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#Regram of this dooope new model Ford Raptor rendering on trax, made by @JonSibal. A bunch of other not-to-be-named manufacturers have bitten our concept since we launched RaptorTRAX in 2014 - maybe it’s time for Hoonigan Racing and @FordPerformance to one-up them with a new, lighter, and more powerful RaptorTRAX v2 build?? What do you think?? #RaptorTRAX #FordRaptor


The @TopGear crew came to my home state of Utah last fall to have some fun in a V8 powered RWD cars - and I showed up in my @CanAm Maverick X3, in full pursuit mode. That was a fun episode to film! UK fans can watch the episode tomorrow night at 8pm GMT on BBC. Sorry for the mud splash on your ride, Mr. Chris Harris. #sorrynotsorry #TopGear #MaverickX3


@TopGear comes to my home state of Utah! See me chasing the hosts around in my @CanAm X3 in the first episode of a new season of Top Gear tomorrow night at 8pm GMT on the BBC! Always a good time working with my buddy Matt LeBlanc, Rory Reid, and Chris Harris - especially when automotive debauchery is involved.



#Flashback to doing a ‘little’ gravel drop whilst filming a new season commercial with @TopGear in late 2015, in my Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR V1 at the Millbrook proving grounds in the UK. Pretty sure more than one cameraman went ducking for cover on this one - those stones were not small! #gravelmachinegun #HoonicornV1


#Flashback to my first ever livery launch and studio shoot with a Ford, in 2010. This was a fun “floating car” concept - shot by @Tony_Harmer - that eventually made it into a poster. Such a rad photo!! I remember how wild the Gymkhana THREE Ford Fiesta seemed to me at the time. Really fun and simple car. #definitelyphotoshopped #FordFiesta #floatfiesta


Love this car - and, I love seeing old ads like this that I have never seen before (because it wasn’t sold or advertised here in the USA). It’s no secret that the big ridiculous looking wing is my favorite feature on this car, and it’s cool to see that Ford was about it too in their advertising for it in the 90s. Rad post from Hoonigan Racing Team Director @DerekDauncey. #propercarad #antilift #EscortCosworth #FordEscort



Ran my new @GoPro Fusion camera for the first time a few days ago in British Columbia with @CarlKusterMtnPark, and we stuck it on top of Carl Kuster’s helmet. The results? WILD. Love seeing the powder blasts and tree proximity. Pretty dope place for the first ever run of this thing! #GoProFusion #powplanet


While we were in Japan last month for Tokyo Auto Salon, @ToyoTires brought the Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2 out to the legendary Top Secret race shop in Chiba, Tokyo. This place has always been famous for its high horsepower builds, so it was rad to have the Hoonicorn there - especially with the shop’s owner (and proper hoon) Smokey Nagata checking out every corner of the engine bay! #HoonicornV2 #TopSecretJapan


One of my favorite shots from the @ToyoTires photo session at Edo Wonderland in Japan last month: Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2. Turbos. Ninjas. Swords. Fire. Smoke. Amazing! #HoonicornV2 #FordMustang #twinturbosFTW



So rad to see a manufacturer like Ford supporting stage rally in America! Ford is making a total of $40,000 in prize money available throughout the year to all American Rally Association nationally-entered teams competing in a Ford vehicle (in the Open 2-wheel-drive or Open 4-wheel-drive classes). Any year, any model - as long as it’s a Ford, you can win prize money for finishing a rally on the podium. #ARA #iheartrally @FordPerformance


BIG thanks to Carl Kuster and his whole crew at @CarlKusteMtnPark for taking such good care of me and and my peoples last week! Had an absolute blast exploring the powder-filled mountains around his place on Ski-Doos, having great food (and adult beverages) at his compound, and even being a part of a rad gift involving a 1968 Ford F-100. Definitely coming back here for more powder and mountain exploration ASAP. @SkiDooOfficial #planetpow


Took a few FUN snowmobile lead-follow runs thru deep powder with @CarlKusterMtnPark and a whole lot of @GoPro products at Eagles Pass, BC a few days ago. We had three Hero 5 cameras, a new Fusion camera, and a Karma drone - all in used in this one clip! #unicornmount #somuchpow #powderfiend @skidooofficial #GoProathlete



Fellow @SkiDooOfficial rider Carl Kuster casually sending it on our first day out at @CarlKusterMtnPark in British Columbia. I knew Carl was a legend in the backcountry, but seeing his overall mountain skills in any situation was unreal. This dude is a beast. So cool to watch someone with talent and 30+ years of experience do what they do best! #sender #SkiDoo2018


Lunchtime @GoPro #Hero6 selfie out in the middle of a white powder wonderland (Eagle Pass, BC). Just another epic day with @CarlKusterMtnPark and a great squad of peoples. #powderfiends #sledshredders


Every day was powder paradise for us these past few days, thanks to @CarlKusterMtnPark. Some of the best snow I have ever ridden on a snowmobile! So rad that we were able to bring my newly @BDturbo’d 2018 @SkiDooOfficial Freeride sled up here. This thing was flawless all three days of heavy riding! #SkiDoo2018 #Freeride165 #turbobraaaps



Brought my new @GoPro Fusion camera out the Canadian backcountry to try it out for the first time. So we stuck it on the helmet of one the best snowmobilers ever: Mr. Carl Kuster. The footage from this looks WILD. Video clip coming soon! @CarlKusterMtnPark #GoProFusion #powderplanet


Carl Kuster’s fabrication work is 👌🏻. This was shot on the night when we arrived: Carl and a few of my Hoonigan Racing crew welded up a rad @GoPro mount to the front of my sled. We call it the ‘Unicorn Mount’. Footage coming soon. @CarlKusterMtnPark


What better way to gift a 600+ horsepower truck to someone, than with a big ‘ol indoor burnout?? Ha. I was pretty stoked when Carl Custer asked me to slay some tires in this truck that he had built for his cousin Chris, as a thank-you gift for helping take care of Carl’s father, who lost a tough battle with cancer. Just out here doing my job at @CarlKusterMtnPark! Video via @GoPro #Hero6.



Great times out at @CarlKusterMtnPark with the man himself, fellow @SkiDooOfficial rider Carl Kuster. Carl is a legend on and off the snowmobile: he’s a two-time X Games gold medalist, World Snowmobile Hill Climb Champion, ISDE silver medalist, and much more - not mention his mastery of backcountry snowmobile riding. He’s also really into cars, namely Fords. Selfie via @GoPro #Hero6. #legend #CKMP #SkiDoo2018


While I was at @CarlKusterMtnPark these past few days, I got to be a part of a really special gift that Carl gave to his cousin’s husband Chris: a 1968 Ford F-100, with a full Ford Coyote V8 swap, a supercharger, frame-up restoration, and hand-painted logos. This was a big thank-you to Chris and his wife for dedicating their time to helping take care of Carl’s father, who lost a tough battle with ALS. I’m honored that Carl wanted me to not only be a part of revealing the gift, but also signing the interior - and breaking it in with a ‘little’ bit of tire slaying. #FordF100 #properbreakin #bestgift


Always love a good brain bucket setup. Here’s what I’m running this winter for backcountry snowmobiling: GoPro #Hero6, @SpyOptic goggles, and carbon fiber helmet. #highcarbondiet


Sometimes you just gotta send it. Swipe through the gallery to see the progression of this jump attempt yesterday in Eagle Pass, BC via @CarlKusterMtnPark 😂. Sorry for breaking the prototype board, @DCShoes. But it was worth it! #sledposthole


2018 setup for backcountry winter fun: @SkiDooOfficial Freeride 165 (with its new Geo Drip graphics by @TheHoonigans), @DCShoes House of Powder prototype snowboard, and DC outerwear and boots. #camooncamo #Freeride165


Yep, yesterday was one of the best days of riding snowmobiles I’ve ever had! Tons of powder, good friends, perfect weather, and such fun terrain in Eagle Pass, BC via @CarlKusterMtnPark. Such a rad place to ride. #bigyumps #snowmobilewonderland @SkiDooOfficial #Freeride165


Braaaaap! Yesterday was rad. So stoked to ride my new ‘18 Ski-Doo Freeride (@BDTurbo’d) here at @CarlKusterMtnPark. Two more days of wheelies and powder carving!


Arrived at Ski-Doo mecca yesterday: @carlkustermtnpark! I met Carl last year when we filmed the @SkiDooOfficial Sled Shred video, and he invited us out to ride at his place for a few days. Now we’re finally here. Here’s a peek at his garage/workshop setup. So many Ski-Doo sleds (old and new), and even a few ‘lightly used’ bumpers from my racecars as shop decor. Rad! #ultimatesledcompound #sledshred2018


So much brake dust + road grime + hints of thrashed tires on these white Turbomacs, no bueno. Hit them with this wild wheel cleaner from @SONAX_Germany that sprays on clear, and turns red when it’s ready to be rinsed. Cleaner than ever. I love this stuff. And not just because their logo was featured on some of my old favorite DTM racecars… but that definitely helps! #whitewheelsbestfriend


@ST_suspensions stopped by the Hoonigan Racing HQ last week for a 2018 product photoshoot, talk about this year’s plans, grab some video clips, and more. Stoked to be using their stuff on all kinds of projects in the HRD garage, especially their dope multi-car wheel spacer system.


Had a nice wifey appreciation night this past weekend: took her out to dinner at our favorite spot in downtown Park City. Happy wife, happy life! #betterhalf #radwife #ParkCity #Wahso


The Hoonigan Racing Ford F-450 looking 🔥 loaded up with our two Freeride sleds from @SkiDooOfficial on the back. Did some fun riding and break-in with them this past weekend to get ready for a big trip we’re doing this week. More on that in 2 days! #FordF450 #powderiscoming #turbotruckturbosledturboeverything