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This time last year, I carried you in my womb, but now I carry you in my arms, absolutely grateful for this wonderful journey that I share with you .

This particular, Mother's Day is extremely special to me. Why? Firstly, it's officially my first one, of many by his grace and secondly, as most of y'all already know I had the most unexpected, spontaneous and shocking introduction into motherhood. My beautiful baby Mirai born ever so early 24/40 weeks to be precise. I LITERALLY watched her grow and did not know what each day was going to bring. All I could do is trust in the lord and hope for the best.
Having a baby in the Nicu (Neonatal intensive care unit)is like an intense experience that hits u bamb in the face. Tbh I had never even heard of Nicu before my experience. As naïve as this may sound I even completely forgot that severely premature babies are actually born on a daily basis.
Not only was i scared, worried, petrified, heartbroken, anxious, desperate to see her grow and eventually get discharged. I was also on the verge of loosing my mind from all the exhaustion, worry, and stress. Let's not even get started on my milk supply that was on high demand for her immune and her digestive system. But sadly wasn't flowing so great in the beginning for the obvious reasons. The fact that you have to wait hours, days, weeks to hold or even touch your baby.

You don’t get to dress your baby in all those adorable onesies, Instead you take vitals, do cares, and stick your hands through holes in a glass box to touch your precious baby. Then eventually you get to do skin to skin.. this was the hardest experience/ journey I have ever experienced in my life and I am so so thankful to God the Nicu days are all over now.
I am so grateful to have her home after 117 days spent in three different hospitals in total. 🙏🏾 From this, I continue to preach that God is faithful and I am more than certain that God knows, I am special to have been chosen to witness a Miracle. My miracle being born. We all know that God doesn't give people tasks that he knows they cannot handle. 👏🏼🙌🏽🙏🏾 Happy Mother's Day my fellow Mothers and Nicu mamas ❤️


So my sister said all my mirror selfies look the same ☺️🙃😏🙄do u agree?


Getting there slowly slowly!!



She's just so edible ❤️


Date night on a skool night with my boothang Sarah ... Never a dull moment when I'm with her ❤️ #happyinternationalwomensday👑


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Sitting pretty ( mamas birthday lunch )



I woke up like this! I woke up like this!!! 🎶❤️🎶


Amen Ciara baby Amen!!!! 🙌🏽🙏🏾❤️


I was laughing to myself the other day... reminiscing about when I would always change up my WhatsApp dp ... ( slideshows of me every now and then ☺️) and now all I ever really have is her.... #obsessedmuch ❤️ #whocanrelate😂



Despite how early my angel was born... she is reaching her milestones absolutely brilliantly... Every blessed day she amazes me...👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #suchaproudmama #sothankful #mytestimony #faithfulGod #mymiraclebaby #24weeker #whatamightygodweserve #youaredestinedforgreatness


Black panther ⚔️



Today makes it 26 years since I lost my dear older brother ❤️( Gone but never forgotten) I will never forget the day we heard the news.. #worsenewsever!!!!💔#Godknowsbest ❤️
#mybestiegrowingup #olderbrother #firstborn #theonlysoninthehouse #missyouNnamdi❤️ RIP🕯️




Part2 celebration with my girls dem sugar ❤️
#Gamesnight! 🎉 #somuchjokes ( celebrating this years birthday with last years birthday wish!! My baby Mirai !!!!❤️)
#soooooothankful 🙏🏾🎉



Birthday celebrations with my day1s ... 🎉🎉🎉🎉 @em1inamillion @nataliexn20x


Girl like mimi with her million dollar smile ( oh and her slightly oversized bunny 🐰 hat ☺️) #mydiva #myprincess #bosslady #prettygirl #dimplesoflife #smallbutmighty #mymiracle #myworld #myeverthing.


When both your special cousins get engaged around the same damn time!!! 🥂🎉💋... @ms_sunshineeee @gorgeousmandy I'm so excited for the both of y'all ❤️ #2017amazingyear #2018alreadylooksfab #family #cousins #excited #weddingplanning #Godisfaithful #inGodwetrust❤️🙏🏾#grandmamustbeoverthemoon💃🏾


Family is everything 👯👯last weekend I was a mother, aunty, teacher and even a camel 🐫 😂 ( only one person) the things we do for kids A☺️😂 #cousins #myfamilywillcontinuetogrow #ChildrenofGod #thankful #girlssquad #4dimensions #NicoleoliviaAvaandMiraimybabiesoflife❤️❤️❤️❤️ @2girlsandababy


There's No going to without going through... 🐾🐾🐾


Need I say no more.... #beautyispainohsotheysay!


When your addicted to kissing your baby ❤️... #issaproblem #icankissherlips10timesinarow 👄☺️ I can almost hear my mum in my head saying " Nkili stop kissing her too much" 🙄☺️✋🏾😂 #warreva


There's no feeling like the feeling of holding your world in your arms 🌎❤️