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A Puppy, take away?? 🐶✨🌈



This is the very first picture that I ever posted on Instagram. Some 16,500 posts ago. Christmas in Cali with people that I Love and I haven't talked to in years...
La primer foto que subí a Instagram...
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Friozinho bom de São Roque! 🍂 #goldenretriever #goldenretrievers #goldenretrieverbrasil #dogs #dogsofinsta #instagram #pets #petbamboo #saoroque


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To say I'm excited about my giant inflatable ice-cream raft is an understatement. ThOINKs Aunt N. I know where I'll be this summer.🐷🍦(⬅️left)#HappyBdayPrissyPig #Prissyturns4 #birthdaygirl #icecreamfloat #PrissyandPop


Astro, Jack Russell Terrier mix (2 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • "We rescued him from Mississippi, so he's probably a Republican, but he can't vote. We have our political differences. You took a photo of my other dog, Sammy, about three months before he passed. We lasted about three months without having a dog. I couldn't even go back to my apartment because it was just too painful. It's worse than losing a parent because you don't live with the parent every single day and you're not thinking about all the things the dog did wrong, because they do nothing wrong."


When you've got resting Bitch face but you're honestly enjoying the cuddle.


Goodnight #London. 🚇 || 📸 @mattspracklen || #thisislondon #tfl #londonunderground


"The time I got a stupid stick in my collar and proceeded to be super grumpy about it... especially since Dad found it necessary to take my photo.." ~ Crusoe


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Watch cat. 👀


That sticky couple at the back of the cinema. (With @milkshake.thecat )


IT'S GONNA BE MAY! 😹#MillaTheCat #april30th


Lazy Sundayz 😴
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Happy SN🐽UT SUNDAY from little Hammy, Gizmo & Bentley! 🐷💕🐷🐷 Gizmo & Bentley’s #AdventuresOfHammy include exploring their beautiful yard, playing with their favorite toys & triple snuggle sessions. Be sure to #AdventuresOfHammy of your pigtures with you and your Hammy for a chance to be on my Instagram. Don’t HOG them all to yourself.😜 ThOinks so much for sharing (LINK ON BIO)


When I was a baby❤️❤️


Nothing to see here just a frenchie living a better life than any of us #luxury


Does this mean you're not making breakfast, Margo? #donthurtme


Last night's Tube of the Year award went to @shananworrall for this insanely crazy beast. @wsl | 📷: @jamiescottimages


#repost @jacksonjunior.pug When u just can't get comfy 😳😂💜


My heart will not change.
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🐱🐱 .

すずめが びっくり したものの正体は…(,,꒪꒫꒪,,) .





Keep your eyes and ears open, boys. 😼


My Instagram is @ImogenTheKitten

I foster kittens because it saves their lives. Underage kittens need somewhere to go until they are eight weeks old and I am happy to be able to care for them. Watching kittens thrive while in foster care is a joy. They change so much, both physically and developmentally, and it is fascinating to watch them grow.

Fostering is generally very easy and everything you need is supplied. Kittens really only need a small space and a bit of love and care. Fostering gives me a sense of purpose and there is nothing better than coming home from work and getting to play with kittens for an hour or two.
When my foster kittens are adopted, I get very emotional, but it’s a sense of pride for everything they’ve accomplished rather than a feeling of sadness. While I love every kitten I foster — and basically every kitten I’ve ever met — I don’t get too attached to them and will never keep one of my fosters because I know there will always be more kittens who need me and I want to be there to save them.
Fostering is a huge privilege and it’s extremely rewarding. It doesn’t require a huge expense or time commitment, so if you are an animal lover, I strongly encourage you to foster and help save kittens’ lives. || #COIFosterStories