Pooky the Munchkin

I'm a Ragdoll/British Short Munchkin Kitty 🐾 Female! 1year old. I purr at everything and love a good belly rub❤ 👻snap:lilmunchiepooky


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I open doors with my cuteness and it works every time! 🤔😍😆😊
Ps. Pooky's meows are very rare(almost never) so it's very difficult to capture on video. But past few months we managed to capture enough meows to make a short video! Posting it sometime next week so look out for it ❤️


I'm your toilet buddy! Open the door and let me in hooman! ❤️


Hooman sending a love note to Pooky for Valentine's Day! Big hugs and kisses to everyone and Happy Valentine's Day! 😘
ps. If you haven't found that special someone, Pooky can be your Valentine today, she has a lot of love to share ❤️
#pookyandhoomanforever #valentinesday



Pooky and hooman forever❤️ do you want to hug me too?
📷: @apertureby_me


Caption Contest!
Winner: @_laramedic "stay pawsitive!" (We really liked the idea of Pooky showing her fluffy butt and telling everyone to stay positive. It reflects on what she does everyday, making smiles and brightening everyone's day. Don't worry, we also wrote down all the captions we love because there too many, so don't be surprised to see your caption made into a design in the near future)

Our favorite caption in the next 24 hours will become part of this design to be included our upcoming Pooky store! It's a little different and special this time so we hope you will participate❤️ .

We have been working with the talented @teal.rgb on creating designs for future pooky merchandise such as clothing, pillows and phone cases. We would love to have the fans be part of the designing process so leave your best caption in the comments below! Make sure to check back for the winning caption! 😊


Pooky vs. "lucky cat", who is cuter? 😂
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Peekaboo! Pooky hiding in the bookshelf 😊


Pooky still bringing the same toy to hooman for playtime just like when she was a baby❤️
Making this video has reminded us how fast time has gone by. And we want to just say a quick thank you. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to watch Pooky grow up and for loving her as much as we do. We hope we have been able to put a smile on your face and a little warmth in your heart with our pictures and videos -hooman


Cannot pooky today... being too cute can be tiring🤔
Who else can't Pooky today? ❤️



Can I hug you with my tiny floofy paws? ❤️



Find someone who looks at you the way Pooky looks at tuna ❤️
If you already found that special someone tag them to let them know 😊


Pooky dancing to the song "Havana" by @camila_cabello! (sound on 🔊)
Feel free to leave suggestions for future songs in the comments below❤️



The votes are in! This Pooky character sketch won by 85%! We will create some more designs based from this sketch. Some potential designs include: "Purrito!", "Do I hear tuna?", "I can't Pooky today" and "Good things come in small packages". Let us know your favorite Pooky quotes in the comments! They might become a future design!
We hope to launch an online store soon with lots of pooky stuff. We will announce the details soon! Feel free to comment below on what other designs you would like to see or what pooky stuff you would be interested in ❤️

Design by @teal.rgb she is amazing. Please go check out her art 😊


Pooky is the last thing I see before I fall asleep and the first thing I see when I wake up ❤️


Pooky watches Dumbo from Disney!
This is one of our personal favorites so we wanted to share it again. (Throwback video) ❤️



Caption Contest Winners!
@mina_and_the_fluff "When you think about all the cat toys lost under the couch"
@lacey_nkiru "Cute cat attempts to blend in with wooden object"
@ladylolathecat "When you forgot to flush the toilet"
Caption contest! Our 3 favorite comments in the next 30minutes will become the caption for this photo. Check back later to see who we chose. Have fun😊
All the comments were so creative and great! good! We definitely had fun and we hope you did too. Thanks for playing. It was definitely very difficult to choose!😂


Living with Pooky equals lots of rubs and hugs ❤️


Why watch TV when you can watch me? 😊 (Pooky wants attention Part 2)
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Happy New Year from Pooky! What are your New years resolutions? Thank you everyone for following us and watching her grow up together the past year in 2017. Here's to the new year 2018, another year full of Pooky ! ❤️
📷: @apertureby_me


Hello! Pet me please.. and don't stop 🤗😇❤️😻


No Keys for hooman! No leaving! Stay home with me forever ❤️ (pooky wants attention Part 1)


Merry Christmas from us to you! Hope you have a wonderful day! Hooman got back just in time to spend Christmas with Pooky. The best present was being able to hug her in my arms again 😇
(⬆️Pooky's photographer friend stopped by today!)


Last post for a while... I will be leaving the country to be with my family tomorrow. Some family matters came up regarding a close family member. I may be gone a few weeks or it could be a couple months. I sincerely hope you can understand that I need to take some personal time off to emotionally and physically be with my family for this time. Pooky will definitely be back on Instagram in the future and I will be sure to let you know when. Pooky will be living with a trusted friend who will be taking great care of her. I will miss her very much. -Hooman


Pooky manicure time! Hooman giving her a gentle nail trim ☺️


Baby Pooky playing piano❤️ #throwback
📷: @apertureby_me


Kitty wizard school now open for business! Come sign up for more Pooky magic❤️

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?


Pooky competing with cellphone for hooman's attention. Who wins? ❤️


I saved a spot on the bed just for you ❤️


Pooky and hooman always there for each other ❤️
ps. Pooky is fully recovered and doing great!


Look who's under the blankets!
Pooky is recovering and doing great! She is just a little tired from fighting her illness and staying at the animal hospital. She spent the day sleeping beside hooman under the blankets. We will film some videos in the next few days when she is more active. Sorry for the wait.