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Do not read the next line!
#youlittlerebelilikeyou 😉😝
Ok jokes aside we have some news to share:
We’re honored to be featured on @petco #wholehearted new “Small breed” line. That’s us in the photo and Momz too.
We live our lives around our humans and our humans live their lives around us. We were delighted to be featured and join others in the @wholeheartedpets family.
Whole Hearted is given a score of A by It’s available in 1400 Petco stores as well as online.
Today we’ll be visiting the Petco offices noonish and we’ll be sharing behind the scenes photos and stories on our account and Petco’s account. We’re excited and would love for you to (virtually) join us!
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Momz done did it and got into the halloween spirit!👻
All kidding aside - we’ve teamed up with @petco to announce their new app @headsntailsapp
🐶🐱1. Simply upload a selfie and share with your friends.
🐶🐱2. Rack up 100 likes before the month ends and you get $25 Petco Gift Card AND they donate $25 to the Petco Foundation in your name #howcoolisthat
AND because it’s October - couldn’t resist submitting this photo to two contests.
1. Our dear friend @zuko_thebostonterrier loves halloween and we are #GetGhoulyWithZuko there’s still 2 days to enter his fun contest!!
2. We’re submitting this photo to Petco;s #halloweenscenecontest the prize is $10,000.!!! #doyouknowhowmuchbacontreatsIcanbuywiththat
So join us both in the app and in the contests // New blog post via our link to link you to the app and the contest details
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I think its fair to say we’re obsessed with the beach. We routinely meet our friend @gillythebugg for low tide beach walks. There’s nothing like seeing them play off leash. I don’t always take my camera out during our walks but this day I was glad I did.
#whpmyeveryday #excellent_dogs
Bow tie by @poochcrafts it’s a cute Halloween bat design. Use code MaggieOrbit10 to receive 10% off.
>> 2 important announcements <<
1. On Wednesday we have been invited by @petco to visit their offices - we’ll broadcast InstaStories and go live on both ours and their accounts .. noonish.
2. Saturday we joint @realpetfood for our short leash social and pack walk. Every two weeks we change location and it will be at 8:30am at Lake Hodges. Details to be posted in the next 24 hours - in the meantime #sandiegodogs mark your calendars.
Also - I shared my editing process for this photo on the blog - it’s linked in the InstaStories today.
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. ***JOIN THE FUN 💃 *** *** GIVEAWAY TIME ***
Get your #costumes ready (or borrow one from your hooman) because we are hosting a * pawesome * #giveaway with amazing PRIZES, including a marble bowl, tactical dog harness and much more! 🎃👻🎉💥🎊All three winners will walk away with fantastic prizes! Want to enter? Read on and find out how!
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Black marble bowl by @stonestreetdecor
Braided rope leash by @buddyrileyco
Dog collar by @mrbron_
Tactical dog harness by @onetigris
Custom dog statuette by @marvel_custom_figures
Bandana by @themispitshop
Digital portrait by @clea_and_balloon .
🎁Random #shoutouts by hosts throughout the contest .
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🔹Entries must be in by Oct 30
🔹Winners announced on Halloween
The most spooky themed photos win! Good luck and happy #halloween 👻🎃


I’m not disobedient. Just spontaneous 😝
OOTD @frenchie_bulldog
Thank you to everyone that entered yesterday’s contest. Keep tagging and keep watching out page we have so many more contests for you to enter 😋
#betches #dogboolove #barkzweekly
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We've teamed up with some awesome pups of all breeds because Halloween is near! This awesome giveaway has OVER $1,000 in prizes!
▪️$100 gift card to any pet store
♦️International♦️($100 value)
▪️Embark Dog DNA kit
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◾️Winner's Choice of a stationary OR collapsible Impact Dog Crate. Any color and size. ♦️International (winners outside of the USA MUST pay shipping costs.)♦️ (Up to $600 value)
🐶How to enter:
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Giveaway ends on 10/31/17. Winners announced on 11/3/17. Unlimited entries. 4 winners will be selected at random and chosen for one of the prizes. Must follow every rule to be considered. All accounts welcome. This giveaway is not sponsored by Instagram.
Good luck to everyone that enters.


Does a whole bag of Skinny Pop and a glass of Pinot Grigio constituent a healthy balanced dinner? 🍿🍿🍿🍷
OOTD @poochcrafts
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Dogmom question. Is it possible to have a ghost heat? This one seems extra sassy again and her 🌼 looks a little different not much but her sassy reminds me of when she was in heat.
She was spayed last spring.
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We’re nicer when we like our outfits 😋
@frenchie_bulldog just launched their fall line up! We’re wearing the Wild West reversible harness. #socuteeee
We took photos with @frenchieleo and his momma and we have a page on our website as well with those photos so you can see how they look on us Bosties.
#notjustforfrenchies #tooglamtogiveadamn #dogfashion
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Friends since day 1!
#foe #a1sinceday1
Orbit was about 15 weeks here. I have 18,976 pics and 2744 videos on my phone and 99% of them are my two girls 😂💛🐼🌟🐼
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Grandma said she misses us. She forgot by now how crazy we are
Thank you to our crazy #btduo furriends @suzyg_stellablue for sending us this amazing toy - it’s one of our favs now.
Walllkies? Join us tomorrow 8:30 am (follow the link in bio for tomorrow’s morning deets)
🔥 11 weeks left till Christmas 🔥
And our Boston Holiday Reindeers are back online. Just follow the link in the InstaStory or look for the Holiday Collection link in the shop section of our blog.
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Our speed: 0mph to 100mph
We broadcasted a 30 minute training session with Kaelin from @allthingspups today. She’s the author of the book we posted a few posts back. The live broadcast will be accessible if you click on our icon - for the next 24 hours - same place you access InstaStories.
My two have been a bit naughty lately. In public Orbit has been super leash reactive and setting off other dogs which triggers Maggie to do the same. And then at home they go absolutely bananas when the doorbell rings and pretty much attack our visitors with their eagerness and excitement.
So today Kaelin gave us a session on teaching the girls their place so I can work on their energy levels at the door.
Hope you enjoy the live session and we’ll do more. Although we didn’t have a Q&A this session we’ll work on that the next time we meet with Kaelin to include you in as well.
#bygirlsareangelsanddevilsatthesametime #andgetthebestofme #andilovethemtopieces
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Guess who’s in trouble?
#idontlisten #ilefta💩underauntiesgrandpiano #iwasbadatyesterdaysevent #itriggerednotonebuttwoservicedogs #momzwassoembarrassed #almostturnedaroundtogohome #canttakemeanywhere
We’ve been getting training from Kaelin @allthingspups shes amazing. We will have a live session mid week..
This is her book available on her link and you can look it up in @amazon too. I also link to@it in our latest blog post 💗
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// #whpdayoff


Our 🦄 🦄 🦄 disposition {sneak peak at what’s dropping from the fall @frenchie_bulldog line - Orbit and Maggie are wearing the same harness and it’s reversible so it has small cute 🦄🦄 on one side and then 🦄 colors on the other}
#myunicornlife #unicornparty #unicornlover #notjustforfrenchies #whpdayoff #dogsofcalifornia
The handsome pup on the left is non other than @frenchieleo he’s wearing the reversible 🦄 strap harness #dogfashionista #friendchies


Attacked by the kiss monsters 🐒🙃😈
#flashbackfriday video... I used to do this plank challenge with friends. Basically start at 15 seconds and add 5 seconds every day. We used to send vids to each other as proof.
Late one Friday I remembered I had to do it and my two had to get into it.
Anyway as I was going through my phone ... I also remembered I used to post more photos and videos shot with just my iphone and more recently because I love photography I take photos with my BIG CAMERA & wait until I can edit it. But I miss out on those candid moments.
That’s why today I wanted to share this real and special moment. Now Orbit us 1 yr 8 months old. She no longer has puppy breath so her kisses aren’t as sweet smelling 🙈😂🙈😂🙈 but she’s as sweet as ever in giving them.
Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead full of kisses from your pups and belleyrubs for them.


There are exactly 847 stingrays when you look under the water. This is an older photo from when we crossed the border to camp on a quiet bay in Baja Mexico.
Woke up early to watch the Sunrise over the water. It was one of the most special sights I had seen. The water was glass. The tide was low. You could walk out a quarter of a mile and it would never get past your knees.
I did have my goggles to look to see if I should be worried about Stingrays and needless to say I got the fright of my life to see how many there were.
Posted the rest of the #tbt from this trip in our InstaStories for today of what our campsite looked like. Private. We practically had it to ourselves. The exact area we were in was Puertocitos, Mexico
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10 ways to love. Listen without interrupting. Speak without accusing. Give without sparing. Answer without arguing. Share without pretending. Enjoy without complaint. Trust without wavering. Forgive without punishment. Promise without forgetting. And Bacon without withholding. 🥓🥓
#lifeissimplereally #philosophybyorbit #ihaveaBSinDogLogic #andaPHDinNapping
#sandiegodogs we have a meet up Oct 7 - click on link in bio for meet up page.
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Momz sayz we sound like two Tasmanian Devils when we play...
Catching their funny facial expressions takes about 100 shots to get that one clear shot. Thank goodness for digital cameras now lol. #whpdynamic
In other news ... between spending time with the doggies ... this weekend I binge watched Big Little Lies. Our friend @gillythebugg told us all about it and omg it’s fantastic. Watch it if you haven’t seen it already 😹
But be prepared if you don’t have 6 hours to sit down in one sitting you might end up staying up till 2am on a Saturday night to do so 😹😹
And... save the date - we’re co-hosting a pack walk with @realpetfood on Saturday October 7 for all the #sandiegodogs - Visit our link in bio - and the 2nd button links to the meet up page. Hope to see you there.
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// 😝 Aaaaaaa-choo
When you trying to look cool #hopeaboogerdidntflyout #cuzimalady #ladiesdonthaveboogers
Orbit wears handmade @poochcrafts bandana.
San Diego Dogs - save the date next Saturday we’ll have a morning event 8:30am - details to follow! #sandiegodog #dogsofsandiego #dogofsandiego #sandiegoigers
#barkzweekly @maggielovesorbit // I teach Instagram Tips on @barkcommunity


When all you want is peace #butyoursisterisaBulldozerandtacklesU
Know anyone like this? 😈😂
Maggies BAE @bostonterrierpuppy sent this for Orbit but Maggie took it as her binkie 🙃
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Orbit looks at this ball like I look at bread and cheese.
#carbwithdrawals #day1whole30 #beentryingwhole30thofor30days #itsalwaysday1 #whydeprivemyself #lifeistooshort #thatcheesehasmynamealloverit
Thank you all for entering yesterday's flash contest for a @poochcraft bow tie and @barkcommunity IG guide. I'll be DMing the winner which is @discoverdarwin 🎉🎊
Halfway through the week friends - almost there.
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🐼Maggie: Love isn't what you say. Love is what you do.
🐼Orbit: Why did you pee on my head then. 😤
🐼Maggie: Well in my defense you went in to smell that bush too early I wasn't done 💦. Accidents happen. I sorry 😐.
🐼Orbit: it's ok sissy I love you anyway. #yuptruestory #afterallthistime #Orbithasnotlearnedherlesson
2 prizes - Bow tie from @poochcrafts and an Instagram Guide from @barkcommunity
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1. Your favorite emoji(s) below
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A comment is your automatic entry. If you tag a friend(s) they count as additional entries for you. Unlimited entries.
Swipe right to see the prize bow tie 😍
Winner chosen Wednesday by noon so enter until we announce the winner and mark this post closed.
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Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Coconut Milk, Caramel Macchiato 120 degrees.
#whathappenedtocoffeefromthevendingmachine #nvm
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Contrary to your beliefs ... not the least bit excited about sweater weather.
#gottheUggsout 🐑 #wewouldneversurvivethemidwest
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🐼Orbit: "Wat do you call magical 💩?"
🐼Maggie: "Dunno."
🐼Orbit: " A Poodini 😂"
🐼Maggie: "😑😑😑"
#goofballs 😝
OOTD @stinkywear - we bought these last year - they still hold up in case you chesty doggies want a good thick shirt for the cooler temps. Plus all the lolz you get when you wear them in public #soworthit #getthemineverycolor #getthecreditcardout
What I say when Popz asks about the packages 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. #wheredidthosecomefrom #onlineshoppingisdangerous #onlineshoppersanonymous
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🎼You say I'm a dreamer, we're two of a kind
Both of us searching for some perfect world we know we'll never find
So perhaps I should leave here, yeah yeah go far away
But you know that there's no where that I'd rather be than with you here
Hold me now, warm my heart
Stay with me, let loving start (let loving start)
You ask if I love you, well what can I say?
You know that I do and if this is just one of those games that we play
So I'll sing you a new song, please don't cry anymore
And then I'll ask your forgiveness, though I don't know just what I'm
Asking it for
Hold me now, warm my heart
Stay with me, let loving start (let loving start)
💚 Dedicating today to Poppa Archie - the sassiest, classiest, most charismatic Boston on the planet ever.
💚 Fortget 16 candles on your birthday - just have a bottle of bourbon with your Momma instead. @archieisthebosofboise
You've been our friend for two years.
You've laughed with us and made us lol so hard we cried.
You've cemented the #PoppasPotatoPosse
#sweetdreamsaremadeofthis #whoamitodisagree 😘 Happy Happy Happy Birthday
We're going to listen to the 80s all week and think of you!


💨Ready, set, go. Swipe right to 3rd photo to see who got left behind 🐒💓
🛥⚓️🍾 Yacht Week Squad with @frenchie_bulldog and @frenchieleo
#whocaresaboutNYFW #wecuties #doourownthing #modelsneversmile #wejuststrutt #dontlookatthecameraeither #thatsso80s 🐼🐶🐼
#friendchie #yachtcrew #notjustforfrenchies #frenchiepetsupply @maggielovesorbit