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😀 michael 📸 best views in London & around the 🌎 📍 London based 🔜 Rotterdam

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London's finest bench with a view🙌🏻🏙 ...only in #PointHill , basically stone's throw from Greenwich Park🌳#LondonParkWithAView
📸 Nikon D5 with 600mm f4e 🔭


The beauty of #TowerBridge at night😍🌉🌉 Couple of days ago I go to visit the Engine Rooms exhibition and new Walk of Fame at @towerbridge ☺️ Felt quite proud to have my photography noticed and appreciated enough to have the privilege of joinin the tour of the new exhibitions with the descendants of people who built and worked on the bridge back in the late 19th century and hear all the stories their grand parents told them.


Too much heat and you get a sun stroke🙃☀️Last night at #ShardView my brain must've thought it's @night.scape or someone else I'm clearly not 😂 Anyway, I rolled with it😜Had no other choice to be honest, it took control over me😆


Stay strong Manchester 🙏🏻😔



Skyline runway 🏙🛫


The heat is on😎☀️
Happy Monday everyone😀London is finally getting some long awaited sun and warmth😁
Viewpoint location🙌🏻➡️🏙: Occupation Lane in Shooters Hill, one my favourites ( and closest😜) streets with a view. The alignment of #TowerBridge 🌉🌉 #StPauls ⛪️ #BTtower 🗼 and #wembleystadium ⚽️ couldn't be prettier😍
📸 #NikonD5 and 600mm F4e thanks to the collaboration with @nikonschooluk 🙏🏻


☀️Urban village fete at the Greenwich Peninsula #uvfete2017 😎


Driven by something different🏙🚙
My favourite viewpoint to drive, park and enjoy the skyline📸My zen spot😌 Only 20min drive from where I live is Occupation Lane in Shooters Hill, south east London... I come here often😉Yesterday the visibility was good but earth was emitting quite a lot of heat so at long telephoto everything was fuzzy and wobbling hence I took this wide shot of my car as if I was to make an ad for Skoda. However if I really was to make an ad for the brand (or any other car manufacturer😉) I'd come here at night when the city lights up, bring some flashes and compress the distance even more🤔Idea for another shoot I guess...



The best view of #BigBen 😍🕰
📸Timelapse from the roof of St Thomas' Hospital at #StThomasAbseil fundraising event in support for Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital and Evelina London Children's Hospital🏩😍🙏🏻
🎧 And So It Begins by Artificial.Music via No Copyright Music


Red🔴 the colour of Friday nights 😎🍸Cheers to the weekend, you've earned it👍🏻 #LondonBarWithAView


Starlapse in hyperspeed 🚀🌌
All nighter at #BeachyHead with Charles @bothhemispheres and Peter @pli.panda 😀👋🏻 Because when you really want to see stars, unfortunately you have to get out of London😜
🎧Sunday Stroll by NICKV. Music provided by Music for Creators


There's so much to London I am yet to explore😍 #TowerBridge 🌉🌉🇬🇧Been living here 11 years now but feel like I only started discovering the city since joining Instagram back in November 2014, crazy right ?😱However I get asked a lot over DM's and emails - what are the best places to see in London in 48 hours 😳 It's impossible😜A weekend in London will barely wet your appetite to all there is to this amazing city😋 I'm guessing same goes to all the other cool cities around the world that I want to visit and most likely will have myself 48 hours or so to do it 😂
All in all, my recommendation is to always start with a good view to get your bearings around the city and go from there😀Here's a good place to start your weekend in London ...
Viewpoint location 🙌🏻➡️🏨: brand new #LondonHotelWithAView - @novotellondoncanarywharf , with a restaurant on the 38th floor for your breakfast and a rooftop terrace to start your day with a coffee and a view👍🏻



#TravelThursday throwback to the best view in Paris from the Montparnasse Tower Observation Deck🙌🏻 #EiffelTower 🗼🇫🇷


🇬🇧London... you know? #BigBen 🕰 blue sky 🏙sunshine ☀️ and happy people😊 ➡️... London😎


Did you see last nights' sunset?😱🌇Sky turned fiery red, then pink and salmon. I was plane spotting on the eastern approach at London City Airport with the beast setup again:
🔭📸 #NikonD5 with 600mm F4e ➡️ check out my insta story for gallery of photos from last night👍🏻


Like father, like son👲🏼👱🏼 #TravelTuesday 🇳🇱 The time me and Alex visited the tallest tower in Amsterdam - The Rembrandt Toren 🏙 By the way, if you take photos of your kids, check out my friend Jessica's @snowflakesfairy new feature hub called @kidslovetravels 👈🏻 Tag #KidsLoveTravels as all kids love to travel☺️ This special experience was organised thanks to the tourism board of @iamsterdam - thank you guys🙏🏻 #iAmsterdam



Tag a friend you would like to witness the magic of #TowerBridge opening up at night with 📲😍 🌉🌉🇬🇧
Myself, I've seen it loads of times now, yet every single time I get to see it again, it's just as majestic and magnificent as I remember seeing it for the first time☺️#LondonTimelapse 🎧"Imaginary" by Broken Elegance & Nomyn. Music provided by Audio Library.


#LondonSkyline ... all of it, unobstructed, beautiful 😍🌆🇬🇧Not that many places I've ever been to that have such a clear view of all there is to London's skyline😱This is one of them, however it's from a private residential rooftop I've had a chance of visiting, that's why I'm sharing it with you so you can see what London looks like from all these unique and quirky angles 😜When it's a public access viewpoint - I say it, when it's private - well... at least I show you what's it like😉


There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met yet ☺️👋🏻😀 The Gardener's Arms tagline is exactly how it feels when being part of the @instagram community. The last two days of your support for the Guy's and St Thomas' foundation I was spreading the word about - have been beyond humbling😱🙏🏻 Night, night and I wish you a great week ahead👍🏻 PS. It's not an ad for Smart😂
Viewpoint location 🙌🏻➡️🍺: a far far away pub with a view - The Gardeners Arms in Loughton, high enough that the #LondonSkyline is beautifully visible even from all the way there. 15min stroll up a hill from Loughton tube station so not really car only like some of the far away locations I share👍🏻🚇🚶


All eyes on Ben👀🕶🕰
The day started off all grey and rainy. I didn't see it coming, then suddenly 🌇 sky cleared, the sun came out just behind #BigBen and created this amazing shadow along #WestminsterBridge 😱 ⬅️this emoji was literally my face😂
Viewpoint location🙌🏻➡️🏩: roof of #StThomasHospital at the special abseiling event #StThomasAbseil . You're support has been amazing and I'm STILL catching up on emails and messages from all of you 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Also big thanks to the awesome guys at @London for spreading the message by featuring my photos from the event🙏🏻And a huge thank you to all of you who have donated🙏🏻😍 #SupportGSTT



When Londoners become daredevils for a day in support of Guy's and St Thomas' hospital 🙏🏻🏩😍 #StThomasAbseil #SupportGSTT
A huge thank you to all who donated and sent me all the kind messages following yesterday's insta stories😱 I cannot even express how humbled I am by your words and your actions of support for the hospital🙏🏻☺️ Huge huge thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊😊I'm catching up on sending everyone the high resolution photos I promised in exchange, so please bare with me on this as it's also my son's birthday this weekend so I'll be a bit busy during he day but will stay late at night to deliver as promised👍🏻


#StThomasAbseil 😱 Watch my insta story to find out how can get me to send you a high resolution photo from this amazing if not one of London's best views towards #BigBen , #LondonEye and all of London👍🏻 #SupportGSTT 🏩🙏🏻😍 In short donate anything from £1 to £1m+, send me an email that you did, I will trust you and send you back high resolution panoramic image from the roof of #StThomasHospital ☺️


Take flight🦅🎡 First time I shot this angle of the #RAFmemorial on Victoria Embankment in front of #LondonEye 👍🏻Think it's a cool angle and composition you not see that often pop up here on IG so thought to share it with you guys😊What do you think ? 📸 Nikon D5 with the excellent new 19mm Perspective Correction lens🔭


Last night's sunset reflected moon rise🌕🌆 Where did you shoot it from ? 🌎 I made it to #PrimroseHill last minute but the moon was late😜 It didn't show up on the horizon but only appeared already above the skyscrapers....oh well 😏. It was great to catch up with my friends Mattia (@mattiabicchi ) and Jon (@jhinlondon ) as well as quite a few people that came and said hi👋🏻😀
Don't think it was because of me, it was the beast #Nikkor600mm 🔭which is the crowd puller😂
📸🔭 #NikonD5 in collaboration with @nikonschooluk



When the lights go out🌃Look around you. The world is still beautiful and there's positivity all around, not always easy to find but it's there. #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 😌


#LondonCompressed 👌🏻🌆🇬🇧
What😱?How and where? Click these three dots to find out more➡️
I always share my locations, camera setups and any tips I can, starting with viewpoint locations all the way to how I took the shot/video👍🏻And if you got any other questions, just ask in the comments😀📲
Viewpoint location🙌🏻➡️🍸: @tompkinsandattic in #CanaryWharf , yes it's unbelievably far away to notice people walking on #MillenniumBridge so here's the how...
📸Nikon D5 with Nikkor 600mm and 2x teleconverter in 4k crop mode which is another 1.5x, all in all =🤔its like a digital zoom out and pan from a 4K video at 1800mm. INSANITY is second name😂


BoomEyeRang 😎🎡
📸 Nikon D5 with 600mm f4e from @nikonschooluk 🙏🏻 Shot in 4k which uses the crop element of the sensor multiplying the focal length by 1.5x and I've only used 1080p out of the 4k so another 2x I guess, meaning it's around 1800mm . Note: I didn't have the 2x teleconverter there yet😜 Shot from @bokanlondon in Canary Wharf 😱 So when you realise that you can see people moving inside the #LondonEye capsules all the way from Canary Wharf, that's just how amazingly and insanely sharp that beast of a lens is😱🔭 #NikonD5 #Nikkor600mm