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Excited to have a new project in the works! Been having a blast working with Adam Replogle @dumpling888 The latest of the Brainwork series will premiere in Santa Cruz sometime in July. Thanks @yogurtland831 for the support! Original music by @kevineugenecraft


Sharing is caring. Throwback to Indo last year with @tessistess πŸ“·: @jennieross


It's been fun Oaxaca, thanks @globein_world for sending us out here. @treehousevisual


Miss this guy! link to the full video is in my bio. #Barney


Thanks @Surfline for including me in the best filmmakers in Ca article on the site. Check it out on Surfline


I paddled out away from the pack this morning a found my own peak. I remember paddling for this wave thinking it was gonna be the wave of my life. The offshore wind was blowing straight up the face and I took the last few paddles blind. When the water cleared from my eyes I was in a massive straight close out with nowhere to go. A few seconds after this photo was taken my leash snapped and my board broke, it felt like I went straight into dry sand with no water in between. An hour later @nellysmagicmoments gave me a big hug saying he was glad I was ok. I'm thankful as well πŸ™πŸΌ


@mel__lani and @austinmeetsworld made me a sweet edit from indo last summer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


A couple fun surf breaks while shooting in Costa Rica last week with @kyle_tman


Good times in Mex last week. Thanks @stwcoalition @treyhighton @vinnysurf_


Nate Fletcher stands up on his jet ski from the safety of the channel and watches closely as a man on a dark green board strokes into a massive wave outside the bowl at Mavericks. After a perfectly executed ride (as seen at 2:30) Nate screams "Thats not the commissioner, thats the Executioner!" Please enjoy, The Executioner! Link to the edit is in my bio @peter_mel @nathanfletcher




Such an epic week searching for waves, couldn't quite make it out of this one on our own.


I will never forget the way this guy would greet us every time we showed up at his hotel in Mexico, he would use the few words of English he knew to create the biggest smile on your face. So many good memories! You will be missed Paco, Rest In Peace "my friend"


@noikukui is one of my favorite surfers because all he has to do is go straight and he makes it look cool! I was stoked to capture this clip of him today. Thanks @santacruzwaves for bringing the community together! #djiphantom4


Surfing magazine was always one of my favorite publications, bummed to see them go but happy to have been a part of a few of the issues. Thanks @chachfiles for nailing this shot two years ago on what was probably one of the best surfs I have ever had, this makes it that much more memorable. @petertaras @taypaul @jimmicane nice work and I look forward to see the cool shit I know you guys will come up with in the future!


Dodging my friends surfing is one of my favorite activities besides surfing itself. I put together a reel of my water footage from last winter. Link is in my bio starring: @tessistess @jessecolombo @dylansouthworth @austinmeetsworld @gooch_d @nat_young @noahwaggy @mattrockhold @noikukui @lairdhamiltonsurf @joshmulcoy


@tessistess and I met @kala.buthman in Spain for the last 2 weeks of his semester abroad but only lasted a few days in Europe knowing how close we were to North Africa. The swell forecast was looking dismal and we would have been stoked to get "Camel Point" just head high. We spent the following 10 days scoring an unexpected array of surf and finished off 2016 the best way we could have asked for. The link to the short film "Camel Point" is in my bio. Thanks @reda_benhima @mustaphaelbaz @cliff_kapono @thesaltygiant_ @sunshine_surf_morocco @ghettodogworld #getrad


@quiksilver's new #radicaltimes clip of @happyreef76 and all the boys has got me missing Hawaii!


I love turning but I prefer going straight πŸ“·: @mustaphaelbaz


Noticed waves like this off in the distance, drove down a small dirt road and found a sketchy spot to get into the water. I destroyed my board jumping off/onto rocks on the way out but surfed with just my brother for the next couple hours. I don't remember the last time I surfed waves that good with nobody around. I'd sacrifice another board to do it again too.


My little brother @kala.buthman has been hanging out in Spain practicing his Spanish for the last 4 months but I came to visit and we jumped on a flight to Africa, he has been absolutely shredding, I think he put all the bread they eat on this side of the world into his turns. πŸŽ₯: @mustaphaelbaz, @evilcorp_surfboards


@tessistess, thanks for being born and giving us an excuse to come to North Africa! Happy 25th!


After a few days in Spain we made it to the moon! Stoked to be cruising with my brother @kala.buthman & @tessistess


@noahwaggy and @perrygershkow killed it on this film! If your in SC go see it tomorrow night at Pono! I'm not around but luckily I got a sneak preview and it is epic! Good job boys!


Fun day shooting laird on the foil yesterday over here in Hawaii


Fun little run of swell the last week at home