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today is a day to honor jonghyun and remember the person that he is. today we will show how much he meant to us and how his presence made us smile and how he made us happy. shawols, i want you to know that we are here for you. my condolences go out to the family of jonghyun and i hope they will get the justice they deserve. jonghyun will be remembered in our hearts and the light of his memory will never leave us. please, if you’re suffering, remember that you’re loved, you’re worth everything, and you deserve all the love. please know that i’m here for you no matter who you are, friend or not. you are loved and you are worthy. although today may be a day where we all mourn, it is also a day we are here for one another & we spread awareness to all. please be safe. #rosesforjonghyun #kimjonghyun #shineejonghyun