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#Repost @youthvgov BREAKING: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has decided to hear oral argument over whether the Trump Administration can evade trial currently set for February 5, 2018. Oral arguments will be heard in San Francisco on December 11, 2017. #JulianavUS #youthvgov


"We never poisoned our fishing holes or clear-cut our forest homelands. Why would we? We fish in our rivers and live in our homes." Emergildo Criollo, Cofan indigenous elder.

In these times of climate chaos, where our Earth's tropical forests are the last line of defense against an increasingly unlivable planet, we believe that listening to and supporting frontline indigenous peoples is the best way to protect our world’s last standing wild forests.
We are proud to be supporting @amazonfrontlines work with #indigenous peoples in the western Amazon, battling the threats of #oil, #logging and #mining by building a movement for clean water, #solarenergy, rainforest protection and cultural survival.

After several years of deep work in the western Amazon with seed funding from LDF, we are proud to present their work to the world:

Follow the link in bio to learn more.
Photo credit: Waorani hunter. Photo by Mitch Anderson 2017.


We’re recognizing World #GISDay by celebrating our grantee @digidem, who are building cutting-edge tools for mapping & monitoring the world's most biodiverse places. Five thousand #indigenous groups claim 80% of land as their home, but only 10% of that is legally recognized. #Mapeo will change this. Built in partnership with local and indigenous communities, this tech protects lands, water, and life. Now that is worth celebrating. Follow the link in bio to read more.
Photo courtesy of Digital Democracy.



#Repost @the_good_inside ♻️ Did you know the national recycling rate in the US is just 34%? While that rate has increased over the last 30 years, we can do better. On #AmericaRecyclesDay, take the pledge to recycle more. ⠀

♻️What can be recycled?⠀
-glass and plastic bottles⠀
-plastic bags and wraps⠀
-unwanted mail and newspaper⠀
-mobile devices and other electronics⠀


#Repost @sierraclub Forty eight U.S. cities have now committed to transition to 100% clean energy, of which at least 5 have already achieved 100% clean energy and are powered today with entirely renewable sources. The commitments include big cities like Atlanta, GA and small towns such as Abita Springs, LA.

While each city is pursuing this goal distinctly, the benefits of the transition are widespread. Developing clean energy sources like wind power and solar — especially when combined with measures to reduce energy waste — translates directly to job creation, a reliable energy supply, lower energy costs, improved public health, and a better environment.

Today we're releasing a report showcasing 10 of these incredible cities which you can read and download at sc.org/10-case-studies

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Help save Norway's #wolves.
Norwegian authorities have decided that a total of 50 critically endangered wolves can be culled this winter. This equals about 90% of the wolves that permanently reside in #Norway. So far, six wolves have been shot. Now, @wwfnorge is going to court to save the wolves. Learn how you can help: www.wwf.no/saveourwolves

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#Repost @tompkins_conservation #Iberá National Park in Argentina gained more than 103,000 acres of land today! This marks the second historic donation to Iberá from Tompkins Conservation, and is part of a greater collaboration with the Argentine government to protect more than 1.7 million acres of land, which is more than twice the size of Yosemite National Park
“All of us who love the Earth can see how the threats to wild places and creatures are growing,” said Kris. “Conservationists know there is tremendous and urgent need and have incredible opportunities to expand national park systems, to work with local communities linking ecotourism-related economic development and nature protection, and to help build a culture of conservation throughout society. This is crucial work – it’s the work we’ve been doing for decades now and will be doing with all of our energy and resources long into the future.” // El Parque Nacional Iberá en San Nicolás, Argentina, incorporó 103.000 acres adicionales de tierra como parte de una nueva donación de Tompkins Conservation. Esta donación es parte de un plan más amplio firmado en 2016 entre Tompkins Conservation, los Gobiernos Provinciales y Nacionales de Argentina para formar el gran Parque Nacional Iberá, un área protegida que medirá más de 1.7 millones de acres. Dos veces el tamaño del Parque Nacional Yosemite. Kris Tompkins comentó: “Todos los que amamos la Tierra podemos ver cómo crecen las amenazas a los lugares y criaturas salvajes. Los conservacionistas saben que existe una necesidad tremenda y urgente y hoy tenemos una oportunidad increíble, tanto en Chile como en Argentina, para expandir los sistemas de Parques Nacionales, trabajar con comunidades locales vinculando el desarrollo económico relacionado con el ecoturismo y la protección de la naturaleza, y ayudar a construir una cultura de conservación en toda la sociedad. Este es un trabajo crucial que llevamos haciendo desde hace décadas y que continuaremos con toda nuestra energía y recursos en el futuro”

#nationalparks #parquesnacionales @proyectoibera 📷 Douglas Tompkins


A cause for celebration: #Bhutan, a small country in the distant #Himalayas and known for being one of the happiest places on Earth, will forever protect 2 million hectares, most of which is #forests. The permanent funding to do so is the result of a Royal Government of Bhutan and a @World_Wildlife led initiative called #BhutanForLife.


A collaboration between the University of Technology Sydney, the German Aerospace Center and the University of Melbourne will develop a series of advanced regional decarbonization pathways that could limit #globalwarming to 1.5˚C. Funded by LDF, this new high-ambition effort hopes to demonstrate the feasibility of achieving the 1.5˚C target through 100% #renewableenergy by mid-century, combined with a portfolio of natural #climate solutions, including marine and terrestrial #conservation, #reforestation, and carbon-negative agricultural practices. Follow the link in bio to read more.



#Repost @lionrecovery Lion prides may include up to three males, a dozen females who are all related to one another, and their young. Male lions only stay with their pride until they're about two years old before setting out to take over another pride. 📸: Susan McConnell

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New #divestment tool: LDF grantee @urgewald launches a comprehensive #coal database - the 'Global Coal Exit List'. This list provides key statistics on over 770 companies whose activities range from coal exploration and #mining, coal trading, and transport, to #coalpower generation and manufacturing of #coalplants. Follow the link in bio to learn more.
Photo courtesy of Urgewald.


The U.S. needs solutions to the #climatechange crisis that also make solid economic sense. In our new article, LDF's very own Terry Tamminen explains how we can get to a #lowcarbon future by focusing on policies that already reduce #carbon #pollution and save money for consumers while creating #sustainable new businesses and jobs, such California’s Low Carbon Fuels Standard. Follow the link in bio to read the full article.



#Repost @conservationorg Climate change is reshaping human civilization. How we respond will determine the future of our species. It's up to us. Take action now and pledge to take a stand for solution to climate change. See link in bio for pledge.
#weneednature #climatechange #unitedforclimate #pledge #environment


Protecting and connecting 50% of the world’s #wildlands can ensure the integrity of our #biosphere and support a growing human population. That's why LDF is teaming up with RESOLVE and Globaïa to map a global “safety net” for the planet that would protect and connect 50% of the world’s land area.
The safety net map will utilize advanced computer modeling techniques to examine the world’s 125 million square kilometers of habitable land area, ranking each square kilometer ‘pixel’ for its importance in preserving natural #biodiversity and sustaining agricultural production. Follow the link in bio to learn more.


Communities in #LosAngeles that are situated in close proximity to #oil refineries suffer some of the highest rates of #asthma in #California, along with a host of other ailments. Those most affected by the toxic pollutants and poor air quality caused by the extraction and/or refining of oil tend to be working class, immigrant, low-income communities of color. Follow the link in bio to read more.



Scientists have identified a new species of #GreatApe on the Indonesian island of #Sumatra: the #TapanuliOrangutan. With only 800 individuals left, this is the most #endangered Great Ape species in the world. Follow the link in bio to learn more.
Photo credit: James Askew


#Repost @nrdc_org Why is Canada's boreal forest so important? 🌲One of the key reasons is it acts as a powerful carbon sink, absorbing enough carbon to offset the pollution of 24 MILLION cars each year! But, by allowing clearcutting, mining, and development in the area, this number will shrink dramatically, and we can't let that happen. Take action in our bio link!


#NoStrawNovember has officially begun. By refusing single-use #plasticstraws and tracking how many you are offered and refused, you can help save our #oceans and planet. Scientists are predicting by 2050, there will be more #plasticpollution in the ocean than fish. Don’t be part of the problem, refuse the #plastic straw. Follow the link in bio to learn more.
Photo credit: Creative Commons, Stephen Dyrgas



Happy Halloween! #Repost @sierraclub It's #BatWeek! Here's a young minor epauletted bat (Epomophorus labiatus minor) from Kenya.

Bats may be called spooky by some, but this stigmatized species impacts our daily lives in ways we might not even realize -- from pollinating our favorite fruits to inspiring medical marvels.

Veteran bat biologist & photographer Merlin Tuttle captured this amazing photo as well as an entire slideshow of the critters at sc.org/batweek2017 #animals #wildlife #nature #kenya #bat #bats


#CarnegieMuseum of Natural History is partnering with @natgeo and the @leonardodicapriofdn to spark a conversation about #climatechange by hosting a panel and special screening of #BeforeTheFlood. Follow the link in bio to learn more.


New hope grows as rare #vaquita calf is captured and released. "The successful rescue made conservation history and demonstrates that the goal of Vaquita CPR is feasible," said Environment Secretary Rafael Pacchiano. "No one has ever captured and cared for a vaquita porpoise, even for a brief period of time. This is an exciting moment and as a result, I am confident we can indeed save the #vaquitas from #extinction." Copy and paste this link to read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/vaquita-porpoise-calf-captured-released-mexico-endangered-species/

Photo credit: Jonas Teilmann - AARHUS


The @unitednations is on a mission to unearth 17 of the world’s greatest changemakers leading efforts to achieve the #GlobalGoals from different backgrounds, industries, and countries.

Are you ready to join the ranks? Applications are live until 11/3. Apply now: sdgyoungleaders.org/apply


Check out the #angermgmt pop-up exhibit at the @brooklynmuseum. Leading artists present works about the #environment with proceeds going to charity.


Today is #InternationalSnowLeopardDay. In partnership with The Christensen Fund, LDF is helping to support and expand a 10-year project in Central Asia dedicated to working with a wide array of local community organizations to protect #snowleopards from extinction. Follow the link in bio to learn more.


In honor of #WolfAwarenessWeek, we're highlighting the amazing work of LDF grantees @defendersofwildlife and Pacific Wolf Coalition fighting to protect the iconic gray wolf. Follow the link in bio to learn more. 🐺
Photo credit: Laura Wolf


LDF is proud to announce our participation in a new model that will bring #renewableenergy, storage, and #smartgrids to rural villages in #Fiji. A grant will be provided as seed funding to electrify the villages of Vio and Nacula in Yasawa, the first two communities taking part in the pilot phase of this new program. We will then help mobilize funding for additional communities to follow. Follow the link in bio to learn more.

Photo credit: Fijan Government.


#Repost @sharksandrays Did you know that #sawfish are one of the most endangered of all #sharks and #rays? Today we celebrate #Intlsawfishday to raise awareness for these amazing animals. ​


Great work by the Mexican Government following the announcement of its intent to create a new marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean, the largest protected area of its kind in North America. The massive planned expansion of the #Revillagigedo #marine park was announced at the #OurOcean conference in Malta. Follow the link in bio to learn more.
Photo credit: Creative Commons, Lwp Kommunikáció


To address the #climate crisis, we must address #inequality. At least a quarter of all #forest carbon storage occurs on lands managed by #indigenous peoples. When these communities’ rights are more secure, rates of #deforestation are lower - and #carbon storage and #biodiversity are higher. Follow the link in bio to read more. Article by Ford Foundation President @darrencwalker


#Repost @lionrecovery Together we can turn this around. ❤️ 100% of every donation to @LionRecovery goes directly to efforts on the ground to protect wild lions. Follow the link in bio to donate today.
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