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"Don't spoil the surprise, Ma, we're baking a (vegan) cake especially for Hannah!" ConCATulations on 500K+. 🖤

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hello, internet! i just wanted to say hey and reassure everypawdy we're alive and well. in the month since my last post, we've had a few fun(ny mis)adventures, celebrated some birthdays and adopted a new sibling. i hope all is great in your corner of the world. as always, sending out kitty kisses and pawsitive vibes from singapurr 🖤 CL + the cats #🐱squad


🎶 Monday morning kitty meeting / Chase each other, share some treats / Mom is taking yet more pictures - she's unstoppable / Let's all act like we can't hear her calling 🎶
Happy Monday and we wish everyone a great week ahead 😻 Thank you so much for following our adventures these past two years – especially to the most understanding and supportive friends we made. Sending out tons of love, kitty kisses and purrs from: CL + The Cats #🐱squad


Is there anything cuter than a plateful of kittens?? #🐱squad


cat tower
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One of the things that makes my heart happy - my cats. Here they are enjoying @wysongpetsg Optimal Vitality™ ❤️💛💚💙💜 Side note: a relative just said to me how depression was basically a choice, and it was a very hurtful and ignorant statement. Mental issues are as legitimate or "real" as diseases like cancer and diabetes. Invalidating what someone struggles with on a daily basis is an insult to the millions of lives affected by this invisible illness. Please always do your research first before dispensing advice, no matter how well-intentioned. #🐱squad


❤️💛💚💙💜 #🐱squad


Just got this comment on my page - not the first time - and I'm gonna address this once and for all: Why do animal shelters exist if they need volunteers and donations? Why help others when we should just look out for ourselves? Maybe, I should get rid of my house while I'm at it because bills can get expensive. Tell me who would have fed, fostered, homed, neutered and vetted these cats (and any more to come) otherwise? The reality is that every rescuer is stretched thin. Instead of asking me why I save lives, ask yourself how YOU can actively contribute. Be a part of the solution. Cheers.



Studies have shown that this new trick effectively prevents snoring 😹😹😹 #🐱squad


😹😹 #🐱squad


Truth #zzz #🐱squad


Laura, I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu #🐱squad


Om nomnom nom nom... #🐱squad


Thank you (tagged) for such sweet tribute posts for Honey and to everyone who is still leaving such heartfelt and touching condolences. Thank you. The COI community is love. ♥️ #honey🐱squad #flashbackfriday


Dearest friends,

Thank you for the overwhelming love, support and solidarity over the past few days and in the wake of baby Honey's passing. I am so grateful to everyone who took the time to offer comfort and share their experience with this awful disease - and each condolence message is like a balm to my heart. (I tried liking all comments and replying everybody but have been blocked by IG for doing so and I really hope you see this message.) Special mention and my eternal gratitude to Jacquie M., Brooke B., Jacqueline B., Patti D., Daya C., Carissa B. and Gayle R. for basically making surprise donations and taking care of both Honey's vet bills and our transportation. Special thanks to the most amazing friends (tagged) who made Honey memorial/tribute posts... I feel so incredibly touched knowing that our little family has the most wonderful extended one out there.
I just want to add that I hope you hug your loved ones and make sure to tell them how special they are to you while you have the chance because if there's one thing my time with Honey has shown me, it's not to take anything for granted. I also hope you give them extra hugs from myself and my furbabies - and even one from little angel Honey too.
Thank you for being just the best, and for reading. ♥️ Cora-Leigh



Within an hour of meeting Honey, I knew her name suited her perfectly. She'd been sent to me that night by her previous fosterer and she was understandably frightened. To calm her down, I cradled her in my shirt and walked around the house gently rubbing her head, speaking softly to her and singing lullabies. Either she was too tired or that worked because Honey fell asleep right in my arms.
And that was just the start of getting to know the sweetest baby girl. As each day passed, I grew to love her more and more.
Even though our time together was too short, Honey taught me so much and I have some of the best memories from the past six weeks. I'll never forget her and will always feel grateful for the chance to love her, care for her and watch her grow.
I'd like to believe that Honey has gone to a wonderful place where there's no suffering and she's hanging out with Uncle Puff, baby James, her sister, Little, and all the other angels who have gone before - with as many toys as their hearts desire, as much treats as they can eat (which is a lot), and songs playing as a soundtrack to it all.. Sleep tight, Honey. Thank you for having been such a beautiful light in our lives.


Throwback photo of Honey.
I'm sorry to update that things are not looking great right now. Honey's breathing has become labored and she is starting to breathe through her mouth. It's obvious that she's quite uncomfortable because she takes awhile to settle down and does so awkwardly. She also looks emaciated apart from her stomach which has swelled up even more.
I have a vet appointment scheduled for 11 in the morning (and I need to pay off the balance of her previous bill) but I'm mentally prepared that Honey's time is coming.
Thank you Brooke B. and Jacquie M. for donating to Honey's vet bill. It will go to paying off the balance $277.81 I owe.

Thank you everyone who stuck with us and for your support at this difficult time.


KITTEN HUGS!!!! #🐱squad #demcrazyeyestho


If you need a hug then I'm right here, Mama! #🐱squad


I'm listening, Mama... tell me all about your day! 💕💕 #🐱squad


The others said I can't have treats because the package says "not for calico kittens" but that's not true, right, Ma?? #🐱squad




All the furry inspectors making sure this month's food/litter/Frontline/treats delivery is in order. It's very impawtant work! 😜

That's $240 spent, not including odor-eliminator solution, Feliway, dry food and more wet food (approx. another $180) that we'll buy from another store, and all I can say at this point is that I'm so, so grateful and *relieved* that finances are finally stabilizing for our household. 🏠 But most of all? I'm thankful for everyone who helped out along the way! I'm not sure what we would've done without each and every one of you. THANK YOU. ❤


Small kitty, big mess... 🐱🐾 #🐱squad


Ten seconds of zen since it's Monday. #🐱squad


Happy Calico Caturday ❤

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Happy Friday, friends!! ❤
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YUMMY... it's time for dinner!! ♥️ #🐱squadbuffet

Note: we're eating the Burp!™ wet food that @plc_singapore gifted us. Thank you for feeding the #🐱squad! #PLCxLittleC8


Hey guys... Not sure if anyone remembers my flashback post awhile back about Puff, my family's 11-year-old cat, but I just got a call from my mom letting me know he passed away tonight. We're all devastated, but this is especially hard on my sister, because he was her bestest friend and they were inseparable. I remember how he would sometimes cry out for her and mope around the house back when she was in uni and living on campus, and the squawky meows he always greeted her with when she came home. I really wish I'd known the last time I saw him was going to be the final time and I think this was a painful reminder not to take a single moment for granted. 💔 RIP Puff, and I hope you're enjoying all the chicken and Temptations you can get over the 🌈 bridge. May we meet again soon, buddy. #🐱squad


For today's flashback photo and in honor of (yesterday's?) National Black Cat Day, we want to share this 2005 oldie of our Uncle Puff when he was a kitten. Uncle Puff is 11 years old this year and now lives with our peopleaunt @disastermovie2. (He is her bestest friend.) Snuggled up next to Uncle Puff in the picture is his sister, Tobi Vail. Anyway. Their story is that when our meowmy was a teen and having supper with some colleagues after work one night, she saw some tiny kittens through an opening in the floorboards of the coffeehouse she was at. The next day, after meowmy asked her parents what to do, she ended up coming back for Uncle Puff and Tobi Vail, crawling around the dirty floor on all fours to get them out, and then walking home half an hour through the rain with two crying kittens in a box because she had no money to take transport back. Tobi Vail went missing awhile later and we think another family took her in but Uncle Puff stayed with meowmy's family, living happily ever after... In fact, we hope he stays with us for at least another 11 years! ❤️ #🐱squad