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Yep, I'm that guy. FIA World Rallycross, Gymkhana, Gymkhana GRID. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hoonigan Build Breakdown of my new Ford RS200:

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Love to see these dual shocks all around my RS200, custom made by @KW_suspension in Germany just for this project. @ToyoTires R888R meats wrapped around 80s motorsport-looking @fifteen52 wheels complete the modern suspension update. I could look at this thing all day! Stoked to see the RS200 keep its classic look with modern parts underneath. #KLRB #FordRS200 #favortiecarever


When someone says “pop the hood” but you’re in a RS200. #clamshells #GroupB #KLRB #FordRS200


Why does my ’86 Ford RS200 have two shocks on each corner? Why is it so rare? How is it pushing 700hp? Is it fun to drive? All these questions (and more) answered in the Build Breakdown of my new favorite street car on @TheHoonigans’ latest episode of Daily Transmission. Video link in bio! #FordRS200 #HooniganDonutGarage #buildbreakdown



Two of the best cars to come out of the wild big-turbo era of street supercars: @TheHoonigans’ Chief Creative Officer @BrianScotto’s Rauh-Welt 911, and my 1986 Ford RS200. Hit the link in my bio for the full Build Breakdown. #HooniganDonutGarage #RS200 #RauhWelt


Full build breakdown of my Ford RS200 Evo on today’s episode of @TheHoonigans Daily Transmission, hit the link in my bio for all the details on my all-time favorite street car! Including its super rare Evolution engine and more. #FordRS200 #RWB911 #HooniganDonutGarage #buildbreakdown #turboterrors


The Hoonigan “Founder’s Cars”: Chief Creative Officer @BrianScotto’s 1991 Rauh-Welt 911, and my 1986 Ford RS200. Two rare cars from an era of giant turbos, crazy horsepower, and very low weight. And they’re both of our favorite street cars ever. Hit the link in my bio to check out @TheHoonigans’ build breakdown on today’s Daily Transmission episode for more car porn of these two together! #FordRS200 #RWB911 #HooniganDonutGarage #buildbreakdown #turboterrors #founderscars



Safe to say this is probably the first time an RS200 has ever filled up at this gas station in Long Beach, CA. Ha. Video link of this and my new Ford Focus RS in my bio. #FordRS200 #hungrybeast #KLRB


31 years between these two Ford RS cars, and they’re both still fun as hell to drive. Except one is way more terrifying to drive than the other. Ha. Hit the link in my bio to see @FordPerformance’s video piece on my new 1986 Ford RS200 and my freshly wrapped flat black Focus RS. #FordFocusRS #FordRS200 #RSheritage #RSnation #streetwhips #KLRB


😍😍😍 that rear end though. Video link of this thing in my bio. #FordRS200 #RSheritage #KLRB #licenseplatecomingsoon



This may be one of the most boss ways to refuel a street car. Yep, you have to lift the whole rear clamshell to refuel my Ford RS200. Inconvenient? Yes. Awesome? YES. See it in action in this rad video from @FordPerformance, link is in my bio. #FordRS200 #KLRB


Love this shot of my two Ford all-wheel-drive “daily drivers”! Ford Focus RS, and my favorite car of all time: the '86 Ford RS200. Hit the link in my profile to see them both in a fun video from @FordPerformance. #FordFocusRS #FordRS200 #RSheritage #RSnation #streetwhips #KLRB


My 2017 Ford Focus RS got fresh flat black clothes, and a new stablemate: a 1986 Ford RS200!! AKA my favorite car of all time. 31 years of Ford RS heritage between these two on the streets. Hit the link in my bio for the rad video we made with the two cars and @FordPerformance! 📸: @roncar #FordFocusRS #FordRS200 #RSheritage #RSnation #streetwhips #KLRB



Some of the most fun I’ve had in a rallycross car all year: the @GymkhanaGrid smoke show with @AndreasBakkerud! Such a great way to end two years of having him as a teammate, and a fun way to end our 2017 race season. Fire, tire smoke, exhaust explosions, tandem AWD donuts, and more! Peep it!


Final teaser before we launch this thing tomorrow. Those who know their rally cars know what’s up! Really stoked to show you this thing.


Stripes, gills, and reflections at @TheHoonigans Donut Garage - where we filmed our latest project with @FordPerformance. Video and photos launching tomorrow!



New project launching TOMORROW. Things that are street legal. And awesome. And AWD. And Turbo’d.


Twin shocks. BIG turbo. Spaceframe chassis. Big things launching tomorrow!


Love this shot (regrammed from my team director @DerekDauncey) of some RS200s on the assembly line. AKA my favorite car ever. By no means am I hinting at anything that may or may not be launching tomorrow. #bestcarever #GroupBrally #FordRS200



@AndreasBakkerud and I came close - but no wins for us here at @GymkhanaGrid in South Africa. We finally got close to our top rallycross competitors Petter Solberg and Johan Kristoffersson, and it was really fun fighting for time and changing settings all weekend to bring our lap times down. Had a good battle with Andreas for third place, and I beat him on the first of two runs - but an engine mapping issue held me back on the second run and he had a perfect lap. Congrats to Andreas for taking third here this weekend! #FordFocusRS #FordFiesta #HooniganRacingDivision


Last few runs about to start tonight to for the Ford Fiesta RX43 and Focus RS RX - tune in to the @GymkhanaGrid live stream (link in my bio) to see the race happen now!! #FocusRSRX #FiestaRX43


It’s my last race event together with this kid as my Hoonigan Racing teammate. Sad times. But, I’m stoked that it’s at an event like @GymkhanaGrid. Fun driving, low pressure, and a lot of good friends. @AndreasBakkerud is having a blast out here in the Ford Focus RS RX. #friendsfolife #GymkhanaGrid #Johannesburg @GoPro #Hero6 selfie


@GymkhanaGrid is streaming LIVE right now from South Africa. Hit the link in my bio to watch! #GymkhanaGrid #CarnivalCity


Trophies at this year’s @GymkhanaGrid race. Hope to bring one of these home after this weekend! #GymkhanaGrid #heavymedals


Autograph sessions with @AndreasBakkerud, always entertaining. Ha. Even better with some very nice local South African @MonsterEnergy girls! Also, bonus new carcaine shirt photobomb, coming next week from @TheHoonigans. #carcaineproblem #GymkhanaGrid


Had a blast at @GymkhanaGrid in South Africa today - especially at the end of the night, doing a big smoky fun run with @AndreasBakkerud. Watch the Semi Finals and Finals LIVE tomorrow on my Facebook feed or YouTube page, link will be in my bio! #GymkhanaGrid #blastoff #FordFiestaRX43


My Ford Fiesta RX43’s black on black reflective livery at night is 👌👌👌 #GymkhanaGrid #FordFiesta #RX43


Ford Fiesta RX43, or Ford Focus RS RX?? Which do you prefer? #RX43 #FocusRSRX @GymkhanaGrid #Johannesburg


Sneak peek at a new t-shirt from @TheHoonigans, and a @JarodDeAnda out here at @GymkhanaGrid in South Africa this afternoon. Shirt will be available late next week! #flatblackfriday #comingsoon #GymkhanaGrid #Johannesburg


Stacks on stacks of @ToyoTires out here at @GymkhanaGrid. Some slain, some scrubbed, some new, all grip! #R888R #gymkhanasupplies #GymkhanaGrid