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The Knicks have won the most home games in the NBA (8). 🔷🔶
- Do we have the best Arena in the NBA?


KNICKS WIN! The Knicks hand the Clippers their 9th straight loss as they improve to 9-7. We played a bit sloppy at the beginning but took it up a notch and played GREAT. Jarret Jack played great and we saw some Dotson and Hernangomez action tonight. This team is so deep and it's really good to see the winning atmosphere back in NY. We play the Raptors next, Lets get it boyzzzzz! 🔷🔶


I've been watching this guy since he was lighting it up for the Bulls and always wanted him in a Knicks uniform, PROUD TO SAY HE'S A KNICK AND HES BALLING! WELCOME TO MCBUCKETS HOW MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER!? 🔷🔶



Jeff Hornacek cautions that Tim Hardaway Jr. may be dealing with plantar fasciitis in his foot.


The Knicks lead the Clippers 56-44 at the half. Kanter just doesn't miss rebounds LMAO, Jarret Jack is back to prime Jarret Jack for the time being and Tim Hardaway is getting a little annoying chucking up random shots but Hey, we have the lead. We're playing great defense as we started off a little sloppy. Let's blow these guys out. 🔶🔷


Jeff Hornacek on one of biggest differences on offense between last season and this season for the Knicks: "I think it's probably more ball movement and body movement. This group of guys, there are some really good guys who cut off the ball," he said, mentioning Tim Hardaway Jr. "We're not standing around as much, having one guy just go to it. We have to be careful that, sometimes when KP gets the ball in there that we're not all just standing there, watching. We're trying to work on that of cutting from the weak side and keeping constant movement so teams can't double him."
A-F Rate Jeff Hornacek's coaching this year. 🔶🔷



Comment Score Predictions for Tonight's game against the Clippers!
Who drops more? Blake Griffin or KP? 🔥👀


Kristaps Porzingis has already played exactly 150 games in his NBA career.
Over each players' first 150 career games:
Porzingis has made more 3-pointers than Reggie Miller & Kevin Durant.
AND Porzingis has blocked more shots than Kevin Garnett & Dwight Howard. 👀


Tim Hardaway JR WILL play tonight against the Clippers! 🔷🔶



Kristaps Porzingis Highlights from the Clippers game last year! He ended the game with 27 points as the Knicks lost 115-119. 🔷🔶


It's Gameday! The Knicks take on the Ice-Cold Clippers tonight at 7:30 in MSG. Tim Hardaway JR, is still questionable and no word out if KP will play with his elbow injury. Ill keep you guys posted, Let's get back on track! 🔷🔶


Tim Hardaway Jr. (foot) did not practice Sunday. He is questionable for tomorrow against LAC.



After 12 years, David Lee has announced that he is retiring. Thank you for everything you've done! Enjoy retirement! @dlee042! 🔷🔶


Knicks aside, who do you guys think the most underrated player in the NBA is? Mine has to be Kemba Walker, averaging 24 a game, the guy could drop 20-30 a game easily and I feel as if he doesn't really get that much recognition around the league as he should. Comment below what you think! ‼️🔥


In the past three games, Kristaps Porzingis has shot 18-53. Kristaps Porzingis says his elbow injury is fine but it seems as if his it's affecting his shooting. Should we rest KP and lose some games? 🔶🔷



The most true meme i've ever seen. 😂😂


The Knicks get demolished by the Raptors 84-107. We just played too much iso ball and didn't let the ball move. It happens, let's get back on track! 🔷🔶


The Knicks are currently getting blown out by the Raptors, 36-54 at the half, let's make this comeback! 🔷🔶



Is it time to start Frank Ntilikina?! 🔶🔷


Thank you all for 20.6K! Appreciate every single one of you! Let's hit 21K soon! Knicks All Day. Thanks isn't enough, you all are the best! 🔶🔷


KNICKS WIN! The Knicks make a comeback to win against the Jazz! We played horrible defense but still got the win, that shows a lot about this team. Knicks ball is back! Also one thing to note, Courtney Lee was limping and holding his hamstring towards the end of the game so don't be surprised if he doesn't play next game. Anyways, let's go Knicks! 🔶🔷


It's Gameday! The Knicks take on the 6-8 Jazz tonight at 7:30! Let's get back on track! 🔶🔷


Bold words from the 🦄. Do you agree? 🔶🔷 @kporzee


Michael Rapaport goes off on Lebron James for saying he's the King of NY 😂 Watch the full thing for a laugh 😂. 🔶🔷 @michaelrapaport


No sir.


Enes Kanter on Lebron's last post about being the 👑 of NY. "We already have a King, it's Kristaps Porzingis" Can you get a better player than @eneskanter11 ? 🔶🔷


Enes Kanter, "I don't care who you are. What do you call yourself? King, Queen, Princess. Whatever you are. We're going to fight. Nobody out there is going to punk us." I love this dude, great teammate and great team player. 🔶🔷 @eneskanter11


Yep, we blew a 23 point lead. Kyle Korver just doesn't miss I guess. That's all I have to say. We play the Jazz next. Keep your head up! 🔶🔷


Welp there it goes..