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Rosie playing with our remaining box of chocolates😸🍫 Ferrero (yellow collar) is our last remaining kitten available for adoption! All of our other kittens have been adopted thanks to everyone's help! So Thank you so much!😄 Please share our post and help Ferrero find his forever home💛

Interested parties may inquire @minicattown !




Our segment from "My Cat From Hell" is up on Facebook! Check out Lilo and Rosie kayaking with Jackson Galaxy😹 You won't regret it! The link is in our bio! #liloandrosie


Who doesn't love chocolates?😋🍫 We need your help! Our current fosters, the "Box of Chocolates" kittens are having trouble finding suitable homes😞 They are wonderfully socialized and cuddly kittens looking for their forever homes! They will leave with their first set of shots and deworming as well as a care package for their transition. Rosie loves them, but we cannot keep them! We must continue our mission of rescuing, fostering, and adopting out kittens. We are located in San Jose, CA and are willing to transport within the Bay Area. Even if you cannot adopt, the next best thing is to SHARE this post! Their forever home may be on your friends list (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Next Door). Please help with their happy ending!🙏 More information about these kittens on our rescue page @minicattown . Thank you everyone!😺


Sharing a little mochi on #nationalicecreamday


There's nothing we can't do with friends by our side👯


... Squirrel!!!🐿


Finny quenching her thirst on this hot day🔥🔥🔥


Kitty Cat Kayaking! Rosie will be featured on "My Cat From Hell: Cats from Heaven" episode on July 22nd!😻 Catch the episode and watch Lilo and Rosie kayaking with Jackson Galaxy!🛶


Happy 4th of July Friends!🎇 #liloandrosie


The 4th of July is the one day a year that the MOST pets end up lost and in shelters. Often they are frightened by the lights/noises, run off, and accidentally end up lost. The best way to protect them would be to microchip them and have tags present at all times. Some good information to have on them would be your pet's name, your contact info, and also stating if they are microchipped and fixed. If we were ever separated from any of our pack members, their identification is the quickest route home. It also deters shady people from keeping them in order to breed them for money. Protect your pets! Wishing everyone a great 4th of July! 🎇🎆


Lilo and Rosie watching over our newest fosters having breakfast☀️🍽 Follow more of our "Box of Chocolates" kittens @minicattown 😸🍫


It's Friday!! 🏃


Misty's face of utter betrayal... 😧 Rosie robbed Misty of her favorite sleeping spot🤣


Breakfast time!😋


Ships ahoy!!⛵️🛶 Kayaking in Sausalito today😍


Caturday Catitude💁


Speculating the future adventures🤔😎


Happy First Day of Summer Furiends!☀️


It's going to be insanely hot this week😭 We'll likely only be taking night walks like vampires😅 Remember to avoid peak hours as paw pads can easily burn on the hot ground!🔥


On Sundays, we ride🚗
But seriously, this never gets old😂 #liloandrosie


A little clip from our hike on Wednesday! The whole video is uploaded to our Youtube and will answer (most of) your questions!😊 Link is posted in our bio! Feel free to post unanswered questions below! #liloandrosie


Blessed are the curious, as they have all the adventures😉


Hiked for 3 hours among California's beautiful redwoods!😍


Thank you to everyone who responded about Lilo's weird behavior a few days ago! We have no definitive answers, but will continue to observe the behavior. We did start some supplements incase of early arthritis or similar since it is prominent in the breed. We also may switch our flea/tick medication to see if that helps. She is otherwise healthy and in great health❤️ We will keep everyone posted!😊


The pups heard "doggles" were the new fashion trend nowadays😎 But Rosie's too cool for that💁 #WHPfriendship


Question for everyone! Recently, we have noticed Lilo's behavior changing a little. She has been stopping suddenly and looking at her sides as if something was touching or biting her. We've brought it to the attention of several vets, but they have dismissed it as "a nervous tick" or "quirk", which we highly doubt. She did not use to do this, and it has been getting more frequent (this video was within a 2 minute span in our front yard). She does not have dry skin, or fleas, or tangles. Nothing surface level that we can see. She is also an indoor dog and we wash their bedding frequently. She does not have any allergies (skin is healthy) and has been on the same food, same treats, and even the same purified water.😰 Her sister, Infinity, never ever does this. Does anyone have any ideas?? Or does anyone else's dog act this way? Some insight would be much appreciated!🙏


Throwback Thursday! Cause we haven't been hiking in awhile...😞 #WHPfriendship


When you just wake up fabulous💁 #liloandrosie


New car takeover!😍