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Different by chance, friends by choice. A heartwarming feed about unlikely companionship, lifelong adventures, and unconditional love💕


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Selfie Sunday!!🤣📸



Such a beautiful day out today!😍 Lilo and Rosie are grass hunting together🌱 #liloandrosie


Sorry we've been a little MIA! Here's two reasons why😄 We are fostering a couple of bottle babies and with feedings round the clock, school, and work, things have been just a little crazy! Rosie does well with our fosters, but probably wonders why they can't play with her😂 You guys can follow more of our rescues and fosters @minicattown


Rosie's protector❤ #liloandrosie


During Spring Break last week, we went skijoring with our pups for the very first time! You can read all about it on our blog (RosieAndTheHuskies.com). The link is also posted in our bio🐕 Please subscribe for our future posts😊


Happy Easter!!😻🐰 We were planning an Easter egg hunt for our pups, but sadly the rain started coming down😢 But they still got their Easter treats indoors🍬🍭 Hope everyone's having a great day!!


It's Saturday!!!😍


Snow kitten is so cute😽😻 #liloandrosie


Rosie hates standing pics... because she's always the shortest one😅 Can anyone relate?!😂 #liloandrosie


#nationalsiblingday !!😍 From our little sled team🐕🐕🐕🐾


Rosie saw her first chickens today🐓 She was trying to hunt them, but most were bigger than her!!😂 #liloandrosie


Rain rain go away~🌧☔️ California is officially out if it's 4 year drought! Yay!🐕


Soaring into the midweek!😍 Spring break is just around the corner and we have some fun activities planned😄


When people call you fat, but you're just fluffy...😢 Rosie goes through coat changes throughout the year, and we can assure everyone she is not fat. She just has a super thick coat that sheds during the summer and fluffs out during the winter. Her legs are also short so her long fur makes her look blockier. She's always been a consistent 9 pounds😊 And with all the walking we do, we're not sure she could ever be fat😂 Swipe left to see all of Rosie's seasonal coat changes! #liloandrosie


Rosie can do anything the huskies can, and better?!😳 .
A fun trick video for everyone!😄 It's a compilation of all the tricks they have in common! Of course they each have their own unique tricks and skills, but we thought it'd be fun to compile for everyone🤗


Rosie is an angry penguin!😾🐧 It was a beautiful day for our hike today!😍


Yay! It's Friday!!😍 Our pack will be chasing waterfalls this weekend💙 What are your plans?😄 #liloandrosie


Taking a breather! It's good to see the ponds and lakes filled with water😊🐠 #liloandrosie
New blog post on our site! Link in bio 🤗


Sorry for our lack of activity😢 It's midterms week for the humans... We're very much looking forward to Spring Break!😸 #liloandrosie


Mondazeee😴 #liloandrosie


Sisters before Misters💁👯‍♂️


The calm before the storm☂️ We got caught in the rain near the end, but it wasn't terrible😅 Watch our Insta-Story for more videos of our walk! #liloandrosie


When the weather app fails you...⛈😾.
Reminder to check out our new blog for all your questions about the pack! The link is posted in our bio😸


Rosie's take on #tongueouttuesday ! And it looks like Miss Rosie was in fact hiding something! She's gone and launched her own website where she indulges the pack's most deepest, hidden secrets!😱 In all seriousness though, please check out our new website RosieandtheHuskies.com !😁You can read Rosie's story from the beginning (as told by us) and it even has information about our travel destinations, adventure gear, and our past fosters @minicattown . The link is posted in our bio!😊


Lilo is smiling because it's the first day of Spring!!🌷🌻😍


These two look like they've been hiding something...🤔 #liloandrosie


Our lucky little leprechauns are wishing everyone a Happy St Patrick's Day!🍀 #liloandrosie