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It's a rip the skin right off your hand kind of high five day.



Throughout his 22 years, dancer Kaner Scott (@kanerflex) has seen his share of hardship — but time and again he has chosen to learn from it. When he was 4, Kaner was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome; at age 15 he was re-diagnosed with autism. That same year, he became homeless. “That changed everything for me,” says Kaner. “If that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
By the time he was 16, Kaner was off the streets and watching online videos to teach himself how to dance — particularly flexing, a style characterized by rhythmic, ultra-flexible contortions. Fast-forward to today, and Kaner is a professional dancer, choreographer and model. “Dance has taught me how to express myself, how to take negative energy and channel it into something positive,” he says. Kaner sees his autism in a positive light as well: “I look at it as something special, as an ability. I use it as a tool to make me ascend to a higher platform.”
Watch our Instagram story now to learn some flexing moves from Kaner.
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Three simple words.


@daveburt checking in. Proud to be helping @heathrowexpress celebrate the milestone of their 100 Millionth passenger this month, with a FREE exhibition of my work, which opens TOMORROW at #PaddingtonStation! The #HExibition is open from 28th June to 4th July near Platforms 6 & 7, and features a photo series by me, looking at the variety of characters and people using the service. 🙏🏼☺️ It's been a lot of fun pulling this together so I'd be honoured if you'd come down and check out the exhibition. 🙌🏼❤️ || #thisislondon #sp #londonreviewed


A special night at the #NBAAwards! #ThisIsWhyWePlay


From @cola_thecat: "Hi it's me, baby Cola 😸👋🏻" #catsofinstagram


Мурка, ну прости, дурака. Простишь? Я больше так не буду!)


Beautiful!❤️❤️❤️😍 Credit @demylora


Billions Of Years Of History.

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✔️ #tartebucketlist: throw on your sunnies and get outside!☀️🕶 It’s also #nationalsunglassesday so share a pic wearing your favorite pair!
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A male seahorse giving birth! Have you seen this before? 😲| Repost from: @minamatasea


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It is my privilege, to introduce to the whole world, a new species of Parrot discovered on this century, its scientific name: Amazona gomezgarzai, named after the person that discovered it, our very own Miguel Ángel Gómez Garza @magomezgarza I'm posting the link to the Guardian article on our bio. Congratulations to Miguel Ángel, we all Love him and admire him. A dream come true for him and us...
Les presento formalmente a la Amazona gomezgarzai, una nueve especie de Loro descubierta por nuestro querido amigo y uno de nuestros jefes veterinarios, Miguel Ángel Gómez Garza. Saben lo raro que es descubrir una especie nueva en pleno siglo XXI? Un sueño de sueños para todos en la Fundación. Voy a poner el link al artículo en nuestro bio...
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Amazing 😍. @alexandra_anele rocks #cityminis eyeshadow palettes in 'urban jungle' and 'rooftop bronzes'. #mnyitlook


We have an obligation to protect this spectacular prehistoric animal for future generations. Couldn't agree more with this article and what @wildaid @wildaid_sa is saying about mixed messages and failure of government to take down high level corrupt individuals involved. It undermines all the hard work of those risking their lives to reduce the demand. (LINK CLICKABLE IN BIO - http://www.traveller24.com/Explore/Green/shockwildlifetruths-wildaid-issue-damning-report-on-sas-mixed-messages-and-failure-to-prosecute-20170518) #governmentfail #benefiting #corruption #apathy #rhinopoaching #rhinopoachingsyndicates #rhino #awarenessiskey #awareness


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@jolin_cai 在江蘇衛視「不凡的改變」改編了《最炫民族風》,新節目將在七月中旬播出。 #tvshow @transformersofficial #Moschino #transformers @itsjeremyscott #jolintsai


Have you ever seen me in this angle? 😝


My hippopotabully ❤ #Tiffany #englishbulldog


Wale and his one and only 💎


Umaaraw Umuulan 🌦


😜 #บ่วงบรรจถรณ์ 📷@ixnore
PS. Sorry Mario


Look 51. Backstage at the #BALMAINSS18 men’s show. #BALMAINARMY 📷 @maxwellaurelienjames


本日最終日! プラダが伊勢丹新宿メンズ館でポップアップストアをオープン。トートバッグやバックパックが、面ファスナーのステッカーでカスタマイズできる(別売り)。 @prada


Work work work then play play play C👌🏼