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Midweek box pawty just because! 🎉😻 #🐱squad #squadgoals


On August 1st, the #🐱squad will be turning TWO. 😽🎶🎂 To celebrate, we have teamed up with a few furrends here in Singapurr to spread the love! 🎁🎁🎁
PRIZE 1: Burp! cat food hamper worth $70 from @plc_singapore*
PRIZE 2: $20 @nekononiwa Cat Café voucher^
PRIZE 3: A handmade cat brooch from @momshoo
PRIZE 4: @Gooodpetcollars rounded bowtie collar
PRIZE 5: One cannister of @kittea's unique and yummy tea blends
And, 3 consolation prize winners will each receive a bookmark of our national icon, the #Merlion - a mythical creature that is part fish and part big cat... the lion!

Rules: 1️⃣ FOLLOW @little.c8 and all sponsors 2️⃣ REPOST this poster and/or post a birthday-themed photo/edit with the hashtag #🐱SquadTurns2 and 3️⃣ tag two friends to join in the fun.

Enter NOW... best of luck!! xoxox CL + The Cats
Additional info: Contest runs from now until 5 August 2017 23:59 UTC-12. Winners will be chosen by random draw and announced on @little.c8 Instagram on or before 7 August 2017. Open worldwide and unlimited entries allowed. No giveaway or fake accounts; your account must be public so I can find your submission/s. This contest is in no way sponsored, administered or associated with Instagram. By entering, you confirm that you are 18 years of age, release Instagram of responsibility and agree to Instagram's terms of use. No purchase required and void where prohibited by law. *winner with an address outside of Singapore to pay for shipping ^valid in Singapore until 31 January 2018
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おいしい! #🐱squad


Taking you back to one of the first #🐱squadbuffet photos... happy Friday and have a fantastic weekend ahead, everypawdy!! 💙💖💚 #🐱squad #squadgoals


wait for it... 😹😹 #🐱squadvideo


Do you read the label on your cats' food and know what you're really feeding your furbabies? 🤔 Well, Epigen™ canned diets consist of at least 95% premium meat, mimics the NATURAL diet of cats (known as a biologically or genetically appropriate food) and does not contain starch, fillers, preservatives or additives. 😻 Here, William and Uno-James are tucking into the salmon flavor for lunch! Thank you @wysongpetsg for sharing this healthful and delicious meal with us. ❤️ #🐱squad #wysongpetsg #sponsored


cat tower
#🐱squad #squadgoals #goodnight


One of the things that makes my heart happy - my cats. Here they are enjoying @wysongpetsg Optimal Vitality™ ❤️💛💚💙💜 Side note: a relative just said to me how depression was basically a choice, and it was a very hurtful and ignorant statement. Mental issues are as legitimate or "real" as diseases like cancer and diabetes. Invalidating what someone struggles with on a daily basis is an insult to the millions of lives affected by this invisible illness. Please always do your research first before dispensing advice, no matter how well-intentioned. #mentalhealthawareness #projectsemicolon #endthestigma


Last night I dreamt I adopted 2 tricolor/calico kittens and woke up with a case of serious feels so I went looking through old photos and found this gem from Aug '15 which THEN reminded me that @little.c8 is turning 2 soon... like, already??! #wtf #timeflies #hashtag Can't believe I've known some of our friends here almost that long - it's incredible! On that note, happy Monday to everyone and have a great new week ❤️❤️❤️


Hi my name is Loki and check out my handiwork that comes with the exclusive soundtrack of mom screaming. #sorrynotsorry #loki🐱facts


simba and princess hermès


And in tonight's touch-your-nose-with-your-tongue contest, we have two winners and the one doofus who can't even find his own butt with four paws and a map #nannynannybooboo


Double throwback: 1️⃣ in our old kitty playroom and 2️⃣ mom, her sister and friends supporting @pinkdotsg last weekend 💗💕 Happy Thursday, everypawdy!
#🐱squad #squadgoals #throwbackthursday


Kitties and whiskers and tongue's out - oh my!
#🐱squad #tongueouttuesday #whiskerwednesday


The biscuits need to be topped up to overflowing and the water in our bowls is FOUR minutes old. C'mon, mom, you can do better!! #wtf #unacceptable #shittyservice


Thank you so much to Sarinya and Daya for donating to help us with much-needed cat supplies! ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Sunday, everyone!! #thankyou #grateful #rescuecats #adoptdontshop #🐱squad


One box for us all? If this is your idea of a joke, Ma, it's not funny 😾 #wtf #fail


#throwbackthursday foster kittens: Donut, Biscuit, Pretzel and Cookie ❤️


So you're saying this is a magic carpet and it'll only fly if I give you all my treats?


Enjoying our FAVORITE Wysong Vitality™: ✔️ 36% protein
✔️ higher levels of micronutrients such as antioxidants and omega-3
✔️doesn't contain pork
✔️ the small amount of fruits and vegetables mimics what may be consumed in their prey in the wild
✔️ four paws up x 12 cats for the taste

Also, Wysong is packaged specially to prevent the oxidation of pet food which creates free radicals that can make your cat very ill.
#🐱squad #wysongpetfood #wysongsingapore


You said something about tongues?
#🐱squad #squadgoals #tongueouttuesday


TFW someone talks smack about your friend... #sodramalah #idontfluffwithyou


OMC ma, are you seriously expecting us to share one treat? #wtf


(Daisy) Why do you have a larger portion than me, Willy? — (William) I'm a growing boy, Daisy, and growing boys need to eat more — (Tyler) Yeah, haha, your HEAD is certainly getting bigger! — (Kal) Oh boy, I'm just gonna keep eating and mind my own business...


tbt/fbf of our #🐱squadbuffet