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For everyone who played along with Friday's 'who am I', the answer was Unathi. Good job to all those who got it. Now for the next one.
Together with my sister Maditau, I am one of the first two lionesses Kevin started working with. I am quite affectionate but can also be very skittish and distrusting at times. Who am I?
Bonus points, who are my offspring?
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I am a white male lion. I can be very grumpy but not as bad as Aslan was. When you catch me on a good day I'm the most loving cat, but don’t try to tickle me when I'm in a bad mood
Who am I?
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For those who remember, this past November we prepared Maxi and her clan for release into the wilds of Dinokeng Game Reserve. On February 6th of this year, the entire clan was freed, and have since been spotted numerous times, hunting and living as a successful clan.  Photo Credit - Mongena Game Lodge .
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Kevin is taking a little time off from social media, but in the meanwhile, we thought we'd keep going and show him the support he deserves. Hope you like our posts. Today we’ll go a little easier on you. Double tap when you see it!
Photo Credit - Art Wolfe
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Double tap when you see it! .
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Sometimes you've just got to look in your own backyard to appreciate nature.  What's the most amazing thing you've seen in your backyard?
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Wishing you all an easy weekend.
Leopard courtesy of Sonja Strahlendorf


As we are sure everyone can understand, this past week has been a traumatic time for everyone.  With emotions running high, we want to ensure that everyone understands that the young women involved in the incident are in no way to blame. Obviously being out in the open in any Reserve carries personal risk, however, we do not believe they were irresponsible in any way. We can only describe this as a terrible, and unfortunate incident.


We wanted to take a moment and say we are incredibly humbled by the love and support you have shown in the wake of this terrible tragedy. Thank you



We are deeply saddened and shocked by the death of a 22-year old woman at our tented camp in The Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve. Our condolences and heartfelt sympathies go out to her family at this very difficult time. Kevin Richardson commented: “Myself and an experienced colleague took three lions walking in the Reserve, as we do on a weekly basis, as part of their exercise and stimulation regiment. We assessed the landscape for other big 5 animals and as per procedure sent out a notification that we were walking in the reserve. One of the lionesses charged off after an Impala and must have run 2,0 to 2,5km where she encountered the 22 year old outside the car.” The young woman was not a guest at the camp, but had accompanied her friend to conduct an interview for an assignment with the camp’s manager. Before leaving the reserve, the two visitors were taking photographs outside the tented camp where the attack occurred. “I am devastated and my heart goes out to this young woman’s family.”


This picture sums up Livy. Always alert, always up for a chase and relentless. Love her to bits. Her personality is contagious #reconnectwithnature #savehabitat #savelions #respectnature


Enjoy the video and have a great weekend! LINK CLICKABLE IN BIO for full video



Had an awesome walk with #GeorgeAndYame this morning. Volunteers had a great time too and asked many pertinent questions. Killed two birds with one stone and filmed a segment for #lionwhisperertv. Tune in later for this weeks video which is a ‘best of’ video from the past 6 months. #spanishrescues #cach #campaignagainstcannedhunting #goprokarma #savehabitat #savelions #reconnectwithnature #respectnature


Note to myself. Don’t get caught between George and Yame scrapping again. George can’t see that well and doesn’t always understand the limits of his reach. Sorry @craghoppersofficial I’m going to be needing some new shorts. Who wants a second hand pair of shorts with George’s signature on?


Brothers from another mother. Meet Rafiki and Siam. Two of the same species yet so different looking. Lions like humans can be very different in appearances. Some are tall, some are short, some are dark and some are light. Some have full manes and others not. Some have bullish personalities and others are shy. I always challenge people to try and understand these traits about these and other sentient beings. It’s only when we begin to see and realize this, is when our attitudes to how we treat them changes. #savelions #savehabitat #reconnectwithnature #respectnature #respect



It all started when @adriansteirn and myself were tasked by @mercedesbenzsa, with taking a single picture that could portray the plight of lions for their #everyterrain campaign and be blown up to billboard size to get the awareness message across. Since then the relationship has grown into so much more than an awareness campaign. I’m proud to say it’s been 6 months today since my motoring life became trouble free thanks to @mercedesbenzsa. From the early days of introducing the #gclass to the lions to many a memorable trip to the bush including #Chobe in #Botswana I must say the time is flying and it will be hard to say goodbye when the year is up as this is most certainly the best 4x4 I’ve ever driven. #savehabitat #savelions #reconnectwithnature #respectnature #respect #suv #Gwagon #Gwagen #galandewagen #mercedesbenz #strongerthantime


If you’ve never been close to a lion roaring hopefully this gives you an idea of the power behind it. The ground vibrates and you feel it as much as you hear it. It’s no wonder that it can be heard 5+ km on a still night. Couldn’t rotate the video in the editing function so you will just have to tilt your head. 😂. Gandalf was not impressed with the hyena’s antics and was therefore giving them a stern warning #savehabitat #savelions #reconnectwithnature #respectnature #roar #lionroar


We have a new president elected in South Africa and with that comes new hope. New hope in the sense that maybe he will clamp down and bring to an end the unethical, immoral business of lion breeding for cub petting, canned hunting and ultimately the lion bone trade. We implore #cyrilramaphosa to do the right thing for the #lion. #respectnature #reconnectwithnature #savehabitat #savelions



Here it is! Hope you like this weeks video on #lionwhisperertv. Link clickable in my bio


Sorry about the cut off paws. Instagram doesn’t allow for the framing that I had for this picture. 😩. Stay tuned as later the link will be up for the latest #lionwhisperertv video which documents Delta and Vayetse being paid a visit by the vet. #reconnectwithnature #respect #savehabitat #savelions


We had some much needed rain today and the light was so gorgeous this morning that Kahn just had to strike a pose. #blackleopard #blackpanther #kevinrichardsonwildlifesanctuary #reconnectwithnature #respect


Vayetse would like to wish you all a #happyvalentinesday 😚😍


The gorgeous #Amy. I’m seeing who is everyone’s favourite lion by the amount of likes the picture gets. 😉 #savehabitat #savelions #reconnectwithnature #respect


Recently we had decided to take a bit of a break from our fan art series, however something came along that we just had to share.  This is a pencil drawing done after one of the most iconic ‘Lionwhisperer’ photos, by 29-year-old Heiko Wagner of Germany. In his regular job, Heiko works to educate people with disabilities, which takes a very special type or person. When he is not doing that or spending time with his family, he is drawing.  He has been working with pencil drawing since the age of six and clearly his talents are something very special.  We encourage you to take a look at Heiko’s work either on his facebook page @heiko.wagner1 or on Instagram at @heikowag.  Heiko has a special love for animals as well as the human/animal bond. His aim is to have his work look like a photo from far away, but as you can see, once up close the finer details begin to emerge. Thank you Heiko for sharing this with us, we just are so blown away by your talent!  Let’s show Heiko #savelions #savehabitat #reconnectwithnature #respect


#askmeg Enjoy this weeks video everyone! #lionwhisperertv (LINK CLICKABLE IN BIO )


Nothing quite like getting rid of an itch than by using a human leg as a nice soft scratch post. Ah Bobcat you’re such a lovely soul! #bobcat #reconnectwithnature #respect #respectnature


Have you ever stopped and wondered why the lion is represented in every major city around the world? Always majestic, regal and symbolising courage and protection. Lions have been revered by mankind for centuries. So why do we stand by and allow them to be bred and shot like some meaningless object so an elite few can compensate for their inadequacies and low self esteem by hanging their heads on a wall. To the sane person this simply makes zero sense and when organizations that in the past have promoted such activities such as Safari Club International (SCI), turn their backs on this sordid #cannedlionhunting industry you know that it’s time for it to stop like many other atrocities before us in the past. #savelions #savehabitat #reconnectwithnature #respectnature #respect #lovethynature #canned #cannedhunting #safariclubinternational #nothunting


Portrait of #Yame. He’s almost 4 now and such a stunning specimen. #savelions #savehabitat #reconnectwithnature #respectnature #respect


Hope you enjoy this weeks video on #lionwhisperertv. Many have been asking for an update on #Bobcat and #Gabby so here it is. I never get tired of these two and their enthusiasm. It’s contagious and the energy they radiate can be felt in the videos they feature in. LINK CLICKABLE IN BIO #savelions #savehabitat #reconnectwithnature #respectnature #respect