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Mornings at @jacobwitzling’s cabin. I put a few photos from my stay out here on my website, link in my bio


Quiet nights and peace of mind. I put a blog post on my website, link in my bio, about my time out at @jacobwitzling’s surreal cabin. Check it out for a closer look at these homes and a little back story on the character that created them🀘


Life on the edge. Taken a couple weeks back while exploring the area around @jacobwitzling's cabin


Ever since I got it, my @welshmtn backpack has been an adventure essential. Their kick starter is still live, link in my bio. Thank you @jamesbarkman for sending me one out 🀘


More flowers, somewhere in Colorado πŸ’«


Back when life felt simple. Missing this girl and the smiles she brings.


Cold rain on hot water. Looking forward to shooting more portraits this fall + winter


Sometimes it's the simple moments that make you appreciate everything.


Summer shenanigans with my favorite human @shannybanz ✨


There's a certain feeling I get in places like this. I've never been able to put words to it, so instead I take pictures...


Summer nights. I'm gonna miss these when they're gone


More moments like these, please. From a sunset in Northern Washington with @baileybayo. Music: Low by Trace


Explore more🀘


Patterns from above


Perfect imperfections. This is somewhere along the lines of how @jacobwitzling described his creations. Something interesting he showed me during my visit was they way in which small flaws began to define these homes. The way the wood ages with rain, the way the moss grows and wears away over time. This is the character that defines these places. In a lot of ways, I think it's little flaws that define all people, and intern make us beautiful and unique


More than cabins, @jacobwitzling builds homes. The love and creativity that goes into these structures continues to blow me away. Jacob built this at the age of 22 out of all recycled materials on a budget of $800. Feeling blessed to be able to explore these wonderful homes this weekend


A true one of a kind. This weekend I'm running all over Washington to document @jacobwitzling and his love for building unique cabins. This is a photograph of the man himself and his most recent creation. So stoked to show you guys these places, stay posted on my stories + live streams for more


Ready for the weekend, ready for adventure. Excited to announce that @welshmtn is launching their kickstarter today. Everything they make is an absolute work of art, check out the link in my bio to see more of what they do🀘


The feeling may change but the memory will stay the same


Endless fields of flowers in Montana


Simplicity in the details


Alternative living in Washington state. I wouldn't mind waking up here on a Monday morning...


Somewhere in Oregon. It feels good to be home


A place to clear your mind. Thank you to everyone who responded so positively to the blog post that I put up yesterday. At first I was nervous to open up on here... But in end I'm really glad I did. More of these coming in the near future. If you haven't seen it, the link is in my bio. Thank you @joshuahmelnick for always keeping it real and inspiring me endlessly. Feeling blessed✨


The moon setting over mountains in Northern Montana, something I'll never forget


Moments are fleeting, but memories last forever.


I think I left my heart in Wyoming. Oh yeah, and yesterday was my birthday! Brownie points for anyone who can guess how old I turned🀘


Moments in Montana, feeling free and alive


Quiet nights in Oregon. It feels good to be home


Not a bad place to wake up