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#Honey🐱Squad update:
Honey's very confused about being in her cage and I can see it in her face that she doesn't understand why. I've been giving her more of her favorite treats, singing to her and spending time with her and giving her neck scritches which she loves... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the overwhelming love and support for baby girl. I'm so sorry for the delay in responses.

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(swipe left) #honey🐱squad update: my baby girl's x-rays and tax invoice reflecting the tests done and medicine received.
The vet said it's highly likely to be FIP. FIP is fatal. As this illness progresses, Honey will become very uncomfortable and I might have to make the decision to put her down. For now, she has to be isolated from the other cats and I will be cleaning the house down with bleach.
Dr Beng (our vet) will email the results of Honey's blood test to me when they are out.

I'm heartbroken and shocked, and appreciate everyone's support and love. Thank you.


Honey update: Honey had a stool analysis and x-ray done. The result of the former, while not definitive, is negative for parasites and bacteria. However, her x-rays revealed her abdomen completely filled with fluid... which is not good news. This means that it is either FIP (fatal and with no cure) or a heart/liver issue (no cure, but manageable). The vet techs just took a sample of the fluid to analyze and I'm waiting for the results and at this point, I'm praying hard for the heart/liver which is the lesser of two evils - and trying to keep it together. Please please please PLEASE let Honey be OK. #honey🐱squad


At the vet with Honey Bee this morning. She's had a bloated stomach for a few days and even though she's still eating as usual and going (to her litter box), she's stopped playing with the others and started having diarrhea yesterday. I really hope it's nothing serious, you guys... #honey🐱squad #🐱squadvideo



Oh dear, someone's too cool to take pictures with his meowmy now... #tyler🐱squad


OMG... I. Just. Can't. 😂😂 #william🐱squad #earlybirdderpoff


KITTEN HUGS!!!! #honey🐱squad #demcrazyeyestho


Torn plastic bag > Cat toy


If cat balls were piñatas and kitties the treats that fall out, this is probably what it would look like. 🤓 Happy Caturday!
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Goodnight! #kal🐱squad



Looks like I've stumbled across an official Union of This Bed Is Ours meeting. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #catlogic


'DISABLED KITTIES ROCK!!!!' ❤ Even though Molly was born with a bone missing in her left front leg (AKA Radial Hypoplasia), this "squitten" enjoys life just like any other cat. Swipe left to watch a clip of our playtime together and observe the unique way Molly sits! 😍
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If you need a hug then I'm right here, Mama! #honey🐱squad


BestSleep™ bunk beds are feather-soft, space-saving, self-cleaning, thermo-regulated and provide EXCELLENT lumbar support for kitty to achieve unparelleled post-zoomies zen! Houses up to FOUR cats. Comes in easy-to-match cherry wood. Treat holder optional. Call 1800-BEE-ESSS and order yours today!! #falseadvertising


Birdwatching in the afternoon... possibly also playing I Spy. 🤔 #whoknows


#Throwback to my last morning with Sammy (renamed Jebat) and waiting for his new dad, Azrin, to fetch him... I miss him so much but at the same time, I'm so grateful he found a loving furever home. ❤



Hang in there, big brother, treats are coming!! #pleasefoodmybelly


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We regularly get the following questions from people who are looking to add a cat to their family:
Where should I put their litterboxes?
How do I mesh my windows?
Which brand of cat food should I get?
Would two cats be manageable if I have zero experience?
Will they scratch the furniture?
Will they be alright at home alone because I work long hours?
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To anyone who can't believe it isn't the weekend yet... hope this makes you smile!
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Because I dropped the ball (like I usually do --- so sorry!!) here's a belated birthday post for some of the most amazing humans I know: @linguisticali, @missvampm & @cursedpoet. 😻❤ I hope you had the best one yet! Sending hugs and head bonks from all 12 cats and I. xoxox 😽🎶🎂


I'm listening, Mama... tell me all about your day! 💕💕 #honey🐱squad


(volume up) When the feather wand comes out, Rochelle always starts chirping up a storm and I've often wondered if this is the feline equivalent of trash talking: "Hey you, feather wand, lookin so smug - think you'll beat me again? Well I'm gonna get you this time. Ya hear me?? Wipe that crap-eating smile off your face cause I'm gonna get you good!!" #rochelle🐱squad


Next stop: dreamland! 💤


Ummmmm... I think you're rather missing the point there, buddy! 😂
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Nyenyeh tongue out nyehh nyeh pfffffffbt...!! #tongueouttuesday #pudding🐱squad


This is the sleep of one without a care in the world... 💗
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