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Please promise to never stop being odd in the most wondrous ways.
Happy Birthday Maggie. You're my Soul Dog. And I love you πŸ’“
#letscelebratelife #yesyoucanhavebacon #bellyrubstoo #andkisses
We get to see BAE @bostonterrierpuppy tomorrow. Do you think Maggie looks nervous πŸ™ˆπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ƒ
(Photo outtakes in InstaStories)


A friend is like a star that twinkles and glows.
Or maybe like the ocean that gently flows.
A friend is like gold that you should treasure.
And take care of forever and ever. πŸ’•β­οΈπŸŒŸβœ¨
Thank you @winnieyongthepooh and @macbostonterrier for your box of love and presents. we appreciate you for taking the time to select all the little things, wrap it so nicely and put it on a plane all the way from New Zealand. Popz already ate two of the cookies this morning he's been waiting days. We tried the all meat treats and went bananas. And now that we took the photo we are going to enjoy the toys you sent us. Momz also thanks you for our poo bag, poo bag bracelet and her honey lotion and NZ chocolate.
I'm sure if we lived closer we would do daily adventure walks and play in the water and in the mud too haha. Your friendship means a lot to us and our whole family thanks you.


πŸ€” Why have arms if you aren't using them to hold people?
πŸ€”Why have money if you aren''t using them to spread love into the world?
πŸ€”Why have ears if you aren't using them to listen to your friend's dreams?
πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”Why have bacon in the fridge if you're not going to cook it and give if to me??? 🀑πŸ₯“πŸ₯“πŸ₯“
#doglogic 🀑 . 🀑🀑 . 🀑
#baconpancakes #prettyplease
I'm wearing: @poochcrafts (code via link in profile)



πŸ• No cell service? No problem.
#whphomesweethome #campingwithdogs #goplayoutside #adventurepup
Idyllwild is our favorite SoCal mountain destination. This time we stayed at Stone Creek Campground and loved it. We went out for one hike. Momz parked at the wrong trailhead and we ended up hiking to "Suicide Rock". We didn't know that until after. It got technical halfway and we had to be carried some of it ... the boulders were too big.
When we got almost to the top we learned it was where all the climbers go ... and to summit we'd have to scale a mountain side that looked like a small version of Half dome.
Needless to say we still had fun. Had a sammich picnic and came back. Since it was a climber's route we only saw a handful of people. So we were happy to have the trail to ourselves.
Anyway it gives us reason to return to do the hike we wanted to do (Devil's Slide). On the way home we drove to the correct trailhead which was pretty busy so we'll come back to hike it at the crack of dawn or on a weekday.
In Calif dogs are not allowed in State Park trails but they are in Federal Park trails - your ranger will provide maps to show which ones you can go on.
We received so many questions about our clothing:
Jammie's - Amazon "FitPetX Dog Sweater" - Kept us warm when the temps got into the 50s.
Bandanas - @poochcrafts and you can find them on Etsy (via our link in profile - look for our code too).


We are all strange. We just become good, at pretending to be normal. ~ Atticus
#nothingisordinary #freespirit #ilovesandiego #weeklyfluff
It's Friday and we wish you all a fun filled weekend ahead. ✨


We mean this is fine just pls don't turn the water on. #kthanks #nobaths #rathernot πŸ› #weeklyfluff
We get DMs and requests for help on how to grow your account. We share free tips on @barkcommunity - go check it out 😜


I want to learn another language. I want to learn doggo. So I can get into this stinkers brain!
She's saying ...
#watdoing #ihungry #isdatasammich #ilikesammiches .#youlookprettytoday .. so how about dat sammich πŸ½πŸ˜‚
thank you @zoeyfrenchbulldog for tagging us in the #extremecloseup challenge. So much fun walking with you today. -
We tagging BAE @bostonterrierpuppy and our Poppa @archieisthebosofboise πŸ‘€and our friend @zuko_thebostonterrier to play along πŸ‘€



The face you make when you park at the wrong trail head and end up on a paved trail for the first 2+ miles instead of a dirt one.
#missiontrails #betterlucknexttime #wheresthetrail #hikingdogsofinstagram
Maggie's channeling her @archieisthebosofboise wrist while wearing her @poochcrafts bandana - discount code can be found when you click through on the link in profile - look for the Poochcraft button


Stop and smell the πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹s
I πŸ’“ the #outtakes 😜
We're wearing the Spring line of @frenchie_bulldog #notjustforfrenchies
PS it also fit our cousin Pepper. When she stayed with us her Momma left her with a harness we didn't like so we shared our harness with her and y'all remember how much happier she was on our walks =)
And guess which one of us can't hold a "sit" because she has ADD! πŸ€£πŸ™ƒπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸΏ #looksquirrel
Photocredit @frenchieleo


Lil sis is getting her Stitches out this morning.
#unleashthegremlins #getourrunon
Can't wait - we've had very low key activities and ready for some running outdoors! Yeehah!


Orbit's vet said to me. "There was a goat 🐐 in Orbit's lineage". He said this due to Orbit eating yet another thing and me rushing her for yet another X ray.
Orbit's a cuddle bug. She's the sweetest pupperino ever. She touches my heart and challenges me to expand even more.
Took this photo on my iPhone the first nap we took together. Or she napped and I just watched her. Maggie wasn't with because I flew to a different city to pick Orbit up but there in spirit. Even wore a shirt with Maggie on it.
Orbit came at the right time. A year ago she came we lost our first Bostie. Maggie came to us because Zoey wasn't there. And it was ironic that Orbit's Gotcha Day was the same day Zoey crossed over. I still wake up at 3 am Cinco de Mayo.
Maggie helped us heal from Zoey. And life was looking good. Maggie and Orbit were getting along. But then my godson and nephew passed 6 weeks later.
Now it was Orbit's time. Orbit helped us heal from losing Ethan. She was just so much work with all the mischief she got into that quite honestly worrying about her took so much space and she was so lovable she made it easier to not be so sad over Ethan.
Life brings us angels when we need them. My two are my Angels. They gave me a reason to wake up in the morning kissing me relentlessly till I got up. They provide endless entertainment and require outdoors time for exercise. Quite simply having them with me brings me closer to my core. They keep me present. They are the perfect expression of love. And that's why I have such a strong connection to them.
Joining the other dog moms and dedicating this to #soulmatewithfourlegs51
Other dog moms:
#bethelove #staywoke #nothingisordinary



When Burning Man meets Electric Daisy Carnival.
#steampunkinspired #theotheroneimadeup
We're honored to be @poochcrafts ambassadors we fell in love with @rubi_adel_bostonterrier and thrilled with their ever so talented momma.
Use Discount code MAGGIEORBIT10 when you order from their Etsy shop. We created a page on our site to link to their shop and to store all the photos we take during the time we're Ambassadors.


Da look you make when your 'rents give you the evil eye.
#wasntme #shedidit


Good Morning ✨ Our friend @bostondottie tagged us to learn 21 facts about me. Orbit here.
1. The older I get the more I don't want to get out of bed.
2. Today for the first time I crawled under the covers after it was made.
3. I'm the biggest cuddlebug.
4. I can do the trust fall to get my belly rubbed.
5. I love to eat. There isn't a food I haven't liked.
6. My first name was Piglet.
6. I was the largest in my litter. I'm a Hoss.
7. I was weaned onto raw food.
8. I overheat sometimes in long walks and have to be placed in a backpack.
9. My parents don't trust me. I can counter surf by jumping on chairs and crates to launch myself to high places.
10. First week home I ate a stuffed animal and had to be rushed to the vet - I pooped out the stuffing the next day.
11. Halloween I figured out how to jump to the counter to get the candy - didn't eat enough to go to the vet but enough to get sick at home.
12. When my mom's friend came over I dug into her purse and ate an instant coffee.
13. I have eaten delivery boxes and mail if it's left where I can jump to it.
14. I go to the vet to get my belly Xrayed when I eat stuff πŸ™ˆ
15. I chewed my Momz reading spectacles so now she can't see so well.
16. I fall asleep in the car within 3 minutes.
17. I love my sissy.
18. I'm the fun police. If we are around other dogs and Sissy and other dogs are getting too intense I run in and bump Sissy away like I'm tackling her to safety.
19. During bath times, I'm a jumper. Momz has had to chase me while I was wet and soapy.
20. I can't catch treats - they fall out 80% of the time.
21. My belly cow spots are starting to come out.
πŸ’“ Thanks for reading 😝. We're tagging @boston_terriers_lola_lulu who we hope to meet at the Boston Tea Party in a few weeks so we want to get to know 21 things about you too πŸŒŸπŸ’›βœ¨
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What if instead of the icecream truck man ... there was a bacon truck man.
#milliondollaridea #doglogic



Went to watch the sunset turned around and saw a baby seal πŸ’“
#lajollacove #babyseal


Contests are not about winning ... its about #communityfirst. We write about this in our IG guide in the way that IG is fun because you make new friends. And IG is getting better at connecting you with others based on which accounts you're connected to, your likes and your comments.
But sometimes you have to break the echo chamber and meet new people.
Contests are great in the way that people who enter contests I find are more engaged. My favorite part about contests is not "trying to win" but rather ... engaging in that contest hashtag. In doing so you meet new people and increase your visibility and leverage the algorithm to grow your account.
Long winded way of saying ENTER contests haha and engage within that hashtag. We met a new friend @sir_noble_ and we are cohosting a contest - today is the last day to enter #noblesfavoriteactivity . Go to her page and follow her and look for the photo announcing the rules. Good Luck!
We're entering a few:
@instagram has a weekly hashtag project they post every Friday and this week's project is #whpgoodnight - our favorite activity is walking off leash in the late afternoon before the sun goes down at #fiestaisland.
Also...Momz just realized she is late to @oscaryycfrenchie and his #oscarsspringfligh2017 but we’re doing a shout out to our friend … our Momz needs to get better with her dates
Entry for #springgiveaway1 hosted by @lunaandmaisy @bourbontheambully @wyopetphotos we are in the USA
Entry for #showerandflower hosted by @endeavorsofego @rememberforever.gsds @pawsitivedevelopment


Last night Momz fed us a species appropriate food that she prepares - she posted it on InstaStory.
.... And then for dinner she and Popz had ... Mac N Cheese πŸ§€
#thekindfromabox 😝#whenpopzchoosesdinner #kitchenisclosed #soclassy #chooseyourbattles
Maggie is wearing a @poochcrafts bandana and we'd love to enter to be ambassadors alongside @underwater_ottoman πŸ’—


Do you think πŸ¦„s wear Bostie 🐼costumes like we wear πŸ¦„s? And what's the big deal anyway with the #UnicornFrappuccino anyway?#dazedandconfused #myunicornlife
✏️ Guide on How to use Instagram for your dog is officially launched. Link in profile for more info @maggielovesorbit



Ain't no hood like dogmotherhood.
#throwbackthursdayy #littlepuppy #maggie
So much has changed these past two years and yet I'm closer to myself than I've ever been. These dogs have been my savior.
Also finally finished writing a guide for all you Instagram pawrents out there. My background is 18 years in hotel sales and marketing. I left that career behind 2+years ago so I could be a stay at home dog mom and start my own consulting business. Inbetween my client work I'd come here to catch up with all my doggy friends. I teach workshops to small businesses and it occurred to me that this information might also be helpful to others ... and that's where this guide was born. If you're interested the link is in our profile. πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ’— @maggielovesorbit


Momz stop being a basket case. Spay went fine I'm groggy and the vet team is watching me till you can pick me up this afternoon.


Orbit's spay is scheduled for Wednesday. Thank you @petrecoverycollars for sponsoring her #donutpillow I'm less stressed now.
Waking up from surgery is stressful. If Orbit were wearing a #coneofshame she'd be groggy and bumping into the walls of the crate. Also cones amplifies sounds. So w/out me there she'll probably be under a bit of stress. That's why I'll be providing the vet with this #kongcushion collar instead of the cone.
The @kongcompany #kongcushion is designed to be a humane alternative to the plastic cone and it's material is designed to be hygienic post surgery. It will help ease her as she wakes up.
I honestly didn't know much about recovery collars until we started to talk to the inventors of the products and now I have a deeper understanding as to why you would have different collars for different recovery needs.
I've written a short article on our blog (link in profile @maggielovesorbit) for those that want to learn more.
Thank you also to our friend @doodleisbest for the pillow - It will be in her crate too as she recovers. πŸ’—
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Bath Tub Time Machine 😝
Momz @tinyfoot here - I'm raising money for Make-A-Wish in honor of my godson who passed away last year. His name is Ethan Alsua. I wrote a tribute we attended to honor him on my page @tinyfoot (link in that profile).
He was only 16. He was born with a heart condition and got a heart transplant when he was 7. He had to wait for over a year at UCLA's children's hospital. He used to ask his mom - Will I wake up tomorrow?
We are forever grateful to Make A Wish for granting him his wish last year - he and his parents went to Venice, Italy. And our family is pledging to support the foundation so that another child out there with a life threatening illness can also have their wish granted too πŸ’“.
I know everyone has a cause. But if you are wanting to help the foundation - you can look up Make a Wish online and provide a donation in his name - Ethan Alsua. Also today I'm selling the guide I created to help pawrents learn Instagram and all proceeds will go to Make A Wish for sales today through 3pm. There is a walk tomorrow for the LA chapter we are participating in and proceeds today will go towards their walk fundraiser tomorrow. The link is in the profile - guides will be sent within 20 minutes of purchase. I just put up the shopping cart today and it will be active through 3pm.
And even if you can't support financially - the best support is to send out healing energy to all children who need it out there.πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
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😝Guess who's Grumpy πŸ‘‰
#nopuppiesforyou #longestheatcycleeveromg #timetogetspayed
Sissy had to go through two heat cycles. This 2nd one lasted forever + a day. She was moody, sassy, frisky, spicy and back to moody.
New post is up on the blog on why we opted to delay her surgery. Link in @maggielovesorbit
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