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My parents had too many kids and with my bad foot they had no choice but to abandon me. I was rescued and taught the pirate life. @animals_video

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Guess who found their flare gun? Safety's off! #whysoserious @animals_video


She knocked my cup over and is eating all the ice #lakeoswego @animals_video #thatisall


I declare Airton Supreme Leader! @airtoncozzolino @liveride @animals_video #allhailairton @airtoncozzolino @airtoncozzolino


@joshstohr was like i wanna bring my friend out and show her good time. Can we go for lake cruise? I'm like I'll do you one better. I hardly even drive the X2 i just rub it with a diaper. #youaintneverhadafriendlikeme #nicestboatonlakeo #x2boss


I don't care if you talk mess to me but you will not talk mess to my friends. Ive told you guys 1000 times not to keep geese as pets. It's not cool and it's not fun. In fairness to full disclosure, Nina never told me about this. Someone I know screenshot this from her page before she had time to delete. There are so many things I want to say. But Im not gonna yell anymore. What can we all learn from this. First and foremost geese are wild animals and make terrible pets. Second be kind online. Cause once you say something it's never really gone. 3rd and probably most important. I'm not someone you wanna make waves for. It's not the 80k followers, it's the 50k ride or die you gotta worry about. Think before you speak. Cause I might air u out. And just as a heads up, my friends aren't as kind heartened as I am. @animals_video -this is a snap shot of a deleted comment from Ninas page.


It's that time again. Memorial weekend! Take a minute and remember why we celebrating. If you are making the choice to fly or drive somewhere, make it a safe trip and choose a sober driver or pilot. We love you all. For the bosses that are making their employees work Monday. May you burn in hell! I'm just kidding. No but seriously. -if you know someone in the service. Buy them a drink! @animals_video


So far all the neighbors love us and next door has unsecured wifi. #lakeoswego @animals_video


I would like to tell you a story. I was downtown the other day and was standing by a group of high school kids. I happen to be ease dropping and every other word f this and f that. So I asked the if they could stop cussing because of the young children in close proximity. They told me to go f myself. So then I was about to start beating them and I realized that's not right either. So i asked if any of them had girlfriends and all 5 said they did not... My point is there's nothing hot about cussing. You are not making your point any more clear by adding profanity. In my opinion it's a sign of weakness. The only time it's appropriate to cuss is when dealing with extreme pleasure or pain. Write that down @animals_video


I've had this problem for years. I'm trying to work threw it. Sometimes when I look thru my posts, I know it's wrong. Problem is after I post, I don't want to go through edit. I gotta cut this short cause I'm driving threw a tunnel. I love all my followers messages. @animals_video


I have so many questions. If you get pulled over does the dog get the ticket or do you. Do you both go to jail or just the driver. Wouldn't the dog then go to the pound? What insurance provider do you use? How does the dog negotiate turns at high speeds? Do you ever get mad and lose your shit when he blows threw stop signs or leaves without you? @animals_video


Taking baby geese home for pets won't work. Please do not ever attempt to keep geese as pets. If you find an abandoned gosling, contact your local shelter for rescue solutions. Let's pretend you want to rescue yourself. They need 24 hour attention and access to water. So literally unless you lake side with no plans for the next 20 years it won't work. Stay cool! @animals_video


I wonder what they are talking about. @animals_video #summer17


It feels good to be back.
Tag your best friend.
I'll go first. @animals_video


Kyle seeing her new place for the first time. @animals_video


@tyrese thank you so much for the love. Next time you in Portland let me know. @tyrese @animals_video #teampaul


It's summer. @animals_video


Hello Friends,
I've missed you all so much! Well not like literally miss you but about as much as someone could miss someone that they only know via social media. It's a special bond we have. So let's play catch up. Had to move out of west bay. We still on the lake but can't say where. Since kyle stopped sitting on her eggs she has been working threw some anger management problems. I've been around but not really. Where I've been, what I've been doing is not something I'm comfortable telling you about. But mostly playing in the woods with my friends and doing hoodrat stuff.
If you are just tuning into this channel you might be asking what the hell is this account. You were probably like I thought this was about a bird. It's not just about a bird. Its about teaching people to be kind to animals. It's about talking mess and exposing the ones that deserve it. It's about doing gang stuff and helping others. It's about surfing and cars and boats and whatever. Yah there's a bird. But it's just a small part. Sometimes I just use this account as my diary. I'm not sure the summer plans but I promise I'll keep you updated as we go. By the way I read threw a lot of your guys messages. It's weird having such fans. Not sure how to process that. But I promise I'll keep it updated all summer. And I promise to entertain you. @animals_video #lakeoswego #oregon #kylethegoose #bekind #speadlove




Kyle went 5 days without sitting on her nest. The vet said with this week temps, 5 days is too long. I decided to take the nest out of the boat. I candled one egg and it was unfertilized. There were 8 eggs. Maybe it's for the best. Kyle don't really need that kind of responsibility. Statistically only about half live to adulthood. I've personally seen eagles snatch goslings. I've even seen bass take them. More I think about it more relieved I am. I don't need death threats every time one comes up missing. And I definitely don't have the time to sit outside and babysit. For those that are disappointed or sad. Kyle wants me to tell you she loves you. And not to worry cause summer looks bright. @animals_video #summer17


She's sitting on her eggs, so it's tough to get a count. However many your heart tells you, is probably the right answer. @animals_video


@creditkarma is always messing with me? You win this round. @creditkarma @animals_video


Where the wild things are. #westbay @animals_video @cityoflakeoswego


I'm gonna sell the boat this summer. 06 wakesetter 300 hours. Got some missing chewed up parts. Comes with nest and other other treasures. Might wanna run a vacuum in it and maybe quick wipe down. Must buy before you see it. Local scammers and pirates welcome. @animals_video #kylenotincluded #ifyouturnedyourphonesidewaysyouafan❀


@animals_video #notkyle


I tried to show you guys the eggs but kyles not having it. For those that think I should man up and just pull up the cover and show kyle nestIng. Come over and we can have a safety meeting and then we will go down to the boat and you can make demonstration. @animals_video


Was looking thru some old pics and found this gem. I hope kyles eggs aren't fertilized. She has already laid 7 eggs. Sure they cute at this age. But then they grow up into lying violent liabilities. I was chatting with a few LO investors about the market. They told me that summer real estate home values on lake oswego are in holding pattern and everyone waiting to see if kyle has kids. If that's true then the value of your multi million dollar lake front home rest solely on whether Kyle has engaged in coitus with Eugene. Talk about an investment nightmare. Wouldn't it be cheaper just to pay us to leave. Too bad I like it here and we never leaving. NEVER! @animals_video