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My parents had too many kids and with my bad foot they had no choice but to abandon me. I was rescued and taught the pirate life. @animals_video

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Paddled around the lake and literally every person is working. It's totally inexcusable. @animals_video #lakeoswego


Animals! @animals_video


Slow day @animals_video


Rescue the mistreated.
Save the injured.
Love the abandoned.


Hey remember last year when I said multiple times we need to put up walls around Oregon, to keep people from like LA from coming here. Next month 2 million plus visitors are expected to visit Oregon for the solar eclipse. And that's all I have to say about that. @animals_video #nooffensecali


It's hard to remember everyone's name. I don't understand why people get offended when I assign them a number. There's people out there who don't even got a number. @animals_video


Totally wasted the whole day thanks to Eggo Waffle. Has anyone noticed when u toast eggo waffles the inside squares burn, no matter how low heat your toaster. Well turns out it's not cause your toaster sucks. It's cause some fat cat at @eggo_waffle decided they could bump their stock up 2 points by cutting costs. By thinning the thickness of inside squares they can save on batter. A millimeter or 2 of thickness reduction will make the company millions in additional revenue. What they didn't realize is it's too thin and causing uneven toasting. You think I wouldn't notice @eggo_waffle I was gonna make a big deal about this but I'm not. I bought the off brand waffle and moving on with my life. Huge shout out to Western Family for saving the day. @animals_video


β€œThere are three rules when dealing with a deadly alligator. And yes, they are deadly, don’t kid yourself. Rule number one, I’m number one." -Joe Dirt @davidspade @animals_video


@d_natty503 we will just have to safety meeting without them. #moreforus @animals_video


We usual don't pick up hitchhikers @animals_video #lakeoswego @brentonolson


@joshstohr The best part is when you were like "how did u recognize her they cause they all look the same?" For a split second those people thought u were special. @animals_video #lakeoswego


Follow @friendshipcollar for more adorable pictures and pets! @friendshipcollar @friendshipcollar @friendshipcollar @animals_video #lakeoswego


@droneagemedia I meant to post this last week. @brentonolson what's up wanna party? @cityoflakeoswego check out Olson sweet video @animals_video #summer17 -raise your hand if you were here πŸ‘‹πŸ€šβœ‹οΈπŸ‘‹ #lakeoswego


Why would I go to Hollywood when I can bring Hollywood to me. #legion @animals_video #summer17


My 2018 plans. @animals_video #lakeoswego photocredit: @vannatchir


Is there at statute of limitations for grand theft auto? Asking for a friend. @animals_video #lakeoswego @jaredbjustice


She's talking mess to the pitbull. I don't have a lot of times I'm a proud parent but just shushhhhhhh let me have my moment. #notafraid #ofanything @animals_video


Dear Diary,
I was chatting with lake corp about how lucky we are Kyle didn't have babies this year. That's when my master plan to own all the homes on the lake dawned on me. This next year let Eugene be around more. Then they will have babies. Kyles gonna teach those babies what she knows. And so on. So @ 10 babies a year for 5 years. That's like 100k flying pit bulls. (Is it i don't know I'm not that good at math., doesn't matter it's a lot) Then the @cityoflakeoswego will hire specialist to remove. But in my free time I will use my local political connections to pass a bill declaring lake Oswego a bird sanctuary. With the birds not going anywhere and multiplying at an exponential rate, property value will plummet. Then I will call my Saudi friends and borrow some cash at a super low interest rate. Wait why am I telling you guys this. @animals_video


Oh lord @stickmenbrewery @animals_video


Want my real estate advice. If goes like this. If your going to spend millions on a house on lake oswego it better check these boxes.

1. Far from railroad tracks- that means lakeview properties are out.
2. No main lake. If you live on main lake inside the wake zone your house is out. Cause boat wakes disturb water making it not possible to visit friends via boat, - unless you live in no wake zone.
3. You don't want to be too far down the canal cause water quality gets worse but you don't want to be too close to bridges due to traffic noise
4. Is your house lake level or do u walk down 200 stairs

5. What's the parking like?
What does this mean? Well it means that of all the homes on the lake there's only a handful that check every box.
Nicolis is one of those homes and they have decided to sell. This is one of the best investments on the lake. I know personally. I memorized the house codes and copied the keys years ago. Then I follow the family on find my friends. Anyway I'm getting off subject. My point being, don't spend millions on a house and have to walk down stairs, have no where to park, train noise, traffic noise, friends can't come over etc etc
Look if you disagree or are offended in anyway by my assessment. Don't be. 1st rule of real estate. Take your emotions out of it. The house costs 5 million. It's perfect in every way. I put the full link to home in my bio or contact Krista Britton will Hillshire.

Hey LA friends, dont contact me asking me sq ft and home many does the theater room seat or how many cars can I park in driveway. Contact @krista_sells_houses
Ps if you buy Kyle is gonna be there every day. She likes it here. #secondhome
Pss super proud of my sis Krista for pulling off a perfect open house

Psss I'm gonna miss this place so whoever buys it. Old rules apply!

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Link in my bio!!!! @krista_sells_houses @krista_sells_houses @krista_sells_houses @cityoflakeoswego @animals_video @hillshirerealtygroup


@jaredbjustice I need you to sort this out for me @animals_video


I found your envelope under the bench. Thanks for saving summer. We even now! @animals_video #easycompany #summer17


Lights camera action. #lakeoswego @animals_video


@joshstohr made me take down the last pic cause he didn't approve :(. So you get this pic from 4th! @animals_video -


No plastic July! No matter what! @animals_video @albertsons @safeway @fredmeyerstores #paperplease


Took some Kyle fans out today who flew from Holland to see her. We spent the whole time talking about Kyle. I didn't even get a chance to drop some Netherland knowledge on them. The Netherlands is the most densely populated country in the world. You are second largest exporter of beer. I know bikes outnumber people and you guys eat more licorice then anyone else in the world. #teamholland #kylelovesherfans @animals_video


Happy 4th of July! @animals_video #lakeoswego #oregon #portland #besafe