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My parents had too many kids and with my bad foot they had no choice but to abandon me. I was rescued and taught the pirate life. @animals_video

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She's sitting on her eggs, so it's tough to get a count. However many your heart tells you, is probably the right answer. @animals_video


@creditkarma is always messing with me? You win this round. @creditkarma @animals_video


@malinders Nike is the not the only company we watch. Think of them as productivity monitors. @Nike saves money but it's a Human Resources nightmare. Everything you do I need you to ask yourself. "Is this good for the company?" And Friday's crazy Hawaiian shirt day. Spread the word. @nike @malinders @animals_video


2 years ago @animals_video


Where the wild things are. #westbay @animals_video @cityoflakeoswego


I'm gonna sell the boat this summer. 06 wakesetter 300 hours. Got some missing chewed up parts. Comes with nest and other other treasures. Might wanna run a vacuum in it and maybe quick wipe down. Must buy before you see it. Local scammers and pirates welcome. @animals_video #kylenotincluded #ifyouturnedyourphonesidewaysyouafan❀


@animals_video #notkyle


I tried to show you guys the eggs but kyles not having it. For those that think I should man up and just pull up the cover and show kyle nestIng. Come over and we can have a safety meeting and then we will go down to the boat and you can make demonstration. @animals_video


Was looking thru some old pics and found this gem. I hope kyles eggs aren't fertilized. She has already laid 7 eggs. Sure they cute at this age. But then they grow up into lying violent liabilities. I was chatting with a few LO investors about the market. They told me that summer real estate home values on lake oswego are in holding pattern and everyone waiting to see if kyle has kids. If that's true then the value of your multi million dollar lake front home rest solely on whether Kyle has engaged in coitus with Eugene. Talk about an investment nightmare. Wouldn't it be cheaper just to pay us to leave. Too bad I like it here and we never leaving. NEVER! @animals_video


Emergency FUN WITH WORDS session. Don't worry it will be short and sweet. Here we go! Sometimes when I say goodbye to my friends I say late. It's just a shorter version of later. Which is a shortened version of see you later.
Bye! @animals_video


I told @joshstohr he would be fine if he went down and filmed. I was hoping they would attack him and I could film and it would be awesome. But for some reason they don't care about Josh. I will never understand how this guy comes and goes wherever he wants and no one says a word. I'll bet if Josh was sitting in your living room eating a sandwich when u got home, you wouldn't think anything of it. @animals_video


#westbay @animals_video


@that_one_justin_guy tried to do egg count. But kyle wasn't having it. @animals_video


She's been acting number 10 crazy in heat. Now we know why. I'm not sure how many there are. I'm not sure if they are fertilized. Just cause Eugene around don't mean they fertilized. It just means he desperate. I'm gonna wait to candle one later. Not sure when. I know you gonna be like omg don't touch the nest. She will smell it and not come back. Not true. She loves the way I smell. #oceanbreeze. In fact her nest is made out of my blanket. Kyle also decided to add a random boat cleaning brush and the trim plate to the stereo. It's her nest she can add whatever she wants. I'll bet if I lifted the blanket there would be all kinds of missing lake Oswego treasures in there. Alright everyone I hope you have a good day and let's keep our shirts on until we know more. @animals_video #nogrampajokes #orbabynames


@archervineyardofficial agreed to donate the proceeds from 2 cases of wine to any animal shelter I choose. All I have to do is film edit and post a quick video.
Follow @archervineyardofficial for all your Willamette Valley wine needs. @archervineyardofficial @animals_video #pinotnoir #pinotgris #willamettevalley #winecountry #archerbottling


My guard dogs are scarier than yours. @animals_video #kyleright #eugeneleft


We haven't done FUN WITH WORDS in FOREVER. For the 55 and older crowd I know you look forward to this. I'm excited!! HERE WE GO!!!! SLIDE INTO YOUR DM---Translates to I'm gonna send a message via instagram messenger. Usually it involves someone the sender sees as attractive. The message is the first step in the hopes of developing a relationship sexual in nature.
THATS SO FIRE! ---translates to the quality or level of potency usually in reference to drugs. But it can also be a reference to new music that is considered favorable among your peers.
TURNT UP! ----translates to partying and being loud-Origins come from "turn up" a reference to the volume of music played.
AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT---Translates to I do not have time for this. i.e. The person feels their time would be better spent elsewhere. Can be used as a reference to current actions, done by past exes of failed relationships.
CASH ME OUTSIDE HOW BOUT DAT!---translates to I'm fed up with this place and leaving and expect to be paid on the way out. Much like an employee that wishes to leave a company but wants to be compensated immediately for their final labor hours. Instead of waiting until the end of the standard pay period.
I hope this has been helpful #kylethegoose @animals_video #tryusingtheminasentencethisweek


I'm staying at home tonight and watching Cops.
Ask me anything. Hurry up nows your chance. @animals_video


I have worn jeans 5 times in the last 4 months. I really like grey sweats. If I had to describe my look it would have to be the classic homeless look. I wore jeans today and i realize how uncomfortable they are. Who decided that jeans is the standard. Why can't I show up to meetings or parties in sweats. If jeans are so comfortable then why does 90% of America change into sweats when they get home. How much better would your job be if everybody wore flip flops and sweats. Do you think I'm gonna do less satisfactory of a job, by what I'm wearing. I got news for you, I was planning on doing the bare minimum, regardless of my attire. Jeans don't leave a lot of room for guys in the downstairs region. Your package shouldn't be all crammed in there. It's meant to breath. This leads to sagging. For those that don't, they gotta take pills when they get older. Your Dad can explain that to you. Its a real problem in America that no one is talking about. I forgot where I was going with this. Good day @cflaxsshz @animals_video


So then the gorilla says to Kyle, but it's my banana. @animals_video @oregonzoo


I'm hoping for a normal summer this year but i don't like that look. @animals_video #whysoserious


@caseyneistat and friends are trying to come up with a million bucks so they can fill a 60 ton cargo plane with much needed food and water, to help the desperate people in Somalia. If you click on the link in my bio, watch the story and if you can donate anything helps. There are links attached to the video where you can donate.
Thank you! #teamcasey #watchthevideoitscrazyawesome @caseyneistat @benstiller @eljuanpazurita @chakabars


Huge shout out to all my east coast friends. #spring #lakeoswego @animals_video


This is the coolest @animals_video


Audrey Hepburn grocery shopping with her fawn Pippen. @animals_video


My buddy like wanna come over and help detail my boat. I'm like sure as long as after we get done, you come over and help detail mine. #sucker @animals_video


I still have the other boat. I left it Beckys like a month or 2 ago. It's super low on gas. I would fill it up but I'm not sure if I'll make it to lake corp. So that means I gotta take a gas can in a car and drive up to Shell. Drive back to beckys, put gas in and then drive to lake corp to fill up. Nobody has time for that. Enter Pride of Lake Oswego. This little gem comes from Seattle. It was the sister skiff to the 59ft Crown Royal. I drove up to Seattle and stopped at a casino. One thing lead to another. And then I bought this. I would do Kyle fly video but she too pregnant. #twostroke #jetpowered #nooutboard #letsrace @animals_video