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Different by chance, friends by choice. A heartwarming feed about unlikely companionship, lifelong adventures, and unconditional love💕


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The calm before the storm☂️ We got caught in the rain near the end, but it wasn't terrible😅 Watch our Insta-Story for more videos of our walk! #liloandrosie


When the weather app fails you...⛈😾.
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Rosie's take on #tongueouttuesday ! And it looks like Miss Rosie was in fact hiding something! She's gone and launched her own website where she indulges the pack's most deepest, hidden secrets!😱 In all seriousness though, please check out our new website RosieandtheHuskies.com !😁You can read Rosie's story from the beginning (as told by us) and it even has information about our travel destinations, adventure gear, and our past fosters @minicattown . The link is posted in our bio!😊


Lilo is smiling because it's the first day of Spring!!🌷🌻😍


These two look like they've been hiding something...🤔 #liloandrosie



Our lucky little leprechauns are wishing everyone a Happy St Patrick's Day!🍀 #liloandrosie


#throwbackthursday ! Rosie must have been 3-4 weeks old here...😭


Out on a run on this gorgeous day!😍


Hitch Hiking-- Rosie style🌹



The road to our hearts start with muddy paws🐾🛤🏔
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A brief moment from our recent hike! When Rosie gets tired, she climbs into a backpack and we have to carry her Highness until she feels like walking again, and she jumps out😅 Must be hard to have little short legs like she does...😹 The whole video can be found on our Youtube (link is in the bio)!



Queen of her Kingdom👑⛵️
Happy #internationalwomensday .
If we could give one piece of lasting advice, it would be to make the world a better place. Leave things better than how you found it, see goodness in all the simple things, and take initiative to do the right thing! No task is too small, because we believe that accumulated small efforts change this world the most! Kitten season is starting again soon, and it's a simple reminder to us that late nights and early mornings are worth the efforts😊 Thank you to everyone who collectively supports us in fostering, TNR, and rescuing kittens! @minicattown 😺


Just cause it's #nationalcerealday 🥛🥄 What's your favorite cereal?😄 #liloandrosie


Excuse me Monday, you've insulted Rosie...😡😒 #liloandrosie
Note: Rosie was meowing because the huskies disappeared from her sight😂


On set filming for something super secret! Only time will tell😉 #liloandrosie



What's your favorite hashtag for Rosie?😄


Took a walk around the local pond! Glad to see the water levels are at the fullest we've ever seen! Are we out of the drought yet..?😅 #liloandrosie

PS: Watch our insta-story for some footage!



An out take from our Valentines day shoot😘 Happy 1st of March! #liloandrosie


Sorry we've been MIA! We are back to the work/school grind😔But this weekend will be pretty exciting! More adventures to come!😄 #liloandrosie


Winter wonderland~☃️


It's a beautiful day out today!😍 The flooding has subsided a little, so we were able to go for a walk😊


We were always wishing to grow up... Now we're wishing we could relive those days.
#tbt to our very first picture on Instagram☺️ July 30th 2013


The cold never bothered me anyway❄️🌊☃️


Captain Rosie is in command of this pier!⛵️ & our hearts😉💕


Lake Tahoe on the West Shore💙
Check out our Insta-story for some clips😊🐾


Traveling to Tahoe again☺️ Rosie hates traveling in a carrier, so she has a "travel bed" she lays in when she feels like it👸🏻 #allhailqueenrosie


I've never met anyone so hard headed... coincidently, she's also hard not to love🙄 Beware of the husky🐕