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Barkday: 16 Oct '14 No hatin'. Only love, light, and loads of laughter. 💕 #silliestcorgi #thetravelingcorgi #soundsoflogan #laziestcorgi #guiltylogan


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I am quite literally a beam bum. 🍑👌🏼🌴🌊 #corgibutt


Tonight was the night I was in the mood for making random sounds. From burping to mooing to snorting. 🙊🐮🐷 Good night!!! 💕 #soundsoflogan #silliestcorgi #corgiph


Doing some morning doga to start the day. 🙏🏽✨ #silliestcorgi #yoga #upwarddog #upwarddogdog 😅


How to get what you want with minimum effort. 💯 (Okay, no I didn't even get crumbs. 🙄) #silliestcorgi #loganthebrat #corgiph


Look at Bumpy now. ❤️❤️ Swipe to the last photo for his "before" photo at the time of his rescue. 😔 What's impt is that he's a trooper! Could you help us save Bumpy? 💕 Even overseas furriends may donate thru PayPal - jheczurc@gmail.com while friends from Manila may want to consider even donating in kind like food and supplements. THANK YOU! 🙏🏽 #rescuedog #aspinlove
"Bumpy had his chemo today coz the med was out of stock last Saturday. His appetite is still good and he remains happy and active. After Bumpy's next session, he will be tested if cancer cells are already gone. Let's all hope for Bumpy's complete recovery soon. Bumpy still needs help for his supplements and food. Hope you can be with him until the last day of his treatment. Thank you & God bless us all! 🙏🏻❤️🐾" - @4d_jc


Love letter. ❤️❤️ (bowtie from @wagswhiskersph)


The struggle is real. #sleepinglogan #silliestcorgi


Weekend exercise w/ my pawrents is the best. 💃🏼🕺🏼🚴🏼 #thetravelingcorgi #corgiph


Derp face cos we visitin' Charlie in the farm! 🌾🌾🌾 Heard I'm gonna meet lots of hoomans today. Hoping they like me so I wore my smart casual bow tie. 😅 Watch out for mah farm Stories. 🕺🏼 #thetravelingcorgi #corgiph


Friyay's best. 🐰🤵🏽
Pardon my 🤤


I just gobble down even jerky treats so mommyo's glad it took me a while to finish this LAMB EAR WITH LIVER ICING. 🤤😋 I'm sure I'd finish this faster if I had longer legs to keep it in place though. 😩🙄😡 Such interesting finds at @bowandwow! 🙌🏽 #bowandwow


We completely agree that neutering is an essential step towards stray-free & rabies-free Philippines. Let's help @ppbccfoundation build their neuter clinic so they can help more furbabies. ❤️❤️ // Paypal: ppbcc.donate@gmail.com 🐶
"We are back on track. The construction of our neuter clinic was delayed due to the urgency to do our free neuter outreach missions. On our outreach missions alone, we were able to do more than 3,000 dogs and cats since January of this year. And our daily surgeries average about 50 neuters. Not including our other subsidized programs and our continuous TRAP NEUTER VACCINE RETURN program. Our neuter clinic is designed to accommodate 200 neuter surgeries per day. Please help us achieve a rabies free Philippines by humanely controlling dog and cat population thru neutering (rendering both male/female incapable of reproduction)
Help us make a change.
Paypal: ppbcc.donate@gmail.com
#makingachangeincompanionanimalwelfare #neuter #donate #letsmakephilippinesrabiesfree #catsofinstagram #cat #dogsofinstagram #veterinarian

Please check out 🙏🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭


Is it Friday yet??🙃😩 #laziestcorgi #silliestcorgi
P.S. Don't worry furriends. My weight is within average. Just floofy. 😘


Where's my sand castle, mommyo??? Throwback to my not-as-fluffy days. Watch out for that 4-legged hop. 🐰😅😅#silliestcorgi


Bowtie on to greet my sweet furriend @kristenlukowski a happy birthday!!! Thank you for you sweet messages. 💕 May you have a beautiful birthday weekend! 🍑


I'd like to remind everypawdy attending #petexpo2017 to protect their furbabies from unwanted crawlies by GENEROUSLY spraying @fluffybuttph's SHOO FLEA! Natural Tick Repellant on their paws, legs, tummy, sides, spine, chest, and tail/butt before leaving the house. ☝🏽 Reapply by midday for maximum protection. 💕
Happy (almost) weekend, y'all! Stay safe & dry. 🌈


Stay safe & dry, Philippines! ❤️🌈


SHHHHH.... I'm waiting for their crumbs. 😈🤤🐷🍑 #silliestcorgi #corgiloaf #corgibutt #guiltylogan


Mommyo brought home a new toy all the way from Zambales... a bamboo stick for her plant. 😅😅😅


Aren't Sunday naps the best? 😴😴😴 #sleepinglogan #silliestcorgi #corgiph


GAME FACE. When drinking my good night milk. 😅 Oh, if only daddyo got to capture my thunderous burp after. 💯 #corgiph #silliestcorgi


Didn't realize we had a growing collection already of corgi items from thoughtful furriends. 🍑💕 Thank you!!!
• Keychain & phone case from @iloveurpet (s/o to U.S. furriends!) 🐾
• Coaster and magnet were pasalubong (gifts from a trip) from my sister, and best friend
• Butt purse from my girlfriend Judy @judgejudylim 😘
• Ecobags from @fluffybuttph (front & back of the same bag) - s/o to PH furriends!


Of empty beaches & BFFs. ❤️❤️ #thetravelingcorgi #itsmorefuninthephilippines #corgiph


Evening beanie moments. 💕 Sometimes I'm even too lazy to bark so I just kick my paw for belly rubs. 😅🐾🐾 #loganthebrat #soundsoflogan #silliestcorgi #loganagainstthebeanbag


Time for my power nap. 😴😴😴 #sleepinglogan #silliestcorgi #loganagainstthebeanbag


Did I tell you to stop, mommyo? 🙄😡😡 Watch with 🔈🔈🔈 #loganthebrat #soundsoflogan #silliestcorgi


Save the 🌏 with us furbabies. 💚💙💚💙 Swipe left! #loganrecommends
☝🏽 Scratch paper > plastic for mah 💩
☝🏽 Reusable cup for mah puppaccino 🍦 (and hooman's coffee - no plastic utensils either)
☝🏽 No chemicals for mah petcare products from @fluffybuttph 🍃


Remember Bumpy? The poor baby who was rescued after getting hit on the head and not being treated immediately? Please help @4d_jc, @carlaangeline, mommyo, and other kind souls who have been pitching in for Bumpy's food & medication save Bumpy from the Big C - among other things! No amount is too small. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Even overseas furriends may donate thru PayPal - jheczurc@gmail.com 💕 THANK YOU! ❤️❤️
@4d_jc : "Just keep fighting Bumpy! We are all here for you! 🙏🏻😔🐾 Update on Bumpy! 6/24/2017

We went to the vet yesterday and it seems that his WBC is still low probably due to his ehrlichia. We will be needing to wait for another week while he is in doxycycline again. We also found out that Cancer has eaten part of his bones inside his mouth which makes him prone to infection. Surgery was suggested but it will be after his treatment. He's on soft and dry mixed diet now. Bumpy has been through a lot and is still fighting. I am asking for some prayers for this baby so he can have a better life soon! 🙏🏻😔 #bumpy #rescue #rescuedog #cancer #tvt #pray #furbaby #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #heal #stfrancisofassisi #please #bewell #getwellsoon #love #faith #hope #miracle"


🙊👶🏼🐶💕 (from @unilad)