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No snow or ice outside so I made my own frosty flowers. #smallmomentsofcalm #wabisabi


For me the word thankful immediately brings to mind the things I enjoy every day without really paying that much attention to them. Like living close to nature and the sea. There I can let my imagination roam free and meet the occasional fish in a tree 🌳🐟 #whpthankful


Do you ever get those moments where everything suddenly feels really weird? Like you step out of yourself for just a brief moment? This week has been filled with lots of those for me. But I think it's a good sign, maybe I've been more present than usual 🕊️🌲



How do you keep keeping it real online? I feel it's easy to get caught up in expressing kinda polished and a bit dull versions of my thoughts and opinions sometimes. So here's three very honest things about me.
1. I have an insane need to be liked by everyone
2. I fear conflicts in pretty much any human relationship
3. I often buy stuff I don't need in papershops.
How do you feel about honesty and being authentic online?


Through Instagram I've discovered a whole new interest in floors, like this lovely one in the hall just outside our door. Feels good noticing the details around me #ihavethisthingwithfloors


I consider myself a sort of MacGyver of knitwear. Being constantly worried that I might start to freeze any minute I always carry extra sweaters and scarves in my bag when I go out. That way I'm always prepared when I find myself in a cold tricky spot. I shared the pattern for this chunky knitted scarf on my blog, go have a look if you're searching for a cozy knitting project for the dark evenings.



It's been a grey weekend in Stockholm, but all the more reason to stay curled up inside with Bella & Luna ♥️


This is the time of year when Xmas decorations are starting to appear around town. Some say it's too early, but I like it. I put a simple red ribbon in my hair as a subtle nudge towards the season to be jolly. Am I the only one to think it's never too early to start with all this Xmas stuff...? 🙈🎀


I feel a childlike sense of joy when I see all the sparkly things that brighten up the dark days this time of year ✨ #simplepleasures



What simple things do you find yourself taking images of over and over again? For me it must be flowers and hands. I'll never grow tired of them, no matter how unoriginal they may be.


For this weekend's hashtag project I called upon my kitchen pets, they are as you can see a spoonful of, well, spoons. 23 to be exact, plus 8 knives, 12 coins, a pair of scissors and a key. Happily swarming amongst berries and plants on my kitchen table 🦋🌲 #whppetproject


Every time I'm knitting a sweater I get ideas for the next one before I've finished the current project. That has led me to knit A LOT, but without ever really making any long term plans. I wrote a blog post about how I'm applying the same strategy when it comes to goals in life. Link is in bio if you dare to dream small once in a while 😌🙌🏼



Just finished off this week with some yin yoga stretching and I feel so much calmer now. What do you do to slow down when you're feeling restless after a hectic week? 😌🙌🏼


Do you know the Japanese tradition of Wabi-sabi? It's the art of finding beauty in imperfections, celebrating cracks and crevices and all the other marks that time and weather leave behind. This horse has lost an ear and some fur but I took it out to celebrate the glory and melancholy of time passing by. We stopped and took a breath of wind at the bridge, just two imperfect creatures (although I still have both my ears left) slowing down and appreciating the muted beauty around us.


Happy Halloween little seahorse! Since there aren't any holidays that involve seahorses (that I know of at least?) I thought I'd let this little one be part of mine this year. Pumpkins are nice but not as cute 😉



Confession time: this cake was not an afternoon snack. Nope, it was my second breakfast. I've always had a thing for sugar, just you know, in reasonable amounts.. like this morning clearly shows! 🙈Anyone else enjoying a cake breakfast from time to time? No?... Anyone?... #guiltypleasures


While all the Halloween monsters are out the Easter bunny sits at home and drinks a glass of milk. "Let the ghosts and scary things handle this one, my hats stays on the wall". #WHPpretend


And on Friday a tiny forest grew out of my teacup. Life is pretty spectacular if you pay attention to the small things, don't you think? What happy moments did you experience this week? 🌲



The first snow came today. Yup, I'm staying in bed with a book until Spring. #winterstories


Collecting Autumn and putting it in a jar. I've always been pretty obsessed with colors, it's the first thing I think about when I'm figuring out what to wear, and I can spend endless amounts of time planning different color combos (does that qualify as a hobby?). When everybody wears so much black & grey it's pretty easy to stand out. So to be honest, I'm enjoying feeling kinda special in my new wonderfully pink blouse. Thank you @oddmolly 💗


Pulled out my favorite knits from my closet, but I don't think these will be enough to cover me through all the cold season. Must. Knit. More. Anyone as obsessed with knitwear as I am? 🙈 #sweaterweather


Everything is moving forward so quickly, but look how pretty the old stuff is!


Looking forward to a slow Sunday after a rather hectic week. I might venture out in to the kitchen but that's as far as I'll go today #sundaymornings


Say hello to Bella, our newest family member. She moved in with us on Wednesday, and this little fluff ball has already marked her presence by peeing both in the bed and under the table. A rebel at heart it seems, I think she will fit in nicely ♥️


It's the middle of the week. So here I am. In the middle, of the picture. Hope you had a lovely Wednesday! 🌷


Today I learned how to fly. Many years ago I was studying dance in Amsterdam and made a solo where I was a penguin who tried to learn how to fly. The attempt failed since penguins can't fly but today I took off! Well, figuratively speaking anyways.
I got featured by Instagram for the second time in one month and can't believe how quickly my account has grown-Hello everybody!
Even though as I'm writing this I'm afraid I'll come off as boasting about my small breakthroughs, but I decided that damn it, I should be able to celebrate the excitement of my victories as much as I feel the impact of my failures.
Anyways, this has been a very happy day and I'm so glad to have found this creative outlet to express my imagination and endless hunger for visual storytelling. Hurray for playfulness!


When I saw that the theme for this weekend's hashtag project was "my everyday", the first word that came to my mind was "fragmented". Thus, a picture of a puzzle. Every day might not be a dance on roses but sometimes the puzzle comes together just right, like today when my sister's helping hand was there to fill in the missing piece #WHPmyeveryday


Today I almost showered with my socks on... Guess my mind has been a bit all over the place this week with so many different projects going on. What do you do to focus? Any tips on how to avoid getting your socks wet?


Today I'm gonna be all about doing and executing stuff, will save the constant planning and over analyzing for another day. What are your goals this Friday?


Thursday dreaming of a garden of my own 🌿 I took this pic a few weeks back, now the leaves have already turned golden and red around this pretty little greenhouse. The seasons are definitely my favorite kind of everyday magic #myeverydaymagic