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Until you’re you again 🍂〰️🌳💐.
👩🏾‍💻 My website launches in 2 days, Loved Ones!! Vibrate Higher Daily is a safe space to vibrate higher, heal, restore, grow, and chill, on your journey.
Launch/birthing is happening on March 20th, the first day of Spring, the Spring Equinox. This is a time for rebirth and new beginnings 〰️💐 🌳
I’m so excited to journey in this way with you 🧚🏽‍♀️🤗💕🤸🏾‍♀️
Cheers to new beginnings and journeys!!
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💐 @vibratehigherdaily


You won 〰️ ✊🏽💡🔑🤸🏾‍♀️


Be inspired by student hood,
as much as master-hood 〰️🙏🏽🔑🦋



I’ve witnessed this sister here @hellolaurenash grow and evolve and continuously support me as a spirit-sister-friend and visionary, in such a genuine way — along the way. This is high vibrational sisterhood and friendship in action. Our wellness, spirituality, and work, are not separate from our connection as friends and sisters. It’s all one. It all intersects. It’s all part of the higher purpose and plan. I’m so honored that we both early on recognized this, and continue to honor it, nurture it, reverence, and align with it.
We each govern and offer guidance through our own unique platforms Lauren’s is @blackgirlinom and mine this space and @VibrateHigherDaily. It’s an honor serving lives in these streets with you, my sister.
Finally meeting this sweet soul in real life after the years we’ve spent supporting each other, hyping each other up, counseling one another, having weekly spiritual chats and building on the phone waves, and then to publishing articles (link in bio), a podcast episode (link in bio), and then to sharing the stage at the first ever SXSW Wellness Expo has all been divine. I look forward to all we have yet to evolve into.
Lauren’s vibration in real life was beyond and the real deal. And I know and appreciate a thing or two about vibration!! ☺️🤗💕 Cheers to the spiritual work, self-care, and process involved in supporting and fostering your high vibes sis. Thankful for your continued support, belief in, and direct involvement, in my journey towards the manifestation, unfolding, and birthing of Vibrate Higher Daily!! 🤸🏾‍♀️
📸: photo taken out by @deunivory
Yay!! Finally manifested a Deun Ivory shoot.
Won’t God do it?🧚🏽‍♀️📸😄✊🏽Thanks sister friend ✨


Confession: I knew my website was a divine assignment. Buuuut, creating it and birthing it out into the world has been a whole other story, it’s been scary, I’ve had resistance, I didn’t know if I had it in me to accomplish, when I did start after a few months I lost the first entire draft of my website, and had to start from scratch, I wondered if it would be good enough, or if anyone will show up, if it would make sense to anyone outside of my head lol, and blah, blah, blah.
But guess what? I did it—anyway. I vibrated past all of it and just did the work I was given and trusted the process and The Most High along the way.
My website @vibratehigherdaily births on the first day of Spring, also known as the Spring Equinox ✨
💕I’m so beyond excited to share it with you, as it’s my spiritual baby that I’ve been carrying within, that’s now ready to birth out into the world✨🦋👶🏽👶🏾😭🤗😄✨
〰️ The website is a more expansive space for journeying through all of what vibrating higher daily encompasses and can do in our lives.
This website is for us, the ones who know there’s more to life than what we’ve experienced and all too often settle for as a normal way of living. It’s for us who are here for living a higher vibrational life.
There’s another way of being in the world that liberates us, empowers us, and manifests our higher potential and being. #VibrateHigherDaily is here for it, and for you. Let’s blossom, vibrate higher daily, and journey together. 🧚🏽‍♀️🦋🌱💐🌿🌳🌴🙏🏽
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Vibrate higher through it all. Through the pain, the noise, the distractions, the doubts, the setbacks, the blockages, the critics, the fears, the tests, the discomforts, the lessons, the growth, the storms, the past, and all of the endings. Release all you need to. It’s time for new beginnings.
Next week is the first day of Spring. Time to take our power back and blossom — rebirth, remember who we are, and change the game.


〰️Vibrations. Not words
#VibrateHigherDaily 〰️



This is what my kind of sheroes look like. Each woman that I was on the @SXSW Wellness Stage with is a shero and force in her own right, each one helping to guide, heal, educate, support, and encourage the world, collective, and culture to thrive, progress, be well, and vibrate higher.
A huge thank you to @hellolaurenash and @blackgirlinom for your vision and heart in putting this panel together.
Cheers to @sxsw’s for the woke-ness and high vibrations in having their first ever Wellness Expo along side all of the amazing music and film events happening all SXSW 2018 long ✨
#TheRevolutionIsInEffect #Gratitude #Progress #BeWell


When you love yourself 〰️🧚🏽‍♀️🔑💕
*My website launches this month!! 〰️✨🤸🏾‍♀️🦋 | Staaaay tuned.
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You are sacred. 🌹 Happy International Women's Day!!
I give thanks for all of the women who have come before us and for all of the current women of the planet using their sacred womanhood as a channel and vessel for love, peace, joy, unity, healing, freedom, change, empowerment, and spiritual sheroism.
Highest vibrations to you my dadas and hermanas 〰️ 💕👐🏽💕
Keep rising up and vibrating higher daily. Keep remembering who you are. We are sacred.
We are the first teachers. Our vibration matters.
And we’re more powerful together 🙏🏽🙌🏽✊🏽🌹
Shout out and much gratitude to my sister-friend Eileen, founder of @oursacredwomen for the Our Women Are Sacred t-shirt. 💕



We’re more powerful together.
We, remembered who we are, and the game changed.✊🏽🙏🏽🔑
The unity that vibrating higher daily brings to the sisterhood experience is everything. // Women who support other women in vibrating higher are the real sheroes and hold a special place in my heart.// If you operate and vibrate from a place of “low vibrational sisterhood energy”, know that it’s a program of the ‘matrix’. Exit the program, it’s outdated, it’s not serving you or the world. Join the high-vibrational sisterhood frequency that’s present on the planet right now and again, after being programmed out of it for far too long.
We are the first teachers, and our collective vibration matters. ✨✊🏽🙌🏽
@BlackGirlInOm and I have been experiencing and witnessing the beautiful after affects of our podcast episode together. I’m on the current episode talking practical everyday ways to vibrate higher in mind, body, spirit, lifestyle, and sisterhood.
I also get very transparent about what I’ve vibrated through, out of, and into on my journey. In the episode we all share to encourage you to not stay at the level you’re at if it’s not serving your highest good.
Where you are is not your final destination. May this episode inspire and encourage you with tangible ways and proof of 3 women who chose (and choose) to remember who they are, take our power back as necessary, overcome, and vibrate higher daily as a response, path, and lifestyle.// A huge thank you to Black Girl In Om’s @hellolaurenash and @deunivory and to everyone across social media platforms reaching out, in dialogue, and sharing about the episode. 🙏🏽💕
Haven’t listened yet? Listen now by visiting the link in my bio 〰️
Highest vibrations to all,
Lalah 💕👐🏽💕
Tag your sisters 🧚🏽‍♀️✊🏽
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Vibrationally 〰️🧚🏽‍♀️✨🗝️✨


AUSTIN | SXSW is going to be LIT!!
I’m feeling all the feels!! I’ll be on this amazing @SXSW panel with some of the leading voices in wellness and self-care. // This is SXSW’s first year including wellness into their festivities and events. Like what??! Yes y’all!! Yes!!✊🏽
Ya’ll know I’m always advocating vibrating higher, I’m so happy to see mainstream events balancing out the mix by including wellness, self-care and all things associated!! This is so necessary. It’s vital for wellness and safe-care to move beyond the typical ‘world of wellness’. And it’s happening. The masses are awakening more and more.
I’m sending a huge thank you to @hellolaurenash, founder of @blackgirlinom, also a SXSW advisory board member, for opening the way for myself and all of the other amazing women who’ll be on the stage together for this event.
✅These women include my sister comrades @hellolaurenash founder of BGIO, @drcrystaljones, founder of The Healer's Collective, @sdirshe, beauty editor at ESSENCE, @drtiffanylester, medical doctor of Parsley Health, @foodheavenshow, registered dietician and co-founder of Food Heaven Made Easy, and myself, Lalah Delia, spiritual educator and founder of Vibrate Higher Daily 〰️
Will you be at SXSW? Our event is FREE to attend!!
How divine is that!! I look forward to seeing, meeting, and hugging you there 🤗✨💓✊🏽
Link in bio

900 Barton Springs Rd., ATX
*12pm-1pm | to attend, register for your Guest Pass at:



This is your year!! To elevate 〰️
#VibrateHigherDaily 🔑✨


Letting go — verb; how you take your power back and manifest better 〰️ Vibrate//higher//daily🔑✨


Remember who you are 〰️🔑



There can often be the feeling of not knowing where to begin with vibrating higher daily and/or manifesting new, healthier, better, and lasting higher-vibrational realities for ourselves, our work, our bodies, our minds, and our journey. (Ugh, I know, I know. But no worries. ) This is exactly what I faced too when embarking on this journey nearly 10 years ago. My work with Vibrate Higher Daily is to simplify, distill, and demystify the process for you. So that said, you’re not alone, anymore. My mission includes supporting you in your process and on your journey. I’ve been diligently creating my new website that will be a more expansive space and community to do so!! It’s already so lit!! Can’t wait to launch in MARCH!! Subscribe for the launch update and more via the LinkTree in my bio 〰️💕
🎧All of this is brings to this happy moment for me; I had the blessed opportunity to be the newest guest on my favorite podcast Black Girl In Om, (are you subscribed too? Isn’t it EVERYTHING and beyond?!)
The podcast is now live on all major outlets.
Head over to the LinkTree in my bio to listen in as @hellolaurenash and @deunivory of @blackgirlinom and I flow into all of this and more in:
‘A Lesson in Vibrating Higher Daily’,
and to read over the gems from our episode.
Much gratitude for having me @blackgirlinom 〰️🙏🏽
P.S. Good vibe alert🚨✨〰️ We had lots of fun recording and dialoguing. 😄 As it should be. ✊🏽✨🧚🏽‍♀️🔑


So freeing, necessary and empowering 🔑#VibrateHigherDaily 〰️


Make this a year about your elevation, on all levels.
Spend less money shopping, eating out, and partying for one year—and more money on self-care, books, healthy foods, and attending workshops, trainings, and conferences 〰️🔑✨
🗓️ Upcoming L.A. Event: I’ll be a panelist at @witmalive WITMA, Wellness In The Modern Age, on March 24 at @Neuehouse in Hollywood. Swipe right for more info and visit my Link-Tree in my bio for further details and tickets.
It’s such a powerful line up. Some of your favorite thought, wellness, and spiritual leaders will be there ✨
Sending love to where it’s needed 💓👐🏽💓



Essential to the journey 〰️ 🔑✨


Important part 〰️🔑 ✊🏽


Stay growing, elevating, and rising above and beyond all forms and layers of fear 〰️


Stay in your vibration 〰️ ✊🏽✨


Break the cycle 〰️
Keep vibrating higher, practicing self-care, releasing who and what doesn’t serve you, being around who and what does serve you, letting go of other people’s wounds and energetic weight, making space for better people and experiences to enter in, replacing/ upgrading all negative and self-defeating thoughts with higher vibrational, more affirmative and supportive thoughts, and nourishing and nurturing yourself until you’re you again: the higher vibrational you ✨
✊🏽 May all you’ve been through and/or going through strengthen you, elevate you, and transmute you into your most powerful and highest-vibrational self, like Vibranium 😉✨
#VibrateHigherDaily 〰️✨🔑


And remember you are. Remembering who you are is how you take your power back 〰️✨🔑〰️


May higher-vibrational focus be with you 〰️


Trust the process 〰️🔑✨


Higher discernment, wisdom, and purpose this year. //Vibrate higher daily 〰️


Stay encouraged 〰️


Peace 〰️ 🔑


Every bit of the time you need—to return to yourself—is necessary. Don’t judge the process〰️