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REPOST from @missyclaireegan
Anyone in the LA area!! Please let me know if you’ve seen this woman or this dog. Was taken from my friends home earlier today. Please help😥
Repost from @rayniromitowilliams @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Our dog Chucky was picked up by this woman today while she was walking/exercising, this is the surveillance cameras picture. If you know her or can help us get our dog back please call or DM me. This happened today, Sunday, on Hillcrest Rd in #BeverlyHills at 4:48pm


REPOST From @rayniromitowilliams .
Please help us find Chucky, “Choo Choo”, who was taken yesterday from our driveway. No questions asked; we just want our furry baby home in #beverlyhills #helpfindchoochoo

DM if you have any information. ✉️


Sorry Phoebi my leg is WAY longer than your tail!
#iwin #youhaveashorttail #ihavelonglegs



🔊🔊⬆️Wait for it......HEY!!! Who’s that???? #company #doorbell #twinkies #whoshere


For those of you that have followed us for years know how HUGE these pics and video are for me. My heart is so full I think it might burst. The girls, only having each other for 6 days in their kitty hotel has reunited them to the loving sisters they used to be. I am so in love with them all over again. 💞💞
#sisters #always


Today’s #tbt is from YESTERDAY!! I guess being locked up in a hotel room together for 6 days has brought my babies back to #sisterhood !😻😻
I am happier than you can imagine 💜💜💜💜💜💜



Oh yes I am home!!! Treats and seepy time with ma💜


Finally back home 💜💜


YASSSSSSS!!!! I’m finally home with a proper water fountain !! And I’d like to wish my buddy Franklin @fredlillyfranky a very happy 3rd birthday!!!! #frankysbdayfeastivus #maddi_and_phoebi



So getting home has been a nightmare!!! Our flight was originally from Toronto to Chicago but our Chicago Austin flight got cancelled due to bad weather in Chicago AND Austin! So we rerouted Toronto to Dallas. Our flight into Austin isn’t until 2:40 with a 3:40 arrival and currently it’s sleeting in Austin and will not get above freezing all day. Not sure if I will make it home to my babies!!!! UPDATE!! Apparently a lot of our tree branches were laying on the ground and the roof as well so some kind of storm must’ve come thru and blown down the fence! No vandalism THANK CAT!! #maddi_and_phoebi


More pics of my baby girls!!!! Yay!!! I AM SO VERY GLAD THAT I BOARDED THEM!!! Our fence was ripped down last night! An act of vandalism 🤬🤬 Still waiting to hear if the house was entered. I would’ve died if my babies were home alone with an intruder!!!!! #safebabies #peoplesuck


LOOK WHO FINALLY CAME OUT OF HER SHELL thanks to her wonderful new friends Tiffany !!! YAY!!!! Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement!!! It is much appreciated💙💚



So this was the last time I saw my Phoebi and apparently she hasn’t moved out of her carrier!! Not even to eat! Has anyone had to board their babies before and had this problem?? I am deathly worried about her and she’s a million miles away!! Please help!!!!


A couple of #tbt pics. I can’t believe how much I miss these two!!! Swipe for my Madds 😰😰😰
#maddi_and_phoebi #missingyou #iloveyou


🔊⬆️JUST GREAT. I’m in this place with my naughty collar on. Way to go ma! They’ll prolly starve to death 💀 OLLIE !!!!! @0liverandc0mpany COME GET MEEEEEEE!!! SOOOOO....if anyone wants to keep up with the purrental units adventures to Canada feel free to follow ma’s personal acct @hockeymom1336



ERMAHGERD!!!! We are being abandoned by our furramily who is going to Canada for 6 days!!!! WTFLUFF???? Swipe to see our utter disappointment in the purrental units and to see our new home 😿😿
#abandonedchildren #purrentssuck #wth #sad #comevisit


Hey I can take care of Ma too!!! #catoftheyear #catnurse #bestcatever



FaceTimed my Phoebs and these eye boogers definitely quality for a #caturdaynightderpoff pic!!! SOOO GROSSS🤮


Y’all didn’t know that my second job was playing a nurse to ma did ya??? I’m such a good girl!!!


Hi Gracie @specialgraciecat ! This #fridaynightboxpawty is for you sweetie. We love and miss you. Who else is boxing for Gracie at @_thecattery_ ?? #honoringgracie #fridaynightboxpawtyforgracie #inspiredbyspecialgracie


This is a very special post for our lovely @specialgraciecat. SWIPE to see all pics. We are #honoringgracie with this special candle light vigil tonight. Gracie will forever inspire us to be our best and to help us to fight thru anything that comes our way, just like she did. #inspiredbyspecialgracie Gracie was a graceful fighter right til the end. We love her and her brofurs McGee and Joey and especially her mama Laura. Our candles tonight are courtesy of ma’s trip to Germany. The purple candle is ma’s favorite and it posted especially for 💜Laura💜. We love you all. And Gracie you have left paw prints on our hearts forever. 💜🌈💜🌈💜


Showin’ ma the love that @chewy insisted I do!! Still waitin’ fur my treats tho!! Oh ya! And happy #whiskerswednesday !! Don’t forget to follow our hashtag #maddi_and_phoebi !!!


So 1. This was supposed to be ma’s December post for @chewy but she “sprained her arm and has to wear a cast” or some lame excuse like that. Have had many Dr appts blah blah blah... anyway. And 2....Hey @chewy ! Where’s my treats to review??? Ma gets a book talking about crazy antics cats pull?? As you can see I’m am NOT too happy about this book but SHE SURE IS! 😾 As a #chewyinfluencer we get products from @chewy for free in exchange for our honest opinion. My opinion... my face says it all. Ma’s opinion?? WOOOHOOO!!! Waiting for January @chewy ! Don’t forget furriends that you can get anything you want from @chewy and if you spend over $49 shipping is FREEEEEEE!!!


Christmas is over and it’s time to be NAUGHTY!!!!!


WAIT WHAT??? Don’t I live in Tx?????❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️Quick! Someone get me a carrot!!☃️AND THUMBS! I need thumbs!!


🔊⬆️#HappyMewYear Efurrypawdy!!!! Thanks for being our furriends and going with us on our adventures for another year!! We want to tell some special furramilies like our cousins @kendallskyyy and @karysmadavid @sages.voice @cora13cats x2 @sophielovestuna @_kittysunshine_ @peanut_and_marcy @the_cute_cat_kiko @specialgraciecat @tiny_n_olive @onesassybengal @mikki_blueyes and @thewedgeis that we loved our furriends who went to the 🌈 bridge this past year. It’s been a tough year on us COI kitties losing so many furriends but remember that they were loved by all of us, they’ve left 🐾 on our ❤️and now they are having the times of their lives together drinking endless tunatinis and nippin’ all the time and prolly having box pawties EFURRY DAY OF THE WEEK!!! 🙀🙀May this mew year bring health and happiness to EFURRYPAWDY! WE LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! Maddi&Phoebi💙💕💚


Phoebi rarely snuggles with me. In fact this is the first time since she was a kitten. Thanks to her love, catdaddy, for capturing the moment. #HappyNewYear to me!!!


We are here #honoringgracie by having our #FridayNightBoxPawtyForGracie at @_thecattery_ with her!!! Please join us furriends as we celebrate our beloved @specialgraciecat !!! WE THINK WE ALL HAVE BEEN #InspiredBySpecialGracie !! PLEASE SHOW GRACIE’S MAMA HOW MUCH GRACIE INSPIRED YOU BY USING THIS HASHTAG AND TELLING LAURA HOW GRACIE INSPIRED YOU. Gracie was truly a miracle in our eyes. She kicked cancers butt for years and she continued to rock our world with her beauty and grace. She had the perfect name. We will miss our very sweet special Gracie cat til we see her again. 📦 🌈💖📦🌈💖📦🌈💖📦🌈💖📦🌈💖📦🌈💖📦🌈💖📦


🎶🎵🎶This tribute to our @specialgraciecat shows the undying love between a kitty and her mama. Gracie will live on always as we continue to honor this amazing little girl. 💝🌈💝#honoringgracie This video was #InspiredBySpecialGracie
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