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My parents had too many kids and with my bad foot they had no choice but to abandon me. I was rescued and taught the pirate life. @axiswake

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Spent some time chatting with @nicholassouth last night. He’s so passionate about the brand, community and lifestyle. You know that good feeling you get when you feel welcome. @nicholassouth has a way of making everyone feel that way.
@axiswake and @activewatersports are lucky to have him. Interested in finding out more about Axis boats. Go see Nic in Oregon City.
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An elephant never forgets.
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Omg I can’t shut up anymore. I’ve been grinding my teeth for quite some time. The following message is not political. It’s just stuff I learned in 3rd grade.
Under no circumstances do you ever shoot an elephant. You just don’t do it bro. I’m saying bro not brah cause this is serious. Don’t shoot elephants!! If for whatever reason you cannot be stopped from hunting an elephant.
Here’s what you do. Find the biggest healthiest male in the group. Walk up to him and engage him in hand to hand combat or trunk or whatever. If you win I’ll meet you at customs myself. Plus I’ll help you mount him on the wall. If you lose. I reserve the right to have you stuffed and mounted on my wall. That’s after my friends use your body to transport rare African drugs to the U.S.
That’s the best I can do.
The link to sign is in my bio.
The links for elephants not drugs.
Just so we all on the same page.



Looking to buy a boat, you won’t find better deals then tonight. Do you need new gear, wanna meet pro riders, eat free food, win awesome prizes like the 55 inch tv or just get to know riders in your community. Not to mention hanging out with the raddest dudes alive like
@danlay @garrett_lockrem
TONIGHT 6 till 10
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See you in Oregon City!!!! #teamaws #teamaxis


You had me at free food. @activewatersports ・・・
Evening with the Stars is this coming Friday! Nov. 17th from 6-10pm at our Oregon City location. We will have better than boat show pricing on all vessels and gear! Free food, raffle prizes, autograph signings and much, much more! You won’t want to miss this! BOOM!!
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If you watch it once, like it.
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You can wear the same outfit 2 days in a row if you hang out with different people. #laundryday @animals_video


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Capt. Gregory Veteto reveals the gender of his baby to his extended family — his Marines.
“The pregnancy, in general, was a surprise. About three weeks into the deployment, my wife emailed me when we were on ship to let me know she was pregnant.

That itself was a surprise and we were not expecting this but very thankful. I actually found out it was a girl about a month before kicking the football – that was exciting.

When the football came we decided we wanted to officially announce it by kicking it and having the powder go everywhere. I will tell you even though I knew; kicking it and seeing the pictures and the videos it was really a joyful moment for me and my family.

It just really warmed my heart to see a lot of smiles on the Marines’ faces. A lot of the Marines didn't know I was having a girl, so it was a big surprise for them and to hear them get excited about it was really cool. I am glad I made the decision to do it at the company formation." — Capt. Veteto
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just wanna do hoodrat stuff with my friends. @rollsroycecars
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Got a few 6 ft long holes.
DM me for price. Rent or buy.
No questions asked.



hope everyone has their calendar marked for Friday November 17 at 7pm for Evening With the Stars @activewatersports For those that don’t know this is the best time of year to buy a boat. Besides offering the best prices on boats they discount all their gear and toys. You get to meet pro riders and eat free food. @danlay and @garrett_lockrem will be there raffling off prizes. If you are in the market for a boat don’t miss it!
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That awkward moment when you can’t remember where you buried your life savings. @etrade_financial
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And this is why I need an airplane @gulfstreamaero
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7 years ago when I moved to Lake Oswego I didn’t have a lot of friends on the lake. From day 1 @phillyphan1970 made me feel welcome at @frankelbaylounge
Even when I make mistakes I can always count on Jason to be a character witness.
Happy birthday @phillyphan1970
I’m proud to call you my friend.


Unreleased Kyle baby pic #yourewelcome @animals_video


Let’s walk and I’ll explain. So once upon a time I made a comment about how I loved watching the 19 kids and counting and Jon and Kate. I said I loved these shows because I understand simple math. You cant have millions of kids and expect them all to be perfect. That’s not how it works. Typically it’s around 25% that your children will not meet expectations. For example I come from a family of 4 kids. And one of us, I’m not gonna say who, is a real failure at life. So if you have 19 kids and counting, at least 3 or 4 are gonna become drug dealers or develop a gambling problem or get caught breaking into houses high on meth. I invested time cause when things went south I’d be in the know. So I watched, placed bets and waited. When Jon and Kate lost their minds and the Duggar kid was in love with his sisters, it was just sad. I invested a lot of time just to see it all fall apart. I can still name all the Gosselin kids. I’ve lost so much.
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They drain Lake Oswego every 4 years so people can do dock and boat house repairs etc.
How does this happen?
On one end of the lake there’s a levy that sits just elevated above the Tualatin river. By opening levy we can lower lake level by draining into Tualatin. It typically takes 3 weeks to draw down 10ft.
What about the fish?
The majority of the lake does not drain. But there are large areas that become exposed. We take advantage by collecting all the things we dropped previous years.
No more questions. I’ve already told you too much.


Hope everyone had a fun safe Halloween. @animals_video


My grandma passed away a year ago give or take. I kept her prayer card in between my phone and my case. I dropped the phone in the lake not long after. The odds I would ever find this phone are like next to none. The odds this paper prayer card is readable after almost a year underwater. Zero. 🙏
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Turns out I brought the garbage can down to the dock to pick up garbage and then spaced it.
That’s so embarrassing. #threatlevelorange #sleepwell @animals_video


I’m gonna follow him. He seems legit plus his names kyle. @animals_video


Someone stole our garbage can. I’m upgrading neighborhood threat level to blue until I can solve this. It was missing a wheel. I think the garbage man probably took it cause he got tired of it falling over. I might be jumping the gun.
Better safe then sorry. #blue
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@activewatersports put together a pretty sweet video. If you want to watch the whole video links in my bio.
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All hail @garrett_lockrem


Wanna know the best bakery in
Lake Oswego?
Check out @kyrasbakeshop
Her gluten free and dairy free desserts are sooo good. Like these Dairy Free hot chocolate cupcakes. Go check it out this holiday season. -this add is sponsored by @krista_nicoli_britton
-cause she’s your biggest fan.
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If you live in the PNW leave work early. It’s gonna be 6 months before we have another Friday this warm. The boss can wait. @animals_video @axiswake @activewatersports
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Bless you. @animals_video


This picture better get 2000 likes or I’m gonna throw a pillow at Kyle and wake her up. #sleepyangel