James Bond and Posey Galore were shelter cats adopted in 2012. They share their home in Oregon with foster kitties from MCAS.

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Thanks for the reminder @srifoxi, this video makes me laugh out loud. Stanley was not happy to find Shrimp in his donut. His response is epic. #formerlove2fosterfosters #adoptdontshop @the_mike_n_stanley_show


Take ten,they said it will be fun, they said. And it was! #bestbabiesever #formerlove2fosterfosters @maui_heihei @mklblackey @ollie_tilly.



Look who is on Instagram! Orange Ollie is now Mario @mklblackey. Mario was one of the ten kittens that I fostered. He now lives in Canada and has a kitty brother named Mickey. #previousfosterkittens #adoptionrocks #multcopets


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Attention Portland and beyond:
Adorable brother/sister bonded pair of “special needs” kittens seeking the perfect home.
Rex and Reina are having their spay/neuter surgery on Monday, 11/27, and will be available for adoption shortly after that time.
Please watch their videos and do some research on CH before considering them. They have a few requirements (single level home or closed staircase, absolutely indoor only), but are otherwise independent.
Double adoption only.
In-person adoption only, but not limited to Portland.
Adoption done through me via Multnomah County Animal Services.
Please contact me via DM or email, listed in my bio.

Rex and Reina have a neurological condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). This is something they were born with and will have for the rest of their lives. There is no cure, but their muscles will get stronger and they will learn techniques to manage. Otherwise, they’re perfectly healthy and will live long lives. They’re not in any pain and have no idea that they’re any different.
Please save your sympathy for cats and kittens that need it; these two are loving life! ☺️



Posey loves the @catniptakeout toys we bought at the #catfanciersassociation show today. Posey doesn't usually react to catnip but she loved these toys. #supportsmallbusiness #catshowadventures


I went to the #catfanciersassociation International Cat show today and met an amazing couple from Colorado that make beautiful cat trees. If you're in the area and looking for a great cat tree they will be at the show again on Sunday. Swipe for more information. #awesomekittytowers #bamboowantedanewtree #ilovemycats



I forgot about these videos. Fig's kittens in hats. #kittensinhats #previousfosters #adoptdontshop


A canoe full of tabbies. #figskittens #previousfosterkittens #thecatball



I once had a mom cat named Fig. She had six tabbies and it took a while for me to tell them apart. This litter loved playing in bowls. #kittensinbowls #previousfosters #adoptdontshop


Throwback Thursday. Kitten bowling. #previousfosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives #kittensinbowls



I had to try #magnifiedcats after @mochi_bochi introduced me to it. Bond and Posey didn't enjoy it as much as I did. #newtoy #ilovemycats #jamesbond #poseygalore #tuxedocat



Raisin often enjoyed leaving her babies to play human games. #pat-a-cake #boxing #previousfoster #fosteringsaveslives


Watching babies sleep is therapeutic. #previousfosterkitten #fosteringsaveslives


Let us out. #previousfosters #fosteringsaveslives #canyounamethemall
Updated: if you guessed @stars_around_saturn and @leoandpeanut plus @akittennamedfrankie from a different litter, you're correct.


Short video of the kitten room. There is now some art to make it a happy place. I have had lots of questions about the @catastrophicreations climbing wall. The fabric is waterproof and every surface has been cleaned with the bleach solution three times. To clean the sisal posts and portals I wrapped them with towels soaked in the bleach solution multiple times. The end of the video shows one of them. I feel confident that the wall has been disinfected. #makingprogress #inspectorbond #catart


Happy memories, when my son met the ten kittens and they thought he was a new cat bed. #fosteringsaveslives @spencer_77_ #bestkittensever


This mom kitty, who came with the name Maria, always moved her kittens to the furthest corners of the room. You can see Pizza, formerly Pierre, @rayawonder in the third picture. I didn't meet any of the other adopters. #previousfosters #adoptdontshop


Bamboo wants treats and she will stare at me until I get them. #mydaughterscat #adoptedfrommcas #seniorcat #doesntlikecameras


Ming was another wonderful mom. She would sit on her babies when they didn't behave. You can see her baby Imogen @frejaandimogen. Ming occasionally shows up in their feed as she was adopted by another family member. #previousfosterkittens #formerlove2fosterfosters #bestfostermoms


Previous foster Jellybean was a great mom. You can see some of her kittens @buttons_and_taffy, @ruthdickson8 @miau_muffin_and_human. #fosteringsaveslives #previousfosterkittens


Stanley videos make me smile. @the_mike_n_stanley_show. #previousfoster #stanleysdonuts