Lizzie & Ally

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My little explorer ❄️
Lizzie and Ally need a healthy diet for all this exploring. They eat a raw food diet from @BigCountryRaw and thrive on it!
👉🏼Swipe left to see what was in Ally’s breakfast bowl this morning! She had lamb dinner, raw fermented goat milk, puréed pumpkin, Thrive mineral boost, Thrive herring oil, grated carrots and cauliflower.
If you have any questions about feeding your pet raw please ask or head over to @bigcountryraw’s page (link in their bio) to learn more about how raw could be a healthy choice for your pet. #bigcountryraw #sponsored
Remember to use coupon code LIZZIEBCR10 for 10% off your next order!


That awkward moment when you don’t want a kiss 😒😆


Snow day! ❄️❤️❄️



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Spotted in the woods: the elusive reindog 🌲 #WHPclassic


I’ll just wait here 😴🎅🏻🎄 #WHPclassic



This time last year we already had lots of snow! Fingers crossed for a white Christmas 🤞🏼❄️ Happy Saturday!


Waiting for Christmas 😴✨
Let’s talk about those noses again because this is a good example of how to tell them apart! If you’re still not sure read the clue in my last post 😉 Happy Friday!


Feeling festive ❄️🎄 #tbt
The votes are in and the poll is now closed! For all of you who voted in my stories, it was Ally holding the Christmas ornament in her mouth with the hat over her head (see two posts back).
They can be hard to tell apart but one difference is that Ally has a liver smudge on her nose whereas Lizzie’s nose is jet black!
So who do you think is in the wreath? 👆🏼😉



Dear Santa, I’m the nice one. My sister Ally is over there being naughty again 🙄 #DontConfuseUs
Hey guys thanks to everyone who voted in my poll in my stories! Surprisingly most of you got it wrong 😂 There’s still time to vote though and I’ll be posting the answer soon!


My little helper 🎄✨ Can you guess who this is?


Christmas is in the air 🎄 Now all we need is snow!
BTW do you recognize the wreath on the door? It’s the one that was around Lizzie’s neck a few rows down ☺️
📆 We’re also shamelessly promoting our 2018 Golden Retriever calendar! Link in my bio!



Mondays should be optional 😴
Hey guys! I’m excited to tell you that we’re in a 2018 Golden Retriever Calendar with some of our favourite golden accounts:


Link in our bio 👆🏼😄


Nature walks with my girls and breathing in that fresh air are what inspire me #WHPinspired


All is calm, all is bright 😴✨ #WHPinspired
Finding inspiration for photos of my two almost-identical girls can be challenging but the change in seasons always helps! 🎄✨



Friday feels ☺️ Happy Dec 1st! No sign of snow here! 🍂
I thought I’d give you an update since so many people have been asking about my husband. He came home a few days ago and is on the mend. He still has a long road to full recovery but he’s headed in the right direction! Thank you all so much for your concerns and kind comments ❤️


Throwback to puppy Ally 🍑🤗 #Sofluffyimgonnadie


Do you think Lizzie made it on Santa’s nice list? 📜🎄😇



Hold on mom I just spotted a squirrel 🐿️🍂
It’s a fall-winter kind of day! Right now we’re in between seasons where we still have autumn leaves and a bit of snow on the ground but it’s quickly melting ❄️🍂


Just warming up the sofa for you mom 😌


Adventures are better with a dog. And coffee ☕️☀️
(don’t worry there was no coffee in the mug. Just a small treat 😉)


Seize the day 👊🏼 Happy new week! ❄️


We took a step back in time right here in our own town 🎄 #WHPlikealocal #myOttawa


Wish these autumn colours lasted forever 🍁🇨🇦 #myOttawa #imagesofCanada #WHPlikealocal


Dreaming of a white Christmas 🎄❄️ Is anyone else looking forward to Christmas and some snow? ☃️
By the way we’ll be taking over the @dogsofinstagram stories tomorrow so keep a lookout for that!


It’s blanket weather, stay cozy! 🍂🍁


Hugs make everything better ❤️
We didn’t get the news we were hoping for the other day as the progress we expected to see didn’t happen. We’re hoping that things will take a turn for the better real soon with the new medication. Thanks so much for all your caring words.
Remember to hug your loved ones 💕xo


So excited for the first snow! ❄️ #WHPthankful


So grateful for this view every morning ☺️ I’m lucky to have them in my life and I give them the best possible life in return. They get two good daily walks, great food, lots of cuddles & love every single day #WHPthankful
I wasn’t going to but then I couldn’t resist sharing this. Today was a better day and I’m hoping we can get back to our more adventurous selves soon. We got snow today and I took a few pictures I will share with you this week! They really had a blast! ❄️


My girl ❤️ Because she makes me happy. Because I love this face. Because she’s always ready for an adventure #WHPthankful #SheHasMyHeart #TheyBothDo
Thanks again for all your nice comments and messages. I can’t reply to all of them but I’ve read them all. Things are stable. No news is good news 🤞🏼