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Late summer, one of the first times I ever met Jacob. This man changed the way I think of creativity and living with intent. Missing him and his wild energy.
Cabin: @jacobwitzling


Nature therapy


*Somewhere along the way
Even when standing face to face with these mountains, it’s hard to comprehend how utterly and incredibly small we are in comparison. They’ve stood long before we existed, and they’ll be here after we leave. The word that best describes the feeling this knowledge brings is “humbled”. In this moment it became true to me that we, as people, matter far less than the Earth that supports us (Spot my father in the lower left corner for reference) #35mm



Missing summer


One of my favorites from Peru


Yesterday with @raimee.miller



Summer in Wyoming


Glacial melt makes the prettiest water. Day 11, taken somewhere around 16,000ft above sea level


From an encounter with wild horses on day 12 in Peru. More pictures and words from my journey on my website, link in my bio🙏🏻



*Somewhere along the way
Laguna 69. The water only gets bluer the higher you go #35mm


*Somewhere along the way
Same picture, 15 minute difference. The weather changes quick at 14,000ft... #35mm


*Somewhere along the way
Walking in the shadow of giants. More film from my time in Peru #35mm



*Somewhere along the way
I’ll never forget seeing tears in my fathers eyes when we boarded our first plane in Peru. We cried a lot this trip, always out of happiness. Father and son, experiencing the world. I snapped a quick picture and we watched Lima disappear out the window #35mm


*Somewhere along the way
Last May, my father and I spent 21 days backpacking through La Cordillera Blanca, the worlds second tallest mountain range. In a lot of ways this place was a creative escape for me. I brought a film camera, my AE-1, that I’d never used much, and around 15 rolls of film. I never shared these photos simply because of their significance to me personally, but here we are. The first of many. I hope you enjoy #35mm


Summer friends. Mid-June, about five minutes from where we camped for the night
Life’s been crazy as of late. More ups and downs than I can count honestly. Between finishing my senior year of college and pursuing passions full-time, I feel a little more than burnt out. None the less, life brings lessons if you’re willing to listen. Excited to push forward into the winter months, and I’m glad to have you guys along for the ride. More creative endeavors being released tomorrow, so stoked to show you guys what I’ve been working on🤘🏻



Somewhere along the way


Last night I dreamt that snow was falling...


Hidden falls, somewhere in Oregon



It’s getting cold again in the Northwest...


Memories that last a lifetime.
Last week I put some prints of my favorite photos up on my website, link in my bio. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who bought one or checked them out. It means the world as an artist to have such a supportive community behind my back. With out you guys, I wouldn’t be able to do this 🤘🏻


Fresh snow, fresh tracks. From a few weeks back in Central Oregon


I’m excited to announce that I now have prints for sale on my website, link in my bio. I put this photo and a few of my other favorites up as well🤘🏻
This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for past year. There’s something special about seeing a photograph as an actual, tangible object. All prints will be signed + shipped my me personally. I kept costs as low as possible out of pure excitement to share these with the community that has supported me for so long. Feeling blessed beyond words, thank you guys 🙏🏻


@sarahannbrush taking a moment to check out the ferns🌿
Today I’ll be going through submissions and picking out winners for my print giveaway. I’m beyond inspired by the responses I’ve read so far, so stoked to get these to you guys. Stay posted🤘🏻


Classic Oregon.


Weekend vibes with @northernbrewersupply. Excited to have been able to set up and brew my own beverage these last few days out at the cabin. No better way to pass time than by trying new things with good friends #LetsBrewThis #sponsored


Winter’s first snowfall✨


Endless forest roads, somewhere in Oregon. Welcome to the weekend


Summer sun in Montana ✨


Winter in the Northwest. Thank you to everyone who’s participated in my print giveaway this far, it’s beyond inspiring to hear from you guys. So stoked to get you guys some of these images🤘🏻


As a thank you for the endless support this community gives me, I’ll be giving away 10 (or more) signed prints over the next seven days. Hit the link in my bio to learn more. Thank you guys for everything🤘🏻