Pooky the Munchkin

I'm a Ragdoll/British Short Munchkin Kitty 🐾 Female! 1year old. I purr at everything and love a good belly rub❤ 👻snap:lilmunchiepooky


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Pooky competing with cellphone for hooman's attention. Who wins? ❤️


I saved a spot on the bed just for you ❤️


Pooky and hooman always there for each other ❤️
ps. Pooky is fully recovered and doing great!



Look who's under the blankets!
Pooky is recovering and doing great! She is just a little tired from fighting her illness and staying at the animal hospital. She spent the day sleeping beside hooman under the blankets. We will film some videos in the next few days when she is more active. Sorry for the wait.


Pooky is home now. It's been a difficult few days without her. She really wasn't feeling well and was in a lot of pain in the beginning, but she steadily improved and we were able to take her home. We suspect she had gastroenteritis (really bad tummy ache), but what's important is she is able to come home and is eating again. She is still on some medicine for the next few days but she is feeling much better. Thank you guys so much for the outpouring of love and support. Thank you for all the well wishes and caring messages.
This video is made of video clips taken over the last few days while hooman stayed with her at the animal hospital. Hooman and Pooky ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together everyday while she recovered. We will be taking Pooky back for another checkup in a few days. As for now, we will keep close watch on her while she is home and give her lots of hugs and cuddles.


Pooky is at the hospital. She isn't feeling well. She hasn't been eating for a few days and has been having diarrhea. The doctor ran some tests on her but they were inconclusive and put her on supportive treatment to see if she will get well enough to eat again.The animal hospital opens for 12 hours so hooman stayed with her every minute until they closed. Pooky will need to spend the night at the hospital away from her hooman. Hooman really misses Pooky and will be going to see her first thing in the morning. The house just feels so empty without her. Please send her love.



How to make a Pooky Purrito 😇
ps. Pooky only allows her hooman to do the burrito and won't let anybody else do it❤️


Giving CPR to my furry friends so maybe they will come alive and play with me. Will you come play with me? 😿


I am a little Pooky Dragon! Did I scare you? Happy Halloween everyone! 👻



Pooky is a bunny! 🐰
Happy (early) Halloween! Do you like her costume? ❤️


Don't reveal my secret identity hooman! They can't know Pooky is Totoro 😊


Hooman trimming my little toebean fluffs so I don't keep slipping when I run around the house 🐾
Pooky's pawdicure spa day❤️



Pooky and hooman forever❤️


Eww! Go wash your stinky socks, hooman! (Turn on sound to hear her meow😍)


Pooky helping her hooman with work! Do you need a little pooky helper at work? ❤️



Throwback to baby Pooky❤️
Ps. You may have seen us post this before. That's because it's one of our favorite photos! 😊


How to tuck in your kitten using Pooky magic❤️


World's cutest alarm clock! Pooky jumps onto the bed looking for cuddles every morning. She is very polite and won't wake me until the alarm sounds ❤️



Caption Contest winners! @hazereen :My pupils dilate only for you❤️ @henrychc0911 :Can I be your shorty, hooman? @bonnienclydekitties :Living proof that good things come in small packages
Caption contest! Our 3 favorite comments in the first 1 hour will become the caption for this photo. Check back in one hour to see who we chose❤️
All the comments were so creative and great! good! We definitely had fun and we hope you did too. Thanks for playing. It was definitely very difficult to choose!😂


It's hard to refuse a polite kitty ❤️
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Pooky and her habit of hiding her favorite things. She is a secret hoarder ❤️


Pooky and hooman making their best friend handshakes! Do you like the ultimate handshake at the end of the video? ❤️


Wake up. stretch. sleep. repeat ❤️


Winners for the caption contest!

@sam_muel_mumford : Do my legs look short in this? Be honest

@ethandk11 : I am a log with fluff

@trumpetman147 : I might be cute and small but I shall rule you all

Our favorite comment in the first 1 hour will become the caption for this photo. Check back in one hour to see who we choose 😊

This was sincerely amazing. All the comments were so good we couldn't just choose one. We would choose every single one if we could! We will definitely do this more often. You guys are so creative and had us laughing with every comment. Thank you so much for participating!


I will show you a different side of me - my cute butt fluff (Sound on! 🔊) 😂
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Song: "Wiggle" by @jasonderulo


Can I get a hug please, hooman? .

7 weeks apart but nothing has changed. So glad to be back home with my little Pooky glue❤️


Reunited! I miss you so much Hooman! Now lend me your arm to cuddle ❤️ .

First night back after 7 weeks apart. Pooky latched onto my arm and didn't let go until she fell asleep. She would occasionally purr and open her eyes to make sure I was still there. I missed you so much too my little Pooky glue~
Ps. Thank you guys for being patient and waiting. Pooky is back on IG 😊


We will suspend posting on Instagram for a while... hooman needs to leave the country to be with his family for the next few weeks. Some family matters came up. Sorry this came so abruptly. We know how much seeing Pooky means to you guys and we sincerely hope you can understand. We truly thank each and every one of you for watching Pooky grow up with us and sharing in her cute moments together. We will start posting again when hooman comes back and will try to do it more regularly. During this time, Pooky will be living with her favorite friend who will be taking great care of her.
Hope you enjoy the video. It is pooky playing cute. We will be back hopefully sometime next month.


Some things will never change even as we grow older❤️ #throwback


Pooky attack! Did I scare you with my cuteness? 😂