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Before every episode we do a cast prayer and give all thanks to God for allowing us to be a vessel of laughter. We ask he gives us strength to live in the moment be fearless and trust his whispers. Without God I am nothing. Amen @nbcmarlon august 16 at 9 & 9:30pm photo by @therealjoliewayans_


THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE FUNNIEST SHIT I SEEN THIS YEAR!!! What gym? What trainer? What in the entire fucking world possessed this man to do this shit!!! Oh fuck!!! I'm hurting πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚


Y'all be sure to watch and download @diddy can't stop won't stop. Constant motivation bro


Big bro Lil bro I mean sis moment #whitechicks #13yearanniversary #classic #dopepics


13 years ago today we dropped #whitechicks.... 13 years later people are still quoting this movie. What's your favorite quote? #classic need to do a damn sequel already. Like if the answer is yes




Y'all go download my boy @keylewisisfunny comedy Album
Key Lewis Is "Half Black, Half White Looks Mexican".


Sorry Qatar my show at the Qatar national convention center has unfortunately been cancelled. I'm sorry, I was really looking forward to making you all laugh! I pray everything resolves quickly and I promise to see you then. Every where I've been in the Middle East I've received nothing but love. Don't let anyone tell you different the people are beautiful kind generous respectful and loving. Don't let prejudice creep into your hearts. And don't believe all you see on tv. One love always


BEIRUT! LEBANON! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! June 26th at the Jounieh Summer Festival!!! GET TIX NOW!!!


BEIRUT! LEBANON! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! June 26th at the Jounieh Summer Festival GET TIX NOW!!!


WEST NYACK! NEW YORK! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! JULY 7-9th at LEVITY LIVE !! GET TIX NOW!!!


In two months we coming.... WEDNESDAY AUGUST 16 at 9 & 9:30pm @nbcmarlon only on @Nbc a different kind of tv family with a different type of tv dad #MARLON set you DVR NOW! This show is effing HILARIOUS πŸ˜‚ who watching?! Show of hands 🀚


I pray for all those hurt in this terror attack at the mosque in London. People can't even worship anymore? All acts of terror on any group is terror. I pray for peace.


God rest, god. Bless. #ripprodugy too young. "Ain't no such thing as half way crooks"


Life... I take the hits and keep it moving. That's what champs do. You win some you lose some but the overall respect I gain by being a people's champ elevates my spirit to legend status. I'm a good dude... I'm good with that


My son @shawn.wayanss is the weirdest dude on Instagram. He got an account with NO POST yet still has 754 followers... Why?!?!! He ain't posting shit! Man, teenagers are weird as fuck


Love this!!!!


This Dude!!! My dad, my hero. He led by example. Taught us hard work by working hard. Whenever I'm tired and I don't want to get up I remember being a little boy and watching my father literally peel his sleepy body from his bed. He would turn on his light and read his bible for an hour. Then he'd say a prayer. He'd place his face in his hands in defeated like "how the fuck am I going to feed these ten kids today"? But EVERY DAY that man did it. His love of God and commitment to our family left a permanent mark in all his sons the BLUEPRINT of what a father and a MAN is. I love him beyond words, beyond thought, beyond gifts. I am motivated by my Dad's spirit. He fuels my hard work ethic. He strengthens me when I am weak and his prayers keep me protected and God has given wings. Thank you Pop. My greatest me is coming and I thank you for all that you have sacrificed for us.... you are a blessing and truly heaven sent. And I just love you. Eternal thanks. When I break down all my accomplishments the only thing I truly care about is I hope I make you proud. That's all... and if I did that as a son, then shit man I'm good. Happy Father's Day, my nig. Always... your baby boy. #happyfathersday glad I got to spend this moment with you.


Best Father's Day is spending the day with my dad. #theblueprint


One of my greatest joys in the world has been being a father. I put my heart and soul in to these two little things and magically watch them grow. I give them the best life that I could amidst my flaws, battle my demons, challenge myself emotionally so that they don't inherit whatever dysfunctional shit that life has stained me with. I work hard to afford them the best education to give them the best knowledge and tools to be successful in life. I offer my ear and shoulder when they need it. I often volunteer advice which more often than not falls on deaf ears. I spend time away from them not because I want to but because I have to, it comes with my job. If I had it my way I'd work from the house so I can spend every single moment making myself available and accessible to them. And see now that they are 15 & 17 I hope they know how much I love them. I hope they know I'm on their side. I hope they know I love them unconditionally. I hope they know that I work my ass off to provide them not only a lifestyle but a blueprint to success. I hope I'm an example in some ways. I hope they love me unconditionally. I hope that oneday they can grow to express love so deeply that someone can feel it across the world. I hope they found a passion and know that hard work and dedication is everything. I hope they dream with no ceilings knowing all is attainable through hard work and dedication. I hope they pray and thank God every day showing gratitude for all that we have. I hope they will form life long friendships with me and their mommy. I hope they know I'm just a phone call away. I hope they know that when this world gives them shit I got a scented blanket called a daddy hug that will momentarily wipe them clean of all of life's Bullshit. I hope they know that nobody in this world will ever love them half as much as I do. I hope they grow to be everything I dream pray hope and know they can be. I hope they see their greatness in my eyes. I hope they know ... but see as a father that's all I can do is hope. I did the work and I hope they do too. And I hope one day that they realize the greatest love in the world is the love of a parent to a child. I hope they know. I hope


Sad revelation... yet motivation... one day. Fuck y'all laws, fuck y'all eyes, fuck y'all thoughts. We are better than anyone ever thought us to be. The fallen will not be forgotten they are wrapped in a blanket and placed upon our back. We will work, we will proceed, we will elevate, we will succeed. Martin marched, Jesse ran, Obama won... who's next? We are great because of the obstacles... ain't no stopping us then or now. I am heartbroken... but I won't let this break me. Triumph is nothing without extreme obstacle. Thank you in advance... oneday.!we got this.


Added another show SATURDAY 11:45 pm COME THROUGH!!! @punchlinephilly


On fox this morning with @alexholleytv playing never have I ever... but I did it all


Why we all look the same age?! I think at least 3 of these @officially_mtb niggas is my sons


Happy bday #tupac you were so much more than what they thought you were. Thanks for trailblazing. Your work ethic was infectious. Your spirit uncontainable, your love of our people was real and you were articulate as fuck and funny as shit. You are missed my G. I hope the movie celebrates me st of who you were. It's impossible to capture it all but I hope they did you justice. God bless, kiss God and your moms for me. Rest well


Me and @officially_mtb we harmonizing and shit. I was Alto


Looking like an old @hypewilliams video