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🇺🇸USA ONLY🇺🇸 We wanted to do a spring giveaway to show our appreciation for all of you! There will be 2 winners that get 11, 6-8oz slimes!!!
1. Most importantly, follow all of the hosts below!⬇️
2. Screenshot this post and repost it ONCE , with the hashtag #springslimers.
3. Tag at least 3 friends in the comments of THIS post.
The winners will win one 6-8oz slime and a personalized note from each of the hosts. Some of the hosts will include extra slimes and extras in the giveaway package!
You must be 18 years or older or have parents permission to receive 10 packages in your mailbox and you must live in the USA! If you are blocked by any of the hosts, you are automatically eliminated. Absolutely NO hate, rude comments, or you will be disqualified and blocked! If you don’t win, sorry! However, not to worry! There will be more giveaways soon!
Winners will be announced on a story from one of the hosts. All of the hosts will announce the winners once they have been picked.


guess where i got this “pigment” from 😂👀
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today, february 12th, 2018 marks the day of my 1 year anniversary! ok wow, idk where to start. as the pictures processes, the 2nd picture shows my first ‘luxurious slimes’ logo (OGOG’s will know) that i made 😅. it took me about 5 mins to do lol. the 3rd picture is my first ever fluffy slime. ikik it wasn’t the best but i was so happy back then when i got my first box of borax and started to make slime in a dollar tree container 😂😂. the 4th picture is when i hosted my 1k giveaway that @slimey_pickle won (we go back veryyy long ahhh). i was so excited/scared when she got my package bc idk what her reaction would be, and it was a good one! the rest of the pictures are just a few timeline of my fc. i just wanted to let you guys know that thank you for an amazing year💘. i don’t think i thank you guys enough for what i have, you guys helped me when i felt sad whether it’s from school, people, etc. this was a safe place where i’d go and no one knew i had. now that times have past, a few people from my school know, and some of them don’t understand slime like you guys do (no offense, y’all know who you are😂). i’ve met incredibly,amazing, fun people throughout my journey in the slime community, and i’m happy i did😋! i love you guys so much and i can’t wait to persevere through more journeys with you guys💓. also, my 1 year anniversary restock will be within this week or next week, and the giveaway might be soon until then. again, thanks for a wonderful one year, and i’m proud to call myself a slimer 😇💚



what is your zodiac sign? ♌️


oof i meant to write ‘guess the color’ but I panicked BAHAHA 🙃
the world is goingto end by thousands of asteroids within a day, what will you be doing with your day 😱
-(≧ω≦) - tagss
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ooferoni 💩
give up Instagram or Snapchat for a year? 😳


oh look, an iceberg 🤪
battery percentage + the age you are will represent the grade on your next school test 📚



I sell slime! Link in bio.
what color is this to you?🧐


black butta(base) + mischievous sour cherry butta 🖤❤️
i sell slime on Etsy! link in bio.
comment all red or black emojis 😄


buttered popcorn is oofed 🤭😭
i sell slime on Etsy! link in bio.
have you ever conquered an all nighter? 🦉



oOooO dat gLosS 🤓
this is blueberry jazz!
my Etsy is restocked! link is in the bio.
is your winter break over? 🤥🙂


squishy ball cutting! ✂️
when i poked it, it kinda sounds like slime twocks 🤪
merry christmas eve! 💗


HUGE 31 slime account giveaway 🤩😋
three super lucky winners will receive multiple 6-8oz slimes from 11 random accounts participating in the giveaway! 1st place wins 12 slimes, 2nd place wins 10 slimes and 3rd place wins 9 slimes! the 31 accounts participating are:
1. @411.slime
2. @alpineslimes
3. @audeezslimes
4. @beachvibeslime
5. @bookshelf.slimes
6. @bustersslimeco
7. @flowslimes
8. @fluffee_slime
9. @honeychiffonslimes
10. @infinitislimes
11. @itsslimetyme
12. @luxuriouslimes
13. @maroonslime
14. @mommyslimes
15. @muggle_slimes
16. @peachyslimebakery
17. @pesterslimes
18. @rigslimeshoppe
19. @scentedslimebyamy
20. @slimeclouds
21. @slimedock
22. @slimeeapple
23. @slimesausages
24. @slimesmores
25. @slimeycloudss
26. @slimeysmores
27. @slimeysucculents
28. @squishiethings
29. @tiredslimes
30. @twixslime
31. @wooferslime
1) you MUST be following all of the 31 accounts above! if you get picked and you aren’t following every account you won’t win any prizes 😧
2) repost this photo using the hashtag #31daysofslime
- ONLY USA entries! we’re super sorry to our international friends but this ones only for USA residents! it’s super expensive to ship outside of the USA :(
- you MUST be 18 years of age to enter or have parents permission!
- hate, negativity and asking to win are an automatic disqualification and you’ll almost definitely be blocked
⚠️ ENDS on Sunday, December 31st at 3:00 pm PST ⚠️



oh, a decent fishbowl slime 🤭😆
favorite drink from Starbucks? ☕️


slime review for : @snoopslimes 🐰
i purchased this with my own money, all of this is my own opinion.
yay! i was so excited when i got to purchase slime from snoopslimes! the thiccc clear slime queen👸🏽. this package came in a week (8 days approx.) which is very reasonable for how many orders she gets!
duck in a pond 🦆: HOLY MOLY. it’s so thick and clear! the texture is phenomenal, it makes great clicky sounds! the scent is very neutral, kinda smells like water 🤣. the 3 duck charms added a nice touch of cuteness in the slime 💖.
the only little problem i had, (very little) was that the baggie that came with the instructions/candy was kinda dirty. other than that everything else was wonderful!
i’m so stoked that i got to purchase this! y’all should check out @snoopslimes shop when she restocks on friday’s and give her a follow!! (let’s be real, who hasn’t already😉).
#snoopslimespackage #slimereview #slimeshop



why did the chicken cross the road? 🐓


review for @chefslimes !
this slime is wonderful! it’s a very soft butter slime, the smell of the slime gets better and better everyday 🤤 (smells like a cinnabon). she also sent me another slime as an extra (btw i purchased this slime) so thank you ! 💘
quick story about this video. i wanted to try something different for my videos so i decided to do my videos in long portrait. but i totally forgot that you can’t edit the video unless you want a square in iMovie 😂. oPs


*messy warning*‼️


want a pt 2 👀