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FILTER FRIDAY....😂😂😂 who wants to start a Friday Trend?!? #filter #friday


16 year old me...I’ve always been a fan of wearing men’s @levis ...My dad would always ask if I was wearing his jeans, because I was! I’m pretty sure I was “borrowing” these from him! But they were perfectly worn in and distressed😂 #tbt #throwbackthursday


💖BEFORE & AFTER.... Are you more a long or short hair person?!?
HUGE THANK YOU TO @bellamihair for making such beautiful, smooth, shiny, tangle-free (I’ve tried so many extension brands) hair extensions and everyone at @bellamibeautybar for being so sweet and helpful! Everyone was raving about their extensions and now I see why! ❤️And to @ashleyenwiya for putting them in perfectly and dealing with my weird hair placement requests 😂😂And everyone at @giuseppefrancosalon who are so nice and sweet and just made my day! FOR EXACT HAIR INFO: we used 4 packs of @bellamihair 20” tape-in Hair, it gets much shorter after the hair is cut when they’re all in. #shorthair #to #longhair #hairextensions #pinkhair



😍😻...I love this girl so much!!! If you’ve never met @thekatvond in real life...you will never fully know what an incredible person she is, her caring heart, how real she is, or how beautiful her soul is. I’ve never met anyone like her...she is a creative genius with a heart that is even more beautiful than her gorgeous face!
And this photo was taken by her husband who radiates with the kindest, truest and gentlest heart. You can feel their love by just looking at how they look at each other...I could not be more happy for them! They’re like two eagles no longer flying alone, but soaring to new heights together!
Ahhhhhhh I stinkin’ LOVE YOU SO MUCH KAT and YOU TOO @prayers ...thanks for taking lots of pictures too hee hee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


🙈Get ready...TAG all your friends that love competition shows and makeup! TONIGHT @glammasters on @lifetimetv at 10/9 central ...I get to sit in @makeupbymario ‘s seat and we ha d a guest judge....the fabulous @lisaeldridgemakeup ❤️ DON’T MARIOS’S MYSTERY BOX!!! #glammasters #makeup


🌈YOU HAVE TO GO FOLLOW @dell.miller ....not only did he get my hair this beautiful shade of pink but his story & his outlook inspired me SOOOOO MUCH!!!! He is more than amazing hairstylist...he’s a double amputee and is filled with a double dose of talent, happiness and inspiration! 💖I get asked about how i keep my hair pink ...
I get my roots lightened & re-colored pink every 4-6 weeks. FIRST WE LIGHTEN THE NEW GROWTH, then color and tone the rest! #pink #hair #haircolor #party



🌈Smokey Rainbow eye look.....this is the makeup look I’m wearing for tomorrow night’s episode of @glammasters ...mermaid hair by the amazingl @tracigarretthair You can see my updo and fancy outfit on TOMORROW NIGHT’S Episude (on Wednesday’s) on @lifetimetv at 10/9 central #GlamMasters #BlueHair #Rainbow #Makeup


🎼💜...sometimes we have days that are hard and sad...and that’s ok, because that’s human and real.
Since I was little I’ve played the piano, I’ve mostly forgotten how to read music and I’m no good at writing music notes for any songs I play. But sometimes like today, I just sit down and my hands just play notes that I think sound kinda like what I’m feeling. Maybe I should’ve recorded the whole thing! Ha ha Sometimes tears stream down my face...and sometimes it feels just good in my soul. I hope someone else likes these sounds from me and my piano. #nomakeup #but #piano #is #fancy


💪🏼Don’t operate your life with the sadness and weakness of a victim of anything...you operate from the powerful stance of a survivor and overcomer!
❤️YOU MAY HAVE BEEN THROUGH A LOT...but you are amazing and strong for surviving what you have!
I love you and know the strength you’ve gained will only be the needed muscle to help you carrying the bigger blessings and responsibility that comes with big blessings in your future!❤️ #inspiration #sunday



🍀🌈This is all I’ve got for St. Paddy’s day...a green haired, green skirted Kandee at the end of a rainbow....and my dad was half Irish💚🌈 #Happy #StPatricksDay @toofaced #rainbow


Years ago, before youtube, and after I was a divorced single mom, who had been through some hard things, my career wasn’t even possible to do with my kids and no help. I sat ashamed, depressed and hopeless in the office to get food stamps. I told my mom how helpless, hopeless & depressed I felt. That I couldn’t believe I had to be applying for food stamps. I felt THAT THERE WAS NO HOPE IN MY FUTURE AT ALL. ❤️My amazing mom @theshannonjohnson tried to encourage me by telling me: “all the hard things we go through are just making our success stories that much better. This is gonna make your success story that much better one day.”
😌I couldn’t even imagine success. It felt impossible, like there was NO WAY, EVER, anything could make my life better. Fast forward to today....me on a stage at @ucla after being invited to share my success story. 😢It already brought me to tears this morning.
In the midst of your pain & hardship you can’t see the blessings God knows are ahead. NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH...YOU ARE GETTING STRONGER FOR THE HUGE THINGS UP AHEAD IN YOUR FUTURE- you gotta have big strength for how big and heavy your blessings are up ahead!💪🏼💖
Thank you to UCLA for having me, the amazing @babyboybakery (I ❤️her and her story!) & fellow panelists @chrisdetert & @ashleyrachel #Failure #hopeless #To #success


💫💜FUN FESTIVAL MOHAWK IDEA....done by the hairstylist to the stars (go follow him @chrisappleton1 for all the perfect hair) he made @kimkardashian ‘s Hair pink, makes @arianagrande, @jlo & @katyperry ‘s Hair all look amazing! #festival #hairstyle #hair #trend



That time I recreated one of my FAAAAAVORITE @gwenstefani looks! She is one of my favorite girls in the whole world! Who wouldn’t want to look like even her pinky finger!?! I love her! #ThrowbackThursday #GwenStefani #Makeup #Transformation


GET READY FOR THE WATERWORKS & MAKEUP ON TONIGHTS EPISODE OF @glammasters ON @lifetimetv at 10/9 central (if you miss it look to dvr it - it plays again at 2am!) 🚿💧😭Get ready for the water works 💧💧💧crazy water challenge and I hope they edit out some of my crying but @mallory1712 ‘s story was close to my heart! Look for all these amazing contestants tonight: @mallory1712 @muagaby @vicbrocca & @loandthecosmos _________________________________________
#GlamMasters #KimKardashian #MakeupByMario #LaverneCox #ZannaRobertsRassi #KandeeJohnson #DianaMadison #Makeup


Watch the episode for the code word to tweet for your chance to win a trip to NYC to go to @beautycon and meet all of us!?! Who’s excited?!?
MAKEUP: @ernestocasillas HAIR: @the_brownsisters_mb @lavernecox @makeupbymario @zannarassi #GlamMasters #Makeup #bluehair



...been about them baggy pants since high school. AND IF SOMEONE’S GONNA COME AFTER ME TALKING ABOUT HOW I’M TRASH, DRESS WEIRD, OR YOU THINK MY STYLE IS UGLY....save your time for something you like instead and focus on that. If it’s not me....move to someone you do like. Ain’t NOBODY GOT TIME TO HEAR OR LISTEN TO SOME HATE. #ootd #baggy #jeans #are #the #new #skinny #jeans


💋WHO WANTS A HUG?❤️Come meet me MARCH 25th at #genbeauty @Ipsy at 11am at the @maccosmetics booth! Make sure you go to the MAC booth to get a free ticket for my meet up - there’s only a limited amount! And if you use this discount Code at checkout: GBKANDEE
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Reg: $169 Discount: $99 ❤️I CAN’T WAIT TO HUG YOU ALL THERE!❤️


💥NEW VIDEO IS UP ON YOUTUBE💥 (finally) LINK IN BIO or type “KANDEE NOSE” into YouTube! 👍🏼make sure to give it a like and tell me what kind of video you’d like to see from me next!!! Come watch to find out what a “celestial nose” is and how to get it! #Makeup #Nose #Contour #Video



I’ve been told I dress weird since I was kid, nothing has changed. I just hear more of it on instagram. I don’t even think this is one of my weird outfits! But to the guy here on IG that said I’m weird & should stay indoors “no sir, it is your unkind words that you should lock up. And share words that leave people feeling better for having heard them” BE, DRESS, SHARE YOUR unique style & personality with the 🌎 ________________________________________Always a sucker for some camo print...and these boots didn’t come to play. (Literally, you cannot play in these boots...you can barely walk in them) This was my outfit of the day for @therealdaytime _________________________________________BOOTS: Galinda boots from @jeffreycampbell PANTS: vintage HAIR: @sarahpotempa #ootd #white #boots & #camo #pinkhair too


❤️Can you feel the LOVE in this picture?! All these girls have hearts bigger than their huge talents and skills and that’s why they’re amazing! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️My friend @iisuperwomanii (in the middle) put together the most amazing @spreadgirllove dinner celebrating #GirlLove - girls lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down! With some of the most incredible, loving, real women...all who I loved, adored and was in awe of...including some of my amazing friends.... 🎤The insanely talented, adorable, precious, realer than real, singer of the heart and gorgeous @rachelplatten ❤️THE incredible heart & soul, beauty of a Queen but hustles like @therock , who brought us all together for this night of @spreadgirllove celebration ...my brilliant, funny, witty, awe inspiring, most kind hearted, caring, thoughtful friend: @iisuperwomanii 💄The creative powerhouse, beauty who can sing, make you laugh, and captivates the world with her humor and amazing Heart, my fellow Empathetic soul @colleen ... 👩🏻👩🏻I’m honored to ever be compared in looks to the gorgeous, sweet, talented, super star to the world and pure kindness in real-life... @victoriajustice _________________________________________👆🏽SWIPE TO THAT 💪🏼SHOT: Big biceps but even bigger hearts......
🎻violinist-rockstar-dancer-sweetest human being that’s just like a beautiful fairy, my friend @lindseystirling ....and me t to me.....⛸️I can’t believe I got to flex next to this sweet, doll-faced beauty, Olympic medal winner for figure skating @maiashibutani ___________________________
I’ve never been to a dinner filled with so many women and felt so much love, appreciation, lifting each other up, complimenting fellow women, and just real emotions and hearts being shared like last night! Thank you @iisuperwomanii for being you and doing what you do...❤️ #internationalwomensday #GirlLove #iisuperwomanii


🎨💄because only the most popular photos on Instagram include water bottles and ugly backgrounds😂😂😂 Here is my makeup table, makeup look and hair on TONIGHTS episode of @glammasters on @lifetimetv 10/9pm central ...watch to see what I wear, say & who thinks I might cry on this episode?! And who noticed that toothbrush?!😂 #glammasters #makeup #motd #bluehair #kandeejohnson


💄WHO’S READY FOR A NEW EPISODE of @glammasters TONIGHT! Tag a friend who would love a makeup competition TV show! Tonight’s episode is sooo good! 📺Watch it tonight on @lifetimetv at 10/9pm central 💄 ___________________________Executive Produced by @kimkardashian & Created by: @DianaMadison💄 PS. I stole this picture from @makeupbymario #GlamMasters #KimKardashian #show


✂️#transformationtuesday ....this will always be one of my favorite makeup transformations...Me into (Johnny Depp) Edward Scissorhands ✂️✂️✂️✂️ #makeup #transformation #edwardscissorhands #johnnydepp


Who’s ready for the new episode of @glammasters tomorrow!?!🙈 💄TAG A FRIEND WHO WOULD LOVE THIS SHOW!💄 ⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰Set your alarms & DVR’s for Wednesday on @lifetimetv at 10/9pm central! #glammasters #makeup #time


What do you guys like more LONG or SHORT hair?
HAIR: @sarahpotempa MAKEUP: me TOP: @msgm SKIRT: @tibi HOTEL BATHROOM: @boweryhotel PHONE CASE: Did anyone else know my phone case is eyeballs with lashes?!
👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 I just got it at @nordstrom #ootd #pinkhair #motd 💄


💄🎨Is it fun to watch a high speed video of someone getting ready and going from 🧒🏻to 👩🏻?!?
❓Comment if you like these high speed videos & I might do some more!! I had to stand up to do my liquid liner up close to the mirror!😂😂😂😂 IT ACTUALLY TOOK US 1 hour to do this hair and makeup for our day of press for @glammasters TV show in NYC____________________________________
#makeup: ME #hair: the fabulous @sarahpotempa used @lacedhairextensions and styled them with @thebeachwaver #shorthair to #longhair #beauty


😱OUR TV SHOW IS ON TONIGHT!!! Mirror mirror on the wall...can you believe all the times in your life when you were crying and felt like your futures seemed hopeless? I would never have believed in my dark times of life that up ahead I would be on a tv show or get to encourage anyone in any way. @glammasters VERY FIRST TV EPISODE - airs tonight on @lifetimetv at 10pm!!! I cannot believe I am on a TV SHOW!!!! 😭 YOU GUYS ARE GONNA LOVE IT, I hope!!! ❤️😘Thank you to all of you for liking me, ever watching my youtube videos or liking anything I post here...it’s because of each one of you that I am not just a makeup artist working on sets...you All went on a journey we didn’t even know we were on. I hope I have inspired, encouraged and made you feel loved. I just started to teach and show my makeup tips so you All could feel beautiful, not knowing I could make a penny or that I’d ever get a tv show...if you feel hopeless, please be encouraged by my story. You have incredible things up ahead that you can’t even imagine...and it’s usually always after things feel terrible and hopeless! Thank you God for surprises up ahead that you knew about even when I thought my life was hopeless and terrible. #glammasters #beauty #bluehair #thankful 💕


😱WHO’S EXCITED FOR A NEW FAVORITE TV SHOW?!?🙋‍♀️🔔SET YOUR ALARMS & DVRs FOR TONIGHT!!!! - Wednesday at 10pm because the TV show I’m a judge on is premiering on TV! @glammasters on @lifetimetv - produced by @kimkardashian host: @lavernecox and judges (Me!) @makeupbymario & @zannarassi ...TAG A FRIEND WHO WILL LOVE THIS!!! #Makeup #tvshow #glammasters #kimkardashian


🎉TOMORROW THE TV SHOW I’M on @glammasters PREMIERES ON @lifetimetv ...last night my fellow judge @zannarassi & host @lavernecox (we are missing @makeupbymario who is the other judge, but he’s on a secret location with @kimkardashian who’s an executive producer of the show)...🙈🙈🙈🙈I cant wait for you guys to see it tomorrow night! WEDNESDAY 10pm on Lifetime!! #glammasters #kimkardashian #mariodedivanovic #beauty


😱THIS. IS. NOT. ME. 🙈I’m used to transforming into other people, but @thealexisstone transformed into me! THIS IS SO CRAZY TO SEE!!! 🙈😱🙈Amazed to see him use his incredible makeup skills to turn into me!!! You did an amazing job!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #makeup #transformation #transformationtuesday