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Garden envy at its finest 😍! Mahalo for always letting me forage @ls_original @nicolenanea #auntyjill #organicgardening
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Yesterday morning right as the sun came up, I walked to the water’s edge to look at the ocean. I saw this glass ball sitting right on the exposed flat reef, surrounded by puddles of saltwater and reflective light. The way it sat there glistening in that perfect scene made me think I might be seeing things. This has always been my definition of treasure! I haven’t found a glass ball since I was a little kid at sea with my dad and I have never found one from shore before.
I hurried to it almost desperately. Irrational worries that it might somehow slip away or that someone else might get it first squirmed through me frantically with every step I took. But I was the only one right there. I picked it up and it sparkled at me. I felt like it giggled at my silly fluster and I smiled knowing that this gift was indeed for me.
I went to work on a Nat Geo shoot and just a couple hours later, I got a sad call telling me that my dear friend/aunty/swim partner/life-mentor, Kitty had just become an angel, surrendering to her journey with cancer. I knew who sent me my ocean treasure. I had to put my tears away and finish work but once we were done and I was driving home, they came back. I pulled over to cry a bit and the sky cried with me but then Kitty showed up 🌈and brightened us all as she always does.
I have another angel on my side, another treasure in my heart. Thank you Kitty for being the beautiful light you will always be in this world. ❤️


Reach for it! ☀️💫
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I brought this sunrise shell all the way to the Azores, Portugal to leave it in a special place in the ocean to honor my lost friend Tawny and her dream of going to these far away islands. It gave me immense peace and happiness that day.
I had found this shell in Hawai‘i while diving alongside two beautiful twin brothers, the Emery brothers. Their family has been a positive and radiant light within the north shore community and their passion for living life with aloha has always been beyond vibrant.
This past weekend, we were devastated with the news that a brutal and senseless murder took place in daylight hours, taking the life of Telma Boinville, Kevin Emery’s wife, who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, cleaning a vacation rental when she was attacked and beaten to death with a baseball bat. Their daughter Makana was taped and tied up.
Many brave leaders both here and afar, jumped to action and used their platforms to spread word of the two killers on the loose. This created an islandwide man(and woman)hunt that was fierce and effective, and helped the police catch both suspects just hours later. They did not go down easy and from all the videos I’ve seen so far, have not shown an ounce of remorse.
This took me through a spin of agony, not being able to make sense of the injustice and cruelty of these disturbed people and the devastation they cause.
I went to visit the Emery Ohana and held Kevin in my arms as he broke down and sobbed for the loss of his wife and his gratitude for his community. I watched him put away his own tears the moment his daughter Makana showed up. He transformed his pain into a heartfelt celebration of her life and bravery. I watched her beam like a small sun in that love. He taught me in that moment what kind of warrior I want to be...
So you will not have my hate. It is not that I can’t feel it bubbling within me but you don’t deserve the honor. I will not give in to the same darkness that made you what you are. I will give to the light, to the love, to the Emery ohana, to our home and to making Makana smile. But I will not give in to you.
Photo by @djstruntz Link in bio. @sunriseshells @sunriseshellswholesale


@_pauloafonso_ and his sweet mother Maria. Pico Island, Azores, Portugal 💙. Oh how I love this groove. We would load the boat early in the morning and dive hard all day. We’d come home, rinse gear, and rummage through Maria’s garden. Our meals varied daily from octopus, baitfish, big fish, and limpets and they were always enjoyed with great wine and usually followed by a sampling of Maria’s homemade liquors distilled from the grape stems and leftovers from the family grapevine. It was like the perfect love child, combining so much that I adore from both Europe and Hawai‘i, together so harmoniously in this sweet island life. Photo by @djstruntz @riffe_international


Mise en place. Everything here was grown in Hawai‘i. Two of the local ingredients were bought from the store (any guesses of which?) All else came straight from the wild or from a friend’s garden. This shows the balance and beauty of biodiversity at its best. It’s a wealth so rich that it could never be replaced by any single commodity. ❤️ photo by @instaclamfunk @keepwildco



Photo by @jarrahlynch from our trip to the Great Barrier Reef, where we saw firsthand how our decisions and actions on land have a direct impact on what’s happening underwater. To watch our film about what we encountered and learned, click the link in bio!
Also want to send out all of my love to my Patagonia headquarters family based in Ventura. Crazy wild fires rolled through their neighborhoods at an unbelievable speed last night. Some of them were just here in Hawaii with me, showing new designs and product testing -only to return home to absolute chaos and 4am evacuations with their families through the flames. I know you all are taking care of one another just as much as you strive everyday to take care of this beautiful world. You all are my heroes. My heart is with you and everyone affected by this sudden tragedy. ❤️


“You belong among the wildflowers. You belong on a boat out at sea. Sail away, kill off the hours. You belong somewhere you feel free.” -Tom Petty
I remember the first time I heard this song was when my sister @christykkw sent it to me many years ago as her final blessing (after voicing strong concern and resistance) for me to pursue a different life than the one I had been struggling through. It made me feel loved and supported and understood during a time confusing crossroads.
This photo was taken on a recent trip to the island of Pico in the Azores, Portugal. I was on a lush mountain side, thick with wild ginger, overlooking the ocean that I had just been diving in. As I picked these flowers, the sun came out and beamed down through the trees and I found myself humming this song and sending silent love to my sis and other special loved ones who have given me permission to try, to fail, and to simply be me.
Photo by @djstruntz
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Sunday brunch with @traegergrills 😊!
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One up, one down. I’ve got your back girl and you always got mine. ❤️ @ls_original 👯‍♀️ thanks for helping me get dinner mommy!
Photo by @instaclamfunk
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Please take 10 minutes and watch The Reef Beneath, a video by @cinematowski and @patagonia about our journey to the Great Barrier Reef. Click the link in my profile to #fightforourreef 💙 Music by @cleod9music


This photo by @jarrahlynch shows an elevated view of the beautiful and complex structure of the Great Barrier Reef. If you zoom in, you can see @belindabaggs and I observing and taking notes on what the view really looks like beneath the surface. We took this trip simply to learn what’s going on and how we can help. This is the same trip we encountered that lost baby whale I posted about a few months back. If you would like to watch the video we made to document our journey as well as read more about how we all can help save one of the most vulnerable places on earth, click the link in my bio.
Thank you team @patagoniaaus @patagonia_surf !
📷 @jarrahlynch 🎥 @cinematowski
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Monday morning meetings with @swil012 . When you’re always on the go, you need a good flow. 💙
We are so excited about our very own line of handcrafted creations available at @keepwildco ! It has been such a pleasure to continue to work with talented artisans and watch this heartfelt passion project grow! We even made @grindtv ‘s top list of picks for sustainable gift giving this holiday season! Woohoo! Celebrating with a special sale today only; details are in my Instagram stories! 🎉 Mahalo for the support and mahalo team! Photo by @instaclamfunk
Thank you @ls_original for this beautiful day aboard the Kioloa!


Summoning the storm ⛈️ 😈🌪️
photo by @perrinjames1


So extremely grateful for this Thanksgiving “turkey” that I got to share with loved ones. Photos by @perrinjames1 #kumu ❤️🐟
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Grateful for family, friends and all the beautiful gifts from the wild that allow me to feed them with love! ❤️ photo by @instaclamfunk @keepwildco


Just a tiny speck in nature. I like it that way. 💚 photo by @perrinjames1


New horizons ❤️. Photo by @instaclamfunk



Thank you @andrewtkearns and @swil012 for setting up this little “Tailgater” @traegergrills on set yesterday so that I could roll up and cook dinner for the @tinyatlasquarterly crew. I grilled fish, fruit, ulu and venison -all locally caught and grown! 🐟🦌🍍
For anyone interested in trying one of these @traegergrills wood burning grill/smokers you can get $100 off any pro series model and $50 off any tailgater from now until 11/26 at your local traeger dealer (that’s Ace Hardware here in Hawai‘i). These grills have literally changed my life and are exceptionally perfect for wild game as it comes out tender and perfect every time! #gamechanger
Photo taken by @ernathan for @tinyatlasquarterly


Magic is something you make. ✨😊
Photo by @perrinjames1 💫
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Is it a look of fear? Or determination? Haha definitely both! Yesterday @imuakino took a group of us out for a spin on his own personal sailing canoe @holokinohawaii . I knew we were in great hands as Austin served as an apprentice navigator for the famed and respected, Hokule’a on their inspiring world wide voyage, successfully navigating the globe without modern instruments, using only the stars and natural elements as as their guide. However I was not prepared for him to put me in the captain’s seat! Though I’ve steered a tiny bit in canoe paddling as a kid, holy moly, this was different! Feeling the power and strength of a full sail on a boat like this was a force I’ve never encountered before. The speed was intense and amazing! My heart was honestly racing the entire time as we went out beyond the reef and picked up our pace. The sheer energy was enough to make me feel totally vulnerable and stressed at times but the best part was resisting the urge to panic or back down and instead harnessing those feelings and transforming them into pure focus while Austin confidently encouraged and guided me on how to aim and hold my line. It was SO much fun!!! Thank you so much @imuakino @jesseyonover for making me feel like Moana for a day! And Mahalo @tinyatlasquarterly @fujifilm_instax_northamerica for bringing us all together!!!! Photo by @twheat


I got to dive with my girlfriends and forage both in the ocean and on land for the @localwildfoodchallenge at @lumeriamaui . I love events that encourage the community to celebrate the biodiversity of our own backyard rather than being completely dependent of imported industrial foods. We returned home in the dark, salty and dirty from our all-day foraging adventure but even then, we stayed up late into the night to eat our harvest together and relive the fun we had and beauty we saw while working hard and playing hard in nature. Thank you to my friends and family for being so wonderful. Love you! To top it off our dish won the ocean division! But it was the heart and story behind it that really made it special! Photo by @instaclamfunk


The giving tree 💚. @luisabrimble snapped this fun photo yesterday morning right when i was coming out from the little tree with the secret stash of starfruit galore! i love how well their leaves disguise their fruit! Nature’s treasures will always delight me. ⭐️💫


Yesterday we went out for a quick sunset spin with friends and caught a mahi. Today @swil012 showed up with fresh local citrus and produce given to us from @hippiehanahank. A little garden foraging along with receiving a gift of Kaua’i sea salt, gave us the perfect finishing touches. Friends trickled in at just the right time as they always do and this beautiful meal came together and represents how much i love when all the little moments, pieces and people spontaneously create the most perfect collaboration. And though it’s usually fleeting and can never quite be replicated, it also somehow lasts forever.
Feeling extra grateful for all of the moments, people and collaborations that I’ve been blessed with in life. To see the making of this meal, check out my insta stories!


Stormy day escapes 💙. Photo by @perrinjames1


Tell me how you really feel. 😊❤️🦎 Photo by @cinematowski


I love being in nature so big, it makes me feel tiny. Anxiety melts away and leaves me feeling free in this kind of wilderness. Respect and awe both radiate from me in a way that’s almost uncontrollable and involuntarily; it comes from within. It simply has a way of putting everything right back into perspective. Thank you. Thank you. 💚 Photo by @perrinjames1


Heavy showers created a top layer of rainwater on the ocean’s surface, so thick that we could barely see each other while swimming back in. But once we started diving again and broke through that top layer back into the deep, it was like discovering a whole new galaxy. Photo by @cinematowski


Harvesting Azorian lapas. These yummy limpets are a different species from the Opihi in Hawaii but equally revered. I appreciate how the local stocks on the island of Pico are managed tightly by the local community. You are only allowed to harvest them on the weekends and even then, only if the ocean conditions allow you that honor. They are a traditional food of both the Azores and Hawaii and they are absolutely delicious! Thanks for taking me @_pauloafonso_ @riffe_international ! Photo by @djstruntz