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Different by chance, friends by choice. A heartwarming feed about unlikely companionship, lifelong adventures, and unconditional love💕


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“The Stars Aligned When Lilo and Rosie Met”😻🌌 Thank you so much to @underluckystars for sending us a beautiful star map of the day Lilo and Rosie met. We love that it was customized to the exact day, place, and time where two special lives came together💞💫


PSA! Our little nuts have not been adopted yet?!😱🥜 Pecan (left) and Cashew (right) are still looking for the right home, together! Contrary to popular belief, two kittens are NOT twice the work! They will play with each other and keep each other company, making your work much easier. These two siblings are incredibly bonded so we will not consider adopting them separately. Please send us an email at [email protected] if you are looking to bring home a love between two siblings💞
Some fun facts about them: Cashew (female) is a big time cuddler! She is a constant neck scarf and purrs on contact! Pecan (male) also purrs on contact and is the adventurer of the two! He loves playing and bouncing all around but settles into any available lap at the end of the day. Interestingly enough, he has one blue eye and one green eye (can be seen in the pic)👀 They are an absolute joy to have and we know first hand how much they are deserving of a forever home! To see more of their story, follow @minicattown ! And if you've adopted sibling pairs before, please comment below and attest to the amount of work required, as well as the amount of love recieved😻 Also please remember to share this post! Thank you everybody!🙏


Back by popular demand, the pack is releasing their 2018 calendars for Pre-orders! Enjoy all their adventures for a full year and feel great about your purchase! Calendars can be purchased from MiniCatTown.com. Link is also is our bio! We've also released our new book, "Lilo and Rosie Go Camping"! Please check them out in our shop!
As an independent rescue, 100% of proceeds from calendar and book sales will go back into our rescue. Your purchase will support vet bills, food, toys, and supplies for our rescue kittens for an ENTIRE year. You can catch more of our kittens @MiniCatTown on Facebook or Instagram.
Books and Calendars are printed locally to support small businesses as well! Please consider purchasing one of our books or calendars for yourself or as a gift!🙏 Thank you in advance for everyone's support!😸
Sidenote: Yes we do ship internationally! ☺️


🐱?🐶?🐰?? We think Rosie may have an identity disorder...😅 But we love her any animal she decides to be! #liloandrosie


#throwback to sickly baby Rosie😿 She wasn't much bigger than our iphone 5! #liloandrosie


Sunsets with our huskies, we could never ask for more😍🌅 🐾


Not even sure if you could pay anyone to say no to this face...😂 Could you?😏 #liloandrosie


Our episode is live @thedodo 's new Facebook series "Comeback Kids"! Out of all the videos we've been in, this one is a MUST SEE! It was incredibly shot and we are just so ecstatic how they were able to capture Lilo and Rosie's loving relationship. Let us know what you guys think in the comments!😸And please hit the link in our bio to see the entire episode! 🚣


Sitting here with piles of work and wishing we were as carefree as Rosie...😭📚📝


Took advantage of the temperature drop and took a trip to the park! Happy Labor Day friends!


We've turned into creatures of the night in this blazing heatwave🔥🔥🔥 And it's going to be 108 degrees F tomorrow😭 Stay cool everyone! #liloandrosie


High 5!✋️You're halfway through the week😊


Work hard, snooze harder😴


Back to the work and school grind... but remembering our days on the beautiful beaches of Tahoe🌊🌊


First day of school! What do you think Rosie should major in??📚🤓 #backtoschool


Aww our sweet foster Simon (the kitten) still hasn't found his forever home yet😭 As you can see, Lilo loves him to pieces but he wants a love all his own😿 Please contact our rescue @minicattown if you are interested and we will send you an application! We are located in the Bay Area and are willing to transport! He will leave us with his first set of shots and deworming, on a spay/neuter contract. If you cannot adopt, please share Simon's quest and help him find the family he's been searching for! Thank you everyone!😸


Last night's beautiful sunset🌅 🐕


Paddleboarding @zephyrcoveresort 🏄‍♀️ @huskymiko is too good for the rest of us😂


How we feel about bath nights!😐😄🛁 #liloandrosie


Creature of the night👹


🚗... Caturday Car Rides😸


Rosie will always be Lilo's precious pup😘 #liloandrosie


Sometimes the best we can do is 2/3...😭


Waking up on Monday mornings like...😾


Cooling off after an uphill battle👅
Note: Rosie is not in distress. It was simply hot and we stopped until she was cool enough to continue. Water and shade were provided😸


Early morning hike! It ended up being so hot we had to cut it short, but it was nice hiking for the first time in awhile😄🏞


with a side of Rosie butt😸


Practiced some agility yesterday evening😄 We're even starting to teach Rosie some jumps and she's doing pretty well!😸 #liloandrosie


We just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for sharing our "Box of Chocolates" 🍫kittens! As of tonight, everyone has been adopted!!!🙌 As independent rescuers, our efforts would not be complete without everyone's help, and we are so thankful to be part of such a kind and compassionate community💛 And as Lilo and Rosie's story continues to touch more and more people, we want to be able to use the power of social media to rescue more and more kittens. We are endlessly grateful for everyone's support.🙏 Thank you again!! You can follow our rescues and their stories @minicattown .