you that they've gotten bitten like this at least once. They're very possessive of food and or toys and it takes a lot of training to get them to the point where this isn't a regular occurrence. Being able to read their body language and understanding their behavior is very important. The key to avoiding bites like this is reading into their warning signals, but it isn't always fool proof and sometimes they aren't able to control their tantrums.

Foxes are not "pets", living with one meant changing my lifestyle to fit hers and loving her no matter how bad her behavior gets and occasionally it can be extremely bad. It's easy to catch videos of Juniper being cute and its even easier to forget that she's inherently a wild animal. After working with exotics for years I knew what I was getting into when I brought her home, but many people may not. It's important to remember that a cute video is just 30 seconds of her day. When it comes to nature vs nurture nature will always peep through.

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[P.S. I've made a post like this before and I'd really appreciate if we could skip the "it's a wild animal" and the "you deserve that" comments since that's the point I'm attempting to make. I am perfectly fine, she just bit my nose while I was holding her and these are all older photos.]


Peas and Carrots 🤗


Hey party people! Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to pre order paintings. These slots are for the month of April, and they are filling up incredibly fast! If you're interested in ordering you can visit the link in our bio or go to Juniperfoxx.com 😘


B.A.N.A.N.A.S 🍌


If you've been following us for a while then you may recall us talking about foxes and resource guarding.
Foxes are notorious for being very protective of things they find valuable, like food. This is a completely natural response, but it can be a bit of a challenge to live with. Juniper has always been very food aggressive, even when she was only a few weeks old she would bite to draw blood when it came to her food. Because of the fact that she is indoors a lot and can occasionally mistake things that are not food as a meal... like socks... we needed to work on her aggression so that we could remove anything harmful out of her grasp.
A year ago I posted a video of Juniper snatching a bowl of food from my hand and protecting it by snapping and charging me. Today I'm able to sit next to her and even touch her while she eats her favorite @reelraw meal, without issue or fear of being bitten. If you notice, instead of charging or engaging in aggressive behavior she is actually giving me her butt and simply blocking me from her food. She's still able to exhibit her natural guarding instinct without being aggressive! Which is exactly what we want to see!
We're very proud of this girl and her accomplishments. If you have a question about Juniper or fox behavior comment below to see our answer in one of our next posts. For all of our informational posts click here 👉🏼#LivingwithJuni 👈🏼


We received so many requests to extend our Pre Order sale until Friday. So because you all are so wonderful we've extended our sale. Paintings will be available to order now until Friday! These slots are for the month of April, and they are filling up incredibly fast. If you're interested in ordering you can visit the link in our bio or go to Juniperfoxx.com 😘



"Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower"-Anderson


Even foxes know manners are important. Listen as she says "please" so politely.


"The woods are lovely, dark and deep"


"Art is the journey of a free soul".
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I tired to convince her to sit in my lap for the car ride, but staring at me the entire time from the floor board was much more appealing. 👀


Signature Pankcake Squee Face 😬


You and Me, Caught up in a Dream ☁️


"Take Fluffy for example, just play a bit of music and it falls straight to sleep"- Rubeus Hagrid
(Music: Permanent by Paul Travis)


This is the scariest Jack In The Box that I've ever seen 😱


Juniper Tip no. 18: Never skip on your daily dose of neck scretches