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New @nipseyhussle on @power_106 right now with @djsourmilk & myself!!! YOOOO @djeman we going crazy with this “Last Time That I Checc’d”!! @medek might play this 10 times!! Let’s go!! We the streets voice out WEST!! 🔥🔥🔥 @power_106


THANK YOU SO MUCH TO JOHN MUIR HIGH SCHOOL for stopping by the #LIFTOFF tonight with me and @djsourmilk on @power_106!! Good luck on FRIDAY’S game !! @payton_daddy74 @yvngcatt @king.stu @grimmey.soph
@itz__savannah @grimmey_taay @leaahh.p @famous.cyn @deelilahhh.3 YOOO @boogiebla you see the new shirts? 👀


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It's a PARTY on the #LIFTOFF show! Tune in and check in with @justin_credible & @djsourmilk with a special guest set from @djpjay!
TONIGHT we have you covered with all the vibes, fire playlists and of course tix for you to see @liluzivert! Check in & hear what the city is talking about! 🚀🔥 @power_106


It's a PARTY on the #LIFTOFF show! Tune in and check in with @justin_credible & @djsourmilk@power_106
TONIGHT @jayrock is stopping by! We also have you covered with vibes, fire playlists and of course tix for you to go see 
@liluzivert ! Check in & hear what the city is talking about! 🚀🔥


If you wanna hear what LA sounds like turn the #LIFTOFF UP now! @justin_credible & @djsourmilk have you covered with all the sauce you need till midnight!
We got Magic Mountain tickets for you and we wanna shout YOU out! Drop your shoutouts and song requests in the comments below! 👇🏽Enjoy the ride! 🚀🔥



We're getting right to it in 2018 with some HEAT for your listening pleasure! I've put together this playlist of songs that are guaranteed to set off great VIBES!!!! @LilTunechi ft. @ChampagnePapi - "Family Feud"
@KidInk - "Tell Somebody"
@BrunoMars ft. @iamCardiB - "Finesse (Remix)"
@QualityControlMusic ft. @QuavoHuncho & @LilYachty - "Ice Tray" ❄️
@KendrickLamar ft. @SZA - "All The Stars" ⭐️
@Cody_Macc - "Questions"
Tekashi (@6ix9ine_) - "Gummo" 🌈
@TravisScott & @QuavoHuncho - "Motorcycle Patches"
@JonConnormusic - "I'm Back."
@Eminem ft. @Hairweavekiller & @Phresher_Dgygz - "Chloraseptic (Remix)" Full playlist up now on Power106.com #Just10CrediblePlaylist 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @skamartist


Can’t wait to vibe @wale! Already love @sza’s THE WEEKEND! Now it just went up another level! @djmoney


Every year there's different ARTISTS that EMERGE! Justin_Credible & @DJSourmilk wanna know who YOU think will BLOW UP in 2018...COMMENT BELOW 👇🏽
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We're honored that the FIRST time @g_eazy heard "#NoLimit" on the radio was on the @Power_106 #LIFTOFF with @Justin_Credible & @djsourmilk!
Salute the DAY 1 homie, @G_Eazy on all the success "#NoLimit" & his '#TheBeautifulandDamned' album have had! More Wins ahead!
Listen all night for your chance to see G Eazy in concert, we got your tickets!!💿🔥🔥🔥🔥💯


“I wanna create a world because I’m in control of me, I’m in control of my world, I wanna create only beauty”..... “I choose to be happy, no matter what FREQUENCY you throw at me I’m knocking that down and I’m praying for you”. Thank you @godsmessenger for stopping by @power_106 and talking with me & @djsourmilk on the #LIFTOFF! Your views are blessings and very powerful and I feel many people should hear it. Keep RE PROGRAMMING in 2018! Full interview is up on YouTube.com/Power106 @power_106 #LaLeakers


Creddy B (@justin_credible) & Bruno Milk (@djsourmilk) are ready to set your weekend off with FINESSE‼️#LIFTOFF🤣🤣 If the L.A. LEAKERS made this song would it be 🔥or 🗑️?
Drop 🔥 or 🗑️ emojis below!👇🏽@power_106



Which artist is gonna #LIFTOFF your 2018? 🚀
Tag them below ⬇️ & @justin_credible & @djsourmilk will read your comments next on the @power_106 #LIFTOFF💡💡💡


If you've been following along with @champagnepapi's Instagram, you've probably seen he's been in the studio working! It's "scary hours" in them #OVO🦉studios and it looks like an album is on the way! 👀
I wanna know what you think #Drake should title his next album! Drop your comments below ⬇️! We’re talking about this tonight on the #LIFTOFF on @power_106 !
📷: @theo.skudra


Why wait for Feb. 2nd! I’m ready to go tonight! Hear my new album on the #LIFTOFF at 7pm on @power_106! Trying to convince @djsourmilk to play some songs off it! 🤣🤣🤣 #JustinCredible #JustinTimberlake 🔥🐎🐎



I’m in my Birkin for 18!! I promise you! Thank you @asapferg for being on the #LIFTOFF! @djsourmilk & I fire it up every night from 7pm-Midnight on @power_106 🚀🚀🚀 We’re less the 3 hours from #LIFTOFF! Talk to you at 7pm! We got new hip hop and tickets tonight! TRUST ME! 🚨🚨🚨


Thank you @usualsuspect818 @jcruz106 @prncs_di @lordskipworth @jessicamarie022 @misshinklexo @jesseeka_92 @mckenziehollis! So thankful to bring in 2018 with you all! Last night was an amazing cap to 2017 and an even better bring in to 2018! I had so much fun with my fam and the whole @proabition team. I couldn’t help but take a minute to soak it all in when I saw everyone’s phones go up at 11:58pm. Honored to lead you into 2018 @proabition! Thank you to everyone who came out! A few great ones missing from this photo! I love you all @j_warhol_ @the1chz @loganjamess @theshanetaylor @skamartist #SkamLIFE #CruzShow #LIFTOFF 📸: @vitographyy


By far one of my most surreal moments in 2017! Thank you HOV for the acknowledgement, you have always been an inspiration to me and provided the soundtrack for my life!!! Thank you @belly for changing the entire landscape of how MC’s must approach the booth when they hit the #LIFTOFF show! You killed it in 2017 & I know 2018 is going to be even greater! #MumbleRap is a classic, one of the best albums of the year! I know how hard you work!! Thank you @elliottwilson & @bdottm for the love and the mention! This was HUGE for us! #rapradarpodcast @tidal! Happy new year fellas! Let’s keep going stronger in 2018!! @power_106 @djsourmilk @lordskipworth @skamartist #Laleakers



Really can’t believe 2017 is coming to an end. I never posted this picture and I really only shared this moment with a few people because I never wanted to jinx it and I was so nervous, LOL. I had so many amazing moments and memories from 2017. Some ups and some downs, many highs and some lows, some great surprises and some let downs but through it all I learned so much this year about myself and life that I am very grateful for. I learned lessons and values this year that I didn’t know I needed to learn. That’s the beauty in life you can never stop being interested or curious, you learn everyday and all lessons are truly blessings. So about this pic,it was taken in May of this year and I had the chance to take an over night trip to Time Square in New York City to audition for @mtv’s return of TRL! I had no idea what to expect but I just packed my bag, asked my bosses for their blessing, booked a flight with @lordskipworth and away we went! It honestly was one of the most special and exciting moments of my life because it was a dream to stand on that stage for such an iconic brand, not to mention I grew up watching TRL and so many cultural moments were created right there in that very building on that very corner in time square. I will forever cherish this and I am so thankful the team at MTV saw something in me that allowed me this opportunity. I have so much respect for everyone who is on TV, reads off TelePrompTers, reports live news and entertainment, it ain’t easy! But it was so much FUN! I didn’t get the gig but
I am forever grateful for this chance and I pray the new year brings me more opportunities, more experiences, more health, and most of all more happiness.
I also hope this new year brings everyone reading this those exact same blessings. It’s the last Friday of 2017 so I wanted to post this before the weekend gets to crazy! Be safe and cheers to a new year! #2018 @power_106 @skamartist #LIFTOFF #LaLeakers


DROP a 🔥 emoji below if you feeling this! Just in time for 2018!!! Hov video today & now this!??! Nobody wins when the family feuds!!! A lot of very important lines here!! I can’t wait to get on that radio tonight 7PM!!! @power_106 Somebody get @djsourmilk @djeman @deejaylos on the phone!! We going crazy tonight!! #LIFTOFF


Last one for 2017! So much fire out right now! This is a quick playlist for you to search when you have time to catch some vibes!
My current picks for the week. 🔥🔥🔥 What are you listening to right now?
What's your favorite song, album, artist right now?

@iamcardib ft @21savage - “Bartier Cardi” ( Prod. By @iam_30roc & @cheezebeatz)
@jeezy ft @hairweavekiller - “Floor Seats” ( Prod. By @drichthe1)
@qualitycontrolmusic ft. @quavohuncho & @lilyachty- “Ice Tray” (Prod. By @rickyracksicu)

@migos- “Stir Fry” (Prod. By @pharrell)

@travisscott & @quavohuncho ft @offsetyrn - “Dubai Shit” ( Prod. By @vinylz @travisscott & OZ)
@travisscott & @quavohuncho- “Motorcycle Patches” (Prod. By @supahmarioig @frankdukes @travisscott @808mafiaboss @tm88)

@liltunechi ft @nickiminaj - “5 Star” (Prod. By @tankgod)

@nipseyhussle ft @therealswizzz- “Been Down” (Prod. By @1500ornothin @jakeuno @mr_brodyb)

@trippieredd ft @swaelee - TR666 (Prod. By @scottstorchofficial)

@iamkinglos ft @royceda59 & @hopsin- “Everybody's A Bitch”

#LIFTOFF @power_106 #LaLeakers @skamartist 🚨


My brother, not sure if I told you this lately but THANK YOU, thank U for always being a brother to me. Thank U for showing me how to be better, thank U for helping me always. I wanna tell U many things U have done for me but I also wanna tell you some things you’ve never done to me. You never made me feel anything but great, you never judged me, never not supported me, never not talked to me in a way I couldn’t understand or respect, you never ask me to compromise my true beliefs, never made me uncomfortable. You showed me how to lead, how to believe in myself. You answered every call & every text (even if your phone died) & heard me out. @jcruz106 I’m so grateful for you as I know I speak for many of us. A lot of people don’t understand our passion or why certain things fuel us but I understand. I have seen it since the beginning. You told me what you were gonna do & you did it, YOUR WAY. Since 9th grade everyone always wanted to be around you. I’ve watched you give your heart & energy to way more people then just me & I am so proud to call you a brother. My grandfather told me this weekend that he remembers when we were in Palm Springs & we used to be on the air finishing each others sentences, crazy to think it still happens even off air many years later. You are one friend that I can always count on, I love you for always being there for me and I want you to know that I will always be here for you. Through it all, no one can stop YOUR TRUTH! You do everything with a good soul & a good heart & that’s why you are such a positive role model, son, father, & husband. Look at what your team has done w/ #CruzCares, like I said you have always given & now you have a platform to give even more & in your second year you & the team raised over 50K for the Boys and Girls club. Your purpose is so much greater then what many even know, but I know it, I see it. You told me the other day we need to FIRE IT UP and I’m 100% with you. Keep going CRUZ, don’t ever slow down. You make everyone rise up & reach levels we never knew we could reach. Congrats on an amazing year! So much growth. I see the time you put into your craft. Keep glowing! 📸: @takeapictureitlastslonger


Sooo many hot tracks this year going off in clubs and radio...It was dope to see songs grow and move crowds!
What's your pick for "End of the Year #LEAKIES" - "SONG OF THE YEAR"

Comment below with your pick 🏆👇🏽 @power_106 @laleakers #LIFTOFF


LET’S START THE CONVERSATION! Comment below with your pick! Salute to all the artist who released amazing albums this year on behalf of myself and the whole @laleakers team! Too many great albums to name! The year is coming to a close, so you know we have to give out some awards!
We need YOUR help to hand out our "End of the Year #LEAKIES"...the first category is "ALBUM OF THE YEAR" comment below with your pick 🏆 @power_106 @laleakers #LIFTOFF


THE KEY IS TO WORK HARD!! That boy @djkhaled has been doing this for what feels like forever! Salute to you my brother, LETS KEEP GOING!
I’ve never received a plaque like this! Thank you @djkhaled for always showing so much love to me and the @power_106 family! We celebrate you and all your accomplishments. You set the bar every day and inspire us to be great! OVER 5 BILLION STREAMS!!! You make it easy on us w/ all these hits!! Let’s keep going in 2018! #WeTheBest @epicrecords @laleakers
📸: @iambnyce


DON’T BE ALARMED!! @djsourmilk & I just landed safely!! #LIFTOFF we have a #LIFTOFF!! 😳🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ 🚀🚀👀 Lock in to @power_106 NOW! What do you think that was in the sky tonight? We’ll read your comments on air! Thank you @kaycola for the video! You had the best one! 🛸🛸🛸


Yooo @g4shi I see you with HOV & @scottstorchofficial! 2018 looking bright! Blessings my man! @power_106 @djsourmilk #LIFTOFF🚀


Always there when we call on him! INK you are a SUPERSTAR! Thank you for always supporting us and @power_106!!!So thankful for this dude right here. Our first single was “PULL UP” & @kidink steppwd up for us so BIG! Seeing the vision come full circle and performing it this past Saturday night was a blessing!! Thank you for surprising LA at #CaliChristmas during our set, bro! @djsourmilk @skamartist @brenden_skamartist #skamlife @deejayillwill @rcarecords @j_grand #LIFTOFF


Wow! SOURMILK! We’ve come a long way!!! Still can’t get over this #CaliChristmas moment! Thank you @g_eazy for coming out on our L.A. Leakers set! #LEAKSHOW
You had the building shaking and showed us so much love by performing the #1 song on the country!!! Thank you @djeman and the whole @power_106 family for believing in us and giving us this platform! @djsourmilk and myself are grateful!!! @skamartist @brenden_skamartist #skamlife @rcarecords #TheBeautifulAndDamned @jamiliooo


It was definitely an OVO TING last night!! Our brothers right here set #CaliChristmas on fire. Some of the best vibes one 2017 were created by these guys, so happy to get a chance to tell them that last night! Ya’ll keep GLOWING! Cheers to the new year! You forever have our support over here. #OVO @majidjordan @roywoods @dvsndvsn @ovosound @power_106 #CaliChristmas🚨 #SayLess #TheSpaceBetween #MorningAfter @leenycpromo 📸: @lordskipworth