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Sleep in the sun, roll in the grass, and paint with your paws 💕



Personality Update: In the wild red foxes only have their young between the months of February through May. This year Juniper's instincts took over and because she was unable to have her own babies, she adopted these two balls as her own. She's been an excellent ball mother and they'll definitely grow up to be strong independent squeaky toys.
I do my best to give Juniper the most natural life I possibly can and I wish I could give her a baby to care for while she's feeling so motherly. Maybe it's time to adopt another 😭
#AreYouMyMother #livingwithjuni


Last week I posted about our friend @mikdolittles_animals who rescues foxes that would otherwise be killed for their fur. Even though Save A Fox is licensed to rescue and house these animals the city of Lakeville, MN Is trying to shut down her rescue and confiscate the foxes she's saved. This could very well mean they'll be euthanized. We tried writing the city, but our voices haven't been heard yet. Let's help by continuing to spread the word and save these sweet foxes and so many others from a horrible fate. The city hearing is May 4th. We still have time to make a difference 💕
Huge thank you to @katdenningsss for using her voice to help.

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"Art is the journey of a free soul".
🎨We are now accepting Orders for May's paintings today through Friday. You can visit the link in our bio or go to Juniperfoxx.com.🎨
Every purchase is brining us closer to being able to take in more mistreated or unwanted exotics. Another huge thank you to everyone for making #snagglenation possible.
(Please remember to be mindful of shipping times as we never force Juniper to paint) 💕


"Hi. Yes. I won't be coming into work today, there's a fox here that won't let me leave"
(Don't worry she's being super gentle)


The sun is shining, the fox is smiling and everything will be okay.


🌿"Do all foxes wag their tails or did Juniper learn this from Moose?"🌿
Most animals from the Canidae family wag their tails. This includes foxes. Foxes wag their tails in the wild as a form of communication. This doesn't always mean "hey, I'm happy", in the wild it can also be a form of submission, dominance, or even fear.
Juniper, however is genetically different from wild foxes. Due to her ancestors being bred in captivity for many generations, they began to display more dog-like characteristics. Juniper does in fact wag her tail as a form of happiness. Actually, most tame foxes will wag their tails. This isn't something she picked up from Moose, but a trait that developed after many generations.
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It's Somepuppy's Birthday! 🎉


If you ever wanted to hear a detailed story about a fox's day, here you go 💕


Recipe for Happiness:
1 part doggo✔️
1 part fox✔️
Mix in a touch of sunshine✔️


Animals are great at reminding you that you are trusted and loved. They might also let you know that you're a pretty decent pillow from time to time too.


Sometimes the candids turn out better than the portraits. Maybe it's time to admit and Juniper and I spend too much time together, we're starting to make the same faces. Happy Easter everyone 🐰


The Easter bunny is actually a fox, and her name is Juniper. 🐣


Please Read: This baby fox is pretty cute right? Well this fox and her sister were rescued from a fur farm last week. @mikdolittles_animals spends her time rescuing foxes from fur farms and rehoming them to appropriate homes where they will be loved and properly cared for through the remainder of their lives. 👇🏼👇🏼
Today this fox needs your help. The city that @mikdolittles_animals operates in wants to shut this program down. Even though they are licensed through the state, county, and even federally. For many foxes this rescue is their last resort. If any of you want to help or could spare a minute to send an email to
👉🏼 fdempsey@lakevillemn.gov or tweet @CityofLakeville about how important this program is, it would mean quite literally the world to so many foxes that would otherwise not be here. You can also visit their website SaveAFox.Org to learn more about all of their rescues. Thank you all so much for your love for these animals, your email could be the one that saves them.
#FurFarmRescue #SaveFoxes


*Graphic Content/Strong Language*
I cannot watch the first clip and not cry. Thank you to those who stand up for beings who cannot stand up for themselves. @thedodo


I would like to take a moment to thank everyone that has ordered an item from us. Since I was a little girl it has been my dream to rescue animals and because of all of you I'm inching closer to that dream becoming a reality. From enclosures to permits you have all helped make #snagglenation something tangible. In the very near future we'll be able to start giving unwanted exotics a place to be safe and happy. So thank you all for making my life a dream come true.
It's been months since I've restocked our Polaroids and I still get so many messages every day asking for them. So I'm happy to announce that we are selling them again in our shop. If you're interested in ordering you can take a peep at Juniperfoxx.com


*This week on House Hunters*
We gave Juniper a new log cabin house for her enclosure. Judging by our conversation it's a 10/10. 👍🏻


Juniper is by far the happiest animal I've ever met, and she's made me the happiest girl you'll ever meet.


A kiss a day keeps the sadness away 😘


Juniper is actually a land dolphin 🐬


M o o d


If you give a fox a cookie... (she'll tell you it's hers now and to go away)


Juniper Tip No. 8: "There's no better place to hide your treats than right on top of someone. They'll never expect it."


(Sound on for maximum cuteness)
As many of you may know I'm a pretty avid collector when it comes to minerals. This is something that's only grown since having Juniper because of her interest in every new treasure I bring home. Recently one of my favorite pages ✨ @luminosity_crystals ✨sent us this piece of Lodolite and Juniper surprised me by how attached she became to it. She immediately took it to her bed and cried like this for a whole five minutes before letting me have it back. I'm pretty thankful she gave it back before she claimed it as her own and put her butt all over it. 🍑


How can something be so innocent and yet so mischievous at the same time ?


*Every time I have a single crumb of food*


Lap Fox