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My #goals are serious! 😍 #LiveWell #Success #Prosperous #HeavenOnEarth with Peace of mind!


Excuse the stuff but it’s A great day in the office already! Nothing will stop me! God is with me! Make it count today incredibles! #kierraSheard #eleven60 #SistHer


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The red lights hit my face...but could you tell how much fun i had??! Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a Jay Fan! I was brushin’ my blood’s shoulders off literally! Like rappin’ to him and everything 🤣🤣 love my @jdrewsheard! #bestFriend #bruva #444 #LIVE



Looooooove these guys! They went crazy on the show! Always consistent and i never have to adjust my way of excitement to see them due to wondering if they’ll be funny acting. Such great guys and super inspiring! @babebrice and @bootsgreenemusic!!!


So inspired by the fun and talk that Uncle gave last night! 🤣😩🙌🏾🙏🏾💞 #444



I’m super excited about this shopping experience with @eleven60! Curvy gals come through!!! Tag a friend for selfies and #HolidayShopping!!! #NewYork #curvygal #plussizefashion


Just because I’m really into myself today


My time of the year! 💞



Wigs off. A few moments before work. Fresh fruit! #HappyCow


The space. ☺️



How beautiful is that?! 😩🙌🏾🙏🏾 there are some beautiful people in the world! #trueLove #GodsLove #kierrasdevotion #inspire #GoodPeople


Been up since 4:30 AM, from NYC to a shoot, a dinner, and then to this super cool celebration. How fun? #BRL @boldrightlife days were definitely memorable! I miss them so much! We’re all striving adults, businessmen, entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, artists, and most of all BELIEVERS! Happy Birthday @johnjaenorwood! Love you! But should we bring @boldrightlife back? 🤔



Crusty cuticles. 🤔 Early morning flights. ✈️ Bronchial cough. 🤧Tons of fluids. ☕️Work. 💡⚒️


Such a cute and comfy situation from @eleven60 and Hair by @ritzyposhhair_


#LongHorn’s Baked Potato Soup and #DeltaAirline Chronicles! Anybody know about this soup tho?


@karenclarksheard 🤣🤣🤣 “yaaaasss! Yaaasss! We’re having a great time!” I’m soooooo in love with my mommy! You’re the epitome of a strong, classy, beautiful, believing, and loving woman! I’m seriously not sure what I’d do without you. God loves me through my mommy. There are so many lessons and warnings that you’ve given me before any prophet. God’s word comes right from you! You’re a praying woman and you live what you believe. You don’t care if you’re on any of our nerves and will call family meetings without a problem. You’re all about building your home as a proverbial woman. I’m thankful for you and I’m so honored to have you as mommy! You’re my 1st best friend and we share the same sense of humor. I’m thankful to God for giving me you. If i didn’t have you as mommy I’d search for you and claim you as friend! The authority that you carry and continuously walk in victory is even more inspiring. You’re afraid of nothing and carry such grace. Even with having adult children, you’re not hindered to be in our business. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and being the no nonsense woman that you are! The wife you are to my pop is so life changing! It’s a movie right before my eyes. You are literally heaven on earth!


Sisters are forever. I love my @mycourtcourt ! I’m grateful for such great friendship!


For those of you who thought that I was over talking @officialgeorgemckenney_ , in the last video I was determined to get my point across before he kept overtalking me. However, I will admit, he had very great points. To watch the full video check out my #YouTubeChannel #KatchingKierra for good convo! #millennials #generationX #passionate #conversation


Ladies mark your calendars to come and shop with me and @eleven60! This’ll be more than a shopping experience!! #popUpShop #CurvyGirl #plussizefashion #Atlanta #DC #Nashville #NYC


Ebony & Ivory (@shammroxx) 💞 love my shamira!


OMG Nashville was so much fun! This young lady and her mother drove up from IN! They made me tear up! Love you Sarah and mom!!! I love what i do!!!


Styled by @kwdstyle ☺️


Are you a #millennial who talks like you’re not? What generation are you? What are your differences? Check out the latest ep on my #YouTube Channel #KatchingKierra! #fun #faith #inspire #success and how many times does George say BUT?! 🤣🤣🤣 i promise i let people talk. Lmbo rotfl