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Yes I left the window open and a dozen birds flew in and pooped on LITERALLY EVERYTHING smdh... pretty sure one of them was a freakin penguin tho so at least that’s kinda dope! #AlwaysASilverLining #NeverSeenAPenguinInRealLifeBefore #NamedThemAll #Benji #Carmen #Lyle #Dipshit #Norma #Dante #Virginia #MoonPie #Brody #Salamander #BirdFlu


Got kinda bummed when Kendall said she didn’t want to be a part of my Sonny & Cher photoshoot but then I got kinda pumped when Kim said she’d do it instead but then I got kinda bummed again when I found out that Kim didn’t rehearse ANY of the songs I emailed her. It’s fine tbh. Just needed to vent. #ISangBothPartsAnyways #YesItsWillsWigFromStrangerThings


Every good dog owner knows that 1) dogs love to be petted 2) all dogs go to heaven and 3) the longer the tail, the smarter the dog. Well my dog Andrew has the longest tail I’ve ever seen so he must be one friggin smart af pup!! He also loves biting, running away and hiding under the couch. haha smdh freakin Andrew! Kendall’s dog is cute too tho. #Andrew #AdoptDontShop #FoundHimByArbys #DogTwins



Sad today, fam. Our fav Greek restaurant (Pita Palace) closed down so me and Kendall got dressed up and treated their last day open as a hella ritzy funeral ha. Gonna miss their spicy gyro salad and Mama Athena pinching my cheeks and calling me “little fat boy.” I’ve never seen Kendall cry so much. Dang. #SadToday #NoLOL #LittleFatBoy


My New Years resolution was to FINALLY graduate from Loriel Kids to Pantene Pro-V but I’m kinda scared to commit tbh. #WhatDoIDo #kimonoLife


Other animals I’ve ridden: 1) house cat 2) camel from the zoo 3) giant shrimp in a dream #NeverStopRiding



NYE dinner got kinda lit when the waiter pulled off his disguise and revealed himself as Kanye hahahaha!!! That dude is the friggin King of Camouflage and the Prince of Pranks lol #CaughtSoOffGuard #HeEvenDidAFakeAccent #AlsoIAte7Pizzas #NewYearMorePizza


Ha! 4th year in a row that I accidentally locked us out of our house on Christmas Day smdh. Mom had to smash the front door down with one of her high heels and it was SAVAGE haha Not a lot of people know this, but Mom is actually super strong so it’s fun to watch her display feats of strength #Amazed #FamilyTime


Every year Kanye forgets the meaning of Christmas so Kendall and I have to remind him what it’s all about. This year we acted out the story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and I don’t wanna brag... but we freakin NAILED it. Mom called it “exhausting” 😄 #NailedIt #FatRudolph #FoughtACatInActFive #TheCatWon



Literally never played guitar before in my entire life but it was actually SUPER easy! s/o to @TaylorSwift for letting me sit in with her band and practice The Star Spangled Banner like a hundred times lol smdh
#SelfTaught #NeverGiveUp #GuitarLife


Found a baby what do I do? smdh #NamedItChevron #BabyDrama


Sometimes I get kinda mad thinking of Kendall’s lost potential as a basketball star. She’s tall, she has long legs and she can slam dunk a basketball like I’ve never seen. I secretly wish that I also had her legs so that I too could slam dunk lol. Nothing would get me more amped than shattering the glass of a friggin backboard! Still convinced that I’ll hit my growth spurt soon tho!! #FingersCrossed #WishMeLuckFam #GunnaGrowEightMoreInches #Basketball #Vogue



Water is life. Life is water. Water is H2O. Kendall is literally the most hydrated person I know, so it’s obvi why we want this bday to be all about raising money to get clean water to people who need it! Please donate anything you can!! Link to donate in bio! @charitywater #WaterIsDope #butHalfAndhalfIsDelicious #Drank4CartonsAtOurBdayBreakfast #StrongBones #WaterTooTho


As you prob know, Kendall and I take Halloween VERY srsly. No LOL. Ghosts and ghouls and pumpkins are serious business. This year, Kendall dressed up as the “ghost of a girl who got 2nd degree rope burn from her tire swing and died” and I went as “cute giraffe.” Kinda bummed I didn’t win the costume contest but Khloe’s Megatron costume was friggin lit AF 🔥 🔥 🔥  #CongratsKhloe #SuperSeriousHalloween2017 #DidntGetScaredOnce #HadToTakeTheWholeCostumeOffToPee #HappyHalloween


Kendall is going on a “Sandwich Diet” where she basically just doesn’t eat any sandwiches for a month and she hired me to be her “Sandwich Police” which basically means I just don’t let her eat any sandwiches. Not really great at my job tho b/c I thought she was texting on her phone but she was actually just eating a sandwich smh lol. I guess both of us aren’t great at keeping pinky promises 😕😑 #iPromiseToDoBetter #CanTheyTakeMyBadgeAwayForThis? #YesIHaveABadge #SandwichPolice



Had kind of an earth shattering experience this week... found out Kermit the Frog is just a puppet. Idk. I’m mad. Feel like I’ve been lied to. This was our 4th shoot together and I had no idea. Gunna keep my head up though and power through the week. Dang. #NeverMeetYourHeros #ThoughtWeWereFriends #NowIKnowWhyHeNeverTextedBack #TheGreenMachine #KendallLooksFlawlessTho


Did you guys know flamingas are real?! Here are three things I learned I have in common with flamingas: 1) We like to eat shrimp 2) We’re afraid of predators hiding in tall grass and 3) we have a strong sense of family. We also get kinda nervous when working with strangers but @kyliejenner kept us all calm and focused. #Flamingas #OnlyGotBitOnce #KylieDidntGetBit #ShesAFlamingaWhisperer



There have been some rumors about me and @ddlovato and I can ASSURE you that we’re definitely JUST Dance Dance Revolution Partners (she always wins tho ha smh). And also we play Uno together. And we used to carpool to karate class with @Kendalljenner. But that’s it. Oh and once we split a pumpkin pie but it was after Thanksgiving so it was on sale tbh #KirbyAndDemi #SorryNotSorry #JustFriends #TheFriendZoneSoundsLikeADopePlaceToThrowABirthdayParty #ThoughtDemiWasKylieForLike40Minutes #lol


Modeling is super fun but inventing clothes is my real passion! This jumpsuit was inspired by the movie "Kangaroo Jack," features two separate sandwich pockets and is completely flame resistant! Special s/o to Kim for letting me have her old Levi's to repurpose. Feels good to accomplish something so important and I’m excited to hopefully (fingers crossed!!!) sell them in front of select Subway restaurants across the SoCal area. #FootLongFashion #ActuallyDontMentionThisToKim #HaventTechnicallyAskedForHerOldJeansYet #DenimDrama #SandwichPocket


Dressed up like a haunted couch for this insanely awesome shoot with @patrickdemarchelier and @thelovemagazine!!! Just like episodes of Scooby Doo, sometimes fashion makes sense and sometimes I don't understand it at all ha. But it's always what we take away that matters. On this shoot, I took away two bags of Doritos, a Dr. Pepper and a super fun time lol Link to my full Love Magazine interview above in bio! #GottaLoveCrafty #CanScoobyTalk? #HauntedFurniture


Got to style my first photoshoot! I went with the theme of "Steve Jobs At the Beach" which was inspired by a dream I had of going to the beach with Steve Jobs. The dream ended in a BRUTAL shark attack but luckily the shoot didn't LOL!!! #SharksAreActuallyPrettyNice #HahaPictureASharkWearingATurtleNeck #SwimsuitSeason


Ok the rumors are true… @GigiHadid and I got asked to leave set the other day b/c we were having too much fun pranking Kendall and the photographer threatened to quit smh. Just wanted to publicly apologize to everyone and announce that I’m going to limit my pranks to 1 or 2 a day instead of like 40 a day. Gunna be hard, but I’ll pull through. Thanks Fam. xo, Kirby #NotAJoke #PrankLimit #ThePhotographerCried #WeHadFunTho #lol


Kendall has this pretty understandable fear of jumping up in the air (she thinks she’ll just keep floating up and up and up forever) so I always act as her stunt coordinator when she does jumps on set. Definitely a big responsibility but she returns the favor by holding my hand when we’re at the airport because I’m scared of getting lost. #Fearless #Focus #Responsibility


Had a friggin blast at the YMCA YoYo Camp this summer learning how to YoYo like world champion Zach Gormley! Feeling pretty good about all the progress I’ve made in the last couple of months since I found this YoYo at Drake’s Bar Mitzvah Anniversary Party. Excited to see where I’ll be in 2018!!! #BeLikeGormley #Style #Finesse #FreakinSidewinderIsSoFreakinHardTho #YoYoHeads #ThanksDrake


Drake Bell hosts a backyard movie-a-thon every summer and this year he chose all 8 Harry Potter movies back to back. I think this pic was snapped right when Hagrid says “you’re a wizard, Harry” and all of us were pretty SHOOK by the news even though we already knew that Harry was a wizard LOL smdh #WoreOurHouseColors #WeGetIntoIt #RealHair #Supplements #MagicIsReal #SupplementsAreReal #AllMyHairFellOutTheNextDay


On our way to coach North's Pee-Wee soccer game!! Hoping to do better than last time tho... I'm a nervous eater and last game I accidentally ate 10 giant freezer bags worth of orange slices and then threw up all over Little Jeffrey's mom :l All good tho, as a way of saying sorry I'm bringing juicy pork sliders for the entire team! Always dope to get kids involved in outdoor activities at an early age and even more dope to teach them about nutritious snacks. #DefinitelyGunnaStealOne #PleaseDontTell #ThoseMomsAreSavageAF #PorkSliders


Ran outta tix for the Bazaar event so we told security that I was Mom and Kendall’s “accessory organizer” and they totally let me in for free hahaha. Suckers!! I’ll happily hold some stuff as long as I get free appetizers all friggin night. #EasiestJobEver #BeenHoldingMomsPurseAndMimosaForOver20Years #FreakinProAnyway #ItsOnMyResume #SquadLookingFlawless


Kendall and I got invited to what I thought was a Mets baseball game and were told to wear our FANCIEST outfits. It ended up being a swanky museum party with tons of tiny food plates! I think I ate like 40 pigs in a blanket AND got to try fish for the very first time. Also check out my exclusive interview with Yahoo Celebrity where I showed them this pic lol (link in bio) #TryingNewThings #SecurityTookMySword #PokedJenniferLawrenceWithMySwordByAccident #SorryJen #MetGala


Been testing out some of my stand up material on the squad and everyone SRSLY loves my sandwich related knock-knock jokes. For instance, Knock Knock / Who’s there? / Lettuce / Lettuce who? / Lettuce in, it’s FREEZING out here!!! Auntie Grace laughed so hard she had to straight up leave the fashion show and cool down at a Wetzel’s Pretzels for 10 minutes LOL. #KnockKnock #WhosThere #KirbyTheComedian #KirbyTheComedianWho #KirbyTheComedianComingAtYa #LOL #TheNextCarrotTop