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Foxx x Haddish x Jordan x Jenkins

Oh, me?! I’m just out in LA producing film & TV, still capturing moments and celebrating my Bro, MBJ on 235 million made opening weekend. Simple life.


When they ask me and my Guys to speak on a @spaldingball panel at All Star Weekend and they immediately gave us a Slam cover since we killed it! Lol!
#Spalding #AllStarWeekend #TrueBelievers #Slam


When @samsungmobileusa & @ciroc ask my brother & I to host an after hours game night during All Star Weekend. People were climbing over the gate to get in. Lol. We were at capacity in less than an hour.
Our apologies to everyone who couldn’t get in. Thanks to @dwoodynyc @frederickwjr and @carverguru for everything even though Carver was power trippin and went into a full panic attack cause of the amount of people who came. Lol. I think he prefers we throw empty, wack parties. Loll. Until the next one. Moments captured by @jenjphoto @jmartinvisuals
#CirocStudio #Samsung #WithGalaxy #LA #AllStarWeekend #CirocStarWeekend



Ciroc Dot Plotting.


ME: Kev, 4real... I think you should slow down on the 1942 cause you might do something crazy, bro.
KEV: Lenny, mind ya F’n business, you don’t know shit! I got this. I does this! I do this! Flyyyyyy Eagles, Fly!

ME: Yeah... Oookkk.
Looooooolllllllllll !!!!!!!!!! 📸@kevinkwan327


Philly’s finest. Go Eagles 🦅



NeYo x Khaled
Out in Minnesota talking about The Four, The Weather, The Music & The Super Bowl.


No Stress... We just celebrating being Blessed. God Bless you and yours.


I’m just here to capture the moments that matter. ————————————————————— I cant lie. This new Samsung Galaxy Note8 camera is serious!!! Wow.



#RocNationBrunch Gang Gang Gang...
Law x Cass x Puff x LS x Rah x Khaled x Jessie

@kaito you killed this pic.


Roc Brunch Vibes. Girls Run The World. #BlackGirlMagic



Last night was dope. So many great events but the highlights were the Essence event, TJ & Jasmine’s Samsung Game night and Alicia’s B-Day Roller Skate party Swizz pulled off. So epic.
Don’t ask me how or why me, La La, TJ & Jas did a full photoshoot at 4:36am in TAO on the way out. Lol. I’m not too handsome at all in front of the camera but my friends are photogenic as fuck! Lol.


U.K...I'm Honored, Humbled & Proud to be the main speaker @LifeTalksUK on March 24th! Come down to London Town to hear about my career thus far! Tickets available on www.lifetalksuk.org See you there! #LifeTalks


I’m sooooooo fuckin hype bout this announcement, I honestly don’t even know what to say. It’s something I’ve been workin on for years. I have so much love and respect for @koolestkidout @lowkeyuhtn @thisisrory and the entire team for what they’ve built. And we over here at @dussecognac and @rocnation have been doing the same. So to finally join as one, as a unit, as business partners and as friends is nothing short of epic to me. Please trust me when I tell you that D’ussé is a movement people. Watch us work. Welcome to the real Dark Side my guys!! Lol. Thanks @baxelrod @elaine_hamilton @vegas_jones @mrrugs_
We now present to you, officially... @dussepalooza !!!!!!!! ————————————————————————#Dusse #DusseLifestyle #DussePalooza #RocNation



Dujac Meeting #2. Also 2 more magnums down. Don’t let the grapes fool you... You have noooooo idea how focused we are. Watch us work.


ULTRAVIOLET out now. @justineskye


This is how we watch The Four! 📸 @kaito
Tune in 8PM ET #TheFour on Fox!! #TheFourOnFox



Our @thefouronfox Viewing parties are dope af. Drinks, Food, Friends, Fun, Music, Connect 4 and a great Vibe. All powered by @ciroc ! Let me know if you want to host one with ya fam & friends. Hit up me and @carverguru .. We got you! Moments captured by @jenjphoto
#TheFour #TheFourOnFox #Ciroc #Fox


Like Father, Like Son.


Watch my brothers @diddy @djkhaled on @thefouronfox tonight at 8pm On @foxtv #TheFour


Happy Born Day to my bro St Lou Tim. This is usually the mood. Me and Ash are hysterically laughing and he’s too cool to laugh at our funny jokes. Lol.


The Slope Slayer.


Congrats to my brothers @diddy and @djkhaled on the new amazing Music competition! Watch THE FOUR ON FOX TONIGHT at 8PM.
@thefouronfox TUNE IN THURSDAYS #ad #TheFour


Excuse me?!... No ma’am, I don’t want Chicken and Waffles............ Pescatarian, Perhaps. 📸 @ivanberrios


Dujac meetings. Day 2 of 2018. Hope you’re focused cause we certainly are..................... 📸 @ivanberrios


Two of The Four.


I look a lil upset but I’m not... Just Focused. 2017 was an amazing year. 2018 will be even better. God is Great!

Puff, we on our way. Bout to be another epic night. (Captured by @ivanberrios )


I love this moment I captured so much. That 1 signifies a few things. “Last One”. Jay was walking down the hall as Emory and I accompany him to the stage as usual. He was about to complete the one final show to this amazing 4:44 Tour. He also was telling all the production crew what a great job they had done. That 1 also represents another huge, Successful Tour in the books for us. So proud to be a part of the best team in the Entertainment business. ———————————————
Fear Of God Fashion and Pumas on my feet keeps the Cipha complete.



4:44 LA Nights.
Lance was lookin cool as usual, Tiffany had us dying and we’re all unsure why Jerrod was Ice Grilling the moment. Lolll! My drink provided by D’ussé of course.