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Girl as long as youuuuu .... wrap ya arms around meeee... ouuu baby I don't care what them people say I'm giving you whatever you wanttttttt 😁😁😁


Good things come in threes! 😉 Double tap if this #benefitbrows trio is all you need! #benefit


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I've always been a very #blunt person. Who wants to smoke w/me? 🔥

Photo by Grizz
Makeup by Sheika
Styled by B
Hair by Neal

#GangGangGang 👅


Medicine time! I have to take a supplement to help with my kidneys function twice a day❤️ I'm a strong boy.


Hahaha! 100% me! @popyourpup makes the best Father's Day gift idea for the dog dad!



Spanish sculptor Isabel Tomás (@lisatoms_dolls) dreams up creatures that don’t live in our world. “My greatest source of inspiration is nature itself, not just animals and plants,” she says. From her home studio in La Sénia, Spain, she invents personalities for all her special species. “I like to imagine how they’d behave, where they’d live, what they’d eat and other details, as if they were a real animal.” Isabel designs, produces, sews, paints and varnishes all her creatures, which can be an arduous process since she does everything by hand, but she wouldn’t have it any other way — Isabel loves being her own boss.
Discover more stories from the Spanish-speaking community on @instagrames.
Photo by @lisatoms_dolls


he creeps but he cares #literallyhecreeps


Hello. It's me. A freshly bathed BUB. #lilbub


Two-faced 😻 | Photography by @gataquimera



Follow this amazing couple @my_special_bird. A truly enchanting Love Story!!


Can you believe that this is my baby Khloe? I was in shock yesterday when I saw this video...
Pueden creer que está Tigra es Khloe? Entre en shock cuando vi este video anoche....
#ThinkBlue #BabyKhloeBJWT #TheBluePrideBJWT #SaveTigers #blackjaguarwhitetiger #ThinkBlue
Vid by @vanessafdeztho


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Fostering isn't easy. You take these kittens into your home and it only takes seconds to fall madly in love. And as a kitten foster parent, you know that you're going to love these little guys to pieces, only to give them up in the end. But that's what it's all about. These kittens need love, they need food, supplies, medical attention in some cases, constant clean up, and they need someone to care enough about them to let them go. Our heart breaks a little every time we say goodbye, but there's happiness in that ending. It's an amazing feeling to know that your fosters now have a chance to be loved in a forever home because you gave up your time, your sleep, and an extra room.
And it's so worth it! Look at Tybalt here. Just this single moment with this tiny kitten made my entire day brighter. And fostering is filled with moments like these.

Fostering save lives, and helps make space in shelters and animal rescue agencies that are overflowing with animals in need. I foster in memory of my dad, who was the most compassionate, gentle person, and who supported me every time I wanted to volunteer at a rescue organization, or brought home a stray.
If anyone needs a reason to foster, just look to all of the amazing feline foster parents on Instagram who support one another and share their foster journeys, hoping to inspire others to do the same. You'll be hooked. @twilight_foster_kittens


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"What?? I don't like getting my ears or paws wet, okay?!" ~ Crusoe



Finally found @fittea shakes for protein, fiber, and probiotics. Perfect after my workouts 💪🏼 Fit Shakes tastes amazing #ad


I'm on bae watch! 😀 @frenchie_bulldog just released their new summer line and its🔥
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ICYMI: #birdhousesaturdays is our first full-length feature in nearly a decade. The @birdhouseskateboards team has been working overtime and I am confident you will enjoy the product of our efforts. Coming soon to the screen you are holding (and/or the one on your desk/wall)


@champagnepapi in TOM FORD at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. #TOMFORD #BBMAs


“I didn't really want to live, so anything that was an investment in time made me angry... but also I just felt sad. When the hopelessness is hurting you, it's the fixtures and fittings that finish you off.” – Angelina Jolie


From @birmankai: "Wanna know how to get from a moving kayak back to your sailboat? 🛶⛵️This is how my late big brother Tao did it 😻😻😻" #catsofinstagram


Exceptional day with @the_rhs who have pulled off another exceptional #RHSChelsea! If you are going, you are blessed! 🌸 Check the story for our preview! 👌🏼 Today @lecorgi was the ONLY dog allowed into the show! And @meanderingmacaron captured Marcel beautiful! How cute?! ☺️💙 || #thisislondon #londonreviewed


"‪All pug everything‬" -Doug