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Flowers from daddy... happy birthday Amai... who loves you? For 2 forevers times infinity plus one day. A daddy's love and expression to his child fills them babies with a confidence of unconditional love and acceptance. If you can't your children then you don't love yourself. No excuses! Get out of your own way and love that baby. It's the greatest form of love.


Happy birthday @cwayans my talented, funny, sweet, loving, angry as hell, little neice/nephew/daughter/sister/friend/protege/teacher/peer it's no secret how much I love you. Thank you for all that you do. From handling drunk ass, people to ripping up the damn stage every night and making that crowd laugh and get in the mood for the wild night of jokes we provide. I am grateful to have you with me on that lonely road it's nice to have family with me. Thank you for challenging me to grow as an artist... I ain't there yet but I'm coming. Just know the fire im blazing is because of those real talks we have about just how great I can be. But Fuck me!!! YOU... are special! You are going to be a monster! You're already a beast! Continue to challenge yourself on that stage, every night! We gain something every show that help shape us as the legends we strive to be. I hope you see you as I see you because if you do then you know how fucking GREAT you are. Continue to grow. I hope you smile today a big cheesy little man grin. And I hope your heart and spirit smiles that Amie everyday. Always know I want the best for you... I am always here to drop jewels or have life talks or give a fatherly hug or annoy the shit of u on your period. I'm here. Love you for life and then some. Always... happy bday Lil angry 😑 genius πŸ€“


Rehearsals for @nbcmarlon we got an amazing show coming to the πŸ“Ί tv this summer August 16 at 9 & 9:30pm. We got jokes! Photo by @therealjoliewayans_


PALM SPRINGS! LOS ANGELES! CABAZON! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! JUNE 2nd at the Morongo Casino! 1 SHOW ONLY!!! GET TIX NOW!!!



This!!! The little love of my life. One of my greatest joys in my life. You little thing. Oh how daddy loves you. Soooooo much! I can't believe that little funny baby is 17. You're almost a woman yet still maintain your innocence of a child. You are SPECIAL! An ARTIST! An INTELLECT, a GENIUS, a diligent, humble hardworking feisty spirit that is born to thwart authority and false ideologies. A free spirit with the potential of great unconditional love and understanding. You have grown me in unimaginable ways. God blessed me with you people I call family. I'm a better me because of you. Please know that daddy is Always here for you!!! ALWAYS! I'd never turn my back to you. My heart is open and all wisdom I've gathered throughout my journey is all yours. I am so proud of the woman you are becoming. You can be any and all things you dream to be if you just do the work. Your soul is intact. All you have to do is do the work and the world is yours. You and that boy make me smile so much and I love you for two forevers times infinity plus two days. I just pray as life continues that we love as hard as we can til we can't no more. Without judgement without fear without any trepidation... just pure love. This man called daddy adores you. I believe in all you ever dream to be and if all else fails who gives a fuck... I got you. Family... let's make each mother greater every day. My baby I can't say it enough... I love you. Out of all the daughters in the world God chose you for me and I thank him every quiet moment I get for blessing me with you. Never change just continue to evolve... greatness is yours just do the work. Just know that your daddy adores you... eternally. Happy birthday my love always loving you. I am always that wind beneath your wings


NEW YORK ! NEW YORK !Β Β @marlonwayans performing LIVE! May 26-28, THIS WEEKEND at Carolines on Broadway. GET TIX NOW!!!


Just got a shipment of some great tequila @codigo1530 it's about to be #goodproblems


PRAYERS FOR #MANCHESTER What in the entire fuck is wrong with people??? Deeply saddened for those hurt their families the loved ones. There's no winning this way. These acts do not make you sympathetic. It makes you deplorable. No God loves this...



NEW YORK!!! NYC!!! I'm coming home @marlonwayans LIVE! THIS WEEKEND! MAY 26-28th at Carolines on Bway GET TIX NOW!!!


NEW YORK ! NEW YORK !Β Β @marlonwayans performing LIVE!Β Β May 26-28 at Carolines on Broadway. HURRY GET TIX NOW!!! THEY'RE SELLING FAST!


Bumped into one of my favorite people @realchriswebber there's some people that are just good souls... he's one of them. My dude


QATAR!!! @MarlonWayans Stand Up Comedy Live On Stage In #Doha #Qatar for the very FIRST TIME! #QSF2017 #IconicQatar #IconicComedy



When inCleveland tow things you must do 1. Eat brunch at @townhallohc and 2. Party at @barleyhousecle I'm going back tonight after my two shows at the @cleveimprov


Coming back to @barleyhousecle tomorrow!!! Let's party people! Best place in to party In cleveland


CLEVELAND!!! Aka THE LAND! O-H-IO! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! THIS WEEKEND! May 19-21 at the Improv. GET TIX NOW!!!


NY-brooklyn Memorial weekend after Carolines I will be at Milk river for more info & Tickets DM @Therealeddieo powered by @LuisRMiami @LVEntertainmentGroup



Happy 40th to one of the realest best people this planet has and the only #lakerfan I fucks with @tadao310 love you brother!


Make America Great Again...Um... we're waiting


β€œHonesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving.” ― James E. Faust


β€œBy three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” ― Confucius





Y'all look out for my boy @iamterrencej new show #safeword how'd he make this happen? Terrence "yo M, I'm doing a show".., Marlon "you producing it? You in it?" T "yeah, it's..." M "nigga YES"... T "but I didn't finish telling what..." M "done! Make it work with schedule air it around the time my movie #naked and tv show @nbcmarlon drops 2/3 week of August" T "my nig, thanks..." M "nigga we fam, it's what we do"! And with that said, shit was done. It's a funny ass show @kevinhart4real and @damiendw were hilarious and @iamterrencej did his thing (best in the business). Y'all tune in


CLEVELAND ! OHIO ! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! May 19-21, THIS WEEKEND at the Improv. GET TIX NOW!!!


LFRIDAY MAY 19th CLEVELAND come laugh w/me @cleveimprov & then let's party @barleyhousecle! See y'all there! Powered by @slhentertainment



What the Fuck does this even mean?! But somehow in this moment I understand.


Good times with good friends @damiendw @iamterrencej @kevinhart4real on #safewordmtv


CLEVELAND! OHIO! @marlonwayans LIVE May 19-21 AT THE IMPROV in Cleveland, OH GET TIX NOW!