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Welcome to my Family of Five 75% Himalayan, 25% Burmese, 100% Handsome. 📩 [email protected] 📩


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My sisfur got into the hooman's cereal milk ... she thought she could get away with it but forgot to hide the evidence😹


When you look out the window with music playing in the background & pretend you're in a music video...


How beautiful is my sisfur? 💛


Happy hump day everyone. I am going to sit here and look miserable even though I'm a spoiled boy. 😹


My sisfur just discovered the sink for the first time & is loving it!!


Sorry for being MIA the past 2 days.. My hooman left for college and it's been taking me some time to get over her not being here😢


WE HIT 10K!!!! A huge thank you to everyone who follows my family & I, we love you all. In celebration we would like to start the #socialmediaslave challenge!! I'd like to introduce you to the hooman behinds the scenes... Reveal your hoomans, tag us & hashtag #socialmediaslave!! We can't wait to meet all of you😻


One of my hoomans is leaving me to go back to college this Saturday and I'm not sure how to handle it. This is my face of panic🙀


Ok... I know I make fun of the dog a lot but she is actually a very good girl (as the hoomans would say). My sisfur likes to attack her & somehow she puts up with it!


On the look out for the weekend but it seems so far away!!!😫


Look at this cool trick my sisfur does! Please excooooose the ointment on her eyes, she is in the process of becoming a purrrrfect kitten (as if she isn't already🙄).


I beat her to the top of the cat tree & now she wont stop playing with my tail!! Do your siblings annoy you too? 🙄


My sisfur says thank you for the love @cats_of_instagram!!!!💛


Update from my previous post: the hoomans officially know about my love for my new sisfur. I couldn't keep it a secret, it was just too much to handle. ❤️


So things have been different around here lately.. my new sisfur is a shorthair.. (what even is that?) I keep pretending that I'm indifferent to her but we have been playing together all morning. I love her a lot, but don't tell the authorities - they can't know. 🤐


That look you give when the other sisfur starts getting all the attention...


This is my sisfur's devil face... caption this picture😹


Postponing Juno's Friday Food Review until Caturday for a very valid reason... Meet Havana, my new lilac British shorthair sisfur!😻


Hello all!! My hoomans, siblings & I have some very exciting news that we are going to share with you tomorrow. Comment below what you think the news might be!!🙀


In case you were wondering what I do on an average Tuesday......... I do nothing. A Day in the Life: produced by my hoomans for you all.

Everyone comment below one fun fact about themselves - mine is that I was the only kitty in my litter (the hoomans think I ate my siblings in the womb)😹 What's yours?


Here's a good look of my sister's summer shave!! Do any of your hoomans do the same to you? 🙀


So ecstatic about all of my new followers! I'd love to know all about you guys! Comment below where you're from - I'm in New Jersey in the US!!
Thank you again @cats_of_instagram for the feature!😻


That look your parent gives you when you come home past curfew... 😹


Disclaimer: No insects were harmed in the making of this video.. unfortunately the hooman released this juicy ant back into the wild before I had myself a protein-filled meal. 🐜


It ain't easy lookin' this good... my brother cleans himself 4 times every hour to maintain that shine.


Yeah that's right, I'm the most handsome ever... no need to tell me twice.


Spending my Sunday Funday on top of this fish tank.. how are you spending yours??


Hello furriends! We shall be postponing Juno's Friday Food Review until tomorrow due to technical difficulties! But in the mean time... enjoy my sister's shaved saggy belly & the weird way she sits when she plays!😹


So maybeeee if I hide behind this curtain the birds wont see me...😼


I'd say Happy Whisker Wednesday but my whiskers are camouflaged by my floof... 💁🏼