Hi, I'm Michael. Follow my story about discovering the best views in London and at destinations I travel to 🌇🌃📷🔝🇬🇧🚁🎡🚠 📹🎥🎆🇬🇧

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When Paul met Dawson👫😄 Cool view of #StPaulsCathedral ⛪️with #DawsonsHeights 🌆estate in the middle however being in Dulwich. By the way, just in front of that estate is a little park and as it's on a hill already the view is pretty cool over there👍🏻If you're in Dulwich make sure to head there for a nice vista of #LondonSkyline 🇬🇧🏙
Viewpoint location🙌🏻➡️😇🏢: As seen with a telephoto lens from #TheAngelBuilding at Tuesday's evening event of #Traverse17 .



City from Angel, but not of angels 😜😇👹 Yesterday's beautiful skyline from #Traverse17 evening with @expediauk on their amazing rooftop terrace at #TheAngelBuilding 😇🏢


Greenwich illuminati😎... I mean illuminated 😜🏛🎨 When #QueensHouse and #RoyalNavalCollege got lit for Unesco World Heritage anniversary recently, it was a beautiful sight to observe from the top of #GreenwichPark 🌳🇬🇧


Last night was like...😎📸🌃 London students do have the best views😱
Viewpoint location🙌🏻➡️📚🏢: Urbanest in #KingsCross, 25th floor rooftop terrace at the student accommodation tower #LondonStudentAccomodationWithAView


Hide & seek🙈🏢 Hide was the tower, while I always seek to find and show you the best views in London📸
Viewpoint location🙌🏻➡️🏢 : 20th floor at #HideTower , a residential block, as the name suggests - well hidden - in the middle of #Westminster , where me and my friend Paul (@paulkporter ) got the chance to visit last night to catch a phenomenally unique point of view above London's most exclusive area😎


Follow the river🚁, not like that, the river doesn't have an instagram account, so just like...oh you know what I mean😂
🚁😌Drone safety statement - I kept the altitude significantly below the legal guidelines as I'm aware the river is a busy flight path for manned aircrafts. I had the drone in constant visual sight and observed the surroundings. Safety when flying is a priority👍🏻🚁


This week is going to be epic😎🚁🇬🇧
Today kicks off #Traverse17 - a week long schedule of events and weekend conference. What I'll be able to attend you'll get to see on my stories, but most of all....can't wait for Friday, and the Grand opening party at an epic location😁 Until then .... stay calm and keep droning🚁📸😜


The garden of England - Kent🌳That's where I live, just outside of London and there's so much natural beauty down here, yet I find myself always spotting even the tiniest element of #LondonSkyline somewhere on the horizon😉🌆#WHPnaturalbeauty 🚁📸 #DJiMavicPro


London Eye🎡Big Ben🕰and a rainbow tower 🌈 to top it all off😁
As seen from a cool spot on Waterloo Bridge📸🚶🏼


It may not be sunny often, but we all love this city anyway 😍🏙🇬🇧Have a great weekend👍🏻
Viewpoint location🙌🏻➡️🏢: Rooftop terrace at one of two exclusive penthouses at the top of @southbanktower 🔝


Rooftops of #VictoriaEmbankment 📸
This one below may appear to be a church but it's actually the City of London School building 👍🏻 Viewpoint location🙌🏻➡️🏢: Rooftop terrace of 100 Victoria Embankment / Unilever House, taken at last year's Open House Weekend. #100VE


King of the City👑🏙🇬🇧 #110Bishopsgate aka #HeronTower or even sometimes referred to as just @duckandwaffle because of the famous 24/7 restaurant at the top floor, while some prefer Sushisamba which is the restaurant and bar one floor lower too but it's got two open air rooftop terraces😉There so many ways to call it, but first and foremost it's the tallest structure in the #CityOfLondon by 5m yet that's thanks to its 92ft spire, as otherwise the Cheesegrater would be actually the highest roof of the central London financial district😉


Pretty in pink🍬🌇 Love shooting the various colours of sunsets above the skyline of London😍Never gets boring....
Viewpoint location 🙌🏻➡️🏢: 25th floor at @canarywharflondon HQ at #OneCanadaSquare


The age old question 🤔 - what was first Tower 42's Easter Egg or the Gherkin❓😂 As seen from the Greenwich Observatory with the #Nikkor600mm lens .... however it easily could be called a telescope😜


Sacrebleu😱what a view🙀
From the top dome of #SacreCoeur overlooking the beautiful architecture of #Montmarte 🇫🇷


Alex in Amsterdam 👲🏼🇳🇱 Tuesdays and Thursdays I share views and experiences from travels and this was our most recent one - me and my son Alex visiting #Amsterdam 🏙 Here, we were enjoying rooftop views over the canal captital at the top of @adamlookout taking part in the world wide instameet organised by @igersamsterdam 🔭📸 #TravelThursday #iAmsterdam #igersamsterdam #adamlookout


Power of 1200mm🔭📸😱Yesterday's golden hour view of #StPauls 🏛 compressed with #TowerBridge 🌉🌉. Such a great evening at #GreenwichPark 🌳With loads photography friends shooting alongside me it just made the experience so much more fun. Also a huge thanks to all of you who came along to say hi and meet me, I'm so humbled by that and I will never get used to you guys complementing me for my work this much☺️🙈However when I heard how I inspired you to shoot and explore more that was the moment I felt really proud, so yeah .... thank you🙏🏻 Shooting with the 600mm beast however was what brought the crowds around me to peak at the LCD, let's not kid ourselves it wasn't because of me🤣😜 Once I've added the 2x teleconverter to make it 1200mm it became insanity😱Funniest thing was this lens usually hides in the deepest jungles of Africa to capture a sighting of a rare wild beast, yet last night it was the tamed snow leopard that everyone came to see🐯Where else should I take Leo for a walk now?🤔😂 📸🔭 #NikonD5 , 600mm f4e and Tc-20e . Shooting in collaboration with @nikonschooluk 📸


Greenwich illuminated🏛🏰🎨🇬🇧
Last night's event saw colours lighting up Greenwich landmarks in a beautiful not seen before way😍Here's my good friend Peter @pli.panda getting his trademark ground level wide shot, so while I was standing behind him, thought he will make for a great foreground😀
📷 Nikon D5 🔭 Nikkor 19mm F4E PC Tilt Shift


It's all about the light🌇💡🔦🎥 and tonight the famous Maritime Greenwich landmarks will illuminate in a surprising but guaranteed spectacular fashion for the 20th anniversary of being a Unesco World Heritage site💡🌎 I'll be down there somewhere shooting it, because if you know me...I'm a sucker for fireworks, illuminations and all them one off cool light things😎If you want to meet and shoot together 📲DM me👍🏻
Viewpoint location🙌🏻➡️🌳: #OneTreeHill , my favourite vantage point in #GreenwichPark , I actually like this spot more than the overcrowded observatory one🙊 Note that the park will be closed when the illumination starts so i will be shooting somewhere else😉


View made for a panorama🙌🏻🇳🇱Swipe left📱👆🏻⬅️ Blue hour from our #RoomWithAView at the @movenpick_amsterdam 🌃🌆
This week on my second account 📲 @shiftedview where I post my architectural photography, I'll be having a week long Amsterdam takeover, so if you'd like to see places I found intereresting to shoot from street level, inside or even occasionally from above too😉➡️then follow my "not-just-views" account @shiftedview 😀✅


London is all about vibrance🎨Especially at night the city in my eyes is full of colours and shining lights 😎
Viewpoint location🙌🏻➡️🌃: #LondonEye 🎡


Become one, your camera and the street must. Now, #BigBen you shall shoot🐸 would say Master Yoda if he was to teach you street photography😌...or in simple terms - just put your camera flat on the street, Point at the #ElizabethTower and see what comes out of it😜


#TowerBridge is not enough😎because you can also have #LondonBridge , #CanonBridge , #SouthwarkBridge , #MillenniumBridge and even #BlackfriarsBridge ... all in one photo😱 This is what happens when you bring a National Geographic wildlife camera setup into the city😂
Shot on flagship full frame Nikon D5 with the insane 600mm f/4 lens while also coupled with the 2x teleconverter (TC-20e Mark III), resulting in 1200mm focal distance🔭📸😱 Final effect ➡️ beyond madness🌆🇬🇧


Follow the zigzag↗️↘️↗️↘️
Can you name the last building visible at the end?


White smoke over #OneCanadaSquare 🏭Legend says it happens when every new London skyscraper gets approved🤔


Purple Ben😳⁉️
Compressing distance makes for some weird illusions😂 #BigBen blended with #EmpireSquare was definitely one of them.
📸Nikon D5 with 🔭600mm f/4
Viewpoint location🙌🏻➡️🍸: @bokanlondon at the top of Novotel in Canary Wharf


Sunsets and drinks🌇😎🍸In great company of like minded friends who share the same passion for photography and a good view - that's what memorable moments in life are made of😊👍🏻 Viewpoint location🙌🏻➡️🍸: Terrace of @tompkinsandattic on the 48th floor of the Pan Peninsula building next to Canary Wharf🌆 #viewsfromthe48thfloor 🍸 #LondonBarWithAView 🎥 #LondonTimelapse 🎧 Disfigure - Blank [NCS Release]