Hi I'm Tophey

In loving memory of our little house tiger, Tophey. Forever in our hearts. ❤️ Tophey’s sibling is coming! Stay tuned...

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Tophey’s signature “tiger glare” process.


Because everyone needs a tiny Tophey in their life.


Tophey, after realizing all the salmon snacks were gone.



This is Gracie kitty. Wait til the end 😹


Little Tophey, the fantastic Mr. Fox 🦊


Tophey cub discovering his first box filled with things to chew!



Some of Tophey’s funny sleeping positions 😹


I was looking through Tophey’s photos and I have so many. I thought it might be nice to start 2018 sharing photos I’ve never posted. Here he is showing his disdain towards what was for dinner that night. Totally unacceptable to a house tiger.


Thank you friends for all your love and support in 2017!!



As 2017 comes to an end, I thought it might be nice to share some more Tophey photos.
For the love of bags! Tophey loved his bags, all sorts 😺😹


The many stages of a proper house tiger roar. Miss you Tophey ❤️


Beautiful Tophey ❤️



My little tiger 😸
Many of you have been asking if I will be adopting a new kitty. Although nothing could ever replace Tophey, it would be nice to have another little spirit in my life. So the answer is yes! My new house tiger will be Tophey's half sibling 😸 I will not have him or her for some months, but stay tuned for an introduction.


Tophey used to jump inside my shirt whenever I bent down, turn around inside and settle in 😂
I miss my boy so much.

THANK YOU all for your donations these past couple weeks!!! Now, $1652 will go to help kitties in need. 😸❤️ amazing!!!!👏


One of Tophey's favorite things to do was jump on the counter and watch everything that goes on during the dinner making process. He was my little Sous Chef.
A big thank you for all your kind donations to help rescued kitties in need. Please spread the word and visit the site in bio ❤️



Hi All, just wanted to update you on the fundraiser! $1300 has been raised with your kind donations to help kitties in need. Thank you SO much!! We still have a bit more to go so please spread the word and share! Visit link in Tophey's bio to donate so we can make a difference ❤️ In loving memory of our house tiger, Tophey.


One of Tophey's favorite things to do was sit on the window seal for hours watching the birds. Practicing his tiger patience, no doubt.
Thank you all for so many messages and kind words. It means so much ❤️


One of Tophey's signatures was his "Can you believe this joker?" face. Such a character he was.
THANK YOU to all who donated to Tophey's fundraiser to help rescued kitties. Please visit link in bio to donate and share so we can all help make a difference❤️



Hi Friends, first I wanted to thank you for all of your messages filled with such love and kindness, I have read every one. Tophey's passing has left a hole in my heart and to receive so much love has really meant more than I can say.
I have set up the donation fund in Tophey's name to help other house tigers in need. I know it seems like everyone is asking for donations these days and it can get a bit much. I thought a lot about this, and I felt compelled, as I realize having such a platform could really make a difference. Imagine if only half of Tophey's friends donated just $1, what a difference this could make! Please be so kind to visit Website link in profile ❤️


Hi Friends,
Many of you are asking where Tophey has been this past month, I apologize for the silence, it has just been a really hard time. I'm so sorry to let you know that our sweet little tiger, Tophey has passed. We do not know what happened to him, he was all curled up in the sun and was just gone. There were no injuries or bite marks or apparent struggles and he was in perfect health. He was the happiest kitty boy and he brought so much joy and love into my life everyday. He was silly, funny, clever and mischievous, just as house tigers should be. This has honestly been the hardest time of my life and I am absolutely devastated. Tophey was truly my child and I miss him so much. I take solace in the fact that he lived the happiest most love filled existence possible. His earthly experience was a beautiful one.
Thank you all so much for sharing in his life and for your love and kind words. You all mean so much to us❤️ To honor our sweet boy, I am going to set up a donation fund in his name to be used to help the rescued cats and kittens at Aby Northwoods Rescue and MEOW Rescue. Please stay tuned for more info.


Tiger eyes will hypnotize 🐯


Hey! What's a guy gotta do to get a snack around here?! Sheesh


My four best mugshots 😹




Back in my city days 😺😺😺


A sunny day does a tiger good 🐯


My four best tiger roars 🐯


Trying to pretend you're into human snuggles is the hardest thing to do.


Mini Tophey ❤️


When the paw goes up, something is about to go down.